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A Civilisation (sic) of Deception - or, Muslims Lie

Given that many in our Islamophile media are professing to be shocked! shocked! when the Israeli Prime Minister dared to say bluntly that Iran - the (Shiite) Islamic Republic of Iran has lied about its little nuke project, I think it appropriate to bring out from the archives a very striking blog post I came across twelve years ago, entitled "Life in Iraq: Part II: A Civilisation of Deception", and written by an American infidel fresh from a period of bitter experience in the badlands of the dar al Islam, to wit, Iraq. And as it happens, he begins by referring to Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons.  

The author writes from personal observation and experience of the behaviour of ordinary - mostly Sunni - Muslims "on the ground", and does not appear to be familiar with terms such as taqiyya, mudarat, muruna, tawriyya, taysir, and darura, nor does he mention the notorious Treaty of Hudaybiyya, the concept of hudna, and Mohammed's dictum that "war is deceit".  However, after having read Coptic American scholar Raymond Ibrahim on the subject of deception in Islam, I find that the essay rings all too true; indeed, any person who has informed themselves on the sources and nature of Islamic deception will, on reading this - anonymous - author's essay often understand the significance of his observations, better than he does himself.

One cannot now find it on the internets by googling; the original link - - has long since broken and goes nowhere; however, when it was still out there on the web I made and preserved a complete copy and it is that copy which I will now reproduce, verbatim.  The author's slippage between 'Arab' and "Muslim' I have corrected from time to time, where necessary.

Friday April 28 2006.

"If the Iran nuclear crisis seems like 'deja vu all over again" it's because it is.

"The United States, along with most of the world, stood in awe during the run-up to the Persian Gulf War, as Saddam Hussein seemed to make and break a dizzying array of promises and commitments with frightening speed and ease, right up until the moment we unleashed our tanks and his vaunted armies unleashed their white flags.  

"The UN, Europe, and the Clinton Administration jumped for joy at every promise that the lovely and talented Mr Arafat spewed forth in support of the "Roadmap to Peace", until his unbroken streak of broken promises finally ended - but only because he finally died.

"Now we have a similar scenario with Iran's "enthusiastic" leader, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (damn Muslim names, let's just call him "Uncle Mah", shall we?) who makes more promises about "peaceful future intentions" than a convicted child molester up for parole.

Of course, it's not Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the helm these days, it's the sleek and slithery Hassan Rouhani, but... the more things change, the more they stay the same; and the Islamic Republic of Iran, its Revolutionary Guard, and its mullahs, have not altered their views nor their intentions nor their fanatical devotion to Shiite Islam pur et dur,  in the slightest. - CM

"The only difference is, the child molester has a much better chance of keeping his promises to reform and rehabilitate - and we all know how likely that is!

I wonder whether the author of this piece knew about little Aisha, and the ubiquity of child brides within both Shiite and Sunni Islam? - CM

'So what is it about these blessed followers of the "Religion of Peace" that enables them to - not bend, not spin, not obfuscate - but flat-out LIE all the time?  

Short answer, mate, is theological.  Their 'prophet', Mohammed, was a liar and treaty-breaker, as he deemed it expedient for the advantage of his nascent Ummah, or mohammedan mob; he stated clearly that "war is deceit", and he taught his followers to make war upon all non-Muslims in perpetuity, the ultimate goal being Total World Domination.  Further, the god he taught them to worship is described by their cult texts as "the best of deceivers".  If one worships a divinity defined by and admired for its ability to maliciously deceive, one's attitude toward truth, and the keeping of promises, is liable to be somewhat elastic. - CM

"I'm no anthropologist, but the time I've spent in Iraq over the last couple of years has provided me with a big clue as to why these guys seem so able to look the world straight in the eye and lie as easily and frequently as they bend over and... well... pray.

"Survival of the Fittest.

'Although I'm weak in anthropology, I did get an A in Biology years ago, what I learned has given me insight into these strange organisjms we call Middle Eastern Muslims.

Not only 'Middle Eastern'. Wherever Islam has gone, these behaviours have gone also, because it is part of the 'Islam program'.  - CM

'Every organism alive on the planet is good at something.  Each has some sort of defence or capability or behaviour that gave them an edge over other organisms of past eras and allowed them to evolve to overcome life's challenges and survive to this day.

"Rabbits are fast runners and fast breeders. Tigers are amazingly skilled hunting machines.  Elephants are immensely tough and powerful.  Monkeys are highly intelligent and adaptable. Frogs have poisonous skin.  

"But Muslims, like the stick bug and the chameleon, and the stone fish, have developed, to an amazing extent, the ability to deceive.

Not, however, as animals develop this or that capacity.  The Muslim propensity to deceive is not genetic, but memetic: it is not transmitted by DNA, but culturally, through the dinning of Islamic mores and beliefs into young, impressionable minds - or into the minds of adult persons, from other cultures, who are either weak minds prone to the blandishments of a cult, or brutal minds attracted to a cult whose essence is, as John Quincy Adams briefly and devastatingly observed over 200 years ago, "violence and lust, to exalt the brutal over the spiritual side of man's nature". - CM

"And it is that ability that confounds their environmental competitors (you and me) the most.

But it should not.  We have access to their programme - their cult texts, including their own accounts of their revered founder, the war-lord and deceiver, Mohammed.  We have the evidence of their past behaviour, over 1400 years of it, which is consistent with the instructions in those cult texts.  By now, we should be wise to their tricks.  - CM

"These types of organisms - "lie-in-wait" predators - must know the full range of behaviours of the organisms they wish to defeat, so as to position themselves effectively for the strike.  They are not necessarily strong or powerful, so they must know what frightens, arouses, lures, relaxes, and weakens that which they intend to destroy.

"For the Muslim, the idea is to exploit our greatest vulnerability - our PC thinking.

Which has suppressed or dulled the awareness of many of our "gatekeepers".  We used to know that the Ummah was a predator; that Muslims lied.   - CM

"It is no accident that the Muslims chose to openly start attacking the West on their own turf in the 1960s and 1970s, right around the time when PC ideology in our culture was starting to pick up steam and cloud our collective judgement.

"Would Muslims have attacked New York while US Grant was president?  Or London while King George III was on the throne?  How about the Paris riots during Napoleon's time?  I don't think so.

But Muslim raiders - the so-called 'Barbary pirates' - did attack American shipping on the high seas, not long after the US became a nation, which is what triggered the formation of the US Marines. And Muslim raiders did attack the shores of Ireland and Cornwall as late as the 18th century. They didn't attack the capital cities, but they did as they did in order to wear down and degrade, for example, Byzantium: continual 'border raids' intended to wear down and 'bleed' the stronger opponent.  Working in from the edges toward the centre. - CM

"The Deceiver picked up on this latest dominant PC, therapeutic, Leftist strain in Western culture, and, patient and shrewd as he is, has successfully exploited it for the last few decades.  The only time they seem to have paid any price was when the US had good old-fashioned cowboys at the tiller - Bush I and Bush II.

Though both of those were hampered by the entanglement with deeply-Islamic and infinitely-deceitful Saudi Arabia. - CM

"They continue to try and deceive by maintaining their false cries of victimhood, blustering lies, and ridiculous charades, for they have internalized and mastered what Sun Tsu considered the most valuable tactic in warfare: deception.

Let us remind ourselves that according to the authoritative Hadith collections, warlord Mohammed said, "War is deceit". - CM

"They hone these deceptive traits by practising on themselves, first and foremost, by perfecting the art that most Westerners would call "lying".  But to them it's not really lying.  To them, lying (and, more than lying, the complete departure from contact with reality that Harry Frankfurt dubs "bullsh*t", as described in his book "On Bull-Sh*t" - CM), is simply the most effective means at their disposal for saving face, being clever, getting ahead, and trying to appear superior.  Remember, deception is the Muslim's most developed trait (I would not say "trait", but, rather, 'tactic', "art", "or practice" - CM); their secret weapon.  

Not so secret as all that, after Raymond Ibrahim's series of lucid - and damning - articles on the subject... - CM

'Its constant exercise is not a matter of shame, it's a matter of pride.

'And they absolutely drool at the sight of an unsuspecting Westerner who waltzes into their midst, like the juicy beetle oblivious to the chameleon, with his Christian-based ideas of "Truth" and "honesty" and "ethics" and "integrity".

"From Alexander the Great to the 101st Airborne, the first thing the Arabs (sic - CM) saw was not our frightening array of weapons, but the big "Tootsie Pop" signs stencilled on our foreheads.

Alexander, of course, was pre-Christian, and the Arabs of Alexander's time were polytheists rather than Muslims; Islam would not be invented, among the Arabs, until a good few centuries later.  The author would have been better to have left out mention of Alexander and the pre-Islamic Arabs, for although those Arabs were known for raiding, and deceitfulness, Islam took those pre-existing elements in their culture and, while suppressing and erasing other elements, codified and sacralised and intensified them, creating a destructive culture that would then be replicated in every Islamised society, among persons and communities of wholly non-Arab ethnicity and history.  An apostate from Islam, Anwar Sheikh, has argued, indeed, that Islam was invented as a vehicle for Arabisation, as the Arab imperial religion; but it was, so to speak, a very particular version of 'being-Arab' that was projected by means of Islam, rather as the Third Reich codified and sought to project a very particular version of 'being-German'.  As one astute observer remarked, the problem was not so much that Mohammed was a Beduin, but that he was a degenerate Beduin...- CM


"I never had cause to think about what a powerful concept "Agreement" is until I came to Iraq.  Whether some friends agree to meet at a restaurant for lunch, or a supplier agrees to provide ten truckloads of materials to a job-site on a specific day, or lease papers are signed on a house, an Agreement gives all parties the incredible power to predict the future.

"Agreements provide us simple human creatures with the amazing ability to come together and create a shared vision about a future point in time.  Then, together as agreed, we can organise and accomplish something towards that point, in an otherwise chaotic world, fraught with unpredictability.

"But in the Middle East (sic: rather, in the Muslim Middle East, or indeed, more broadly, across the entirety of the Dar al Islam, which extends far, far beyond the mere "Middle East" - CM) there is no such thing as an Agreement.

Not, at least, between Muslims and Infidels.  Muslims are specifically taught not to make or, if they should temporarily make, then not to to keep, agreements with Infidels, the filthy kuffar.   But the habit of not keeping agreements has spilled over from this 'permission', to affect the whole of Islam.  Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Nonie Darwish, apostates from Islam, have written about this - the atmosphere or habit of suspicion and aggression that is the 'default' in Muslim families, communities, and whole societies. - CM

"Whether a verbal commitment or a look straight in the eye or firm handshake or even a written contract, these things here are worth next to nothing.  Rather than organising or finalising anything, these acts merely serve as a continuation of the struggle by one party to screw the other party more than they plan on getting screwed themselves.

"Accomplishing a given task, taking pride in one's work, achieving competence, and even basic concepts of economic gain through mutual trade, take a far back seat to the massive satisfaction gained by getting something more out of someone else than they get from you.

Victor and vanquished.  Domination and submission.  Master and slave/s.  The concept of win-win is foreign to Islam; because the master-slave paradigm dominates the whole belief system from top to bottom, beginning with its concept of god.  Long ago an astute scholar named William Palgrave observed of Islam that its theology was "a pantheism of force".   - CM

'Here's how it works on a deal between a plumber and a home-owner, for example.  The plumber will agree to re-pipe the homeowner's bathroom, and the home-owner will agree to pay a price for the service. But, the plumber knows from the beginning that the home-owner will come up with some excuse to hold out some payment at the end.  And the home-owner knows from the beginning that the plumber is going to cut unimaginable corners and do less work with cheaper materials than what was agreed.  Since both were correct in their assumptions, who is to blame? Is it "lying" when both parties correclty assume that the other is doing it?

"...Here you will see the miserable people, who have lost the intellectual good (il ben' dell' intelletto)..".  So said Dante, of Hell.  He might have said it also of the Dar al Islam.. - CM

"The Art of the Deal in Iraq (or anywhere else in the lands across which, as John Quincy Adams observed long ago, the teachings of Mohammed have spread "desolation and delusion" - CM) is to figure out, not if someone will try and screw you, but how and when.

"The focus is always on not getting caught over a barrel by the other guy, and to try to get the other guy over that barrel, using deception, lies, misinformation, lies, misdeeds, lies, and, finally, more lies.  The Agreement, that poor casualty of the desert sands, is considered to be a first step, not a final arrival, on the long march to screwing the other guy.

They do it to each other. And their cult texts encourage them, urge them, and approve of their doing it to Infidels, who are "the worst of beasts", and whose lives and property are there for the taking. - CM

'A few days ago, I was called point-blank and to my face a "thief" and a "liar" by an 85 year old Iraqi from whom we are leasing a house.

Muslims always accuse those they wish to attack - especially, above all, Infidels - of being thieves and liars. For as M Scott Peck observed, in his study of the psychology of human evil, "People of the Lie", one of the characteristics of the inveterately evil, is not only that they lie - a lot - but that they engage in scapegoating and projection, accusing their victims of harbouring the ill intentions or engaging in the evil deeds that they themselvs - the accusers - intend and practise. - CM

"I wrote the lease agreement, including clearly stating the price for the first 6 months, and then a discount price for the second 6 months. These prices were based on verbal (read: painful) negotiations that had lasted for days.  Once completed, I gave the lease contract to the gentleman, and he had it for 2 days.  He contacted me a couple of times to change a few minor details, which I did.  He then signed it, and I signed it, and then I sent it off to our offices in the US for payment processing.

'The day after we signed, the gentleman was beside himself and putting on all sorts of theatrics.  With full-blown indignation, he said the price was too low, and "the person" who wrote that wretched lease was trying to trick him, and was a thief and a liar!  (He knew that "the person" was me, he just wouldn't say so to my face - more on that, below).  He was threatening to back out, and we needed the place, so I bribed him with some AC [air-conditioning - CM] at the end of our term.

"Only in the Middle East (sic: only in the Dar al Islam - CM) can one be called a thief and a liar for conniving to make the terms of a contract clear, and then expecting those terms to be met after the contract is signed.

'Middle East Muslim "Honor"

"In addition to trying to screw each other, there is the opposite condition of trying to avoid embarrassment - to "save face" or keep one's "honor" in front of each other.  Under this cultural imperative the lies fly, efforts die, but the Muslim, forever, keeps his head held high.

"So, for example, when you are talking to a company president about delivery progress of a critical item by his company to a location, he's getting his information from his assistant, who is getting it from the field supervisor, who is getting it from the guy who is related to the guy who is friends with the guy who owns the trucking company, who gets it from the dispatcher, who gets it from the truck driver (who also happens to be the company president's nephew, but that's another story).

"Each and every one of these guys, all the way through the chain, will lie to the guy above him, when asked about the delay in shipment (and there IS a delay - always).

"In order to save face, each will say whatever they think is good news, no matter how false and misleading it actually is.  By the time you talk to the boss, who is also trying to save face with you, there is no relationship between what you are being told and what is really happening - none.

"I had steel prefabricated buldings to construct at project sites throughout Iraq.

"They were to be ordered from a factory in Kuwait, fabricated, loaded, and trucked to sites in Iraq in 11 weeks.

"I inquired as to progress at least weekly.  I was told when they were ordered, when manufacturing began, when they were completed, when the buildings were staged, when they were loaded onto trucks, and when the trucks were waiting at the Iraq border.  Everything was communicated with exact details every step of the way.

"The trucks were held up at the border for several days, then a week, then two weeks.  Excuses abounded.

"I finally sent a Westerner (that is: a non-Muslim - CM) down to the factory in Kuwait, only to find that the first step - the order - had not yet been placed.

"I have the same story for drawings , development, materials delivery, work crew, subcontracting and mobilizations, security incidents, equipment delivery, and basically every single step that involved only Arabs (i.e. Arab Muslims - CM) when no Western (that is, non-Muslim - CM) direct oversight was possible.

'For us, in order to operate effectively at all, everything must be assumed to be a complete pack of lies, until a Westerner (that is, a fellow Infidel - CM), gets "eyes on" to give us the real (and, generally, very bad) news.

"Lying is the only way that a completely incompetent person who is trying to screw everyone else can possibly retain any sense of dignity among others.  Welcome to the Middle East (sic - rather, "Welcome to the Muslim Middle East", or, indeed "Welcome to the Dar al Islam" - CM).

"Why Not Just Do It Yourself?

"Direct oversight is the key, of course.

"But if I need to verify that the door-knobs are actually at the warehouse like I'm told, it costs me thousands of dollars in PSD services to go see for myself, and me and my team are all risking our lives in the process.

"And the Great Deceivers know it, and use the security conditions against Westerners (sic: Infidels - any Infidels - CM) here to maximum effect.

And that is why America wasted millions, and millions, and millions of dollars in attempting to "rebuild" Iraq, and was bled and is being bled of millions more, in other equally futile efforts in Islamic Pakistan, and Islamic Afghanistan.  In their own way, those Muslim conmen ripping off the American "nation-builders" were waging jihad, not with bombs and bullets, but by economic 'raiding', furthering the Cause of Islam by wasting the time and resources of the Camp of the Infidels.  Best for Infidels just to stay out of the dar al Islam altogether; establish a boundary, resolutely prevent any more of its denizens from getting into the Camp of the Infidels; and then set to work to dislodge, and to expel, those who have already settled amongst us, for they have continued amongst us, on our soil, particularly in the matter of participation in organised crime, corruption in politics, and deliberate bad practice in business and the professions, alongside massive 'gaming' and soaking of our social welfare systems, exactly the habits of malevolent deceit that the author of this essay describes from Iraq. - CM

"I have projects out on the Syrian border in the Anbar province: a tough area.

"The area was deemed by the Government too dangerous to allow Westerners to stay at the sites, so the work was to be done by just Iraqi subcontractors, who were supposed to provide progress reports and photos.

"I was beside myself after two months of good progress reports, but not one photo.  Naturally I had to go see it for myself, what was going on - such is life when the Government is asking you every day where millions of dollars of taxpayer money has been going for months, and you have not one verifiable answer.

"So I got out there under heavy escort, and naturally the work was way off schedule, compared to the reports, which was expected. But to find that out, the cost to the project (your tax dollars at work) was about $35,000 in security escort costs, just for me to get to the truth beyond the giant force-field of lies.  I finally got the roughly 200 photos I needed.  That's about $175 per digi-photo, for those keeping score at home.

And that is why so much of America, at home, right now, is run-down, and why so many are struggling; because this kind of economic bloodletting has been going on, and on, and on, in Iraq, and Afghanistan, for years. - CM

"Of course, any of the Iraqi engineers on site could have taken the photos I requested repeatedly, and simply e-mailed them to me.  But that would have caused his boss to lose some of his "honor" - simply unacceptable.  Good news means honor, bad news means dishonor, and accurate news is never seriously considered.

But factor Islam, its victor-vanquished mindset, into this shame-honour system, and then add also the Islamic attitude toward Unbelievers - such as the earnest American 'nation-builder' who wrote this cri de coeur - and one can see that something else might have been at work... not just the 'Oriental' desire to "save face' and "look good' even though one has done and is doing a subpar job, but, rather, an active intention of causing harm and annoyance to the hated Infidel... to "push them to the narrowest part of the road", as the Hadith instructs Muslims to do to dhimmis. - CM

"Hurt Feelings.

"The stories are endless (even more endless than the length of this post!).

"At first we were all offended at being lied to so much.  But after a while, you stop taking it personally, and you just start giving credit where credit is due:

"They (he might just as well come right out and say "Muslims" not only Arabs, but others in thrall to this cult of blood and war, fraud and force - CM) can't build anything, can't manufacture anything, and can't fix anything that breaks.  But at least they are good at one thing: lying their asses off all day, every day.

Martha Gelhorn, in her classic article, "The Arabs of Palestine" (1961), noticed the same thing.  She even coined her own word for it - "madhattery".  - CM

"Think about this the next time "Uncle Mah" (or, for that matter, these days, Uncle Rouhani - CM), starts talking about using his nukes to provide electricity for starving farmers and poor school-children.

"He's not lying; he's just trying to tell the PC West (our collective jugular) what it really wants to hear.  He's a pleaser and he's out to "please" you! 

Just like the behijabbed Muslimah who, visiting a UK politician, smiled so sweetly and talked so nicely and held out her hand for him to shake and, as he took it, with her other hand took a sharp knife out of her bag and shoved it into his gut. - CM

"After being in this snake-pit for some time, I find it absolutely hilarious that anyone thinks that "diplomacy" or "negotiations" or "agreements" with any Middle Eastern (sic: rather, "any Muslim, whether Middle-Eastern or not" - CM) leader during a crisis (or at any other time at all, period - CM) can possibly result in anything productive.

Somebody please communicate this article to President Trump... He must be brought to understand that one does not and cannot make 'deals' with Muslims; that 'deals' with Muslims - and that includes Turkey, and indonesia, and Saudi Arabia - when entered into by Infidels, are not worth spit; because Muslims are taught not to make deals with infidels, if they can avoid it; and if they find themselves compelled to do so, then they will do so only temporarily, and they will break that deal the instant they think they are strong enough to do so. - CM

"They have no reservations - none - about lying about anything and everything.  There (that is: in the dar al Islam, or even more broadly, amongst the Ummah, or Mohammedan Mob, the allah gang - CM) words and agreements (and in particular, words spoken to Infidels, 'agreements' temporarily and feigningly entered into, with Infidels - CM) mean absolutely nothing.  

One hopes that, more and more, the Jews of Israel are coming to comprehend this unpleasant reality about their Muslim neighbours.. as also about the Muslim fifth columnists within their gates. - CM

'How far can negotiations really take you under such conditions?

Short answer: nowhere.  So don't enter into negotiations, in the first place.  - CM

"Let's take a quiz.

"Q: Why are there no democracies in the Muslim Middle East?

A: Democracies are based on the possibility of mutually-held agreements between people.

And that is why the Jewish state of Israel - being non-Muslim, and informed by a faith that is anchored in the concept of a truthful, faithful and steadfast God who makes and keeps His Covenants - is a democracy whilst the assorted Muslim despotisms and dictatorships all around it, and in parts further east, are not. - CM

Democracy is unsustainable in cultures where lying is acceptable and constant.

Q: why is every Muslim Middle Eastern country (or, rather, every Muslim country - CM) characterised by either rigid oppression or chaotic violence?

A:  The coercive use of violence is the only way to ensure that Muslims in the Middle East will live up to any obligations, including basic social order and function.

'Middle East countries where chaos currently reigns, like Palestine (sic: i.e. Gaza, and the so-called 'Palestinian Authority' - CM) , Iraq, and Afghanistan (and to that list we may add, notably, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, and Libya - CM) are merely examples of what Muslims are like without coercion.

Q: "How is it that intelligence-gathering by Western powers, whether it is about the weapons capabilities of an entire nation, or the simple location of a lone thug, is so constantly stymied and duped in the Middle East?

A: The job of intelligence-gatherers is to determine the truth.  I wouldn't take that job in the Middle East for all the money in Michael Moore's Halliburton stocks.

However, at least some hard-headed and clear-eyed Jews of Israel have, by now, learned how to find out what, where and who despite the fog of Muslim lies.  Their intelligence can and should be trusted by their Western allies. - CM 

Q: Have you ever seen anything that says, "Made in Saudi Arabia"?  What was the last thing invented or produced by Middle Eastern Muslims that helped advance humankind?  Why are they so incompetent at virtually everything?

A: Although some individuals with quality talents certainly exist here, it would be impossible to gather enough in one place to Agree to cooperate in any sort of complex or significant effort. 

The only time that Muslims can stick together long enough to produce anything en masse, like nuclear missiles for "Uncle Mah" (or Uncle Rouhani - CM) is under the threat of force.

Or when sufficiently collectively motivated by their programmed hatred for and desire to harm the Infidel. - CM

"Q: Why is it that Muslim leaders can stare the world in the eye and lie through their teeth without even flinching?

"A. They're not lying, they are "negotiating" with people they assume to be complete suckers.

And, moreover, they assume that their 'god', who is 'the best of deceivers', is causing the infidels to be confused and deceived. - CM

Q - Are they right?

A - Good question."

And there it concludes.  By way of additional reading, for any person new to this site, I recommend the series of articles written by Raymond Ibrahim. 

Here is one, to get you started.
"Raymond Ibrahim: Religiously-Sanctioned Deception and Betrayal".

And here is another - "How Taqiyya Alters Islam's Rules of War: Defeating Jihadist Terrorism".

And another, from 2008.

"Islam's Doctrines of Deception" - by Raymond Ibrahim.  Originally published by "Jane's Islamic Affairs Analyst", in October 2008.

And, finally, "War and Peace - and Deceit - In Islam".

Published by "Pyjamas Media" on February 12, 2009.  Substantial portions of that essay formed part of Mr Ibrahim's written testimony that was presented to Congress on February 12 2009.

One hopes that those four essays - and later essays by Mr Ibrahim on the same subject - are or have been communicated to President Trump, and to his Secretary of State, and to other key persons in his administration and among his advisers, as also to the US Congress and Senate.

"Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me."  It is time for the United States and, indeed, the entire non-Islamic world to get its act together, and.. stop being.. fooled.  We know that Muslims lie, lie in obedience to the instructions in their founding texts and the example of their Founder and his 'companions', lie with malevolent intent, and to an extent and in a manner unparallelled by any other ideologically-defined human group past or present; so it is time for us to stop being fooled; to quit believing or trusting their lies. Once one knows that the conman is a conman - and not only a conman, in this case, but a robber, slave-taker and mass-murderer, as witnessed by the 1400-year-long bloody history of Islamic imperialism on three continents - one ceases to trust or have dealings with the conman; one barricades the gate against him and takes measures to ward him off, should he attempt to approach.

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2 May 2018
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A sad and true devastating indictment of an enslaving culture, even without emphasis on the immutable, perpetual 100+ Verses of Violence. Weep for the children being thereby trained and profaned. To paraphrase Mattis, 'Be polite, professional, and prepared to deal appropriately with your enemy.' Likewise with your friends and allies. This is sane, honorable consistency.

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