Tuesday, 6 March 2018
Australia's ABC Publishes Testimony of Escaped Yazidi Sex Slave, But Neglects to Tell us that Sexual Enslavement of Non-Muslim Females is Normative Islam

A harrowing story... and one that can and should be read - although Australia's reliably Islamophile ABC would never dare to even hint to the reader that it should thus be read - as a window onto the horrors experienced by millions of non-Muslim children - whether girls or boys - and women seized and enslaved and violently sexually abused by Muslims throughout the past 1400 years of jihad and dhimmitude.  Not excluding the thousands of British girls who have been 'groomed', raped, terrorised, pimped and essentially enslaved and slave-traded by Muslim gangs operaing within the UK.  This is what Muslims feel entitled to do to "that which your right hand possesses", which is how the Quran refers to sex slaves. The Arabic pronoun is not the pronoun used for persons but the pronoun used for objects.   Sex slaves are not viewed as people, they are viewed and treated as things, objects to be used and abused and disposed of  - "easy meat".

From Katri Uibu, for the ABC.

"How I Escaped From Islamic State's Sexual Slavery".

Translation: "How I Escaped From Muslim Sex Slavers". - CM

'At 17, Farida was forced into sexual slavery by Islamic State soldiers.  (That is: by pious Muslims who were scrupulously obeying the teachings and following example of that rapist and slave-trader, Mohammed, the founder of Islam. - CM).

'This is the story of her extraordinary escape.

"In a small village of Kojo in Northern Iraq, Farida was living a "simple" life, harbouring dreams about the one thing that many Western teens see as interfering with their daily life - school.  "We didn't have that big of dreams.  My big dream was to continue school, to become a maths teacher", she told the ABC.

'Later, that very school would forever be stamped in the villagers' memories as a place where their families were murdered.

Murdered by perfectly-orthodox Muslims who viewed the Yazidis as polytheists, to be offered only two options - either conversion to Islam, or death. - CM

'Born into a family of four brothers, and a father who worked for the Iraqi army, Farida developed a quality she later associated with saving her life.  "The reason that I tried to keep strong was, my father inspired me, and said, "You are strong, and I'm sure you will be strong, doesn't matter when and how", she said.

'She now thinks that he might have foreseen what was looming - after all, the Yazidis had been persecuted many times before.

Persecuted by whom, Ms Uibi? By Muslims, Muslims, Muslims; persecuted for the crime of breathing-while-infidel. Ground down over the centuries to a tiny remnant. A slow-motion genocide at Muslim hands that reached its climax - as with the Christian indigenous remnant, similarly persecuted for similar reasons, to wit, the orthodox Muslim teaching of absolute contempt for and aggression toward non-Muslims qua non-Muslims - in the past couple of decades. - CM

'And sure enough, on August 3 2014, Islamic State (IS) militants (i.e. jihadis, Muslims pushing for total dominance of Islam over everything and everyone not-Islam - CM) surrounded the villages near Mount Sinjar.

'While hundreds of thousands of Yazidis fled into the mountains where many of them later perished, for the residents in Kojo it was desperately late - IS had already started blockading the nearby villages.

And Mohammed's willing executioners the 'ordinary' Muslims round about, did diddly-squat to assist the threatened Yazidis.  Or the Christians.  In fact, if one examines other testimonies from Yazidi and Christian survivors, one finds that usually the local Muslims, the 'vast peaceful majority', were quite happy to passively stand by or more often actively hand over their non-Muslim neighbours, classmates, workmates, employees, to be abused, murdered, enslaved, raped and robbed by the soldiers of the nascent caliphate. - CM

'What began as a negotiating campaign to turn the Kurdish religious minority into Muslims (??? - this is bizarre wording - CM) ended in genocide.

Observe the use of the passive voice, in order to avoid giving us the brutal truth: Muslims, pious Muslims, told the Yazidis: either you convert to Islam, right now, or.. we kill you.  As per the instructions in orthodox Islam, the Yazidis - not being Jews or Christians - were offered just two choices, the choices any polytheist is supposed to be given by Muslims: Islam, or death.   'Negotiating campaign'.  Good god.  Is that how Ms Uibi and the ABC describe the mafia-style 'offer you can't refuse' that the Islamic State jihadis made to these terrified, terrorised people?   The Yazidis didn't want to convert to Islam - and why should they, O ABC? why should they not say NO? - so the men, most of them, were murdered, and the women 'converted' to Islam by being raped, raped, raped and then raped some more.  - CM

'Men, women and children were taken to the school where they were robbed of their valuables and executed.'

Observe that the author puts this sentence in the passive voice and avoids saying who actually did the 'taking', the robbing, and the mass-murdering.  So  let's rewrite that sentence and put the blame squarely where it belongs. "Pious allahu-akbaring islamic State Muslims took the Yazidi men, women and children to the school, robbed them, and then mass-murdered them". - CM

'She lost her father and all but one brother (sic: for accuracy, let's rewrite - "The Muslims murdered her father and all but one of her brothers" - CM) - she didn't know it then, but he had survived by pretending to be dead among the corpses.

'Farida's mother was captured by the militants (sic: the Muslim jihadis - CM) and the 17 year old was taken to the slave market in Mosul.

Mosul to which its former Christian inhabitants do not want to return, ever, because their 'ordinary Muslim' neighbours mostly ratted them out to Islamic State.  And that slave market is not an aberration; wherever Muslims have gone throughout the history of Islam there have been slave markets, crammed full of terrified and terrorised and tormented men, women and children seized by slave-raiding of neighbouring non-Muslim lands, or seized from among the subjugated dhimmi populations. - CM

'Sold as a sex slave.

'IS militants (sic: Islamic State, say it, Ms Uibi, ISLAMIC state, the Islamic is not an accident, Mohammed enslaved people, possessed and used sex slaves, traded in slaves - including sex slaves - so slavery and enslaving people is sunnah, it is part of the sacralised example of Islam, part of the sharia - CM) grouped slaves into three categories: virgins (and this included very, very young girls, prepubescent children as well as older nubile girls such as Farida; and in a schedule of prices published by the slave-traders, it was the prepubescent children, the little little girls aged between infancy and age eight, who were assigned the highest prices and can therefore be deemed to have been considered, by their Muslim captors and sellers, and the - all-Muslim - buyers, from places like Turkey and the Arab Muslim Gulf States, such as Qatar or Saudi Arabia - as the most desirable  things-to-be-raped - CM) who were sold as sex slaves and generated income for the caliphate; young women with small kids; and women with older kids and elderly women, who did manual labour (or were simply killled, if deemed too old and weak to be useful - CM).

'Teenage Farida's body was sometimes sold, sometimes "gifted" to IS soldiers.

Ms Uibi - read the Sira of Ibn Ishaq, and read Al-Tabari. You'll discover that trading in, 'gifting' of captured girls was done by Mohammed and his 'companions'. Like all the other Islamic State vilenesses, it is orthodox Islam. - CM

"I have been in many different places when I was in captivity, but most them, they were the same", she said.

'They were markets for Yazidi girls.  They [IS soldiers] (sic; the thoroughly-orthodox Muslim jihadis of Islamic State - CM) were selling Yazidi girls and giving them as gifts and raping them again and again.

"I have seen all these things.  They sold me without money also".

'An indication of how far the IS stronghold's tentacles spread - among her buyers were militants from Libya in Northern Africa.

Of course.  Because Islamic State was thoroughly, madly, purely, deeply Islamic and therefore attracted eager recruits from all over the dar al Islam. - CM

'Failed escapes led to torture.

'During four months of captivity Farida tried to escape twice from the "military prison-like" buildings.  Each failed attempt resulted in torture, leading to seven suicide attempts.

One wonders just how many of those seized by Muslim slave raiders and rapists, down through the 14 centuries of Islam, ended up committing suicide rather than face yet another day of being subjected to murderous, calculated, gleefully demoniacal cruelty at the hands of Muslims who viewed them as objects to be used, and abused, and thrown away like rubbish once they ceased to be useful, or amusing. - CM

"They were always beating me, and in Syria one day they beat me much more than on other days.  Even now, some of my friends, the ones who were in captivity with me, say, "We will never forget how they were beating you", she said.

'All the while, Farida pretended not to speak Arabic.

"One of the reasons was, I didn't want to communicate with them, to reveal information when they asked me questins, because of my family", she said.  "Also, I didn't want to read the Koran".

The Koran, one of the founding texts of Islam.  The Koran that refers coldly to girls like Farida as "the things that  your right hand possesses".  (Raymond Ibrahim, Coptic-American scholar of Islam, has pointed out that the Arabic pronoun in this passage is the pronoun normally used for objects, not for people). - CM

"And when they were talking to each other, I pretended that I didn't understand Arabic, because I wanted to see what they were going to do and what they were going to plan."

And then one day a Muslim man from Farida's region told the soldiers Yazidis in her village did speak Arabic, and she was "lying and cheating".

I would like to know whether this 'Muslim man from Farida's region' who "ratted her out" to the Islamic State jihadis, was another Islamic State recruit.. or whether he was just a normal bog-standard Muslim, one of that 'vast peaceful majority' that our media are at such pains to distinguish from the Islamic State which, of course, has nothingtodowithIslam... it would be more correct to refer to them - so many of whom were only too pleased, like this nameless man, to assist in the persecution of non-Muslims - as 'Mohammed's willing executioners'.  You observe that this man sees nothing wrong with Farida's being enslaved and raped by his fellow Muslims; his wrath was reserved for the idea that this enslaved girl might be "lying and cheating" her brutal Muslim masters.  - CM

'With her disguise fading and two other imprisoned girls recently killed, she panicked.

"When I was watching how they beat younger girls, aged eight and nine, and they were raping many other girls, beating them, that was giving me more strength to escape and be their [the victim girls' - CM] voice", she said.

'Finding a path to freedom.

'One day, Farida found a phone where a SIM card hadn't been removed, and called her uncle.

This sort of detail should not be published.  It should not. Because it means that the next lot of kidnappers will be more scrupulous about making sure that such slip-ups don't happen.  Similarly, we should not have been told exactly how her brother managed to survive.  "By a miracle" would have been sufficient; because we don't want the next lot of jihadi mass-murderers to go through the piles of bodies making grimly sure that everyone who seems to be dead is in fact dead. - CM

"When I called my uncle and told him, I'm Farida', he told me, "No, Farida is not alive".  He just cancelled the call", she said.

"Then I called him again and told him, "No, it's me, I'm alive" until I led him to believe that I'm alive".

'Emotively (? odd phrase? does the reporter mean "given fresh energy by contact with family"? - CM), she started plotting (sic: planning, would be a better word - CM) one more escape.

'It was something utterly trivial, a negligent act (again, very odd phrasing - why not say, "a simple mistake" - CM), through which she regained her freedom.

"They thought they had locked the door, but it was actually open", she said.

Again, the report should not include this specific detail.  Why not just say,  "one day, by a miracle, she and five other girls were able to get away", and leave it at that?  The walls have ears; we shouldn't be, in articles like this, essentially, saying to the slave-raiders that they should "always, always, always make sure that the doors are locked". Any more than we should be loudly telling them to "always make sure that everybody in the pile of bodies really is dead".  Let the jihadis NOT know how it could be, that five girls could escape their clutches, that one person should stand up to testify to mass murder. -  CM

'That night, at 1 am, she and five other girls ran out of the compound in Syria.  Anxious that the militants were going to track them down, the girls walked all night and hid in the valley - until they saw a house.  "I told my friends, "I'll go and see at the house if they can help us", she said. 'If the family in the house is also with IS, I will not come back.  Don't come to the same house and follow me".

'But one of the girls interjected, "You have helped me all the while, and I will not let you go alone".

'The family in the house helped them flee, but her escape highlights the more sinister, financial motives of some who assisted the IS captives.

"They helped us, but we paid them later", she said.

In other words: no pay, no 'ransom', no help.  There is no charity, as Christians account it, in Islam.  These 'helpful' Muslims would offer help only at a price... and I bet it was a steep one. - CM

'Nowhere to call home.

'Farida, like many former IS sex slaves, found herself alone in a refugee camp in Iraq - freed, but with nothing to return to.

Because Iraq is still ruled by Muslims, and the Yazidis are despised, and most of those Muslims are quite content that there are a lot fewer Yazidis and Christians around, than there used to be.  The surviving remnants of the Yazidis, the Christians, and the Mandaeans have learnt just how foolish it is to trust any Muslim; how precarious is the lot of any powerless non-Islamic minority in a land suffused with Islam, ruled by Muslims. - CM

'There she met Professor Jan Kizilhan, the head of a German refugee program - the Special Quota Project - which has seen psychological treatment and visas granted to 1,100 former IS slaves.

'He has personally interviewed and conducted psychological texts on 1,400 sex slaves like Farida.  The stories are gut-wrenching.

Just like the testimonies of the British non-Muslim girls who have been the victims of Muslim sex-gangs in the UK. Just like the testimonies of the Aussie non-Muslim girls who were gang-raped by ethnically-Lebanese and ethnicaly-Pakistani Muslims, in Sydney, 2000-2004.  And.. those gut-wrenching stories should be assumed to be a window onto the experiences of untold millions of women, and girls, and boys, subjected to identical treatment, at the merciless hands and inventively-cruel supremacist minds of pious Muslims, throughout the past 1400 years of jhad and dhimmitude.  Let Farida's story, and the stories of others like her, inform our attempts to understand what, for example, was endured by the girl victims of the devshirme, in the Balkans; ripped from their families and sold to be sex slaves to brutal Muslim masters across the Ottoman empire.  Or by the beautiful girls of Georgia, Armenia, Circassia, a vast swath of southern Russia, similarly seized, and enslaved, and used as sex toys, by Muslims. Or by black girls, snatched from their families, girls like the girl who would become Saint Josephina Bakhita, of the Sudan. Or by the millions of beautiful Buddhist and Hindu girls in Muslim-invaded, Muslim-occupied India, similarly raped and enslaved. - CM

"When a nine-year-old girl sat in front of me and told the story of how they [IS terrorists] observed when they executed her father and grandfather, and took her alone to the city of Mosul and later to Raqqa, and during 10 months was raped around 100 times by eight different men, you ask yourself, "How can this happen?" he said.  "This girl asked me many times, "Why are humans so cruel?"

Why?  In her case, and in the case of millions of others throughout the past 1400 years, the answer is: because these particular humans, these humans doing the raping, torturing, mass-murdering and enslaving, are Muslims, they feel fully entitled to behave like this, they are taught and encouraged to behave like this, they don't think it is wrong, they are piously following the example of the founder of their war-and-rape cult, Mohammed, he who had Kinana of Khaybar tortured to death and then, the very same night, raped Kinana's 17 year old widow, Safiyya. He who passed captured slave girls around like party favours.  He who, when given Maria the Copt as a present, never even considered setting her free and sending her home, not he!  Islam: religion of slavery, religion of rape, religion of murder, enabling and sacralising - as John Quincy Adams memorably put it - "violence and lust" and exalting "the brutal over the spiritual part of man's nature". - CM

'Sometimes it took him weeks to decide who could be given a new chance in Germany...

A Germany currently being swamped by a tidal wave of muhajiroun, young Muslim men who are behaving toward native - and immigrant - non-Muslim girls, exactly as if they (those Muslim men) were the triumphant vanguard of a conquering, occupying army.  Soon enough, these poor girls, like Farida, may find that their arrogant Muslim torturers and rapists have followed them all the way to Germany. - CM

'Farida and other former sex slaves were given a chance to new life in the "free world".

The only way the 'free world'  will remain free, the only way it can truly and consistently offer safe haven to the survivors of Muslim genocide - to people like Farida - is if all Muslim entry into it is stopped, ASAP, and all non-citizen Muslims currently present within it, are deported, again, ASAP, and if all Muslims currently holding western-country citizenship status, are interned, pending a change of laws to permit their deportation also. - CM

'They were accommodated in safe houses in south-west Germany.

'The organisers were initially fearful IS would continue to target the women - once raped, the women are "married" to the militants and "belong to them".

Classical Islam.  Muslims believe that everything Muslims have ever stolen - or, in this case, raped - is rightfully theirs. How dare the kuffar 'owners' of anything take it back!  How dare the Jews of Israel, the Christians of Spain or Greece, the Hindus of India, take back their sovereignty... dirty kuffars, defying 'allah' who gives the whole world, every inch of it, to Muslims and Muslims only!!!   How dare this dirty Yazid sex-slave run away from her Muslim master!   Incidentally: Nonie Darwish points out that the usual Arabic word for 'marriage' in the classical texts of Islam is a word that is most nearly translated, in standard English, as "f**king".  - CM

'Professor Kizilhan said some women were still threatened by the soldiers (sic: by the Muslim thugs and rapists! - CM) via social media.

It should not be beyond the capacity of any intelligent western-country secret service to track down the makers of such threats. If the threats are being made from within the country - say, from within Germany - or from within Europe generally, every effort should be made to find the perpetrators, arrest them, and subject them to suitable punishment, and then kick them out, back to the dar al Islam in the clothes they stand up in, the law not yet permitting for them to be shot as enemy combatants and fifth-columnists.  In the meantime: give these poor girls dogs - well-trained and protective dogs - and teach them krav maga or some such martial art, and... give them a weapon and teach them how to use it.  Dhimmis are not allowed to raise a hand against a Muslim; are denied the right to self-defence. A very critical part of the healing of these women and girls might be breaking through that mental barrier: equipping them to defend themselves, giving them the right to fight back, telling them it is okay to fight back, to defend themselves... and others. If some Islamic State thug, lurking in Germany, attacks one of his former victims and promptly gets obliterated, it would send a strong message to other such thugs, that it might be a good idea to cease and desist. - CM

'When the girls and women first arrived, they huddled in the same room, and locked the door every night.  Now, they sometimes lock it, sometimes it stays open.

I hope, to repeat, that somebody has the brains to sign them up for serious martial arts training; for personal weapons training; and to give every one of them two nice, big, black dogs, trained to "go-git-'im!" on command. - CM

'Slowly, they have started regaining control of their lives", the program's social worker Marion said.  "The mothers had to grow into the role of the head of the family.  They don't know this role.  And little by little, they learn it", she said.  "They live a normal life here, but I think they don't recover completely.  I think their whole life was shaped by the experience."

Rev Dr Mark Durie's "The Third Choice" and "Liberty to the Captives" need to be translated into German, I think. - CM

'Professor Kizilhan agreed, but said psychotherapy had enabled the girls and women to control the symptoms - and evidence is in statistics.

'In refugee camps, he documented about 60 suicides of former IS sex slaves.  None of the 1,100 children and women assisted by the Special Quota Project have attempted suicide since arriving in Germany.  

'I can be alive again".

'Three years on, Farida has taken back her independence.  "When I came to Germany, and they helped me, and supported me, that was a way that I can be alive again", she said.

'Through the Special Quota Project, she was joined by her brother and mother.  Her life is now mostly spent in meetings, trains, and airports, giving up to 20 speeches a week to raise awareness about the roughly 3,000 girls and women still in sexual enslavement (still enslaved by brutal Muslim masters - CM).

3,000.. and the rest.  Does that include those enslaved by Muslims in Africa, such as the girls of Chibok?  The Coptic girls 'disappeared' by the hundreds in Islamic Egypt, the Christian and HIndu girls 'disappeared' by the hundreds in Islamic Pakistan? The non-Muslim maids who regularly vanish in the Arab Muslim gulf states? - CM

'Her message to them - don't give up.  "I know it's very difficult, I've been in the same situation.  I know how hard it is to be with them [IS soldiers] but I want to tell you, don't lose heart", she said.  "Your community, familiesk, friends, are waiting for you.  Never think that they won't accept you.  Be hopeful, and one day you will be free".

To which I would add only this: Delenda est Islamia. - CM

Posted on 03/06/2018 8:07 PM by Christina McIntosh
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