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Singapore Arrests Aussie-Passport-Holding Muslim for Inciting Jihad, Promoting Islamic State

As reported for the ABC by Sarah Hawke.

An illustration of exactly why it is a bad idea for countries such as Australia to admit Muslims inside the gates and grant them citizenship.  The only silver lining here is that this Mohammedthug retained his Singapore citizenship when he took out Aussie citizenship, so he is as much Singapore's problem as ours; and Singapore keeps a much tighter lid on their Muslim colony than Australia does.

'Australian Citizen Arrested in Singapore for Promoting Terrorism, Islamic State'.

'An Australian citizen (sic: An Aussie-passport-holding Muslim - CM) has been detained by Singaporean authorities for terrorism-related activities including promoting the Islamic State (IS) militant group (sic: Jihad gang - CM) and armed jihad.

'Zulfikar Mohamad Shariff, who is a Singaporean man (sic: say, rather, "a Singapore-resident and Singapore-passport-holding Muslim" - CM) who lived in Australia for 14 years (but should never have been admitted inside the gates - CM) has been detained under Singapore's Internal Security Act.

'A statement from Singapore's Ministry of Home Affairs said he had embarked on a path of radicalisation (he was already Going Jihad - CM) before resettling his family in Australia in 2002 (so he flitted here from Singapore, did he, because he was making Singapore too hot for himself?  What did the Singapore authorities know about him in 2002 or before and did they drop any hints to our Aussie authorities at the time of his departure to Australia?  If they did drop a hint and we ignored it and blithely let him in anyway we are at fault; if they knew but didn't indicate he was a dodgy customer, then I think we ought to be having words with them. - CM) and that Zulfikar Shariff had ongoing contact with radical preachers (sic: Muslim revivalists - CM) including Melbourne-based Musa Cerantonio (that should be "including Melbourne-based convert to Islam Musa Cerantonio" - CM).

'The ministry has accused the 44 year old (nota bene: there is no way this creature can be 'spun' as a naive and deluded 'youth' - CM) of encouraging online followers to use violence if necessary to establish a global Islamic caliphate.

Establishing a global Islamic caliphate is what Islam is all about and what Islam has sought, by hook or by crook, from the beginning. Total world domination by Muslim despots, with the sharia forced upon all human beings willy nilly. - CM

"To this end, Zelfikar had actively looked into holding training programs aimed at radicalising (sic: recruiting - CM) young Singaporeans (that should be, "young Singapore-resident Muslims" - CM) so that they would be persuaded into joining his extremist agenda", the statement said.

Not extremist; striving to establish a global sharia despotism is what every Muslim is supposed to be doing. - CM

'Zulfikar had made use of social media to propagate and spread his radical messages".

His revivalist messages.  He's all about that traditional old-time religion: jihad fi sabil allah. - CM

'The statement said Zelfikar has dual Singaporean and Australian citizenship as do three of his children and he has made numerous trips to Singapore since 2002.

Problem: neither Singapore nor Australia want this creature nor do we want his children, who have undoubtedly been pickled from birth in the undiluted hatred and aggression of the Religion of Blood and War.  - CM

'However, his wife and other children are not Singaporean citizens, the statement said.

Question: so the wife and the other children have Australian citizenship?  Of what background is the wife?  And 'other children'?  This means he has at least five little or not-so-little jihadis-in-training, their heads stuffed full of hatred for and contempt toward the filthy Unbelievers. What a delightful family.  Not.  What to do with them?  They represent a present and future mortal peril to our infidel polities.  Dear Singapore: it seems to me that the best course of action would be to modify our respective laws so that jihadis like this can, in future, lose their infidel-country citizenship and be dropped off on the beach in places such as Libya, Somalia or Yemen. - CM

"Zulfikar and his family have been receiving state grants and unemployment benefits from the Australian Government", the statement said.

Sponging off the filthy kuffar, and probably viewing these grants and benefits as jizya.  I wonder whether this creep, his wife, or any over-17-years-old children have ever done a tap of work in Australia, since arriving on our shores in 2002. Probably not.  And why the hell was he or his spawn ever granted citizenship??  Or even allowed to migrate here, in the first place?  That is the question that needs to be asked, over and over, of the relevant parliamentarians and civil servants. -  CM

'The Government also released a photo of Zelfikar and his children posing in front of a flag with Islamic writing on it (in other words: either the Islamic State flag, or else a Caliphate banner; and I bet the writing is the Shahada - CM) which they said he had posted on Facebook.

Ah, Facebook. It does have its uses; it entices all and sundry - including actual and wannabe jihadis - to "let it all hang out" in public.  Where it can be seen by absolutely everyone, including assorted government spooks. - CM

'Singapore's Straits Times newspaper has reported that some of his posts contributed to the radicalisation of at least two other Singaporeans (that is: "some of his posts helped recruit for Jihad at least two other Singapore-resident Muslims" - CM).

'The ABC understands that Zulfika Shariff is a final-year doctorate student at La Trobe University in Melbourne.

One wonders what his thesis is about.  Those in charge at La Trobe University need to be asked some loud and pointed questions about the Muslim 'students' on campus, and what those students might be getting up to, and whether such 'students' are, in the long run, worth the mortal risk that they pose to many, many people. - CM

'In March, while stil in Australia, he told Radio Australia that there was discrimination against Muslims in Singapore and he had no faith in the country's judicial system.

Translation: Singapore very rightly keeps a close and beady eye upon its large Muslim colony - which comprises about 15 percent of the population - and does not allow them to get away with much.  Which is why, I suspect, this character shot through to Australia... he saw that we were (then, in 2002, and alas, still now) less informed about Islam and therefore softer and more easily fooled. He has gamed the system and soaked us for a considerable sum of money - all those 'grants and benefits' - whilst no doubt engaging in campus dawa and the usual whining and victim-monging. Personally,  I think Australia should annul his Australian citizenship and that of his three dual-citizen offspring, and allow the Singaporeans to deal with him and his as they see fit. And I do not think our authorities should go out of their way to provide him with any sort of diplomatic assistance. He's a jihad gang boss and he shiould never have been allowed into Australia and he should not have been granted citizenship; and whoever was supposed to do background checks into his character and antecedents prior to his gaining citizenship clearly did not do a proper job. -  CM

'It is not clear why he returned to Singapore.

'The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has been contacted by the ABC for comment, but has not responded as yet."

To repeat: this story illustrates perfectly why a ban on the immigration of Muslims makes perfect sense.  No Muslims admitted inside the gates would mean no welfare-scrounging jihad-inciting caliphate-pushing Zulfikar Sharifs and their ilk, raising their little mohammeds and aishas as a potentially-mass-murderous Fifth Column. - CM

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