Friday, 14 September 2018
Australia: Muslims Flagrantly Breach Land Clearing Laws, Threaten and Insult Council Staff

Our usuallly-reliably-Islamophile Aussie ABC is in a bit of a quandary when reporting on this case, because illegal landclearing - stripping an area of land of native vegetation without concern for the laws that say what and how much may be cleared, and under what conditions - is a major issue; habitat loss is leading to local and regional extinctions of various native animals and plants.  And usually the ABC reporters would have little sympathy for a 'developer' that did what these Muslims have done.  But.. here we have a bunch of Muslims - for whom usually the ABC displays tender solicitude - devastating land they had not been given permission to raze, and exhibiting public and wilful contempt for our environmental regulations and for our laws in general.

I apologise for not bringing this case to the notice of NER readers before now. LIke the sordid career of Salim Mehajer, it is very revealing of Muslim attitudes toward non-Muslims, and toward non-Muslim law and government.

The story broke in mid-August, with this report.

"Islamic Leader Accused of Illegal Land-Clearing Claims His Group is Exempt from Australian Law."

"His group".  What the ABC reporter doesn't realize is that this attitude toward kuffar - non-Islamic - law (and morality) is normative within Islam as a whole. - CM

'A religious leader accused of illegal land-clearing on a rural property used for religious prayer (yeah; suure; but if I were the AFP and ASIO I would be taking a close interest in this case; I'd be sending a drone or two over the property, and ideally, I would be doing a surprise-search, complete with army sappers, EDDs - explosive-detection-dogs - and dogs trained to detect other items of interest, such as illegal drugs, and stashes of cash. - CM) has claimed a Western Sydney council is infringing on his group's religious freedoms by pursuing him over the allegations.

Pffft.  The law is the law.  Whether Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist or Jew, if the law of the land says you don't cut down trees without getting permission, that's the law of the land, and you obey it, or you cop a fine.  And as for 'allegations'... blind Freddie can see that a great swath of land has been stripped bare. -  CM

'Hawkesbury City Council has lodged civil action against Dr Mustapha Kara-Ali and Diaa Kara-Ali in the Land and Environment Court, alleging they carried out illegal land-clearing, earthworks and built gates, fences and driveways without seeking any of the relevant development approvals, at a property in Colo, in Sydney's northwest.

'Mustapha Kara-Ali, a former member of then Prime-Minister John Howard's Muslim Community Reference Group, and past postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University, is the imam of (the) religious guild, Diwan Al Dawla.

Have our ABC reporters done due diligence to discover the implications of this innocuous-sounding 'religious guild".  Because the primary meanings of both 'diwan' and 'dawla' are very, very political.   A 'diwan' or 'divan' is a Muslim council of state, or else a council chamber or law court', and the dawla is a state or dynasty. - CM

'A letter he wrote to a council staff member, filed in the court documents, says the members of the guild live "separated from secular lifestyles to pursue a religious mode of worship and an ascetic lifestyle under an oath of self-sacrifice and dedication to the purposes of Diwan Al-Dawla'.

In other words, a jihad training camp... betcha. - CM

'The Colo property was owned by the members of Diwan Al-Dawla (who paid for it? might be interesting to find out exactly where the money came from, and how much - CM) and used "for the carrying out of religious activities of devotion, self-disciple, ritual baptism (sic: this is probably a reference to Islamic wudu or ritual washing - CM), inter-community prayers, contemplation and religious study", the letter said.

Hm. Religious study.  The 109 jihad verses in the Quran, perhaps? - CM

'A council compliance officer visited the property in October last year, following an anonymous complaint, to find land-clearing, including a number of large native trees, and the removal of metal waste, according to court documents.

"Over the following months, more complaints were made and council returned several times to find people clearing vegetation, knocking down trees, and that a main gate, driveways, and a boat ramp on the river bank had been built, the documents state.

All of it without seeking permission for said works. - CM

'The Council also issued a $8,000 fine for pollution or potential pollution caused by failed sediment-erosion fencing.

'The property is actually owned by Southern Chariot Stud, of which Diaa Kara-Ali is the director.

'But Diaa-Kara-Ali's correspondence, filed in the court, states that the Stud owns it in trust for Diwan Al Dawla, and that Mustapha Kara-Ali is responsbile for all works being undertaken.

Who knows what the real situation is? Muslims lie. -  CM

'Conflict escalates.

'The conflict between council and the Kara-Alis came to a head last month when three council officers visited the property to provide them with court papers. 

'A dashcam video tendered in court shows a man, standing beside Mustapha Kara-Ali, spitting on council staff and attempting to throw a large rock, which hits the fence and then falls to the ground.

"Both men were repeatedly yelling obscenities from the other side of the gate, calling out, "You dogs, I step on your cross", one of the council staff alleged in an affidavit.  "The unknown male person said, "I spit on you",  He then lunged his head forward towards me and spat at me."

Note "both men  - that is, Mustapha Kara-Ali as well as his unidentified henchman - were repeatedly yelling obscenities, calling out, You dogs, I step on your cross". This is the Mustapha Kara-Ali who was a member of the 'Muslim Community Reference Group" advising a former Australian Prime Minister, and who was - or claimed to have been ? - a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University.  Presumably he was regarded as a Very Moderate Muslim.  But the mask is now off as he spews obscenities - very typical Mohammedan insults, calling a presumed Christian Aussie a "dog" and telling him "I step on your cross" (i.e. I have absolute contempt for your cross). - CM

'When the council wrote to Mustapha Kara-Ali directing him to remove a boat ramp and retaining walls at the property, he responded by claiming that his organisation was exempt from Australian law because it was classed as a basic relgiious charity.

"The Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission (ACNC) Act 2012 stipulate that when it is carrying out religious activities that are related to the practice, study, teaching or propagation of its religious beliefs, or other activities ancillary to them.. Diwan al Dawla, as a basic religious charity, is not required to comply with Australian laws", he wrote.

Nonsense. - CM

"As the Imam of Diwan Al Dawla and its spiritual leader (sic: Jihad gang boss, more like - CM) I therefore ask the Hawkesbury City Council to revoke its letter.. on the basis that its demands infringe upon our religious freedom and tamper with our mode of worship in contravention of our ACNC status as a Basic Religious Charity."

'An ACNC spokesperson said basic religious charities did not have to comply with the ACNC Governance standards.

"However, the exemption of basic religious charities from complying with the Governance Standards does not mean that they do not have to comply with Australian laws," the spokesperson said.  "A registered charity cannot have a purpose of engaging in or promoting unlawful activity - this can be grounds for revocation of charity status."

Which revocation should have been done to this 'Diwan al-Dawla', this "Advisory Council to the State", already. - CM

And the saga continued, on 22nd August there was more.

"Colo Men In Islamic Guild Accused of Illegal Land Clearing, Skipped Court to Build Shed."

'Two men (sic: two Muslim men - CM) accused of illegal land clearing on a rural property in north-west Sydney were building a large shed on the day they were required in court for a hearing about the allegations, ABC footage shows.

In other words: they completely ignored the laws of the filthy kuffar. - CM

'Dr Mustapha Kara-Ali (note - has that 'Dr' status been thoroughly investigated? did he really study at Harvard? - CM) and Diaa Kara-Ali, who belong to an Islamic guild founded by Dr Kara-Ali called Diwan Al-Dawla, have been taken to the Land and Environment Court by Hawkesbury City Council for allegedly carrying out illegal land-clearing and earthworks without seeking any of the relevant development approvals at a property in Colo.

"They also allegedly built gates, fences, and driveways, and they have claimed that the civil action against them infringes on their religious freedoms because they say they use the Colo property for religious prayers and "ritual baptisms".

Since when did Islam do 'baptisms"?  Wudu, yes, ritually washing various body parts before the daily 'prayers'.  And you don't need a boat ramp, earthworks, fences, gates, or the knocking down of trees, to do that, anyway. - CM

'The court matter was set down for a two-day hearing on Monday, but neither of the men showed up.

'The hearing continued without them, but it is alleged construction on the site continues, and footage shows the two men working on the shed.

I would very much like to know exactly how many people - Muslim men of military age, no doubt - are members of this 'Diwan al-Dawla'.  Personally, I hope that the AFP and ASIO have got somebody monitoring that property, counting who goes in and out, and when, and taking pictures. - CM

'In further vision provided by the court, one of the men is shown spitting and throwing a rock at council workers when they tried to serve legal papers.  The ABC understands it was Diaa Kara-Ali in the footage.

'The council's lawyer, Mark Cottom, told the court a council officer had requested police accompany them on a site inspection of the property, because they might have required forced entry.

The council officer was very wise. One hopes that all subsequent encounters with the Kara-Alis have been recorded not only by dashcam but by hidden devices that record sound as well as images. - CM

'The council workers who visited the property were told by police that they needed the riot squad and a Pol-Air helicopter when accompanying them, due to safety concerns, the court heard.

The police, it seems, know all about the phenomenon of the Mohammedan Insta-Mob. - CM

'However, speaking to the ABC today, Dr Mustapha Kara-Ali denied that police attended with the riot squad and Pol-Air.

I bet he's lying. I would believe the council worker, and the police, not this vile mohammedan gang boss. - CM

"This is something Mark Cottom raised for dramatisation and made us look like criminals", Dr Kara-Ali said.

Oh, pffft. If the riot squad and police helicopter attended it will all be on record, and available to the court.  - CM

'Dr Kara-Ali was formerly a member of the then Prime Minister John Howard's Muslim Community Reference Group (why, 'formerly'? - when did he leave, and why? - CM) and, in the past, a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University.

Has Harvard University confirmed this?  - CM

'He told the ABC his "religious freedom ... is being attacked, and is being violated, and we have every right to stand up for our faith and to uphold our god as being supreme".

You broke the law, mate. You are telling us, openly and aggressively, that your cult entitles you to treat our laws- and our natural environment, too, our land, trees, and river - with utter contempt.  You should not be in Australia, in the first place.  And if it were up to me, first you would be paying an enormous fine for your breach of the laws to do with land-clearing, etc, and then you would be stripped of your Australian residency or citizenship status, and you would be given the boot, back to whatever Islamic sh*t-hole you or your parents originated from - CM

'In relation to the civil lawsuit, Dr Kara-Ali said, "I am not accountble to any other religion other than our relgion", referring to the guild he founded 10 years ago, and now leads.

You're not dealing with a 'relgion', mate.  You're dealing with Australian local and state government.  Incidentally, I wonder how many members this 'guild' has, by now.   And how is it financed? And if ASIO and the AFP are not already monitoring it very very closely, then they ought to be. - CM

'The self-proscribed (sic - professed? proclaimed?- CM) Imam has an interest in horses (in other words: steeds of war; I bet he's in love with the glory days of jihad - CM) and with Diaa Kara-Ali keeps them on the northwest Sydney property.

How many? And does he obey the rules and regulations for the keeping of animals as well? Or does he not? - CM

'He said, "The bond between the Arabian horse and adherence of our religious faith is crucial".

Steeds of war, to repeat. - CM

'He claimed the property was a "Southern Chariot religious site" for people "who share a common religious perspective to come together and inter-commune and to pray together".

Betcha it's all about psyching themselves up for jihad. Envisioning themselves as jihadi warriors charging through the desert on their fiery steeds.  'Southern Chariot', indeed.  As opposed to, say, 'the Southern Cross? - CM

'There are a few factors involved at the site, people is one thing, horse is another.  (And what else?  Might be interesting to ask the next-door neighbours if they have, for example, heard gunfire, or explosions. Or noticed people with crossbows, say, sneaking through the bush. Or come across native animals shot, or stuck with arrows, or ... beheaded. -  What would AFP or ASIO discover, if they ran a surprise search, with EDDs, Explosive Detection Dogs? - CM)  We have our own form of governance".

A mini islamic state.. - CM

'Dr Kara-Ali said the NSW Government was "not a secular government" but "another religion that uses other religious symbols that is coercing another religion".

Projection.  Because Islam is all about coercing and dominating and domineering over other people. -  CM

"We came about as an unincorporated association that never signed a social contract with any secular state, let alone a religious (sic) symbolised state that claims to be secular, so until such symbolisms are absent from a form of governance then we have our form of governance and they have theirs."

Out with him.  Out with him.  We don't need this vicious arrogant creep in Australia, nor any of his associates.  Give him the boot!  I bet my bottom dollar he's plotting jihad on that property on the Colo River. - CM

"I am not accountable to any other religion other than our religion.  For us it's a matter of basic religious freedom".

Yeah, the freedom to spit on our law, to view us with utter contempt, to do as you damn well please, and expect to be do so with utter impunity?  - CM

"In a letter by Dr Kara-Ali to council staff, tendered in the court documents, he said the members of his guild (who are they? how many of them are there? - CM) lived "separated from secular lifestyles, to pursue a religious mode of worship, and an ascetic lifestyle, under an oath of self-sacriifice and dedication to the purposes of Diwan Al-Dawla."

'The letter said the Colo property was used "for the carrying out of religious activities of devotion, self-discipline, ritual baptism (sic: wudu, Islamic ritual washing, betcha - CM), inter-community prayers, contemplation, and religious study".

He's trying to pretend it's the same sort of thing as a Benedictine monastery or a Franciscan friary. But it ain't, because the religion of Islam is a religion of blood and war, and the Quran alone contains 109 verses enjoining military jihad against the kuffar. - CM

More, on 27th August.

'Land and Environment Court Says Colo Property Illegally Cleared by Fringe Islamic Group".

Fringe? How 'fringe'?  Has the reporter done due diligence, to track whether and in what ways the Kara-Alis are associated and involved with, and supported by, other Muslims in Sydney or other parts of Australia? Because the total and aggressive contempt that they both feel and have demonstrated toward kuffar law and government - and toward the representatives of that government, the local council officials - is very, very Islamic; thoroughly orthodox. - CM
'Two men who claimed their Islamic-influenced (sic: note the attempt by the ABC reporter to protect Islam by dissociating it, as much as possible, from the activities of the Kara-Alis - CM) group was not subject to Australian law because it was a "basic religious charity" have been found to have illegally cleared a rural property north-west of Sydney, by the NSW Land and Environment Court.

'The Hawkesbury City Council launched civil action against Dr Mustapha Kara-Ali and Diaa Kara-Ali for clearing trees and developing a block of land at Colo, without seeking development approvals.

"The two men did not attend the hearing.

'Justice Terence Sheahan handed down his judgement on the case in the New South Wales Land and Environment Court on Monday afternoon, where he found the land-clearing, and associated development, was carried out illegally.

"I've come to the conclusion that the respondents are in no way exempt by their charity status from the planning law", Justice Sheahan said.

Frankly, I think their 'charity' status ought to be revoked . It's quite clear, to me, that all the flowery words are just a 'front' for something else. - CM

'Illegal structures must come down, Judge Says'.

'Judge Sheahan ordered that some structures on the land, including a gate entrance, fencing, flag poles (what flag/s were they going to fly, eh? not the Aussie flag, I'll bet. More likely the flag of the caliphate, or else the black flag of Jihad - CM), concrete slabs and structures, be demolished, and removed within 28 days.

'He further ordered that two dwellings and a septic tank be removed witihin 14 days, and that the Kara-Alis pay the costs of the Hawkesbury City Council.

I'd rather send in the army sappers - preferably a team who've worked in Iraq and Afghanistan - to investigate the entire property from top to bottom, before the bulldozers move in. - CM

'Judge Sheahan also ordered that the land could not be used for religious worship until proper permits had been approved.

If a Christian or Buddhist group, say, had been proposing to build a monastery, or establish a camp to which people would come to hold spiritual retreats, then development applications would have to be lodged, approval gained, and all relevant regulations complied with when constructing buildings, access roads, etc. - CM

"The rrespondents... are restrained from using ... the land.. for the carrying out of any and all religious activities and devotion, self-discipline, ritual baptism, inter-community prayers, contemplation and religious study, or for the purposes of public worship... until developmetn consent has been granted", he said.  

'Within 42 days the pair are required to submit to the council plans on how they will restore and rehabilitate the property.

They won't. I bet they won't.  Sool ASIO and the AFP onto them and if they are found to be engaged in any other dodgy activities... kick them out of the country. - CM

'The ABC contacted Mustapha Kara-Ali for comment.

Why? Would the ABC do this with a non-Islamic 'developer' who had flagrantly and brazenly violated environmental and planning regulations? 

And then , in a report published today, 14th September, we get a bit more detail on just what exactly was said, by the Kara-Alis, to the council officers. And every word they said tells us that they ought not to be permitted to remain in Australia; that they are dangerous; that their little 'Diwan al-Dawla' is most likely a organisation for inciting and recruiting - and training, on that country property, with its iconic steeds of war - for Jihad.- CM

"Islamic Leader Detained Man Serving Court Papers on Cleared Colo Property, Court Hears".

'Two men (sic: two Muslim men - CM) found to have conducted illegal land-clearing detained a man for 30 minutes when he came to serve them legal documents, a court has heard.

'Dr Mustapha Kara-Al and Diaa Kara-Ali were found to have conducted illegal land-clearing and other development on a rural property at Colo, in Sydney's north-west.

'Dr Kara-Ali runs a religious guild called 'Diwan Al-Dawla' on the property, and claims they are exempt from Australian law because all of the work has been done in his role as Imam of the guild, which is classed as a basic religious charity.

Its status as a 'charity' ought to be revoked, and fast. - CM

'This claim is not supported by the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission.

'Neither men have taken part in the court proceedings so far.

Question: if a non-Islamic Aussie had done what these people have done, and was summoned to appear in court, and openly and wilfully ignored the summons,  what would happen?  What would happen in the UK?  In the USA?- CM

'Last month the Land and Environment court set out a series of orders for the men to remove movable buildings, fences, and a boat ramp, as well as prepare a revegetation plan for the areas they had cleared.

I bet that our two arrogant mohammedan mobsters have totally ignored these orders. - CM

'The first deadline passed on Monday and Hawkesbury City Council is now pursuing contempt of court charges, telling the court that the  men were continuing to build on the property.

I am not surprised.  They are devout Muslims who view the kuffar Aussie state with total contempt and would destroy it in its entirety, if they had the power.  They hope, one day to have that power. This property is, in essence, a military base or fort of an enemy entity; an outpost of the Empire of Islam. - CM

'Man delivering court documents 'padlocked inside gates to property'.

'Affidavits filed to the court today, detailed an incident in which a man delivering court documents to the Kara-Alis was locked inside the Colo property.

'The affidavit of Frank Hoare, a process server, claimed (sic: stated - dear ABC, do you intend to imply that he is lying? - CM) he was approached by Diaa and Mustapha Kara-Ali on the property.  "Get off this sacred land.  You are an infidel, a man of the cross, and a thief", one of the men told him, according to the affidavit.

'The Kara-Alis told Mr Hoare to take the documents with him, before Mustapha Kara-Ali padlocked the front gate before he had time to leave, the affidavit alleged.

'It claimed Mr Hoare sat in his car while Diaa Kara-Ali rode a horse in another paddock and Mustapha Kara-Ali walked to the end of the property and prayed.

"I did not have any reception on my mobile phone", the affidavit stated. 'I honked my horn to passing traffic to no avail.

"I continued to sit in my car, and ... [Diaa] kept riding his horse around the paddock, which would be described as an intimidatory (sic) manner".

Prancing and posing like some arrogant sheikh of araby... It's a pity Mr Hoare did not have a blue cattle dog with him. - CM

'Mr Hoare said Diaa Kara-Ali rode up to the car, while an elderly man threw the papers in the front seat.

'The affidavit said the Kara-Alis eventually unlocked the gate and Mr Hoare drove out, leaving the court documents in front of the gate.

'Mustapha Kara-Ali told the ABC he would not take part in the court process, because he did not believe it to be a secular institution.

And that tells us a great deal about Mr Kara-Ali, and how he views the world. - CM

'This is religious persecution par excellence', he said.

Pffft.  Requiring compliance with laws to do with the preservation of natural vegetation, and with the regulations about when, how and where buildings shall be constructed, is not 'persecution'.  - CM

"We have our religion, and the cross-bearers have theirs'.
That's an echo of a Quranic verse.  And note, again, how he frames the world: Aussies, regardless of the fact that a large chunk of Australia never darkens the door of a church, are seen en bloc as "cross-bearers". - CM

'Anotther affidavit claimed (sic: that should be," stated "- CM) that in a separate visit to the property to serve documents, Diaa Kara-Ali took the documents, threw them on the ground, and stomped, jumped, and spat on them.

A typical display of irrational Mohammedan rage. And this man's brother was part of a Islamic group advising a former prime minister?  Oh, the mask is off, and how.  A pity that the council worker does not seem to have thought of recording this behaviour on his mobile phone, say.  Probably wasn't expecting it, and taken by surprise. - CM

"I will bury these like I will your cross, in the name of Muhammad", Diaa Kara-Ali allegedly said.

Allegedly? I bet he did.  This is totally believable, to anyone who knows anything at all about Islam and Muslims. - CM.

"Mustapha Kara-Ali... started to film me and the police officers, saying, "Look at this abuse", and "You fucking dog, you Christian crusader, your cross will be buried like you.'

You should have filmed him right back.  Wouldn't that have been an eye-opener for a lot of people?  To see the smiling mask that he no doubt deployed, when greasily smarming up to politicians in the past, ripped off, and the monster that is Muslim megalomania, supremacism and malignant narcissism snarling out from underneath.  And we need people like this in Australia, why?  They contibute nothing but destruction, disruption, and expense.  But.. if I were this process server, I would be talking to AFP and ASIO, recounting these threats - "Your cross will be buried like you" - and requesting that, if the Kara-Alis are not already under investigation, and being monitored then they ought to be, and quickly. - CM

'Justice Terry Sheahan told the court that he would direct Diaa and Mustapha Kara-Ali to attend the next hearing later this month".

And if they do not attend, which is very likely, then what?  Perhaps it's time to arrest them, and send in the army sappers to inspect the property.. and any other premises or properties associated with this little Diwan Al-Dawla. And after that perhaps it's time to kick the Kara-Alis out of Australia. - CM

Posted on 09/14/2018 6:09 AM by Christina McIntosh
30 Sep 2018
An excellent article and very pithy comments by Christina McIntosh. So far al Dawla appear to be getting away with their illegal activities and thumbing their noses at the council and their regulations as well as the Land and Environment Court. I am awaiting a very harsh verdict from the court. Hopefully.

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