Thursday, 4 July 2019
Sydney, Australia: Sixteenth Disruption of an Intended Jihad Mass-Murder Plot, Since 2014

Three Muslim men, residents of suburbs in the heavily-Islamised western region of Sydney, were arrested in counter-terrorism raids on the morning of Tuesday 2nd July, and have subsequently been charged.  

As reported by our ABC within the past 2 days, though of course the ABC reporters and practically everyone else involved is tying themselves in knots to avoid mentioning The Religion That Must Not Be Criticised. The M-word, the J-word and the I-word are notably absent from these reports, except when "Islamic State" is mentioned (and that only because it simply cannot be omitted).

"One of the three men (sic: three devout Muslim men - CM) arrested during counter-terrorism raids in Sydney's west (that is: Sydney's heavily-Islamised west - CM) on Tuesday morning was planning an attack on prominent Harbour City buildings, police allege.

Not "buildings".  People.  He was intending to attack and kill people.  Because he was planning to attack churches and police stations, we later learn. And I very much doubt that he would have done so "after hours". - CM

'Isaak el-Matari, 20, was taken into custody on Tuesday as part of the operations, which targeted suburbs including Canada Bay, Chester Hill, Greenacre, Green Valley, Ingleburn and Toongabbie.

Everyone knows that Auburn and Lakemba have been pretty much taken over by Muslims; what this list tells us is that the Muslim colonists have been expanding into other parts of western Sydney. - CM

'Police allege that he had a range of targets in Sydney, including police stations, consulates (which ones, I wonder? - probably the US consulate and the Israeli consulate, for starters - CM) and churches.

Which churches, I wonder? And is anyone stopping to ask themselves why, if Muslim acts of violence are politically motivated, framed as "resistance" to "oppression", why they would be seeking to attack churches.. which are not, in Australia, anything even faintly resembling loci of power. - CM

'Two other men (that is: two other Muslim men - CM) aged 23 and 30 (note, 30: hardly a hot-headed "yoof" - CM) were also arrested as part of the operation led by the NSW Joint Counter-Terrorism Task-Force (JCTT).

'Police allege Mr el-Matari and the 23-year-old identified as members of Islamic State.

Peculiar phrasing.  Why not just say "were" members of Islamic State? - CM

'Mr El-Matari was expected to be charged on Tuesday (2nd) with preparing a terrorist act and travelling overseas to engage in hostile activities (translation: to wallow in a jihad bloodbath - CM).

"Both offences  carry a maximum penalty of life in prison.

They should, rather, when a Muslim plotting jihad is involved, carry a penalty of  annullment of infidel-country citizenship followed by prompt and rapid expulsion to the dar al Islam. - CM

'Police will allege Mr El-Matari had made early-stage preparations and had expressed an intention to carry out a terrorist attack in Australia.

"The JCTT comprises both NSW Police and AFP officers.

'AFP assistant-commissioner Ian McCartney said Mr El-Matari had been monitored (and how many man-hours and how much money did this "monitoring" devour? having Muslims around is a very expensive matter, given the amount of such anxious "monitoring' that is now having to be engaged in, all of which would be completely unnecessary, if we had never allowed Muslims to settle in  Australia  - CM) since returning from Lebanon last year.

He should never have been let back in. - CM

"We will also allege that this man had indicated he was willing to travel to Afghanistan to fight for Islamic State, and he made a number of preparations to do so", he said.

If Aussie officialdom had their heads straight about Islam, they would have let this bloke tool off to Afghanistan and then seen to it that his Australian citizenship status ceased to exist. - CM

'NSW Police Assistant-Commissioner Mick Willing said that the arrests represent the "16th disruption" since terror threat levels were raised in 2014.

That is: in the course of five years, betwen 2014 and July 2019, there have been sixteen separate plots, all hatched by Muslims, Muslims, Muslims, to engage in violent jihad - the 'struggle' to impose Muslim rule and/ or impose and enforce the sharia - whether here or abroad. Got Muslims? Got Jihad.  We got Muslims; we have very stupidly imported and are still importing lots of Muslims, quite unnecessarily, most of them since the 1970s/ 1980s; the Muslim colony or advance base in Australia is now nearly a million strong; and.. as a result, we have Jihad, plot after plot after plot, crystallising out of the Ummah or Mohammedan Mob, that sheltering, nurturing sea within which the jihadis and sharia assassins swim and from which, ceaselessly, they emerge. - CM

"There are people (sic - CM) out there, who still want to commit acts of terror in this country, sadly, but we're doing everything we can to prevent those acts of terrorism taking place, and public safety is always our first priority", he said.

If public safety - the safety of all Aussie kuffar, all Aussie infidels - were really your first priority, sir, you would be - day in and day out - urging our politicians, especially our defence minister, immigration minister, and foreign affairs minister, to put an instant flat ban on any and all further entry into Australia of any person identifiable as a member of the Religion of Blood and War, i.e, Islam.   And you would also be urging the expulsion of all non-citizen Muslims currently present; and the stripping of citizenship from any Muslim who, like these blokes, is caught plotting jihad, as well as any others caught either inciting or enabling it in any way whatsoever. - CM

'Police said the 23-year-old, from Toongabbie, would be charged with being a member of Islamic State.

'Jared Li witnessed the police raid in Toongabbie and said, "I just heard yelling, and police going "Police, don't move".

"I knew the kids, they were my good friends in primary school, they were pretty close, but we kind of separated after a few years."

Mr Li: was it you or your little Muslim school-mates that initiated that separation? If you want to know why, after the early years of primary school (in other words, probably around age 11 or 12) those Muslim schoolmates ended their relationship with you (a filthy kuffar) you need only pick up a Quran and read, and take note of what sort of attitude and behaviours are there inculcated, toward anyone who is not a Muslim and who refuses to convert to Islam after having been 'invited' to so convert.  Muslims are not supposed to be friends with Infidels; when they were little, your schoolmates were probably less Islamically aware and instructed; but as they got older, the indoctrination intensified, the attitudes kicked in, and they separated themselves from those they are taught to view with "enmity and hatred". - CM

Neighbour Graham Banks said the raids were frightening for residents of the quiet street.

I would have thought that the discovery that some of his Muslim neighbours were plotting to commit mass murder in attacks on churches, police stations and consulates, should have been rather more frightening, than the police raids that have put paid to said plots! - CM

"Waking up this morning the whole cul-de-sac was full of cars, we had police runninf backwards and forwards and all of a sudden these massive police vans turned up", he said. 'It's just such a massive police presence."

Mr Banks seems more upset about the police response to a would-be-mass-murderous jihad plot, than he is about the plot itself.  His description, however, indicates that NSW police are well aware of the phenomenon of the mohammedan insta-mob, and were taking steps to deter it, by the deployment and display of sudden and overwhelming force.  - CM

"Police said the 30-year-old was an "associate" of the other two who were arrested."

"He will be charged with fraudulently claiming unemployment benefits (fraud, thy name is Islam; just how many Muslims, all over the western world, have been gaming the system like this bloke was? - too many to count . And it is perfectly possible that the money thus gained was being spent in support of Jihad -  CM) - an offence that carries a maximum sentence of 10 years behind bars.

'Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton said a temporary exclusion bill will be introduced to the Parliament on Thursday.

"This is incredibly important because it will be alleged that one of the individuals arrested today returned from overseas as an Australian citizen", Mr Dutton said.  "The temporary exclusion order is the ability for a person to be excluded, prevented from turning [sic: returning] back from Syria, for example, for two years".

Two years?  Look, just cut straight to the chase. If someone is a signed-up professing member of the mohammedan mob, and they tootle off to somewhere like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, etc, to wallow in a jihad blood-bath, then once we know that is what they have done, their Australian citizenship status should be annulled, and they should be prevented from re-entering this country. Ever. - CM

Then there was a follow-up report, on 3rd July.

"NSW Police Charge Two Men After Sydney Terror Raids, Alleged Master-Mind Still Being interviewed."

Speaking of 'master-minds'... I wonder what mosque/s these "men" - these bloody-minded Muslims - attended?  And has it, or they, been surprise-raided and searched, yet? If not, why not? - CM

"Radwan Dakkak, 23, has been charged with being a member of the terrorist organisation Islamic State.

'The Toongabbie man (sic: The Toongabbie-resident Muslim - CM) was refused bail and is expected to appear before Bankstown Local Court today."

'A 30-year-old man (that is: a Muslim man - CM) arrested during the raids yesterday has been charged with a fraud offence.  He was granted bail and will appear (or so it is hoped.. but will he? - CM) before Burwood Local Court later this month.

"Isaak al-Matari, 20, was also arrested yesterday, and is yet to be charged...

"Police have been interviewing Mr El-Matari, and wil allege he was planning an attack on prominent buildings across Sydney, such as churches and police stations.

Not buildings; people.  He was planning to attack and mass-murder peaceful unarmed Christian worshippers in their churches; and he was planning to attack police in their stations, because those stations represent the law-enforcement of a non-Islamic society. - CM

'AFP Assistant-Commissioner Ian McCartney said Mr El-Matari had been monitored (at what expense?- CM) since returning from Lebanon last year.

Why did we allow this bloke, and/ or his parents, to enter and settle in this country in the first place?  If no Lebanese Muslims had been permitted to enter Australia in the 1970s and 1980s, we wouldn't be having to worry about, and expensively monitor, and expensively arrest, try and incarcerate the likes of Mr El-Matari, now. - CM

'Yesterday's raids prompted the Federal Government to seek greater powers to prevent Australians allegedly involved in terrorism (sic: rather, "Aussie-passport-holding Muslim jihadis and enablers and camp-followers of jihad" - CM) from returning home (sic: this country is not their "home"; they despise it, and will continue to despise it unless and until they succeed in conquering and Islamising it - CM) for two years...

 We should be aiming to keep them from returning.. ever. - CM

Final update.

"Isaak El-Matari Charged with Allegedly Planning Terrorist Attack After Raids Across Sydney".

'Police have charged a third man (that is: a third Muslim man - CM) who was arrested during sweeping counter-terrorism raids in Sydney's (heavily-Islamised - CM) western suburbs yesterday.

"Isaack el-Matari, 20, was charged with three offences including being a member of Islamic State and preparing a terrorist act.

"Two other men (- two other Muslim men - CM) also arrested in yesterday's raids were charged earlier today, one with being a member of Islamic State.

"Police will allege Mr El-Matari was planning an attack on prominent buildings across Sydney such as churches and police stations.

"However, he had not selected a specific target or time to carry out any attack, according to police.

Yet. - CM

'The maximum penalty for planning a terrorist attack is life imprisonment.

If the planner is a member of the Ummah, or Mohammedan mob, resident within a majority-Infidel state such as Australia, the penalty for planning a terrorist attack - for preparing to engage in murderous jihad - should be a severe jail term followed by stripping of infidel-country citizenship status (if the plotter possessed such citizenship when hatching, or financing, or inciting a plot to attack the circumambient infidels), and swift expulsion to some suitable part of the dar al Islam. - CM

'Mr El-Matari was also charged with one count of preparing to engage in foreign fighting, with police alleging he had shown a willingness to travel to Afghanistan to fight with Islamic State.

"The AFP yesterday said they had monitored Mr El-Matari since he returned from Lebanon last year...

If they felt it necessary to monitor him, then he shouldn't have been let back into Australia in the first place.  I wonder what that years' worth of monitoring cost us, in both man-hours and money:?  And how many others are currently being similarly expensively "monitored", for fear that they may suddenly explode.? - CM

"Radwan Dakka, 23, from Toongabbie, was charged this morning with being a member of Islamic State, and was refused bail.

'A 30-year-old man, who police alleged was an associate of Mr Dakkak and Mr El-Matari, was charged with fraud offences, and granted bail.

I bet he flits. - CM

"Mr El-Matari was refused bail, and will face Parramatta Local Court tomorrow."

Watch this space.. - CM


Posted on 07/04/2019 2:15 AM by Christina McIntosh
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