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Israel: Israel-Passport-Holding Muslim Murders Rabbi in Stabbing Attack

A month ago a group of Arab Muslim jihadis gunned down and murdered Rabbi Raziel Shevach.  Now, on Monday 5 February, another Muslim enacting the murderous Jew-hatred inherent to Islam has murdered an unarmed rabbi, Itamar Ben-Gal - this time by stabbing him in the back.

As reported by David Rosenberg for Israel National News.

"Terror in Samaria: Jew Murdered in Stabbing Attack in Ariel".

That should be - "Jihad Terror in Samaria: Muslim Back-Stabs and Murders Rabbi". - CM

'29 year old Itamar Ben-Gal Sstabbed to death in the Israeli city of Ariel in Samaria by an Israeli Arab (that is: "by an Israel-passport-holding Arab Muslim" - CM).

'An Arab terrorist (sic: more precisely still, "An Arab Muslim terrorist" - CM) stabbed an Israeli man (that is: an Israeli Jew; the Jew was attacked because he was a Jew; because he was not Muslim - CM) to death in the city of Ariel in Samaria, Monday afternoon.

Ritual murder was intended and ritual murder was achieved.  "Murdered by stabbing" would have been more accurate than "stabbed to death". - CM

'The victim has been identified as 29 year old Itamar Ben-Gal, a resident of the community of Har Bracha in Samaria.

'Ben-Gal, a father of four, was an educator who was official teacher (Ra'm) of 8th-grade boys at the Bnei Akiva Yeshiva in Givat Shmuel, and also taught at the Har Bracha Yeshiva.

The Muslim murdered the rabbi because the rabbi was a Jew, unsubmitted to Islam; a Jew who dared to live and make his home upon the mountains of Israel, the lands seized by murderous Muslim imperialists in the 8th century. - CM

'The stabbing attack occurred at a popular hitchhiking spot near Jerusalem Boulevard in Ariel just before 2.30 pm.

In broad daylight. - CM

'The terrorist, an Israeli Arab from Yaffo (an Israel-passport-holding Arab Muslim from Yaffo - CM) stabbed the victim from the back, penetrating his upper chest and wounding him fatally.

The sneak attack, the stab in the back, is absolutely typical of Islam; religion of deceit, of murder, of the assassin. And note well: this Muslim was from within the Arab Muslim colony inside the gates of Israel.  Got Muslims? Got Jihad.  The only way not to have this kind of attack - in Israel or anywhere else at all in the Infidel world, which is viewed by Muslims as Dar al Harb, Zone of War, region upon which war is to be made by Musilms until it is destroyed and converted into Dar al Islam - is to not have Muslims living within the gates. - CM

'MDA paramedics and IDF medics were dispatched to the scene and treated the victim before evacuating him in critical condition to Beilinson Medical Centre in Petah Tikva.  The victim was declared dead shortly after his arrival at the hospital.

'Initial reports indicate the terrorist fled the scene immediately after the stabbing.  An IDF officer who witnessed the attack rammed the terrorist with his car but failed to neutralize the terrorist...

'Witnesses say the victim ran into [the] street after he was stabbed and approached a bus, banging on the door calling for help, Walla! reported.

"Terror attack, terror attack, I've been stabbed", the victim said, moments after the attack, lost consciousness, and collapsed.

A further report, presented by Ido Ben Porat, also for Israel National News, includes a photograph of the victim with his wife and children.  That is the sort of photo that our western mainstream media, reporting on these Muslim ritual murderings of Jews, never deigns to reproduce.

"My Husband Will Not Return to the Community He Loved So Much".

'Security forces continue to search for terrorist who stabbed 29 year old Rabbi Itamar Ben Gal from Har Bracha.

'IDF soldiers, Border Police Officers, and the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) are continuing their pursuit of Arab terorist (sic: Muslim terrorist - CM) Abed al-Karim Adel Assi, who carried out Monday's stabbing attack at the entrance to the city of Ariel, in which Rabbi Itamar Ben Gal was murdered.

'Ben Gal's funeral will be held on Tuesday morning at 10.45 am in his community of Har Bracha.

'Miriam Ben Gal, the widow of Rabbi Ben Gal, said on Monday night, "This afternoon I lost my husband on the land of Israel, he was murdered because he is Jewish.  I am here in my home, in the home that he will  not return to. Tomorrow we will bury him here at Har Bracha in the coummunity he loved and wanted so much to develop".

"I lost my husband on the land of Israel.  He was murdered because he was Jewish".  She speaks the truth. Samaria - along with all of Judea, and the ancient cities of Jerusalem and Hebron and Shechem - is part of the land of Israel; it is not 'Arab land' as so many foolish "progressives" in the West, who have forgotten whatever they might have learned about history and instead have gobbled up Muslim propaganda, like to pretend.  It was land of Israel, mountains of Israel - thus the Prophet Ezekiel describes it - over a thousand years before ever the murder/war/robbery/ extortion cult-cum-crime-syndicate of Islam was invented and turned loose to lay waste to the earth.  

And Rabbi Itamar ben-Gal (may his memory be a blessing), like so many other Jews murdered by Muslims - whether in Israel or anywhere else, all the way back to the Jews of the Khaybar Oasis and the Jews of Yathrib that was turned into Medina when the Muslims took it over - was killed because he was a Jew.  Nothing else.  That's all it took to define him as "Lawful Prey" in the eyes of a Muslim; for murderous Jew-hatred - a special subset of the general contempt for and hatred toward all varieties of non-Muslim - is hard-wired into the founding texts of Islam.  Hatred of Jews - as also of Christians - is explicitly and repeatedly taught to Muslims in the Quran, the Sira and the Hadiths.  Muslims have been murdering Jews ever since the inception of Islam, during all the long centuries when Jews were a powerless, despised and exploited minority within all the lands invaded and occupied by Muslim imperialists, whether Arab or (later) non-Arab, such as Turks and Persians.  He was killed because he was Jewish; and so, too, were Ilan Halimi and Sebastien Selam in Paris in France, and Miriam Monsonego with Rabbi Jonathan Sandler and his two little boys in Toulouse in France, and Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and his pregnant wife Rivka  and four other guests in the Nariman House in Mumbai when Muslim jihadis - not Arab, but Pakistani - attacked.  Murdered because they were Jewish, murdered by Muslims who hated Jews because Islam taught them to hate Jews qua Jews. - CM

'Earlier on Monday, several hours after the stabbing attack, a brit milah ceremony for Miriam's nephew was held in Har Bracha.

'Rabbi Ben Gal, 29, a father of four children, grew up in Rehovot, and was a teacher at the Bnei Akiva yeshiva in Givat Shmuel.  He knew Rabbi Raziel Shevach, who was murdered (by Muslims - CM) a month ago in a shooting attack near Havat Gilad.

'Investigations into Monday's attack indicate that the terrorist arrived at the bus station, a favourite hitchhiking spot, at the entrance to the city of Ariel, stabbed Ben Gal and began running away.

'An IDF officer who identified the terrorist pursued him in his car and hit - but the terrorist managed to enter a vehicle and flee to a nearby village...

I would hazard the guess, a nearby Arab Muslim village.- CM

'The terrorist is a resident of Jaffa who has a blue Israeli identity card denoting Israeli citizenship.

The enemy within. A Muslim from the burgeoning Ummah colony inside the gates of Israel. - CM

'He once lived in the Shanti House for runaway, homeless youth in Jaffa, but the staff found out that he made a habit of visiting the hostile P.A ('Palestinian' [sic] Authority-controlled - CM) city of Shechem, and informed him he would not be able to continue living there if he did not cease doing so.  As a result, he decided to leave Shanti House."

And now, from Mordechai Sones, also of Israel National News, more on that Arab Muslim murderer.

'Today's Terrorist: Arab Israeli Citizen".

Rather - "Today's Murderous Jihadist: Israel-passport-holding Muslim". - CM

'Security forces continue to investigate attack at entrance to Ariel and track down escaped terrorist.

'The defence establishment is continuing the investigation of Monday's attack at the entrance to the city of Ariel, in which Itamar Ben Gal, a Har Bracha resident, was stabbed to death by an Arab (sic: Arab Muslim - CM) terrorist.

'The murderer, who stabbed Ben Gal by creeping up behind him, managed to escape the scene and is being hunted by IDF forces.

I observe that the Arab Muslim 'community' has welcomed him and hidden him and is not turning him over to those investigating this heinous murder, this stabbing-in-the-back of an unarmed man.  If and when he is run to earth, every Muslim who assisted to hide him should be viewed as complicit in the murder, accessory after the fact, and prosecuted accordingly. - CM

'His name is Abed al-Karim Adel Assi, and he is a resident of Jaffa who has a blue Israeli identity card denoting Israei citizenship...

'Eyewitnesses and video footage show that the terrorist surprised Ben Gal from behind and managed to stab him several times through to the chest.  Ben Gal then collapsed on the sidewalk and the terrorist fled...

Meanwhile the Yesha Council (Yesha being the acronym for Yehudah and Shomron, Judea and Samaria - CM) proposes that the proper response to the terrorist attack is to apply Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria.  A very proper response; for the ultimate aim of Jihad is to seize and control 'turf'.  (For more on this topic, see ex-Muslim Patrick Sookhdeo's books "Global Jihad" and "Faith, Power and Territory").  Therefore, to cause the Ummah to lose, rather than gain, territory, when its members have attacked and murdered non-Muslims, is to cause the jihad to fail of its object.   As reported by Hezki Baruch for Israel National News.

'I Inform the Terrorists: We Will Not Be Deterred".

'Yesha Council Chairman: The Correct Response to the Terrorist Attack Is Israeli Sovereignty over Judea and Samaria".

'Yesha Council chairman Hananel Dorani told Arutz Sheva on Monday that Israel should respond to the terrorist attack at the entrance to the city of Ariel, in which Rabbi Itamar Ben Gal was murdered, by applying Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria.

"These lowly murderers want to get rid of us. Their entire hope is that we will weaken and will stop settling the land, so I want to announce publicly: We will not be deterred, we will not be afraid.  We will continue to deepen our hold on Judea and Samaria.  Today the Knesset discussed the subject of the application of sovereignty over Judea and Samaria, and I call on the ministerial committee to unanimously vote in favour of the application of sovereignty - because this is the real answer to anyone who wants to expel us from here", said Dorani.

'Asked whether the recent increase in terror attacks is indicative of a trend, the Yesha Council chairman replied, "There is no doubt that terrorism (sic: he should start saying 'Jihad terrorism' or "Muslim terrorism' so as to be absolutely specific about where the aggression is coming from - CM) is trying to raise its head.  We are confident in the activities of the IDF and the security forces.  The IDF and the Shin Bet will catch this terrorist."

'Dorani was also asked whether the state recognizing outposts (sic: rather, "Jewish villages" - CM) in Judea and Samaria is the correct response to terrorism (sic: rather, say, "Jihadi terror" or "Muslim aggression" - CM).

"Normalising utposts should not be a response to terror (sic: to the Jihad, to Muslim aggression - CM) but rather a routine and a policy.  Certainly such a terror attack will prompt us to provide a Zionist response of normalising outposts (that is: Jewish villages and farms - CM) in Judea and Samaria", he said.

And given that the murderer was a member of the Muslim Fifth Column that dwells within the gates of Israel, reality must be faced: got Muslims? got Jihad.  No Muslim who identifies as a Muslim can be trusted not to Go Jihad as this Muslim did.  Israel, like all non-Islamic sovereign states now afflicted with a large and ever-more-dangerous and aggressive Muslim Fifth Column, will - if it intends to survive, if it chooses not to play the deadly game of "Muslim Roulette', not to force its non-Islamic residents to continually run the risk of being murdered as Rabbi Raziel Shevach was murdered, and Itamar Ben-Gal - have to recognise that that Muslim Fifth Column, or colony of the Empire of Islam, cannot be allowed to remain within the gates. 

I will conclude this roundup of articles and commentary, by discussing the report - on this same Muslim murder of a Jewish Rabbi - that appeared in Australia's ABC, which seems to have chosen to rely not on any of the English-language Israeli news outlets such as "Israel National News' ( or Jerusalem Post, or Ynet, or even the egregious and dhimmified Ha-Aretz) but rather, Associated Press.  Read it and then go back up and read the reports from Arutz Sheva.  Compare and contrast.

'Israeli Settler Stabbed to Death at Bus Stop Amid Tensions in West Bank.

Note that AP/ ABC primly refuse to use such a nasty word as "murdered".  And note that the ancient toponym Samaria is airbrushed out of existence; in this report it is  'West Bank', a propaganda toponym invented post-1967. And note that the man is not called a "Jewish rabbi" but rather, "Israeli settler'.  Because everyone these days is supposed to believe that that ancient middle-eastern ethnos, the Jews, the House of Israel, have and had no more connection to the land of Israel than, say, European colonists had to the Americas or to Australia.  He is a 'settler'.  He is an alien invader in a foreign land.. never mind that his ancestors wrote the book that calls it the Shomron, some 2000 years before the Arabs invented Islam.

What the reporter should have written, if they were not in thrall to the Arab Muslim propaganda version of the world.  "A Muslim has stabbed and murdered an unarmed Jewish rabbi at a bus stop near a Jewish village in Samaria". - CM

'The attack happened near the entrance to the Ariel settlement (sic: the city of Ariel - CM).  CCTV video showed the attacker crossing the road to stab his victim, who then runs away out of view.

'Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said the man died from his injuries shortly after.

Does AP intend slily to imply - by mentioning that the victim runs away out of view, and then saying not that the victim died, but rather, that a 'police spokesman said the man died" - that we are not necessarily to suppose that there was a murder at all?  Let us bear in mind that the ABC has a correspondent right there in Israel, Ms Sophie McNeil. If she doubted the police account and the CCTV footage, then she could damn well read the Israeli media outlets - unless she does not because she assumes that they all routinely lie about everything - though of course, she always expects us to believe everything that any Arab Muslim ever says - or she could go and talk to the grieving widow, to the family, to the hospital where Rabbi Ben-Gal was treated, and discover for herself that he was indeed murderously stabbed in the back, and died as a result. Or are she and other Israel-based western-media reporters so far gone in hostility toward Jews and toward Israel that they would assume prima facie that the widow, the children,  the Jewish Israeli eyewitnesses to the attack, the first responders and the hospital staff, would all be telling lies about the death of Rabbi Ben Gal and/ or the manner and cause of that death? - CM

'Israel's military said an army officer chased the assailant, hitting him with his vehicle, but the attacker managed to get away.

'Israeli media identified the stabbing victim as 29 year old father of four, Itamar Ben Gal.

Observe that this report refrains from telling us that the murder victim was an unarmed rabbi.  And note again "Israel's military said.."  "Israeli media identified...".  -  CM

'The attack came after the Israeli government announced plans to legalise an isolated outpost (sic: a small Jewish village - CM) in the West Bank (sic: In Judea and Samaria, the Mountains of Israel; see the Prophet Ezekiel, who predated Islam and Arab imperialism by a good many centuries - CM).

Observe the implication that this murderous mohammedan thug back-stabbed  and murdered an unarmed rabbi because the eeeevil Joooo imperialists are stealing Arab Muslim land.  Every foreign non-Muslim reporter who seeks to enter into and report from the land of Israel needs to be made to read 1/ Andrew Bostom, "Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism", 2/ Martin Gilbert, 'In Ishmael's House"  or, if they are too ill-educated to be able to concentrate long enough to read those dense tomes, merely a trenchant article by one David Collier that appeared in Israel National News in 2015, just after the 'stabbing jihad' by Muslims within Israel was really getting under way.  "In the Beginning There was an Arab With a Knife: 100 Years of Excuses". (The author could just as well have written 'In the Beginning There Was a Muslim With a Knife: 1400 Years of Excuses).   See here:

And also, with commentary, here:

Now, back to unashamedly anti-Israel ABC and Associated Press.

'It was reported that the assailant held Israeli citizenship, but the military and Shin Bet internal security service would not confirm his identity.

'Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered his condolences and said that security forces are "currently chasing the murderers".

Note the plural. It is entirely possible that this mohammedan assassin, this murderous ghazi raider, had advisers, assistants, and enablers. - CM

'Last month, an Israeli was killed in a drive-by shooting near a settlement outpost in the West Bank.

Thus AP, and the ABC.  When I read a sentence like that in the world's press, I mentally correct it. "Last month, Muslim gunmen murdered an unarmed rabbi in a drive-by shooting near a Jewish village in Samaria." - CM

'Palestinians seek the West Bank, which Israel captured in the 1967 war as part of a future state.

Thus AP.  Correction: "Local Arab Muslims demand that Judea and Samaria, which were seized and occupied by Muslim Jordan in 1949 and which Israel liberated in the course of self-defensive warfare in 1967, should be theirs exclusively in order to be part of a Judenrein Arab Islamic state of "Palestine". This demand is a subset of the Muslim cult programme that pursues nothing less than Total World Domination, Islam, Islam, Uber Alles." - CM

'Most of the international community (that is: the OIC or Muslim Mob, and most of the rest of the world's non-Islamic nations, whether blinded by Jew-hatred and/ or corrupted by petrodollars and/ or overcome by fear of Muslim aggression - CM) views (sic: claims - CM) that Israeli settlements there ( sic: Jews making their homes in Judea and Samaria, the historic heartland of eretz Yisroel - CM) are illegal  (sic: are contrary to the sharia of Islam, which decrees that anything Muslims ever stole from anyone is Muslim forever - CM) and an obstacle to peace (are preventing Muslims from achieving their goal of Total World Domination  - CM).

'Israel says the fate of settlements must be resolved through negotiations.

I don't know how many Israeli Jews have yet understood fully the implications of the Treaty of Hudaybiyya or the story of the Khaybar Oasis.  If they all understood it they would not be bothering with 'negotiations' with Muslims. The only 'negotiations' that have any effect on the Ummah are the type of negotiations engaged in by Bruce Willis's character in a famous scene from the space opera "The Fifth Element' (google it; you will not be disappointed). - CM

'There has been a spike in violence since President Donald Trump's December 6 recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

But see the article I linked above, "100 Years of Excuses". - CM

'The move sparked outrage (no, was seized upon as the latest excuse for outbursts of rioting and threats; if President Trump  had said nothing at all, something else would have been ginned up to 'justify' riots, threats, stabbings, etc - CM) across the Muslim world, where it was seen as the US taking Israel's side (and why should not the USA side with a fellow Infidel state that is being assailed by would-be-genocidal Jihad?- CM) on the most contentious issue of the decades-old conflict.

Decades?  The Mohammedan Mob, the Allah Gang, has been making war on non-Muslims - especially Jews, who are extra-specially hated - everywhere they could get at them, for 1400 years. - CM

'Palestinian demonstrators (sic: local Muslim rioters - CM) have clashed with (sic: attacked - CM) Israeli troops in the West Bank (sic; in Judea and Samaria - CM) and along the Gaza-Israeli border, and 19 Palestinians (sic: local Muslims - CM) have been killed in the violence (have been killed in the course of Israeli self-defence against Muslim attack - CM) since Mr Trump's announcement.

It's ultimately got nothing to do with President Trump.  It's got nothing to do with Israel. At bottom, it's about the Jew-hatred that is part and parcel of Islam.  Again, our AP reporters and ABC reporters and editorial staff ought to read and reread that article "100 Years of Excuses".  And then be locked in a room for a month together with nothing to read except copies of "In Ishmael's House" and "The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism".  - CM

'Israel this week announced plans to legalise Havat Gilad, an isolated West Bank outpost (a small Jewish village in Samaria, high in the mountains of Israel - CM), in response to the shooting death of one of its residents last month  (sic: rather, 'in response to the Muslim gangland-style murder of an unarmed Jewish rabbi from that village - CM).

'Mr Netanyahu said the move would "allow the continuing of normal life there". 

'Rabbi Raziel Shevach, 35, was shot dead (no: murdered - dear ABC and AP, why do you avoid using that word? because that is what it was - cold-blooded murder, murder in the name of allah - CM) from a passing vehicle as he drove near his home in the unauthorised settlement outpost near the Palestinian city of Nablus (sic: near his home in the Jewish village near the Arab Muslim colony of Nablus which stands on or near on the site of the Biblical Shechem.- CM)


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