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Muslim yob who threatened to shoot and stab 'English pigs' at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre is spared jail

From the Daily Mail

A Muslim thug who threatened to gun down and stab staff and audience members at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre because 'he hated the English' has been spared jail.

August 30, he turned up at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford (then) Ryhan Ali, 23, launched into an expletive-ridden tirade and told shocked theatre employees that he was 'going to get a gun and kill English pigs' and called them 'scum'. And when police arrived to arrest him, he branded an officer a 'racist white c***'.

Prosecutor Edward Hollingsworth said: 'Mr Ali told security staff who spoke to him that he had gone there to hurt someone, saying he was going to take a knife into the theatre and talking of white people and Asians as 'scum.' 

'He ranted that he hated the English and was "going to get a gun and kill English pigs". One witness, appropriately called Mr Shakespeare, said Ali threatened that if anyone went near him, whether they were a man, a woman or a child, he would hurt them. 

Astonishingly, hours before his foul-mouthed rant Ali had appeared in court for racially abusing two security guards after flying into a rage at a hospital where he accused a security guard of 'not being a real Muslim'.

Ali had wandered into a ward from A&E and was sitting in a corridor. Security guards told him he should not be there and asked him to return to A&E. But he became verbally aggressive towards them, calling one of them 'English scum' and a 'white b*stard.' 

He referred to the other security guard as a 'Paki,' calling him a 'fake' and saying he was 'not a true Muslim.' Ali threatened to smash the glass in a fire alarm and threatened one of the guards that he would go to his house and rape his wife and kill his children. Eventually they took him by his arms and escorted him back to A&E where he continued abusing them and spat on the floor.

The court heard that on March 15 this year, while subject to a community order for earlier racially aggravated public order offences, he phoned his probation worker. Calling him a 'black b*****d', Ali told him: 'I'm not scared of you. I'm going to come next week and sort you out, you f***ing black bastard.'

On April 9 he made a 999 call where he hurled racist abuse at the call handler. She recognised his voice as a result of previous calls, and politely said: 'Hello Ryhan, how can we help you?' But he responded by calling her a 'white b****.'

At midnight on May 2, he made the 9th in a sequence of 999 calls, during which he was abusive towards the call-handler, using racist language and calling him a 'd***head' and a 'retard.' 

On Wednesday, he admitted racially aggravated offences, two of causing fear of violence and one of causing alarm or distress to people at the theatre. Ali, of Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, also pleaded guilty to three charges of malicious communication.

But he walked free after he was given a 12-month prison sentence, suspended for two years.

Judge Anthony Potter ordered him to carry out 80 hours of unpaid work and to take part in a rehabilitation activity for up to 30 days.Judge Potter told him: 'Sending you to prison would interfere with the care package which is in place.'

Any single one of those insults (let alone the threats)  against a person of colour would be enough to get a white person a jail sentence. 

Jonathan Jennings.  A "vile" racist who claimed Hitler was born "100 years too soon" has been jailed for 16 months. Jennings .. claimed Muslims should be "forcibly sterilised" and "sentenced to death". Sentencing Jennings, Judge Walters said his comments were "vile, venomous and words which would rightly outrage any decent human being".

Liam Stacey  A student has been jailed for 56 days for posting offensive comments on Twitter about the on-pitch collapse of Bolton Wanderers footballer Fabrice Muamba.  

Fabrice Muamba collapsed on the pitch and was believed to have died. Shortly after, Stacey posted on Twitter: 'LOL, Fuck Muamba. He's dead.'" 
After other Twitter users criticised Stacey, prompting him to post further offensive and racist comments, users reported him to police forces around Britain. Stacey branded people who criticised him on Twitter as "wogs" and told one to "go pick some cotton".

Barbara Fielding-Morriss, 79, was convicted of three counts of stirring up racial hatred at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court in June 2018. She was jailed for 12 months. In four blogs between September 2016 and September 2017, she included statements about how asylum-seeking Jews were like termites and made comments about mentally disabled migrant children, jurors were told. She also described Adolf Hitler as a good man and wished Great Britain to be "white only".

Recorder Taylor told Fielding-Morriss: "The fact you were standing in a general election as a parliamentary candidate aggravates this case, because you were putting views forward to an electorate." As she was led away, Fielding-Morriss, told the judge he had "completely ignored freedom of speech laws".
She sounds most unpleasant (British understatement here) but I don't think anybody feared for their immediate life at her hands.

If the generalised racist insults and non specific threats above merited the sentences they got, then surely Ali should have also received a custodial sentence (and don't get me started on looking at his eligibility for deportation) This may be a case for concerned members of the public to write to the Attorney General and ask for his low sentence to be reviewed.  The criteria are met; it was a Crown Court case (CC Warwick - I checked the cause list) and a crime  committed because of the victims race or religion. 

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