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Rally for Asia Bibi to Be Held in Sydney, Australia, on 24th November

An opportunity for any Australian readers of this blog who live in or within practicable travelling distance of Sydney, to stand up and be counted.  To register their support for and solidarity with a victim of the Mohammedan Mob. And in so doing, to demonstrate that there are many in our country who are not grovelling, terrified Dhimmis and appeasers or bought-off collaborators or deluded Useful Idiots.

As advised by the British Pakistani Christian Association's Wilson Chowdhry, who begins by offering some background on the case.

"Australians Rally for Asia Bibi".

"In 2009, Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian woman, was wrongfully accused of and then convicted and sentenced to death by hanging in 2010, pursuant to Pakistan's draconian blasphemy laws.

Which arise directly from and are based upon the sharia of Islam.  Mohammed ordered and approved of the murder of anyone - adherent or non-adherent - who dared to criticise or question or mock him or hs new cult or its teachings and practices.  Muslims have been attacking and killing "blasphemers" ever since, and not only within the dar al Islam, as was demonstrated by the Muslim mass murder of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists in the midst of Paris, France, and the Muslim murder - in broad daylight - of Theo Van Gogh in the Netherlands.  It is because of the blasphemy law of Islam - the absolute inability of this religion of blood and war to tolerate any opposition or gainsaying whatsoever - that huge mobs of Muslim men swarm in the streets of Pakistan, howling for the blood of one little Christian woman, poor and powerless, who merely stated that she preferred to follow Jesus rather than Mohammed. - CM

"She spent eight years languishing in solitary confinement in squalid and inhumane conditions on Pakistan's death row.  The blasphemy laws are often used as a weapon to vilify, victimise and marginalise an already hurting minority.

"Two of her biggest supporters, Minorities Minister Shahbaz Bhatti and former Governor of Punjab, Salman Taseer, were both assassinated for advocating for her.  Taseer was shot in the back 27 times by his own security detail.

"Recently, in October of this year, the Supreme Court of Pakistan acquitted Asia Bibi. The panel, composed of three judges, upheld Pakistan's barbaric and draconian (and thoroughly Islamic - CM) blasphemy laws, but acquitted Asia on the grounds that the prosecution case was fraught with contradiction, error, and could  therefore not substantiate her conviction.

"Although she has been completely exonerated of all wrongdoing and is innocent, her fate and the fate of her family and associates remains in the balance.  Following her exoneration, thousands and thousands of protestors and rioters took to the street calling for the "blood" of Asia Bibi and her sympathisers.  Asia is currently being kept in an undisclosed location in Pakistan and is under Pakistani army protection.

On which I would not rely.  No Muslim can be entirely trusted.  After all, as Chowdhry has already told us, "Salman Taseer was shot 27 times by his own security detail.- CM

"There are currently countless extremists (that is: very pious Muslims who take Islam fully to heart, who are pious and orthodox and know well the precedent set by the assassinations of Kab bin Ashraf, Asma bint Marwan, and Abu Afak - CM) waiting like lions in their dens to lynch Asia and her family.

"Despite this abysmal predicament, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who claims to be a Christian, has denied Asia Bibi asylum.

Shame on him!!! What a display of grovelling dhimmitude and utter gutlessness.  -CM

"In an abhorrently admininstrative letter, the Australian government essentially told Asia to "Queue up".

"Given that two people have already been executed (sic: murdered by Muslim sharia assassins, the people that ex-Muslim Nonie Darwish dubbed "allah's enforcers" - CM) in the collateral of this case, and that there are an inordinate number of people waiting to kill her, forcing her to "queue up" is tantamount to throwing her to the lions and wolves waiting to kill her.

"Also, in light of the fact that Taseer was killed by his own security detail, who is to say that one of the people protecting (or should that be "protecting" ?  - CM) Asia Bibi won't go rogue (or decide they have to obey the sharia - CM) and kill her?  How much more blood must be spilt in this case?

"Why is Australia, lauded for its view on human rights and a member state of the United Nations since 1945, not intervening to prevent further bloodshed.

"It is also worth noting that the United Kingdom, headed by Prime Minister Theresa May, has also denied asylum to Asia Bibi.

"Given that asylum was immediately offered to Malala Yousaf Zai (who was a Muslim - CM) one can only extrapolate that the UK has capitulated to the extremists.

Or that far too many of those in charge of it (or in charge of the Foreign Office) love Muslims and despise Christians. - CM

"Why the sudden change of heart?  What sort of precedent does this set for other persecuted minorities if the UK won't take a stand against extremists (sic: not 'extremists'; let's just say, "the Muslim Mob" - CM) and extend help to this vulnerable woman.

"The British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCAO headed by Wilson Chwodhry is h eading to Australia to hold peaceful vigils and demonstrations to help free Asia Bibi and save her from an abysmal fate...

"Wilson Chowdhry said - "This vigil is important.  Countries across the globe are exhibiting fear in offering an innocent woman asylum, frightened that in doing so their embassies and realms will be attacked by extremists.

Rather: "will be attacked by the Muslim Mob."  The solution to this is 1/ to ramp back one's diplomatic and other relations with Muslim-majority OIC member countries, reducing them to the barest minimum, and making sure that one's few remaining diplomatic outposts, strategically placed, can be massively defended against all comers and 2/ taking immediate steps to reduce the size and therefore dangerousness of the Muslim fifth column within one's gates, beginning by ending all Muslim immigration and expelling all non-citizen Muslims forthwith, first the obvious criminals and illegals, and then all those on any sort of 'terrorism watch list'. -  CM

"Never in my life have I seen such vehement hatred focussed on one person.  If she steps out of a door in Pakistan she will be instantly ripped apart by the mobs seeking her life.

Ripped apart.. as a couple of Jews were, not so many decades ago, ripped apart by a howling lynch mob of Muslim Arabs activated by exactly the same ecstatically murderous hatred of anybody, anybody at all who is not a Muslim.  Mobs.  Huge male mobs.  All over Pakistan. Slavering mobs of thousands and thousands of howling mohammedan males who desire nothing so much as to tear to shreds and trample into bloody pulp one little woman who dared to merely quietly express her preference for Jesus rather than their long-dead warlord and cult leader.  Yet the Useful Idiots still bleat that it's only a "Tinyminorityofextremists", and that it has nothingtodowithIslam... - CM

"If ever a woman has deserved asylum it is Asia Bibi who has lost nine and a half years of her life to a false allegation of blasphemy; she has been acquitted by the highest court in the land, and now the Government of Pakistan must do the right thing and set her free.

"If Pakistani security forces cannot (or will not... CM) protect your embassies, then perhaps it is time to cut diplomatic and economic ties - making Bibi suffer is disgraceful.

Yes.  And.. there's no 'perhaps' about it. Rather, it is high time - long past time - for the UK, and Australia, and Canada, and the USA, and others also, to cut diplomatic and economic ties with Pakistan.  Treat hideous Islamic Pakistan (and many another hideous Islamic entity, not least, the abominable House of Saud, and Qatar, and Turkey, and not forgetting Indonesia, the whole boiling - CM) like North Korea.  Cut them off. Give them nothing.  Expel their agents and gang bosses and  fifth columnists and rabble rousers and the all-too-readily roused rabble of Muslim mobsters that has been wreaking havoc all over the lands of the non-Muslims. Don't buy their goods. Don't sell them anything at all.. least of all, military hardware and technical/ scientific education.  End ALL governmental aid, every last cent of it.  We would be no worse off and we might well be better off, to disentangle ourselves from the many dhimmi-like/ vassal-like relationships, with this or that member of the Mohammedan Mob, into which our countries have been cleverly 'groomed', much as a woman is 'groomed' by a pimp. - CM

"I pray that PM Scott Morrison and his colleagues commend Asia's bravery in not capitulating to the demands of Islamists and converting, knowing full well that holding onto her faith would destroy her life.

"Such bravery in the face of adversity should be honoured by those who believe in freedom of conscience - so, please, Australia, show your love for this woman, give her hope of safety, and open your doors for her to your wonderful country."

I am an Australian. I say, we need to open our doors to Asia Bibi and her whole family - even if it means providing a detachment of well-armed no-nonsense special forces blokes and their dogs to offer her 24-hour security for the rest of her life. And I will write to the PM to state that I, a citizen of Australia, believe that Australia must publicly offer Asia Bibi - and her family, her husband and children - asylum, and publicly commend this prisoner of conscience for her courage and faithfulness.  She has physically harmed no-one. She has broken no civil or moral law of any free non-Islamic country.  And if admitted into our country she and her family will live as peaceful and quiet Christian people, abiding by the law. Asia Bibi and her family.  She is the kind of immigrant we want; and we do not want, or need, even one more Muslim, for too many are and will turn out to be exactly like that Somali Muslim who very recently (having been admitted into Australia on the basis of his family's sob story) showed his absolute lack of gratitude toward his host country, and his utter contempt for us and our laws and morality, by deliberately murdering one of us and trying to murder others.  - CM

"The large vigil will be held in Sydney on Saturday 24th November, starting at 12 p.m. at the NSW Parliament House.  The vigil will then move peacefully through Martin Place and finish at the Pakistani Consulate on Pitt Street.

'Please come and join this peaceful vigil, supporting Asia Bibi.  Please stand with Asia Bibi, an innocent, persecuted Christian woman who desperately needs our help."

To repeat.

"The large vigil will be held in Sydney on Saturday 24th November, starting at 12 p.m. at the NSW Parliament House.  The vigil will then move peacefully through Martin Place and finish at the Pakistani Consulate on Pitt Street."

I have to confess that I live too far away to be able to travel to this vigil.   But I am publicising it here at New English Review in hopes that there might be Australian readers of this blog who do live within travelling distance, and can attend; and who may be able to spread the word to others of their acquaintance.  The more people turn up, the better. Ideally, there should be not tens, or dozens, or hundreds, but thousands.  The mohammedan mob can rally thousands and thousands of wild-eyed mobsters howling for blood; surely the sane and the free and the decent can find the will to rally in thousands, to stand with Asia Bibi, to demand that our government publicly offer her asylum and also muster the resources to offer her adequate protection, once she is here.  I would advise in addition that we should not only attend rallies and/ or sign petitions.  It is necessary also to write individually to MPs, the Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and Immigration Minister, to remind them about the sufferings of this innocent Christian woman - this courageous confessor of the faith - and to demand that our nation muster up some courage and publicly offer her and her family both asylum and, once here, protection. - CM


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