Saturday, 30 January 2021
Leading Turkish Journalist: Trump Undone by Jewish Conspiracy and Coup

by Hugh Fitzgerald

“A Trumpist coup or coup against Trump?,” was the headline to the article by Yusuf Kaplan, a leading Turkish journalist, that appeared in the newpaper Yeni Safak, which is President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s house organ, on January 10, 2021.

A brief previous Jihad Watch report on Kaplan’s conspiracy theorizing is here. Kaplan’s column is here.

Joe Biden, who was elected U.S. president with the support of media organizations under Jewish control, and strong Jewish lobbies, spoke to the press upon the chaos and said, “At this hour, our democracy is under unprecedented assault. … I call on President Trump to go on national television now to fulfill his oath and defend the Constitution by demanding an end to this siege.

“Media organizations under Jewish control”? Where have we heard this kind of thing before? It’s as old as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the forgery by the Czarist police which laid out the plans of Jewish bankers to control the world, but in this latest version, media moguls replace bankers. If Yusuf Kaplan thinks any of the major American networks — NBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox — are Jewish-owned, he hasn’t been doing his homework, for none of them are. Only one of the top dozen newspapers in the country has a Jewish owner — the Sulzbergers of the New York Times. That paper is famous for deliberately bending over backwards to “not be too Jewish” – which is why its coverage of the Nazi persecution and murder of Jews was so insufficient. Laurel Leff reports on this scandalous record in her study Buried By The Times. And the same consideration – not wanting to be “too Jewish” — explains, one suspects, why the New York Times can be reliably counted on, both in its reporting and on its opinion page, to be unsympathetic to Israel. Peter Beinart is their latest hire. ‘Nuff said.

Before anything, this is an uprising against the “deep state” or the “established order,” which is under the control of global lords, with Jewish capital and mentality at its center!

Who are these Jewish “global lords” who control everything? And if they are so all-powerful, why were they unable to prevent the Holocaust? Why were they unable even to find places willing to take inthose who were desperate to flee Nazi-occupied Europe? Indeed, why were those all-powerful Jews unable to rally military support for the Jewish state in 1948-49, when there was an arms embargo imposed on the Jewish state? And why is Israel, which is backed by all-powerful “global lords with Jewish capital and mentality at its center,” been the target of incessant criticism and hostility at the U.N., at both the General Assembly and at the U.N. Human Rights Council, where more resolutions are routinely passed against Israel than are passed against all the other 192 member states put together? Why hasn’t Israel been able to persuade other states, other than the U.S. and Guatemala, to move their embassies to Jerusalem? In short, where are those all-powerful Jewish “global lords” when you need them? Perhaps Yusuf Kaplan can explain.

For Jewish forces, the U.S. is a guinea pig through which they developed and legitimized their hegemony over the world. Jews have been using the U.S. as a guinea pig for almost a century now: there is no such thing as an American public, or an American state…

Again, what “hegemony over the world” does Yusuf Kaplan have in mind? Do “Jewish forces” control the U.N.? NATO? The Arab League? The Organization of Islamic Cooperation? If the Jews have been using the U.S. as a guinea pig “for almost a century,” then why couldn’t they manage even to persuade the American government to bomb the rail tracks to Auschwitz and to the other extermination camps? Asst. Secretary of War John J. McCloy wouldn’t have it; he didn’t want to risk, or at least that is what he claimed, the possible loss of a handful of American planes, in order to potentially save the lives of hundreds of thousands of Jews. His palpable want of sympathy leaps out of his correspondence with those who requested such bombing raids. Auschwitz lay only a few kilometers from where American planes were already successfully bombing German targets. McCloy apparently was quite unfazed by the “Jewish forces” that Kaplan said controlled the U.S. Equally unfazed by Jewish power was Breckenridge Long, the State Department official who prevented Jewish refugees attempting to flee the Nazis from entering the United States. All through the war, the unprecedented slaughter of Jews throughout Occupied Europe went on, yet those all-powerful Jews could do nothing to stop it. Any thoughts on why that was, Yusuf Kaplan?

The U.S. public is one of the world’s most controlled nations. This became particularly blatant in the elections: The Jew-controlled U.S. media attacked Trump with all its might, mocked Trump with fake news, terribly demonizing him. It might seem like I am supporting Trump! To hell with all American bandits who cause suffering to the oppressed!

Yusuf Kaplan is confusing the U.S., one of the freest nations on earth, with Erdogan’s Turkey, where Recep Tayyip Erdogan has transformed what had been a parliamentary democracy into a presidential despotism, making it “one of the world’s most controlled nations.” Erdogan first exercised power as Prime Minister from 2003 to 2014, and since 2014, he has been President. He has changed the laws so that he may be eligible to serve as President until 2028. He has steadily been increasing the power of the executive. He now controls nearly all areas of life with unchecked authority. He has abolished the post of Prime Minister, put the military firmly under civilian – i.e., his — control, given himself the power to draft the budget, to choose judges and many top officials, to dismiss Parliament and call new elections at will, and to appoint the heads of the National Intelligence Agency, the Religious Affairs Directorate, the Central Bank, as well as ambassadors, governors and university rectors. It has been an incredible seizure of power, quiet and relentless.

Erdogan has dismissed tens of thousands of those whom he has accused of supporting Fethullah Gulen and the attempted coup in 2016. These have included lawyers, judges, university rectors, professors, teachers, and military men. Some have been imprisoned; Turkey now has more journalists in jail than any other country. This is the regime that Yusuf Kaplan supports, as one of Erdogan’s loyalists, while claiming that the U.S. is under a tyranny run by a “deep state” of Jewish media moguls. He can’t recognize that he’s a cheerleader for a despotism, while denouncing one of the freest nations on earth for being in the pocket of a Jewish cabal which, all the evidence indicates, does not exist.

The established order in the U.S. invented an ancient voting mechanism that involved voting by mail. One has to be a fool not to think that major fraud may be involved in votes cast by mail. Trump was constantly complaining about this during the election process! The U.S. president was deposed of [sic] by Jewish lords who own the established order!

America is the name of the instrument Jewish capital and power used to enslave the whole world. Jewish capital and power started to exit the U.S.,and moved into China. The U.S. may start disintegrating within the next few years. America may be divided into a few independent states!

So Jews now control America, which in turn “enslave[d] the whole world” on their behalf. Where did America enslave any country, much less the whole world? Did it take over Europe? It can’t even get Europe’s NATO members to pay their fair share of the military alliance’s cost. Did the Americans enslave South America? The Americans can’t get rid of the Castro dynasty in tiny Cuba, can’t manage to rid Venezuela of the dictator Maduro who has finished what Chavez started and completely bankrupted the country.. Do the Americans control Mexico? If they do, why haven’t they simply given the order to halt all immigration into the U.S.? Has the U.S. “enslaved” Putin’s Russia, when it can’t even prevent Russia from seizing Crimea, and part of eastern Ukraine. If the U.S. controlled by Jews, has “enslaved the world” surely it could stop Russian hackers from wreaking havoc on American government and tech companies’ computers? What about China, which is pulling steadily closer to the U.S. economically, and using its massive Belt-and-Road initiative to link countries across Asia to the Mediterranean, tying them ever closer, both economically and politically, to Beijing. It’s unclear why, if the Jewish masters of the U.S. have already “enslaved the world,, they should now have to move to China to do it all over again. But Yusuf Kaplan knows his Jewish conspiracies. Don’t confuse him with facts. His train of thought went off the rails long ago.

The global Jewish power in the U.S. struck [sic] the coup de grâce on Trump shortly before his departure. They first overlooked the raid on Congress by Trump supporters, then gathered masses carrying “Trump is guilty” placards in front of the Capitol building!

Confusion worse confounded. The “raid on Congress,” as Yusuf Kaplan calls it, was dispersed by the Capitol police, the D.C. police, and National Guard. There were no “gathered masses” who subsequently arrived, carrying “Trump is guilty” placards.

The Jewish power and media backing Biden reported the event as a “Trumpist coup attempt.”

One more time, Mr. Kaplan, we must remind you to stop jabbering about “the Jewish media.” None of the major American television networks, and only one of the top dozen newspapers, are owned by Jews. This isn’t very hard to discover – possibly five minutes of searching the Internet should set Yusuf Kaplan straight. But he doesn’t want to spend the time discovering the depths of his own idiocy.

Trump fought to save America from the invasion and oppression of Jewish power. The compromises he made for the Jews was to quell [sic] them. He made such great compromises that the Jews gladly accepted Trump’s compromises, but did not hesitate to put the gun to his head!

I have no idea what Yusuf Kaplan, who is terminally confused, is referring to in his summary. Trump “fought to save America from the invasion and oppression of Jewish power”?

Mr. Kaplan, please provide us with some evidence for this curious remark. We’ll wait right here for it.

Trump has a Jewish son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who has been one of his closest advisors. His daughter Ivanka underwent a conversion to Orthodox Judaism before marrying Kushner. Trump’s three Kushner grandchildren are Jewish. Contrary to Yusuf Kaplan’s dreamy misinformation, Trump has been the most pro-Israel President in history. Unlike his pusillanimous predecessors, he did not seek a waiver from, but chose to implement, the Jerusalem Embassy Act that had been passed in 1995. He moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem on May 14, 2018. Trump recognized Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights. His Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, stated that the “settlements” in the West Bank did not violate international law. Trump ended American funding for the corrupt UNRWA, with its schoolbooks still inculcating – despite repeated promises to remove offensive material — antisemitic hate. He ended American aid to the PA, because of its Pay-For-Slay program. His Administration worked for years on the Peace-To-Prosperity Plan that would have left Israel with 30% of the West Bank, including the all-important Jordan Valley, so necessary for the Jewish state’s defense, and the five largest settlement blocs.

Yet this Yeni Safak writer — Yusuf Kaplan — wants us to believe that a Jewish conspiracy has brought Trump down, as a kind of practice run for taking over the whole world, but this time using China as its sinister instrument. I look forward to Kaplan’s comments on how the Jews will “take over” China now that America is, according to Kaplan, falling apart and may even split into several independent states. Perhaps he can get out a special edition of Yeni Safak just as the Chinese army, under orders from a cabal of .Jewish moguls sitting in their secret bunker in Jerusalem, comes marching into Istanbul.

First published in Jihad Watch

Posted on 01/30/2021 4:33 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
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