Thursday, 19 December 2019
Three Jews were Arrested for Praying on the Temple Mount Yesterday

Did you ever wonder how Israel ended up without the Temple Mount when the rest of Jerusalem was won back in the defensive war of 1967?

by Howard Rotberg

Here is chapter 6 of my book, Tolerism: the Ideology Revealed (available on Amazon if you want to read more) explaining what happened and why:

Chapter 6

Tolerism On The Temple Mount, Jerusalem

Moshe Dayan: Story of My Life, page 388, on the 1967 re-taking of the Old City of Jerusalem:

“I was convinced that precisely because control was now in our hands it was up to us to show broad tolerance, so rare an attitude among the regimes of the preceding decades and centuries. We should certainly respect the Temple Mount as an historic site of our ancient past, but we should not disturb the Arabs who were using it for what it was now-a place of Moslem worship.”

Moshe Dayan, the famous Israeli General who headed up the re-capture of Old Jerusalem after it had been occupied (and often desecrated) by Jordan, from 1948 to 1967, made a fateful decision not to offend the very Muslims who had desecrated Jewish cemeteries and synagogues in the Old City.

Prior to Israel’s capture of the Old City in the defensive war of 1967, Jordan controlled the Temple Mount and it controlled what the Imam was allowed to say in his sermon.

It is interesting that since 1967, while each Friday Moslem religious leaders indulge in rabble-rousing sermons that would incite some of their followers, Israel has never taken appropriate action.

In fact, Jews are not allowed to visit the Temple Mount except under strict guidelines, which, amongst other rules, forbid praying, even silent praying where lips are moving with no sounds coming out.

This Jewish presence is deemed “offensive” to the holiness of the Muslim Mosque built on top of the Jewish Temple; however, Arab children play soccer there, and that is not deemed offensive.

Dayan’s wish to show “broad tolerance” and his description of the holiest site in Judaism as a “historic site of our ancient past” is indicative of the broad themes of Tolerism. Non-Muslims must evidence a special tolerance for Muslim intolerance and that extends to changing the facts where necessary to placate Muslim revisionist history — in this case the idea that there is some equivalence between Muslim claims to a supposed ‘third holiest site” (not mentioned in the Koran) and Jewish claims to the absolutely most holy site in Judaism, downplayed by Dayan to a “historic site of our ancient past”.

The Israeli flag flew over the Temple Mount for a total of 12 hours before Dayan ordered it taken down and he then gave administration of the area to the Arabs.

If Israel, which is the first front of the Islamist war against the liberal West, evidences Tolerism, then that is a very bad sign indeed.

Posted on 12/19/2019 6:36 AM by Howard Rotberg
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