Tuesday, 10 April 2018
Prayer in the Park and Granny tells it like it is.

A cell phone video that was posted on 2 April on YouTube has turned up at Gates of Vienna as part of an entry entitled  Enforcement of Sharia by the Metropolitan Police — It Doesn’t Get Any More Blatant Than This.  Baron Bodissey says:

The following video is difficult to watch. For one thing, it was taken surreptitiously (by cell phone, I think), and only the woman who recorded it can be heard clearly throughout. The rest of the time it’s touch and go on the other voices, depending on how much background noise there is….It’s also difficult to watch because it exposes the awful reality of the Islamization of Britain.

The context of the clip is that Muslims have been publicly praying in a Royal Park in London, which violates the law. I don’t have to tell you that the Metropolitan Police deliberately refrain from enforcing that law — nobody who’s been paying attention to the U.K. for the last few years would expect the law to be enforced against Muslims. However, in this particular case, the police officers first lie about the existence of the law. Then, when someone reads them the exact text of it, they explain that they have orders from above not to enforce the law against Muslims — they actually admit it...

However there is a later (April 8th) video on YouTube in which a very civil member of the Metropolitan Police, a PC Barnes, explains to chap named Bob that park rules are not the same as the ‘law’ and the police cannot act on park policy itself – there is a difference between park regulations/policy and the actual law. In the earlier video by the aforementioned woman, the PC on duty tried to communicate this distinction but either couldn’t articulate it clearly, or didn’t really know the distinction. Or we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.   

Anyway perhaps as a result of the original footage posted on YouTube, you now have to apply for permission to pray inside the park itself though as I understand it, prayer is to be allowed outside the park.  

PC Barnes blames all the to-do on social media which “fuels this pot where people put their penny’s worth in.” The PC is a reasonable chap in that Best-of-British way but blaming social media for the huge social problem that is Islam, is a Best-of-British fudge if I’ve ever heard one.

At the same time ordinary people are starting to tell it like it is. 

On March 30th one hundred or so supporters of the Democratic Football Lads Alliance marched through the town of Telford to protest the child sexual abuse scandal. An elderly lady named Carol who attended the meeting was asked about her opinion of the-state-of-Britain.

Below is a transcribed excerpt of her interview, but do listen to the whole thing and hear what this modest, plain-speaking, brave British woman has to say:  

What it’s about today is the fact that our government have knowingly let our children down, they’ve let the British people down. They have knowingly signed us up to the Barcelona Declaration which is something that nobody’s allowed to talk about, but it empowered the African and the Muslim world to come into this country freely. All this mass movement of people supposedly being humanitarian is nothing of the sort – it’s all organised, it’s orchestrated, you even had NGOs ferrying them across from the Libyan coast to Italy probably funded by George Soros (interviewer notes that saying this will attract charges of anti-Semitism).

……Political correctness is an absolute nonsense.  You know if we can’t discuss the major issues that are upsetting this country at this moment of time then I don’t know where we go. But keep trying to shut down free speech, which is what the government are doing – I mean they’ve recently in the past 3 or 4 weeks banned four people from coming into the country that wanted to give speeches and one of them ironically was a speech about free speech.  How nonsensical is that?  I mean it’s transparent now.  People that are aware can see what is happening. Twitter accounts are being closed down. What are they doing about the other side of the coin? Y

You know I’m supposedly a far-right extremist because I object to what is happening in my country. I object to the fact that I’m not even allowed to say the Islam word without being censored and condemned and called names – I’m not – the climate had been very subtle, it’s been building and building. I’m obviously an older lady – I won’t give you my age, but I am an older lady and I’ve seen the changes – I’ve seen how we’ve been suppressed, how things have got to the stage where we can’t talk about what we want to talk about. You know we are just not allowed to say it anymore. I write to Theresa May, I write to government officials, I don’t even get an acknowledgement letter .......(Recites poem sent to Theresa May):

Why we March

We march to show our anger,

We march to show our fear,

We march to show our government the things that we hold dear.

Our precious children’s future, our precious children’s lives,

Our precious children’s innocence that’s been stolen by their lies.

We march to show our masters,

That we see right through their scheme,

We march to show our government that we’ll shatter their evil dream.

We march to show our backbone,

We march to show our strength,

We march to show our government that on ourselves we will depend.

We march because we’re British,

We march because we’re proud,

We march to show our colours and we’ll always shout out loud.

Our government won’t beat us,

We will never bow the knee, 

To the evil plans of Islam,

We Britons will be free!

Interviewer: Do you reckon you’ll get a response from Theresa the Appeaser?

No, I don’t get any responses whatsoever, I don’t even get acknowledgements to my emails – I ‘ve sent her a few poems and they come from my heart.  But I think they touch a chord with a lot of people because they express the desolation that most of us feel.  And I do think that we are desolate because we haven’t got a voice and we are losing that voice ….

They can’t keep pushing us down because we will fight back.  You know we’ve lost a lot of our backbone, certainly our politicians have lost their backbone, but we will fight back.  You know you can’t push a cat into a corner and not expect it to come out fighting.  And we will.  I’m not advocating violence, none of us advocate violence, but the way they’re pushing us it will happen.

Interviewer: Do you think they know this and they’re waiting for that final kick-off, so they then will be able to fully bring the police state in?

It’s crossed my mind that this is what they’re working to – If they push us to the point that we start to fight then we’ll be under martial law……

The anti-fascists are now the fascists. Everything on the political spectrum is about-faced, nothing is what it purports to be anymore.....  

All I am is a grandmother and I can’t sit back and let this happen….We need to wake people up for sure – these protests need to be by the tens of thousands not just a handful of people – you know people have got to get up off their sofas, they’ve got to get off their keyboards, and they’ve got to get their feet on the pavement.

There’ll always be an England (we hope).



Posted on 04/10/2018 2:05 PM by Sally Ross
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