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In the Wake of the Muslim Massacre of Journalists and Jews in France, Some Commonsense From Two Aussie Journalists

They don't go as far as they might have done, but what they do manage to say is still worth hearing. And both of them - Bill Leak and the same Jason Morrison who put a flea in the ear of the Islamopologists at Al Jazeera English - have had it with the victim-blamers.

First up, Bill Leak of The Australian, on 9 January, who is himself a cartoonist, and responded to the Muslim murder of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists by depicting a black-masked jihadi with a smoking gun standing beside the dead body of a cartoonist and proclaiming "He drew first!"

"Moralists, It's Time to Condemn Monsters".

'Islamist terrorists are a rather thin-skinned lot, aren't they? Can't take a joke, apparently.

The nettle not grasped here, of course, is this: that it is Muslims, generally speaking, who are dreadfully thin-skinned, and take offence at just about everything and anything not-Islam. - CM

'Everyone else is into the business of taking offence these days, and it appears that the extremists (that is: the Muslim sharia-pushers - CM) don't want to be left out.

'Trouble is, while most moralists go trawling through social media looking for something to be offended by, and expressing their outrage by firing off things that go tweet, these ones fire things that go bang.

'This time they have aimed their mindless rage right at the heart of Europe.

'By targeting a humorous magazine they have deliberately chosen a symbol of the freedom of speech that lies at the very foundation of western civilisation, which the grandeur and breathtaking beauty of Paris epitomise.

'This latest in a long series of atrocities (all of them carried out by pious mohammed-imitating Muslims - CM) is another reminder (as if we needed any) of the appalling reality that this glorious, liberating thing we call civilisation is something fragile and preciious, something we need to protect and never take for granted.

Well said, mate. - CM

'And we need to protect it, all right, because within this civilisation of ours (having in an act of supreme folly been recently admitted in through our gates by the thousands and by the millions - CM) there are those (that is, Muslims - CM) who may coexist with us on the same planet but are not part of our post-enlightenment civilised world.

Nor do they want to be.  Their goal - which has been their declared goal ever since the Muslims first began attacking Byzantium and Persia in the 7th/8th century and India in the 8th - is to destroy everything on the planet that is not Islam.  And their canonical texts anathematise, among other things, pretty much all music vocal and instrumental, sacred or profane, and all sculpted or painted representations of living beings - which is why they kill cartoonists and would, if they could, destroy virtually every painting and statue currently in existence on planet earth.  - CM

'There are also those (the dhimmi Islamophiles and useful idiots - CM) who mistakenly believe they have been showing their humanity by making excuses for these monsters (these thoroughly-Muslim monsters - CM) - as they raped beautiful, innocent young girls and sold them into slavery, while crucifying or beheading their parents.

'How much louder do the extremists (that is: the sharia-pushers, the jihadis, the sharp pointy end of the spear that is the Ummah or Mohammedan Mob - CM) have to proclaim, "We are the monsters in your midst who want to destroy you" before the wilfully deaf finally hear what they're actually saying? Before they get the message and realize that the real way to show your humanity is to stand up to inhumanity and declare yourself ready to bloody well take these monsters on?

'What happened in the Paris office of Charlie Hebdo shows just how potent a weapon humour can be when it's aimed at the humourless.

'A fine sense of humour is one of the defining characteristics of highly evolved, civilised human beings.

'Its absence is one of the defining characteristics of barbarism".

I wonder whether Bill Leak is aware of the famous saying of the late unlamented Ayatollah Khomeini, pundit of Shiite Islam? - "The aim of creation was for mankind to be put to the test through hardship and prayer. There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humor in Islam. There is no fun in Islam. There can be no fun and joy in whatever is serious". - Khomeini, in the course of a rant on why music is bad, quoted by Amir Taheri in his book "Spirit of Allah", 1985. - CM

And now for Jason Morrison, writing in Sydney's Daily Telegraph on January 15th, who gets even closer than Leak to calling a spade a spade. Make sure to click on the link and read the piece in situ, as the article is illustrated with some very telling pictures, most notably a shot of a lot of mohammedan rage boys in Sydney in September 2012, using the Islamocritical short film "Innocence of Muslims" as their excuse du jour for a riot.

'Held Hostage By A Fear of Ugly Truths'.

'You can only hope those offended by cartoons of Mohammed are equally as offended by images of those who behead, execute or detonate bombs in his name.

How can they be?  Mohammed the warlord, whose every deed and word constitute the exemplar for all pious Muslims, didn't have access to bombs back in the day but if bombs had been available he would have used them, for he made use of every weapon available at the time. And he both carried out beheadings himself, and commanded them to be performed by others. - CM

'I hope they are sickened at the latest video from the IS Islamofascists, showing a young boy murdering two kneeling hostages by shooting them in the head.

Is that a rhetorical question, Jason? Because I get the impression you know enough about Islam by now, to know that if anything, they're probably 'liking' and 'sharing' that particular piece of Death Porn. - CM

'They must be angry, too, when that child, looking no older than ten, raises his arm in praise and triumph to his god as he steps over the corpses and walks away.

'And here we are, treading carefully over a cartoon.

'So sick and out of proportion is the situation that newspapers are considered brave for reprinting the latest "Charlie Hebdo" cover, with the forbidden front page.

'In Australia, some media outlets have elected not to - they say out of religious respect, I'd say, cowardice.

'Then again, you're not dealing with an army of letter-writing complainers.

'Radical Muslims have a tendency to overreact when upset.

Understatement.  One small correction required: leave out the adjective and just cut straight to the chase -  Muslims have a tendency to overreact when upset.  And there are so many, many things that seem to upset them, or that they seize upon as an excuse to attack whilst claiming offence.  Because the bottom line is that the mere existence of everything and anything not-Islam is a casus belli. - CM

'It's why many Western nations such as ours continue to dance around the real issue and tolerate the intolerant. 

'On Monday morning ABC TV news showed its respects to the religion of peace when it launched into tolerance overdrive.

'They were about to screen footage of the French magazine's front page when the lady co-host pre-empted what was about to happen, with a disclaimer: "And, if you feel you'll be offended by this image, please look away now, or ...switch off."

'The presenters then looked at each other righteously, nervously nodding in agreement, paused for a few seconds, and the show went on.

'I assume this will be the ABC's new benchmark, when they air offensive stuff on all religions.  Doubt it.

'Ultra-tolerance has many in the Australian media confused to the point of embarrassment.  The public is well aware we have a problem.  Many Muslims would agree (really? how many, exactly? - on what do you base this pious hope, Mr Morrison, you who are otherwise so sensible? have you had a look at the results of the various Pew Research Forum surveys of Muslim attitudes worldwide? - CM) but switch on your TV and you're almost talked out of it.

'We saw it this week on Channel 7's "Sunrise" when Andrew O'Keefe appeared to be almost in denial of the need for a discussion.

'News Corp columnist Rita Panahi argued there was a failure to confront jihadist elements within the Islamic faith. O'Keefe barely let her finish the sentence.

'In some corners of the media it's become fashionable to look the other way.

'The 'acceptable' thing to say is that the extremist dimension of Islam (that is, "the number of Muslims who take Islam fully to heart" - CM) is tiny, despite adequate evidence that it's not so small.

'Who were the hundreds marching down the city streets during the 2012 Hyde Park Muslim riots?  Remember thugs armed with baseball bats? The signs "behead those who insult the prophet"?  The rows of riot police required to restore order.  

"Who are the 150 or so so-called Australians who've taken up arms to fight for IS?

'Stupidly, we've let 20 of them come home.

Not, "come home".  Rather, "we've let 20 of them back in through our gates". - CM

'What about the dozen men spending their lives in maximum security, convicted of plotting acts of terrorism (that is, of violent mass-murderous Jihad - CM) on Australian soil - mass murders that would have happened, had the authorities not got to them first.

'And then there are the now weekly counter-terrorism raids happening in suburbs all over the map.

'It is even fashionable to believe [that the] Martin Place terrorist (sic - rather, "Jihad ghazi raider" - CM) Man Monis was not a terrorist at all, just a "lone wolf" - ignoring [the fact] that he had 14,000 followers of his anti-Australian rants on Facebook.

'The few politicians who dare to question the growth of radical Islam (sic: rather, 'real Islam' or just, "Islam" - CM) in our community are branded alarmist.  Commentators who raise the issue are portrayed as racists.

'I'm not going to insult your intelligence with the usual disclaimer that not everyone who is a Muslim is an extremist (that is, an openly declared and active combat jihadist - CM).  Of course they are not.

Yet.  But they can - and some will -  become so. And there is no way of telling which currently-apparently-nondangerous Muslims will suddenly Go Jihad on us and which will not; all we know for sure is that some - perhaps quite a lot - will do so, sooner or later. Or their children, or their grandchildren. Got Muslims? Got Jihad. - CM

'That said, there are enough people committed to a violent take on that religion (committed, that is, to the complete Imitatio Mohammedi - CM) to pose a threat, and it's about time we had the courage to at least talk about the problem.  It's in all our interests to weed it out.

If we had never permitted any Muslims inside the gates of Australia, the problem would be a great deal smaller, because it would be entirely a problem of defending the borders rather than of trying to deal with a massive - and rapidly expanding, and ever more aggressive - Fifth Column. - CM

'Hearing people rationalise that perhaps the French cartoonists brought this on themselves, and the French agitated the situation by banning the burqa in public, just shows how far this has all turned and how frightened many have become.

'If that's your view, you are no better than the idiot who thinks the pretty girl in the short skirt in the bar is asking to be raped.

'Australia needs to grow up and wake up to the problem before it grows to a level that's unbeatable.

'We have to date been well served by our police and security agencies, but let down by a reluctance to debate and deal with what's really happening."

What's happening is Islamisation, a process that is clearly explained for us by ex-Muslim Patrick Sookhdeo in two books, "Islam in Britain" and "Faith, Power and Territory", and by another ex-Muslim, Sam Solomon, in his books "The Mosque and Its Role in Society" and, most important of all, a book that should be on the desk of every  non-Muslim journalist, politician, policeman, soldier, diplomat and religious leader in the west and beyond the west - "Al Hijra: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration".  And the killings of critics of Islam, in order to silence those who might raise the alarm - and in order to terrorise other non-Muslims in the targeted society - and the killings of Jews, again in order to terrorise and weaken the targeted society, are part of the programme that is laid out in the Sunnah. - CM

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