Tuesday, 24 July 2018
Yet Another "Mentally Disturbed" Muslim, Faisal Hussein, Shoots 14 People, Murders Two

There seem to be an awful lot of 'mentally ill' people running amok, mass-murdering - or trying to mass-murder - people in public places of late, in numerous countries across the Western world, and a great many of them seem to be Muslims.  Funny, that.

Hot on the heels of the attack in Lubeck, Germany, carried out by a 'mentally disturbed' Muslim with a knife we have a murderous attack in Greektown, Toronto, Canada, where a 'mentally disturbed' (or at least, his family claim he was) Muslim man with a gun shot 14 people and murdered two of them.

As reported by Australia's ABC just yesterday (I caught up with the news, today, Aussie time).

"Three dead (this was later revised down to 2 - CM) after "emotionally disturbed" man shoots 14 in Toronto'.

'Three people are dead after a gunman (sic: a Muslim gunman; and he was no teenager, he was 29 - CM) shot 14 people, including a young girl (a little girl; she was ten years old - CM) in Canada, police say.

"Three people are dead".  In fact what happened is that the Muslim murdered a little girl and a young woman and was then killed - good riddance! - by the police. - CM

'The incident happened (sic: the Muslim ghazi raider carried out his murderous attack - CM) on Sunday local time in a  Toronto neighbourhood known as Greektown.

Interesting that the Muslim chose to carry out his attack there.  Probably no coincidence, since Greeks are uppity infidels par excellence, having shaken off the yoke of Islam in the 19th century. - CM

"Other than the shooter, we have a young lady that is deceased", Toronto police chief Mark Saunders said.

'Mr Saunders also said the young girl was in critical condition.

'Toronto Police later confirmed that a second victim died from the mass shooting.

'Police spokesman Mark Pugash said the condition of the other victims was not yet known.

'He said it was too early to say whether the shooting was an act of terrorism.

Let's see what comes out in the wash... One hopes that if the mohammedan was howling allahu-akbar as he fired his gun at innocent unarmed people in restaurants and cafes, *somebody* - or more than one somebody - *heard* it loud and clear, and that perhaps somebody even had the presence of mind to record it. - CM

'Witnesses heard many shots and described the suspect walking past restaurants and cafes and patios on both sides of the street and firing into them.

Reminds me of the attacks on cafes that accompanied the Muslim mass-murder of concert goers at the Bataclan in France. - CM

'John Tullock said he and his brother had just gotten out of their car when he heard about 20 to 30 gunshots.

"We just ran.  We saw people starting to run, so we just ran", he said.

Not a good idea.  Better to hit the deck, flat as you can, and preferably behind something really solid. - CM

'An army of police, paramedics and other first-responders soon descended on the scene, while local residents, some in their pyjamas, emerged from their homes to see what was happening.

Again, very foolish.  If bullets are flying you should not be out in the open. - CM

'Toronto councillor Paula Fletcher told the CP24 media company she heard (from whom? his psychiatrist? really? this fast? - CM) that the gunman was emotionally disturbed.

Oh, suuuure.  Like all the other Muslims who've been murdering people or trying to, in the streets of western cities, in multiple different countries, over the past five years and more.. And always in very similar ways..- CM

"It's not gang related.  It looks like someone who is very disturbed", she said.

Or who belongs to a cult that authorises the mass-murder of non-adherents? - CM

'Another city councillor, Mary Fragedakis, also said she heard (again, from whom? his psychiatrist? have you seen his medical history, already?  I don't believe it - CM) the gunman was disturbed.

Cannot anybody use the four-letter word, "evil"? - CM

'Ms Fletcher said for it to happen in an area where families were gathering for dinner was a tragedy.

Oh, pleeeease.  A gas explosion due to a mechanical fault would be a tragedy. But somebody marching down the street looking into cafes and restaurants and deliberately firing at people is not an accident, it is malice aforethought. This bloke chose this location precisely because it was a soft target; because families - infidel families, filthy kuffar families - would be gathering there.  - CM

'Toronto police deployed dozens of additional officers over the weekend to deal with a recent spike in gun violence in the city.

I've a better idea.  Get the Canadian government to stop importing Muslims, and get it to expel all those already present.  And then an awful lot of the violence that's been 'spiking', and in particular, attacks of this kind by those 'mentally' disturbed people who so very often turn out to be Muslims, will stop. 

And so to the second report, which told us the murderer's name. Faisal Hussein. And we discover that the claim that the poor dear was 'depressed', forsooth, comes from his family. Do we have to believe them?  And in any case: even if a Muslim is mentally ill, does that mean that when he attacks and kills kuffar, it isn't jihad? - CM

"Police Name Faisal Hussain as Toronto Gunman in Shooting (sic: in Shooting Attack - CM) that Killed (sic: Murdered - CM) Two and Injured (sic: Wounded - CM) 13.

'The gunman who killed two people (that is:: who murdered a girl-child and a teenaged girl - CM) and injured more than a dozen more when he opened fire on a Toronto street (when he shot people in cold blood in a Toronto street - CM) has been identified as 29 year old Faisal Hussein.

Where is he from? Where was he born?  And why the h*ll was his family allowed to enter and settle in Canada in the first place? - CM

'Hussain killed (murdered - CM) a 10 year old girl and an 18 year old woman (but isn't an 18 year old a 'teenager"? it always is, if the press is talking about a hijabette - CM) and injured 13 others (all of whom he intended to murder - CM) in the attack on a busy restaurant-filled street.  He then died after an exchange of gunfire with authorities.

'It was not immediately clear whether he killed himself or was shot by police.

Either way, Canada is rid of him. - CM

'In a statement, Hussain's family said he "had severe mental health challenges, struggling with psychosis and depression his entire life".

But lots of Infidels have similar issues and don't walk down a street firing a gun into restaurants.   Incidentally: have his medical records been made available to police?  And here's a question: who diagnosed his mental issues?  A Muslim or a non-Muslim doctor or doctors? Was he on a disability pension, etc? - CM

"While we did our best to seek help for him throughout his life of struggle and pain (oh, cue the tiniest violin in the world - CM) we could never imagine that this would be his devastating and destructive end", the Hussain family said.

Oh, suuuure.  What mosque do they, did he, attend? - CM

'The family members said their hearts were "in pieces" for the victims.

I don't necessarily believe them.  Telling the stupid kuffar what the stupid kuffar desperately want to hear... that's my reading, I'm afraid. - CM

'Armed with a handgun, Hussain opened fire on a stretch of Danforth Avenue filled with restaurants and family-friendly attractions in the city's Greektown neighbourhood, the Special Investigations Unit said.

'He walked down the busy avenue shooting.

'Toronto police spokeswoman Meaghan Gray said the victims of the mass shooting included eight women and girls, and seven men.

This evil mohammedan deliberately shot and murdered a ten-year-old girl.  A little girl. - CM

"We do not know why this happened", Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders said, adding he would not speculate about the gunman's motive.

Let's just pretend that this is not eerily similar to a whole slew of other attacks, all carried out by Muslims, with infidel civilian victims, in public places, all over the West, in a very short space of time..- CM

"It's way too early to rule out anything".

Well then: don't rule out Jihad. Don't rule out Islam as a motive and as a 'primer' for the murderer's actions. - CM

'Police did not formally identify the woman and the girl killed in the shooting spree.

They were murdered, not just 'killed'. - CM'

'But local MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith confirmed the 18 year old victim was Reese Fallon, a recent high-school graduate who volunteered for Canada's Liberal party and was due to attend McMaster University in the autumn to study nursing.

"She was ... smart, passionate, and full of energy. It is a huge loss", said Mr Erskine-Smith, who knew Ms Fallon.  "The family is devastated".

'The 13 injured ranged in age from 10 to 59, and suffered injuries ranging from serious to minor, Mr Saunders said.

'Dr Najma Ahmed, of St Michael's Hospital, said five patients had been admitted in serious or critical condition, and that three of the five underwent immediate lifesaving operations.

Why is a Muslim, "Dr Najma Ahmed", the hospital spokesperson?  - CM

'Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Twitter, "The people of Toronto are strong, resilient, and brave - and we'll be there to support you through this difficult time".

Spare us the empty platitudes, mate.  - CM

'Toronto Mayor John Tory told reporters the city had a gun problem, with weapons too readily available to too many people...

It may; but it also has a Muslim problem. It has a large, aggressive, and rapidly expanding Muslim fifth column, whose members are taught to wage war until the infidels have been forced to convert, or are near-slave dhimmis, or dead.  (See Quran 9.29).  Remove the Muslims, stop letting in any more, and any issues with guns would be quite manageable.

One may also add that, in other attacks, in other countries, similar sorts of Muslims have used knives, or heavy vehicles, or have wired themselves up as human bombs.  Had Mr Faisal Hussain not had a gun, he might have been running amok with a machete or a stiletto. Or he might simply have left a bomb-laden backpack outside a cafe.  Or walked into a crowded venue, with an explosive vest, like the mohammedan who murdered all those little girls in Manchester, not so long ago. - CM

'Mr Saunders said the police presence would be increased in the Danforth area following the shooting...

AP/ Reuters.

Posted on 07/24/2018 12:41 AM by Christina McIntosh
24 Jul 2018
"The Danforth" is probably the most relaxed area in Toronto. It's where people (usually) go to stroll around in the hot summer evenings and have a pleasant Greek meal. I watched a video of this chap going about his business. The video shows him walking in a very purposeful manner, suddenly stopping, turning to his right outside a specific restaurant, quickly bringing out his gun and standing in what could be termed the "shooters' position" immediately proceeded to methodically shoot many rounds into the restaurant. He had obviously trained to shoot in this position, and his purposeful approach to the restaurant seemed to me very military in style. "Mental health problems"? I doubt it; there was nothing "slouchy" about his manner and the way he shot the gun. {I'm assuming that most people with mental health problems of the type described tend to slouch a little when walking.)

24 Jul 2018
So let's follow the trend line... 1. Some guy kills a bunch of people. 2. Police say they have no motive for the crime. 3. Cops drag their feet identifying the killer. 4. When they finally do, turns out he's a Muslim. 5. Family claims he had "mental issues." 6. Police admit they knew he had terrorist sympathies. 7. Politicians lecture us not to blame Islam. 8. Sheeple pile up candles and flowers at murder scene. 9. Another boatload of Muslim "refugees" arrives at the dock. 10. Rinse and repeat.

24 Jul 2018
Send an emailHoward Nelson
No improvement will occur until we refer to these murderous Muslims as covert agents of OUR criminally stupid treacherous governments.// When civil rights are misplaced above survival rights, we know we are in deadly doodoo.

24 Jul 2018
Hank, lets add no 11 to your list: The police SIU (Special Investigations Unit) is intensively searching to find out if the police were justified in killing the (alleged of course) perpetrator. In Canada, no act of self-defence goes unpunished...

24 Jul 2018
Hank, let me add something else. You mention the police many times in your comment. It seems that "the Police" have instigated themselves into actually being "the Law". They are not. WE (the People) in a democratic society are the Law. We elect (as "public servants") those whose job it is to create and ultimately implement each Law. Any discussion on self-defence is met with very forcible objections on the part of the Police, as they appear to be engaged in a "turf war" with "we the People). The conclusion to be drawn is that "we the People" are rendered helpless when it comes to protecting ourselves, in the absence of members of the Police. Understandable of course, because whether they admit it or not, they simply cannot be everywhere at any given time. The (democratically elected) politicians who are in control of the Police cannot say anything about incidents as occurred on the Danforth in Toronto because they simply have no solutions. I can understand that, but they should openly admit so and stop talking about "banning guns" as if that would do the trick. I guarantee that if some enterprising individual got close enough to (alleged) Danforth perpetrator to stab him with a knife or kill him by other means, this brave person would be in deep legal trouble. THIS is our problem. And as things are, it appears to be insurmountable.

24 Jul 2018
Send an emailHoward Nelson
It's past time to lower the boom on these crypto murderers by lowering the bar on behavior that justifies expulsion from one's otherwise civilized society. We are harming ourselves via our historical amnesia of life survival lessons learned by others and taught to but not learned by us. // Do we adapt the lessons taught by the need for the Pakistan-India-Bangladesh schisms? Do we learn from the rationale for the Greek-Turkish clash and separation on Cyprus? Are the Tibetans pleased with their cultural and genetic obliteration by the Chinese invaders? // Those who don't prioritize properly are their own gravediggers and burial team. // What have we learned about the value of quarantining, against their will, diseased populations? // if now is NOT the time to bite the bullet and prioritize civil rights 'versus' survival rights, how will we recognize when to act in a timely manner? Israeli Jews have done this balancing act for 70 years. What have they learned which we, poor dopes, have neglected to learn and adapt adequately? // Stupidity is not the same as understanding and lucidity. Ben Franklin, 100's of years ago warned about sacrificing freedom vs. inadequate threat. Is the threat of mind-warped Muslims inadequate for us to take survival action now, before the situation worsens? How long will we wait before expelling the identified threats and their extended families? // Will our massacred children forgive us our cowardice, neglect, callousness, and self-serving stupidity?

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