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Sydney, Australia, January 2015: At Hizb-ut-Tahrir Rally, Speaker Calls For Muslim Army in Australia

As reported on January 19 by Bryan Seymour of Channel 7 (commercial TV station). The Ummah in Australia is starting to feel its oats.

"Call For Muslim Army in Australia.

'There was a call to arms over the weekend that is, in any terms, truly frightening.

'It came from a known Islamist (that is: a Muslim gang boss - CM) who wants to raise an army to impose Sharia law here in Australia.

Beats me why our government hasn't banned Hizb ut Tahrir and deported all of its known operatives and proxies, already. We are tougher on our outlaw bikie gangs than we are on terrifying internationally-petrodollar-funded jihad-recruitment-and-incitement outfits like Hizb-ut-Tahrir. -  CM

'His message was met by cries of "Takbir...Allahu Akbar!" by his followers at Lakemba in Western Sydney.

Lakemba, which - not coincidentally - is one of our most heavily Islamified suburbs, and growing ever more Islamised by the day. - CM

"Eventually, we will bounce back, and we will reclaim everything that they have taken from us", Bilal Merhi told the crowd.

"Everything that they (the infidels) have taken from us (the Muslims)?"  What precisely does he mean?

 At one level, he cannot refer to Australia, because it was inhabited first of all - for something like 1400 generations - by non-Muslim aboriginal people, and then along came still more non-Muslims, overwhelmingly of British ancestry, who produced the modern Australian nation.  Before the arrival of the Europeans Muslim fishermen visited the northwestern coastline sporadically and seasonally, but never settled for any length of time; after European arrival, a very small number of Muslims arrived, some of Filipino extraction (though most Filipino pearl-fishers and such were fervently Catholic) and some of South Asian extraction, and the third or fourth-generation descendants of such of those as married aboriginal women are usually not Muslim at all, having overwhelmingly chosen (sensibly) the traditional beliefs and practices of their mothers and their mothers' people.

He may, of course, be referring to all those lands invaded by Muslims - from Spain to India, and including the Balkans (Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia), Malta, and the modern Jewish state of Israel - where the indigenous non-Muslims - in Israel's case, reinforced massively by returning exiles - threw off the Muslim yoke and threw out the Muslim imperialist invaders and occupiers.  For Muslims regard all those lands as rightfully theirs, forever; Muslims are allowed to take from the Infidel but woe unto the infidel who dares to take anything back from Muslims, the rage of Tolkien's fictional Smaug when just one cup is taken from his hoard is nothing compared to the rage of the Muslim imperialists wherever indigenous infidels have forced the de facto Empire of Islam to disgorge even the smallest part of its ill-gotten gains.

but of course one must bear in mind that, drunken with the megalomania of orthodox Islam, the Muslim mind conceives of the Muslim Ummah as the only rightful owner and occupier of every last inch of planet earth, and of all infidels everywhere as illegal occupiers whose right to life and land is forfeit because of their refusal to bow to mohammed the warlord and his god of blood and war, allah. - CM

'Around 200 men and another 50 women and children, behind a curtain at the back, attended the Public Rally held by extremist Muslim group Hizb ut Tahrir.

They are not 'extremist', they are merely honest. They are prepared to state plainly in public the core beliefs and goals of orthodox Islam. - CM

'They were told Australia's democratic government has to go, in favour of an Islamic Caliphate ruled by Sharia law.

"Now they say [they] are brave, they have their freedoms...yeah, because you have no state, no authority, you have no representation, they can be brave!  But be brave when we have authority! Come forward when we have a representative with an army. Ready to defend the honour of Allah and his Messenger. They will not. They will not.

They will not? Will not...what? Will not be brave?  Want to bet, mate? Provided those of us who have figured you lot out and know just what you are up to are able to warn and wake up enough other Aussies in time, you will find yourself meeting the same end as the Turkish Muslims who tried to stop the Light Horse at Beersheba in 1917.  - CM

"And that's what we have to understand", Merhi told the crowd.

If it was up to me, mister, you and every other mohammedan mobster in that room would already be out of Australia on one way tickets back to whatever hellholes in the dar al Islam you crawled out of. And there are enough Aussie infidels at the moment, enough police, enough soldiers, that you wouldn't have a hope in hell of stopping that from happening.  If your followers rioted, they'd get arrested and given the boot as well.  For the moment you can get away with your ugly nonsense and rabble-rousing and seditious threats and boasts because our idiot politicians don't "get" the extent of the danger you represent. When some of them, enough of them, do ...and I think that day will come, a lot of us are working on it ...then the hammer will come down. - CM

'Freedom of speech was top of the agenda as firebrand preacher Bilal Merhi said Australians use freedom of speech to mock Ilsam.  "We will continue to stand up and oppose your freedom to insult our Messenger! Takbir! Allahu Akbar! Takbir! Allahu Akbar!".

'As the only journalist present, the organisers allowed me to record audio, but banned cameras.

Never mind, let's hope ASIO or the AFP bugged the event anyway, and that they had photographers or hidden cameras somewhere, getting mugshots of all speakers and attendees. If they haven't, then they should have. - CM

'Australian law says we're allowed to film public rallies.

You should have taken small, hidden cameras of some kind and filmed the b*st*rds anyway. Then passed the footage to AFP and ASIO. - CM

"We do have some media present here tonight, so we do strongly encourage the audience not to engage with them", Hamzah Qureshi, a senior Hizb ut Tahrir spokesman, told the audience.

'The key speaker, Bilal Merhi, came under investigation by police last October after we aired video of him coaching children as young as six to chant extremist slogans.

Extremist?  It's plain old common or garden Islam. - CM

'In addition to this latest extremist (that is: bog-standard jihad-inciting - CM) lecture, Seven News has passed on several other videos to the Police Counter Terrorism Unit and the Attorney-General.

Good. But I'd prefer you hadn't mentioned that bit.  Because it might be more difficult to get inside the next such rally,now they know.  - CM

"If people are engaged in the advocacy or encouragement of terrorism, they will be arrested, they will be prosecuted, and they will be taken off our streets", said Attorney-General George Brandis.

"Taken off our streets"?  Not good enough.  How about, "stripped of citizenship or residency and kicked out of the country"?? That's what's needed. And as for Hizb ut Tahrir as an organisation, Attorney-General: just ban them. Please.  Ban them and remove from our shores all known operatives of that sinister Fifth Column organisation.  And then start in on all the others, like Tablighi Jamaat and Fethullah Gulen and any suspected or known proxies of the Muslim Brotherhood, and any agents and 'activists' of Hezbollah and Hamas and - yes - Fatah/ the 'Palestinian' Authority, too.  Get rid of the whole boiling. - CM

'Terror experts we've spoken with say Hizb ut Tahrir may be crossing a legal line they've finely walked here for years.

Just ban them, already. They are openly calling for jihad and for the overthrow of our entire system of government and law. Ban them!  And give them the boot. And shut down, permanently, each and every mosque with which they have ever been associated. - CM

"I think we will see Hizb ut Tahrir facing a degree of legal opposition and prosecution that it's not had to face in the past, and that may lead to it being proscribed, it may lead to some individuals being charged", said Professor Greg Barton, the Executive Director of the Global Terrorsim Research Centre at Monash University.

They have called for a Muslim army, here. They have called for the destruction of our society and its replacement by a caliphate.  Speaking as a non-Muslim Aussie citizen, I want them out, now. Before they recruit any more jihadis. Before we start to see the sharia enforcers carrying out massacres of journalists - or of Jews - or of any other variety of Infidel, massacres like what happened in Paris early this month.   Or before there is a jihadi attack on a state parliament, or on Federal Parliament, similar to - or worse than - the attack that was attempted in Canada last year. - CM

'Police would not comment beyond saying they are investigating..'.



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