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Brisbane-Resident Muslim Arrested On Charge of Supporting Islamic State

As reported just yesterday by the ABC.  Their headline, of course, said nothing whatever about Islam.

"Terrorism Charge: Man to Face Court in Brisbane After Joint Police Raid on Property".

"A Brisbane man has been charged with attempting to support a terrorist organisation (translation: a Brisbane-resident Muslim has been charged with attempting to support Islamic State - CM) after a joint state and federal police team raided a house in the southern suburb of Algester on Tuesday.

"Alaa Adam Atwani is accused of supporting the Islamic State in Iraq in 2014 by providing "Sony Vegas video-editing software" to a relative who had travelled to the conflict zone.

A relative who had gone off to engage in the violent Jihad waged there against deemed-insufficiently-Islamic or other-sect Muslims and against the defenceless Christian and Yazidi minority communities. - CM

"Australian Federal Police (AFP) alleged Mr Atwani's relative (who? - and was he, too, the possessor of an infidel-country passport? - CM) was working for the "media unit" of the group.

Jihad of the pen, modern-day form thereof.  Engaging in propaganda: recruitment and incitement. - CM

'AFP assistant-commissioner Ian McCartney said the arrest had helped protect national security.

But if we really intend to protect ourselves against Jihad waged from within - and if we don't want to be used as a 'platform' from which the likes of Mr Atwani and his relative can operate - then we have to stop, and also begin to reverse, the hijra, the immigration-invasion, the establishment and expansion - within our gates - of the Fifth Column of the Ummah or Mohammedan Mob, the Empire of Islam. We have to stop letting known and declared Muslims into our country.  If Mr Alaa Adam Atwani, or his parents, had never been allowed to settle in Australia in the first place, then all the expensive surveillance, and the expensive raid - chewing up men, money and time - and any other expenses incurred after that, would not have been necessary, because we would not have a Muslim like Mr Alaa Adam Atwani sitting in a leafy suburb of Brisbane, giving aid and comfort to the mass-murderous global Jihad. - CM

"We will allege that the support this man provided was tangible and would directly assist a terrorist organisation with its objectives", he said.

Waging jihad.  Some do the hands-on 'wet-work', the head-chopping and throat-slitting and back-stabbing, the kidnappings and rapes and robbings and enslavements; others exult over it all and cheer it on from afar, and give material assistance by whatever means they can. - CM

'According to court documents, police alleged the offence occurred in Sydney between late October and early November in 2014.

I wonder what Mr Atwani has been getting up to since then? - CM

'Rohith Rajana, who lived above Mr Atwani in a semi-detached house, said the man only moved in a few months ago and kept to himself.

"I had no clue... he was just quiet, he said.

So many, many accounts of the arrests of Muslims who have been found to be either actively plotting to carry out violent mayhem on their own account, or else - like Mr Atwani - cheering on violent mayhem from the sidelines and giving financial or other material assistance to those engaged in wreaking it - include this sort of thing.  "I had no clue... he was just quiet".   - CM

'Neighbour Dharam Singh said he was shocked to hear about the arrest.

You're a Sikh, mate, judging from your name.  If you knew this man was a Muslim, then you are the very last person who should be shocked to discover that a Muslim neighbour has been arrested on charges of aiding and abetting violent jihad. - CM

"[I am] 100 percent surprised.  We used to think it was really peaceful and quiet here, it's shocking, to be honest", he said.

I'm sure that it was really peaceful and quiet, once; but then the Muslim or Muslims - adherents of the Religion of Blood and War - moved in... The story of planet earth throughout the past 1400 years of Global Jihad. - CM

'Neighbours said they believed Mr Atwani was an engineer who did not spend a lot of time at home.

'Assistant-commissioner Peter Fleming from the Security and Counter-Terrorism Command said the extremist groups used the internet to "exploit" and recruit people.

Clarification: the most pious and devout Muslims use the internet to rally the troops for Jihad.  However, it's not just the internet.  Jihad and incitement to jihad have been going on for 1400 years, and the mosque is where it's at.  I hope that you're investigating whatever mosque or mosques this bloke - and his family, if he has family here - attends or attended. - CM

"The aim of extremists is to divide us and to turn our citizens against each other - but we will not let them win", Assistant-Commissioner Fleming said.

What on earth are you burbling about, Mr Fleming?  If you had ever bothered to crack open a Quran, not to mention take a look at the Sira or the Bukhari and Muslim Hadiths, you'd discover that Islam divides the whole world into two parts: the dar al Islam, dominated by Muslims and governed, more or less, and ideally entirely, by the sharia of Islam; and the dar al Harb, the Zone of War, where dwell all as-yet-unsubjugated humans, those who are not Muslims, following non-Islamic belief systems and governing themselves by non-Islamic laws and customs, and where Muslims do not yet rule, absolutely.  And a Muslim is supposed to hate and despise non-Muslims qua non-Muslims; to practise al-wala wa al-bara, Loyalty (to fellow Muslims, only) and Enmity (toward kuffar qua kuffar).  The Quran is full of commands to Muslims to not befriend or make alliance with non-Muslims.  "Enmity and hatred" is the prescribed attitude (until and unless the hated, despised non-Muslim 'breaks' and converts to Islam). Have you ever even heard of Joseph Schacht, Mr Fleming?  He knew a great deal more about islam than you appear to know, and in his "An Introduction to Islamic Law" he stated that "the basis of the Islamic attitude towards unbelievers is the law of war.  They must be converted, or subjugated, or killed".  The 'extremists' - I assume you mean by this, Mr Fleming, in this context, the jihad gang bosses - are perfectly traditional and pious Muslims.  And all we need to do to be a target of their hatred, contempt and aggression, is to be.. not Muslim, living as part of a non-Muslim society. The aim of the extremists is to arouse and encourage their fellow Muslims to engage in aggression against the dirty kuffar'; to keep on working - by whatever means, including infiltraton and subversion, smiles and wiles such as are practised by the two sunnily-smiling muslimahs who have gotten themselves elected to Federal Parliament just this last week - toward the ultimate goal, a global sharia despotism. - CM

'Police also offered their assurance that there was no ongoing threat to the Queensland public.

Piffle. So long as there are Muslims and mosques in Queensland - which there are, not a few - there is an ongoing threat to the Queensland public.  Mr Atwani was not the first jihad-related arrest we have had and I very much doubt that he will be the last.  There will be other plotters and plots, other aiders-and-abettors of Jihad (whether to be waged here or abroad), and ongoing incitement-and-recruitment.   Got Muslims? Got Jihad. - CM

'Assistant-Commissioner McCartney said the arrest highlighted the strong working relationship between Australia's law-enforcement agencies.  "The AFP is committed to working with national security and law enforcement partners to identify all criminality associated with Australians (sic: Aussie-passport-holding Muslims - CM) who illegally travelled to participate in the conflict (to take part in the jihad of the sword - CM) in Syria and Iraq", he said.

"Mr Atwani was also revealed as a former Queensland police recruit.

Yup. Infiltration and subversion: attempted, in this particular case, it seems, but not successful. I wonder why "former"? - We should not be recruiting Musilms for the police or the military.  Between 1939 and 1945 we would not have sought to recruit adherents or admirers of Nazism, into our police and military! -  CM

'A spokesperson from the Queensland Police Service (QPS) said it was not at liberty to discuss the nature of each specific case.

"[The] failure to disclose relevant information may result in the termination of a recruit's contract", the QPS spokesperson said.

"Mr Atwani appeared briefly in Richlands Magistrates Court this morning.'

"There was no application for bail and he was remanded in custody.

"His case is due for mention in court again next months, when Mr Atwani is expected to appear via video link."

I wonder how many other Mr Atwanis we have out there, lurking in leafy corners of Infidel suburbia, keeping a low profile and biding their time, all the while behind closed doors gloating over the beheading videos, the mass murders and rapes and kidnapping and forced-conversions, and steadily working, by whatever means they can find to hand, to further the expansion of the Ummah and achieve its local, regional and global dominance?  Probably many, many more than the likes of Assistant-Commissioner Fleming would ever dare to allow themselves to imagine. - CM







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