Sunday, 1 July 2018
Logan, Brisbane, Australia: Muslim Man Plots To Go Jihad, Gets Arrested; Muslim Community Pose as Victims

Got Muslims? Got Jihad.

Australia has foolishly let in lots and lots of Muslims - we have 600, 000 now, at last count, and are still importing more, whilst those already present are fast-breeding (as they do everywhere; the Jihad of the Womb), and the mosques, or Forward Operating Bases of the Empire of Islam, are popping up here there and everywhere.  And so our police and our counter-terrorism forces are run off their feet trying to keep track of all the Muslims, both male and female, who are getting ready to Go Jihad either here or abroad.

This bloke is not the first; and he certainly won't be the last.  So long as there is a Muslim colony in Australia, there will be Muslims who do what this bloke was setting out to do.. or worse.  

The latest counter-terror - that is, counter-Jihad - raids and arrest, as reported just yesterday.  I will add that there is a big fancy mosque, in a prominent position, within the suburb - Kuraby - where these raids and arrest took place.

"AFP Conducts Terrorism Raids in Kuraby, South of Brisbane; Charge Man with Terrorism Offences"

That should be, "AFP Conducts Counter-Jihad Raids in Kuraby, South of Brisbane; Charge Muslim Man With Terrorism Offences". - CM

"A 21 year old man (that is: a 21 year-old Muslim man - CM) has been charged after counter-terrorism raids in Brisbane's south early on Saturday morning.

The area south of Brisbane (Brisbane being Australia's third largest city) is not as heavily Islamised as some of the southwestern suburbs of Sydney...yet.  But parts of it are heading that way, fast; although, according to the 2016 census, Logan was still solidly non-Islamic with 60 percent of persons identifying with some variety of Christianity and 29 percent identifying as non-religious, Kuraby was a different kettle of fish: Kuraby, with its prominent mosque, is already 25 percent Muslim, with Christians (of all varieties) sitting at 38 percent and non-reiigion at 20 percent.  And indeed, at 25 percent Muslim, Kuraby has the largest Muslim presence of any suburb in Queensland.  Now, are we surprised that someone from Kuraby was getting ready to Go Jihad? - CM

"The Kuraby man (that is: the Kuraby-resident Muslim - CM) faces 14 charges, including five counts of preparations for incursions into a foreign country.

'Police from the Brisbane Joint Counter-Terrorism Team (JCTT) and ASIO raided the home in Pengam Street around 4.00 am.

"A statement from the Australian Federal Police said it would be alleged the man made preparations to travel to Syria to engage in hostile activities (that is: to wallow in the jihad bloodbath - CM) during late 2016 and early 2017.

'It will also be alleged that he encouraged and recruited other people (that is: other pious Muslims; how many? - CM) to join him in travelling to Syria so that they could also join organisations engaged in hostile activities against foreign governments.

'The AFP said the man and those he was allegedly encouraging did not manage to leave Australia.

I am not reassured by this piece of information, not in the least. Rather the opposite.  If three aggressively jihad-minded pious mohammedan mobsters are thwarted in their desire to go wage jihad and kill for allah in Syria, then they are likely to decide to Go Jihad here, instead.  And where there are three or four or more jihad-minded mohammedans hankering after a spot of killing-for-allah, there are likely to be more that aren't even on the AFP radar screen as yet. - CM

'The 21 year old faces a maximum penalty of life imprisonment if found guilty of the incursion offence, and 25 years if convicted of foreign incursion offences.

He - or his parents - or their parents - should never have been permitted to enter Australia in the first place. Got Muslims? Got Mosques? (Kuraby has a mosque). .. Got Jihad. This bloke won't be the last Muslim we catch plotting jihad, in Kuraby, where the percentage of Muslims in the population is already higher than anywhere else in Queensland and, no doubt, steadily increasing. Personally, I think that instead of imprisonment for blokes like this - he's 21, we will end up feeding and housing him for forty-plus years - we need to start thinking about reclassifying him as an enemy agent and fifth-columnist - which he is - and internment, followed - once the laws are suitably rejigged - by deportation to whatever part of the dar al Islam he and/ or his parents originally came from. - CM

'Neighbour Ata-ur-Rehman Bhatti (nota bene - the next door neighbour is a Muslim, too - CM) said he was shocked to hear about the counter-terrorism raid on his street.

They always, always, always pretend to be shocked.  But Mr Bhatti, to judge from his name, is a Muslim. I bet he knows damn well why his fellow Muslim was hankering to go off to Syria to wage Jihad, and why that same young Muslim was eagerly egging on other young Muslims to do likewise.  Frankly, I'd say the real shock, for him, is that the filthy kuffar got wind of it and dared to arrest the aspiring Jihadi. - CM

"Twenty days ago I saw police here (how does he know so precisely that it was twenty days? is he keeping a lookout? - CM) but this is the first time I'm listening  that there is someone involved in a terror group", he said.

'The JCTT said as a result of the arrest, there was no impending threat to the community.

The fact that at least three young Muslims in Kuraby were preparing to Go Jihad tells me that there is a threat - to non-Muslims living in Brisbane and environs.  The threat will persist so long as there are a lot of Muslims living in Kuraby - and elsewhere in Brisbane.  It will get worse, the more of them there are, and the more mosques pop up.- CM

'AFP Actign Commissioner Matthew Rippon said the investigation was highly complex and sensitive.

Because he has to pussyfoot around the exquisite sensibilities of the oh-so-sensitive Muslim 'community'??? - CM

"Today's operational activity is a reminder that the threat posed by terrorism is ongoing", he said.

And getting worse, the more Muslims we so stupidly continue to permit to enter and to settle in Australia.  You want that threat to diminish? You want your workload - and that of the ordinary metropolitan police - to get less? Then ... quietly, but firmly, behind the scenes, tell our Immigration Minister, and our Police Minister, and our Defence Minister, and our Foreign Minister, that they must stop Muslim immigration to Australia, like, NOW, and they must expel, gradually but inexorably, all non-citizen Muslims, and intern all Muslim citizens currently on the terror 'watch-list' (which gets ever longer, at the moment) pending a careful rejig of the law to permit stripping of citizenship and expulsion to the dar al Islam; and they must cease all accommodation of, handouts and deferment to and flattery of the mohammedan 'community', and surprise-raid-and-search all known mosques and Islamic schools and shut down - and resume - any on whose premises such raids and searches reveal criminal and/ or treasonous activity to have been going on. Oh, and by the way, there's a mosque in Kuraby;  I hope you've been surveilling it, and I'd be best pleased if I heard it were surprise-raided-and-searched as a part of the current investigation. - CM

'The 21-year-old has been remanded in custody and is due to face the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Monday'.

And now, cue the dismally-predictable Muslim pantomime of victimhood in the wake of the arrest of a wannabee Jihadi terrorist.  Given oxygen by our reliably-Islamophile ABC, Rebecca Hyam and Lily Nothling reporting.

"Family "devastated" After Terror Raids, Islamic Community Leader Says".

We don't hear from the family themseles. We hear from this 'community leader'. We hear what he says they are feeling.  For all we know he's making it all up. Saying what the naive kuffar reporters - female! - desperately want to hear.   They won't reflect on the fact that the mohammedan ummah live in each other's pockets, all watching each other and keeping tabs on each other, and that it's therefore much more likely that the family and community knew all about what this bloke and his friends were planning, than that they didn't.  The reporters won't entertain for a moment the possibility that this Muslim 'community leader' is engaging in PR, 'spin', and, basically, lying like a rug. - CM

'The family of a Logan man (a Logan-resident Muslim man - CM) who was charged with terrorism offences after an early morning raid are "devastated" a leading Islamic community member says.

Not says, rather, "asserts" or "claims".  We don't hear a word from the family themselves. - CM

'The 21-year-old faces 14 terrorism charges after the Joint Counter-Terrorism Team and ASIO searched the Kuraby property, south of Brisbane, yesterday.

'The charges include five counts of preparing incursions into foreign countries for the purposes of engaging in hostile activities in late 2016 and early 2017, and recruiting juveniles to join him.

Hm. Juveniles. That is, persons aged under 18. - CM

"Islamic Council of Queensland spokesman Ali Kadri (click on the link; his picture is shown; the face of a smug thug - CM) said the charges should not be seen as a reflection of the broader Muslim community.

Ah yes, because this young man's - and his friends - fervent desire to wage Jihad fi sabil allah, to obey to the letter the jihad directive that is hardwired into the foundational texts of Islam, has got nothingtodowithIslam...  Pull the other leg, Mr Ali Kadri, it's got bells on. - CM

"It's surprising and shocking and we wouldn't expect that somebody with those kinds of charges would be amongst us", he said.

You're surprised and shocked that he slipped up and got arrested, that's all. Or surprised and shocked that the apparently-nicely-dhimmified Aussie authorities somehow found the courage to raid the guy's house and arrest him?  You know damn well why this young Muslim man did what he did, and why he wanted to do what he wanted to do. I've read the Quran, Mr Kadri. I know what Mohammed was: a mass-murderous terror-waging caravan-radiing slave-trading warlord. I'm not the least bit surprised that somebody like this young man, brought up to admire Mohammed and see him as "an excellent example of conduct", would be caught plotting jihad. - CM

"We as a community have been very clear from the beginning that we condemn the terrorist organisations operating in those countries."

Ah, but will you name names?  Perhaps you are using a little doublespeak here.  What, precisely, do you, Mr Kadri, regard as a "terrorist organisation"?  If you are a pious Sunni Muslim, then it's a safe bet you would regard Mr Assad and his Alawite regime as a terrorist organisation? Then there's the Russians.  There's Hezbollah, who are Shiites, and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.  And there are, too, the non-Arab Kurds.  - CM

"Anyone who tries to join them is not only breaking the law of Australia, but breaking the trust of the community and going against the community".

Boilerplate denial. And I don't buy it.  Because I know that Muslims are allowed to lie through their teeth to protect the Ummah from adverse attention; to deflect and confuse.  Dear ASIO and AFP: please keep a close and beady eye upon our Mr Kadri.  Surveill his mosque.  Surveill him- CM

'Mr Kadri said the 21-year-old was the nephew of restaurant owner Abdul Basith, who was fatally stabbed in the front yard of his home last October.

I would bet my bottom dollar that this bloke - from Saudi Arabia, one discovers, if one does a little quiet googling; what on earth is our government thinking, to let Muslim men from Saudi Arabia, the fanatical heartland of Sunni Islam, settle in Australia? - was stabbed by one of his ever-lovin' bruvvas of the mohammedan mob.  - CM

'Mr Basith's killing remains unsolved, and a $250,000 reward is in place for information that leads to a conviction.

But no-one has provided any information to the dirty kuffar Aussie police... - CM

"The family has been struck with tragedy - losing a young man last year to a murder, and now an even younger man being arrested for these serious charges", he said.

Being arrested for plotting Jihad is not a 'tragedy' like being murdered. You're ridiculous, Mr Kadri.  So you think the nasty mean police shouldn't have investigated and arrested him, because it would hurt his family's feelings?  I wonder whether Mr Kadri is trying to imply that the terrorism charges have been fabricated out of the wickedness of the Kuffar's hearts? - CM

"The family is really devastated".

Cue the world's smallest violin.  The family is devastated he got caught by the kuffar cops, is all.  Because the family raised him as a Muslim, nd he was plotting to Go Jihad, like every really pious Mohammedan is supposd to do. - CM

"Ata-ur-Rehman, who lives near the house that was raided, said he was in complete disbelief.

Oh, suuuuure.  Thought for the day: do all these people attend the same mosque?  - CM

"Twenty days ago I saw police here, but this is the first time I'm listening that there is someone involved in a terror group", he said. "But the good thing is that our federal police are doing a very good job with this type of element - it should be rooted out from Australia - this is a peaceful society".

It was a lot more peaceful before it stupidly allowed hundreds of thousands of Muslims to move in and settle in its midst; and the only way it will stay peaceful, long-term, is if all the Muslims - yes, even you, Mr Rehman, despite your protestations - are required to leave. - CM

'The 21 year old man is due to appear in Brisbane's Magistrate's Court tomorrow.

'He faces a maximum penalty of life imprisonment if found guilty of the incursion offence, and 25 years if convicted of foreign incursion offences."

Posted on 07/01/2018 8:11 AM by Christina McIntosh
3 Jul 2018
Christina, I assume the figure you quote, of 600,000 Muslims living in Australia, comes from the statistics in the last Australian census. However, my understanding is that answering the census question on religion is not compulsory. If so, surely this makes the census figures on the Muslim presence in Australia quite meaningless? Looking at the number of Muslim majority areas, popping up everywhere in Australian cities, I suspect the six hundred thousand figure vastly understates the Muslim presence.

4 Jul 2018
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