Wednesday, 31 January 2018
Trial of Darren Osborne draws to a close

All week I have been following the trial of Darren Osborne, the man charged with murder and attempted murder after the van he appeared to be driving hit a group of Muslim worshippers who were leaving the Muslim Welfare House near the Finsbury Park Mosque. Makram Ali died and others have been injured long term. 

The left-leaning Independent has had a senior reporter, one Lizzie Dearden, at the trial at the Crown Court Woolwich every day liveblogging,  they regard this as so much more important than any other of the many terrorist trials and murder trials of the past year. 

On the first day she was anxious to tell readers that Osborne had recently watched the BBC Docudrama Three Girls about the abuse victims in Rochdale; that he had read articles on Lee Rigby, the Manchester Arena bombing and other grooming gangs AND that in the hours before the attack he had received messages from both Tommy Robinson and Jayda Fransen of Britain First. It was later clarified, after Tommy's lawyer intervened, that these were not personal messages, but that Osborne had read general messages available to all, in Tommy Robinson's case through Rebel Media. Tommy's lawyer must wait until the end of the trial before she can call up a transcript of what was said in the first instance; she will then know whether to direct the complaint to the Crown Prosecution Service, or if their remarks were not correctly reported but shaded with bias to the Press Complaints Commission about the Independent. Time will tell. That is, at the moment, a side issue. 

We have had descriptions of the incident, how the crowd looked likely to tear Osborne apart had an Imam not stepped in insisting that he must stand a proper trial. There has been reporting of Osborne's remarks upon arrest. 

Among the victims whose accounts were heard were a disabled man who was knocked out of his wheelchair, a deaf man, a victim who suffered a fractured skull and one whose artificial leg was run
over in the attack.

He pleaded not guilty and his defence began yesterday and continued today. He set out from Wales in the hire van with the intention of  murdering Jeremy Corbyn who he anticipated would be attending the Al Quds march to Grosvenor Square that afternoon and hopeful that Sadiq Khan would also be nearby (neither of them were there - however I was, observing) He couldn't get near, he got lost, eventually he found his way into Jeremy Corbyn's constituency and the Finsbury Park Mosque is a well-known name. 

He maintains that he was helped by some friends 'Dave' and 'Terry Jones'. 

Osborne told Woolwich Crown Court he had been planning to set up a Welsh far-right group with Dave and another man, Terry Jones, to be called the Taffia.

That joke was old when I was a child. I don't think he is giving his trial and his actions the seriousness they deserve. 

Osborne admitted he had earlier been driving the van, but claimed he was in the footwell of the passenger seat removing his trousers before the moment of impact.

Defence barrister Lisa Wilding QC said: "Did you know who was the driver of the van?" Osborne replied: "A guy called Dave."

Osborne was asked by Jonathan Rees QC how he could explain why he was the only person seen on CCTV getting out of the van after the collision. Mr Rees said: "And Dave may be a funny fella, but he is not a magician is he?"

Osborne replied: "He's like Dynamo, an illusion. An illusionist. He can make himself vanish perhaps. I don't know."

Darren Osborne in the witness box with defence barrister Lisa Wilding QC (right) at Woolwich Crown Court

The summing up will be tomorrow and then the jury will go out to deliberate. I do believe we are in a war, undeclared, but then the Cold War was never declared either.  The taking of human life is not a matter for levity or lightness. We are better than that. Murder is wrong. But lets wait for the verdict. 

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Wednesday, 31 January 2018
Men accused of catalogue of sex offences in Oxford found not guilty

This is unexpected and disappointing news from Oxford. There have been reporting restrictions since even before the trial started in September. I was trying to get a broad idea of progress from one of the court listing websites, and there was one, single, news report in December. 

In December the list said that verdicts were awaited,  and then the trial continued into January. Now the Oxford Mail and BBC Oxford report

EIGHTEEN men charged with a catalogue of sex offences against teenage girls have been found not guilty, it can now be revealed. After being charged with a number of sex offences, seven men were acquitted in December. If a Jury acquits, well I believe in Trial by Jury so that verdict has to be accepted. 

Then, last week, the Crown Prosecution Service dropped its cases against the others so they were found not guilty.

A legal restriction previously prevented reporting of the first trial. The cases related to alleged offences committed against three girls between 2008 and 2015.

The seven defendants acquitted in December were: Shabir Dogar, 23, Shabaz Khan, 24, Shohab Dogar, 23, Yasin Hamid, 20, Usman Iddris, 24, Joseph Suraina, 23 and Ajay Kumar-Lal, 22, all from Oxford.

The remaining 11 men were due to face trial this month - however, the CPS dropped its case as it did not feel there was a sufficient chance of conviction.

At a hearing at Blackfriars Crown Court, not guilty verdicts were formally recorded for the 11 defendants on all counts, ahead of the planned start of their trial this week. The authorities took the case out of Oxford and into central London in order to drop it. I wonder why???

This meant Qamran Hafiz, 25, of Danesmoor, Banbury, Atiq Hussain, 24, of Avenue Road, Banbury, Tafail Mohammed, 24, of East Close, Banbury and Marcelo Suarez, 21, of Hillside Close, Banbury, Leon Cole, 20, of Alma Road, Banbury, Ahsan Raza, 20, of Churchill Road, Birmingham, Abdul Safraz, 32, of Deacon Way, Banbury, Nasser Younis, 38, of Sandford Green, Banbury, and Atique Akhtar, 24, Aamir Arfi, 24, and Waquas Hussain, 24, all three of no fixed abode, were then found not guilty.

The CPS insisted its decision to drop the case was not related to a failure in disclosure.  Spokesman Rob Singh said: “At a hearing on January 25 at Blackfriars Crown Court, London, prosecutors offered no evidence in the case, following a further review which concluded there was no longer a realistic prospect of conviction. This is not a disclosure failure. There was a proper and thorough approach to disclosure. This decision has been reached as part of the process of continuing review.”

Senior investigating officer, Detective Chief Inspector Mick Saunders, said the force will review its investigation.

". . . Thames Valley Police accepts the decision of the CPS not to proceed with the second linked trial and to offer no evidence in respect of the defendants in that case. We will review the investigation, as we would in all such cases, to identify whether there is any learning for future investigations of child sexual exploitation. . . We commend the courage of those who come forward to report abuse and will continue to endeavour to bring to justice those who are responsible for the crimes.”

Fine words. But I am informed that the victims are very upset, and that other victims are now reluctant t come forward. There was very little reporting of the allegations, but from what I have been told, in my opinion the level of sadism was comparable to that shown to the jury during the Operation Bullfinch trial. 

The trial of these men arrested under Operation Rolo continues in Oxford. 

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Wednesday, 31 January 2018
Failing Support for Israel among U.S. Democrats

by Michael Curtis

Imagine all the people living life in peace, a brotherhood of man. A world without barriers, religious, and national divisions was the dream of John Lennon in his highly successful solo song, Imagine. Yet, just as it is difficult to imagine this millionaire rock star living without possessions it is even more difficult to imagine American politics at present as an example of the world living as one.

The reality is that partisan antipathy between Democrats and Republicans in US politics is stronger than ever, and becoming more ideologically polarized. The proportion in each party with a highly negative view of the opposing party has more than doubled over the last twenty years. As a generalization, Democrats have been moving to the left, while Republicans are moving to the right.

Personalities affect political attitudes and the present split between the parties on Israel, was influenced by the attitude of President Barack Obama toward Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and by Democratic antipathy towards Donald Trump and his role in the White House. Among Republicans, 52% have a favorable impression of Netanyahu, while only 18% of Democrats do so. Nevertheless, the differing party views on Israel go beyond these personalities.

In general, American public opinion is favorably inclined toward Israel, with 46% of Americans saying they sympathize more with Israel than with Palestinians who got 16% approval. To some extent there has been a decline in sympathy for both sides, but a recent survey by the Pew Research Center portrays a significant shift in the views of the two political parties.

The surprise in this results from the fact that an axiom of American politics is that Jews vote Democratic in larger proportion than any other religious group. It is still broadly true, as Milton Himmelfarb joked in 1973 that Jews earn like Episcopalians but vote like Puerto Ricans. In 2012, Barack Obama received 69% of the Jewish vote while George Romney got 30%. In 2016, Hillary Clinton got 71% of the Jewish vote while Donald Trump received 24%. A generation ago in 1992, Bill Clinton won with 80% of the Jewish vote to the 11% of George H. W. Bush.

The Pew report issued in January 2018 indicates the growing gap between the two parties towards Israel. Its main finding is the reduced support for Israel by Democrats while Republican support has risen dramatically and is at all-time high. The divide is getting stronger. In 2001, 50% of Republicans expressed sympathy for Israel; in January 2018 it was 79%. In contrast, in 2001 38% of Democrats expressed sympathy; 2018 it declined to 27%.

The crucial finding of the Pew report is this very strong support of Republicans and the reduced support of Democrats for Israel. This was a change from the last Pew report in its April 2016 survey. That found that 43% of Democrats were more sympathetic to Israel. Earlier surveys, one by Gallup, found in 2011 that 57% of Democrats sympathized with Israel.

How to explain the reduction in Democratic support of Israel? First, there are differences in the Democratic party. Moderate and Conservative Democrats favor Israel, 35-17 (in 2016 it was 57% Israel), but twice as many liberal Democrats 35-19, support the Palestinians more than they do Israel.

As one goes up the educational ladder, support for Israel declines. It is lowest among college educated, 42-27, and postgraduates, 39-22. This is likely the result of more active pro-Palestinian groups on campus but also exposure of younger people to teaching on campuses and information from the media, mainly leftist in inclination, and critical of Israel.

There are differences according to age. Millennials a generation ago, tended to sympathize more with Israel; now only 43% do so. They are the only generational cohort in which less than half sympathize more with Israel than with Palestinians, (27%). The highest approval of Israel, 56% to 13% for Palestinians, comes from those 65 and over. The lowest comes from the youth group, 18-29 who register 32 for Israel and 23% for Palestinians.

Among religious Americans, one thing is clear. The highest support for Israel comes from white Evangelical Christians, 76% to 5% for Palestinians. Evangelical and born- again voters represent the plurality of those who vote or lean Republican. It is they who pushed for the Trump administration to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Among mainstream Protestants Israel is favored 48-16; Catholics favor Israel 43 to 12. though Latino Catholics only do so by 36-25. Those who are unaffiliated to any religious organization are about even, 26% to 29%. 

There is some, though little, gender difference. Men are more likely, 50-17, to support Israel than are women, 42-14. Similarly, all ethnic groups do support Israel, but by different majorities.

One relevant fact in all this is that Israel was not an important issue for many Jews in voting. Only 8% mentioned it as one of their top two priorities in voting.

Another factor relative to views on Israel has to be put in context of a changing America. Current estimates are that there are about 3.45 millon Muslims living in the U.S..; they make up 1.1% of the total U.S. population. This is over a million more than in 2007: the increase is due to two factors; high fertility rates; and continued immigration into the U.S.

The Muslim population will grow fast, it is younger that than the general population, and within 20 years Muslims will replace Jews as the second largest religious group after Christians. The Muslim population has always been and remains strongly Democratic. In 2016, some two-thirds, 78%, voted for Clinton. More than two-thirds disapprove of Trump’s handling of the presidency. Only 13% declare they are Republican or lean towards it.

Interestingly, Muslim women are even more Democratic than men, 73%-59%. Muslims of all ages are Democratic, but the younger group, 18-29 are a little more Democratic than their elders. In summary, Muslims are more Democratic than the US public as a whole.

Israel has its faults but it is a democratic country, incorporating civil rights, free speech and assembly, religious freedom for all sects, a health care system, model of sexual toleration and feminism, welcoming immigrants, and moderate capitalism. How then can one explain the increasing shift of Democrats away from Israel, even accepting that animosity to Trump may be a significant factor?

First is the issue of identity politics. Liberal Democrats, accepting the Palestinian Narrative of Victimhood, see Palestinians as oppressed victims. They may be accepting the Palestinian argument that Israel is colonist, white, oppressors. Worse, they may be accepting the age-old myth of Jewish conspiracy. In this case, it is bewildering that 76% of Democrats compared with 25% of Republicans concur with the conspiracy that Israel has too much influence on US foreign policy. There are wide party differences on settlements in the West Bank and whether they are an impediment to peace.

Democrats minimize the contribution Israel has made to social justice and human rights, to the equality of rights for women, to free religious expression. Rather, Israel is seen as by the extreme democrats as white suprematists, deniers of minority rights and civil liberties, while Republicans appreciate that Israel is a strong ally, a democratic country that is a strategic partner of the U.S.

Political differences will stem from perceptions of policy decisions. In the light of decreasing Democratic support for Israel it is pertinent to assess the differences on the Trump decision on Jerusalem. A major challenge came from Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein in a letter to Trump on December 1, 2017. She stated that recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital would spark violence and embolden extremists on both sides. This in fact only happened to a small extent, and by one side. But more important was her thought that the decision might lead to another Intifada. Recall, she argued, that the second Intifada in 2000 was sparked by Ariel Sharon’s visit to the Temple Mount.

But this Palestinian propaganda story, accepted by Feinstein, has been denied by Palestinians themselves. The Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar stated that “President Arafat instructed Hamas to carry out a number of military operations in the heart of the Jewish state.” Even more convincing, Arafat’s widow, Suha, stated in an interview on Dubai TV  that Arafat had made a decision to launch the Intifada.

Democrats, particularly major figures in the party, should be more accurate in their assessment of Israel. That might change their perception of Israel.

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Tuesday, 30 January 2018
Lee Rigby tribute - update overnight

I found out this morning that the latest flags left in tribute over the weekend had been taken down by this morning. 
I am waiting to hear from a friend who lives locally whether the information that Greenwich council had said they would not remove them again was an error, or whether the council have renaged on their earlier promise. Now - The statement is believed to have been passed on in good faith, but mistaken. 

Local government has become very authoritarian in the last 20 years. Their obsession is with 'compliance'; they frequently outsource the important purpose of a council (street cleaning, maintenance, care of the elderly, gravedigging, lavatory attendant) but have well paid posts at the town hall (if you fit the criteria) for 'compliance officers'. It's Byzantine, dealing with them. 


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Tuesday, 30 January 2018
BBC Bias: Civitas report says ‘Auntie’ kept Brexiteer voices off the air for a decade

by Sally Ross

A report by the research think-tank Civitas has found that out of 4,275 guests discussing EU matters on BBC’s flagship Today program between 2005 and 2015, only 3.2 per cent (132) were pro-Brexit, even though there was good public support for withdrawal during the period. The Corporations coverage, it says, has consistently excluded voices of Eurosceptics. 

Entitled, The Brussels Broadcasting Corporation? the study revealed that in the six months following the EU referendum, only 10 (2.9 per cent) of 366 speakers featured on Today’s business news were supporters of Britain leaving the EU. 

*  *  *

Also, to be found at Breitbart LondonWhites need not apply

In addition to giving low priority to the opinions of Brexiteers, it seems that the BBC also ignores current studies showing Britain’s white working class to be at the bottom of the social ladder.

Recently it has been advertising positions open to everyone but white people; A tweet from BBC Newsbeat calling for a ‘Trainee Multi Media Journalist” says:

“This is a @_CreativeAccess scheme for people from a black, Asian or non-white ethnic minority background. Know anyone who’d be suitable? Share this with them!”  

Apparently, this is not the first time the publicly-funded broadcaster has posted ‘no whites’ advertisements, showing that the Corporation favors some Equal Opportunities over others. 

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Tuesday, 30 January 2018
High court dismisses Tablighi Jamaat’s plan to build Europe’s biggest mosque: report

From Pakistan Today , English language Pakistan newspapers Dawn and the International News  Nothing in the UK or London press...yet.

LONDON: A high court judge last week dismissed Tablighi Jamaat’s (TJ) plan to build Europe’s biggest mosque in East London and disallowed their plea for an appeal against the judgement,

...high court judge last week threw out their petition seeking suspension of an injunction for the demolition of a smaller mosque located on the site. The high court judge also disallowed the TJ plea for an appeal against the judgement reviving chances of the demolition of existing structures starting within weeks.

Only a restraining order from the European Court of Human Rights, where trustees had filed an application in the second week of this month, can save Masjid Ilyas and stop council bulldozers rolling into the 17-acre land...

In the absence of any restraining order from the European Court of Human Rights, the Newham Borough Council can start demolition of the mosque if it is not pulled down by the trustees within six months. The council can also initiate legal proceedings to get a CPO (Compulsory Purchase Order) if it faced resistance from the TJ trustees or their followers.

The trustees of Tablighi Jamaat have been directed to pay London Borough of Newham £22,207 as costs within four months and can be acted against if the payment is not made by Feb 23.

During the latest hearing of the case on Jan 19, the court was told that there was currently a mosque with a capacity for 2,500 worshippers and a large parking area on the site. A large number of Tablighi Jamaat members from different parts of London gather at the mosque every Thursday night for listening to sermons of senior clerics and go out for their missionary work involving door-knocking in different areas, inviting ordinary Muslims to mosque for prayers. There is unlikely to be any major disruption for the majority of TJ members as a group led by TJ’s London emir has already shifted Thursday weekly Mashwara or consultative meeting to 800-capacity old London Markaz in Tower Hamlet area.

Moiz-ur-Rahman, a representative of the trustees, informed the court that they were in touch with a group of developers and could sign agreements with it in days if given an opportunity with extension in the current suspension order. He said the TJ was a different organisation where all the decisions are made through consensus and after consultations with elders. He said that the trustees wanted to move fast but things were not in their control. The petition to suspend the demolition injunction for a period of one year was filed on behalf of three trustees of Tableeghi Markaz -- Solat Sikandar, Ibrahim Sheikh and Zulfiqar Ali.

Mr Rahman also informed the court that there would be considerable disturbance in the large number of people in the Muslim community as it catered to the large catchment area in and around Greater London Authority. He informed the court there was a possibility of return of protests previously organised by the Newham Community Alliance. 

The judge, however, disregarded the hardship resulting from the enforcement saying that the current activity at the site was unlawful and it had to stop and the court wanted to hold the trustees to account for legally binding undertakings they had given during the court proceedings in the past. The judge said that of the 12-month suspension period sought by the trustees, five months had also passed and there was very little progress on the part of trustees..

Alan Craig, campaign director of Newham Concern, a local group campaigning against the construction of 9,500-capacity mosque, told Dawn, "Tablighi Jamaat has procrastinated and delayed, has ridden roughshod over planning regulations and regularly broken the law. . . It is now time for Newham Council to send in the bulldozers and knock down the illegal temporary mosque on the site and liberate the land for a mixed use development that will benefit the whole community,”

Photograph E Weatherwax September 2012 

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Monday, 29 January 2018
Lee Rigby tribute - one week on...

Readers may remember that I reported a week ago about the gathering in Woolwich to replace tributes to Fusilier Lee Rigby, the British soldier murdered by jihadists on the streets of London in 2013. We left the area looking like this

All was good until Wednesday morning when a Greenwich council worker  (there may have been more than one) was spotted removing the flags and banners from the railings round the block of flats in Wellington Road, at the spot where he died.  My husband was in the area early on Thursday morning and photographed the site thus 

Everything except the flowers removed. To give credit where due the flowers were neatly relaid either on the wall or the junction box. However the mostly local people who would like a better memorial to Lee Rigby in or around the area where he worked (Woolwich Barracks) and died were not happy. The council worker who removed the flags was recognised and angry feelings were vented. The BBC went so far as to report 

A council worker has received death threats for taking down a memorial in tribute to murdered soldier Lee Rigby.

There are two errors to my knowledge in that BBC report. I'll call them 'errors' rather than lies because of something I will write about later, or maybe tomorrow. 

The first is this statement "Greenwich Council said it removed the shrine following requests from Mr Rigby's family."

Originally in the local press the council said that they were taking the flags down, and that they had informed the family "who had made no objection". Thats not the same thing at all. Local women who are part of the group calling for a memorial are in touch with Mrs Rigby. The menfolk keep the flags up to date and replaced should they tear. I do not know how the information was conveyed to Mrs Rigby but I doubt that she would object to removal and replacement of flags showing wear. 

The second is this one ""The council has worked with his [Lee Rigby's] family on how best to honour his memory and decided to install a plaque at St George's Garrison Church opposite the barracks."

This statement has been repeated in the news a lot. It sounds like a specific memorial, the sort of thing local people have been wanting. It isn't. It's a general tribute, an excellent memorial of its type, to service personel and civilians who have lived or served in Woolwich who have sacrificed their lives. Although it was put up in 2015 the list of names goes back to 1946, includes men who fell in the Korean War and the two men, one a soldier the other a bank clerk, who were killed in 1974 when the IRA bombed the pub on the corner of Wellington Road. Lee Rigby is the most recent; there is space for 3-4 more names before a third bronze tablet will be needed. I hope it never is but I expect it will be. 

Which leaves me pondering how much danger the council caretaker was in. In this  day and age when trades unions are more concerned with extracurricular activities than their member's job security he would have had little option but to carry out a senior official's order. The reaction that I heard was in our working class vernacular "I'd wring his blooming neck if I got hold of him..." but nothing to inspire real fear. If more sinister  and genuine threats were actually made then I cannot condone them. But all I heard was exasperation, and the other inaccuracies of that BBC report leave me unconvinced that he was in any danger. 

More people went along on Thursday afternoon, Friday and Saturday with more flags. By Saturday evening it looked like this - above left.

There is a petition which can be signed here,  and a deputation will be attending the Town Hall on Wednesday evening to repeat the request. The interim good news is that Greenwich Council have announced that they will not order the removal of the current display of flags. 

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Monday, 29 January 2018
Chesler on the Plight of Europe

Part 4 of a wide ranging conversation with the filmaker Gloria Greenfield broken into segments answering specific questions. Watch here.

And don't forget to order Dr. Chesler's new book, Islamic Gender Apartheid, from NER Press.

Part 1Part 2. Part 3.

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Monday, 29 January 2018
Laura Huhtasaari of Finland takes up the cudgels

by Sally Ross

Is the spirit of Boudica, the Queen of the British Celtic Iceni tribe who led a frenzied uprising against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire in AD 60 or 61, returning to contemporary Europe?

Maybe. At present a number of European women politicians seem to be taking up the cudgels against the predations of globalization, the EU, and inappropriate mass immigration. There is Anne Marie Waters in the UK, of course Marine Le Pen in France, and now out of Finland there emerges Laura Huhtasaari.

The 38-year-old Huhtasaari is young, silver-blonde and outspoken. She has made strong comments about homosexuality, immigration, and pro-Finnish nationalism, which seem to have broken the ice with the traditionally frozen mold of Finnish politics. Huhtasaari’s bombastic speeches have earned her the moniker of “Finland’s Marine Le Pen” in the local press, and though it is unlikely she will win elections any time soon, her candidacy has given encouragement to the idea that the autochthons of the European continent are finally beginning to stir. 

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Sunday, 28 January 2018
Labour tells its MPs: reject call to ban Hezbollah

From the Jewish Chronicle

Labour MPs have been advised not to push for Hezbollah to be banned in Britain because party leaders want to “encourage” the terrorist group “down an effective democratic path”.

The advice came ahead of a backbench debate on the issue on Thursday organised by Joan Ryan, a Labour MP and chair of the party's Friends of Israel group.

The briefing advises backbenchers: “There is a balance between making absolutely clear our abhorrence of using violence to achieve political ends and at the same time encouraging organisations down an effective democratic path.

“Full proscription could be a move against dialogue and meaningful peace negotiations in the Middle East.”

Ms Ryan will move a motion in the Commons noting Hezbollah’s “antisemitic ideology that seeks the destruction of Israel” and urging the government to add the group’s political wing to the list of proscribed organisations.

Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, described Hezbollah, and the Hamas terror group, as “friends” during a parliamentary meeting in 2009.

Jennifer Gerber, Labour Friends of Israel director, said: "It is sadly unsurprising that the Labour frontbench would issue a statement on Hezbollah which fails to support banning the terror group in its entirety, and which makes no reference to its virulent antisemitism, its desire to annihilate Israel and its appalling role in propping up Assad’s murderous regime in Syria. It is, moreover, utterly delusional to think that, having wreaked death and destruction throughout the region, Hezbollah can play any role in promoting peace..."

Photograph E Weatherwax Hezbollah flag in London June 2017

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Sunday, 28 January 2018
The War on Footnotes

by Rebecca Bynum

Lately I've noticed that publishers seem to be waging a war on footnotes. A few years ago, footnotes were moved to the end of the chapter and now many publishers are moving them all to the end of the book - out of sight and out of mind. Why? Are publishers afraid that footnotes will put people off somehow? 

Footnotes are essential to a scholarly work and add an entire dimension of their own with additional, often very interesting, information that helps to illuminate the text. When footnotes are hidden from the reader, the reader loses that extra dimension and it makes it very hard to gauge the scholarship of the work without easy access to the footnotes. Publishers used to understand this. What is going on?

New English Review Press will never surrender! Our footnotes are displayed proudly at the bottom of the page. We will never dumb down our books. Not now. Not ever.

Footnotes forever!

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Saturday, 27 January 2018
Hate probe as former mayor calls headmistress who banned the hijab in primary school an 'evil racist'

This is the former mayor of Muslim controlled Blackburn in Lancashire, not the Mayor of Newham, Sir Robin Wales, whose opposition to the proposed megamosque also brought him criticism from the agents of islamisation. From the Daily Mail

Salim Mulla is accused of being part of a hate campaign that targeted primary school headmistress Neena Lall.

As part of attempts to help children integrate into British society, she banned the Islamic headscarf and fasting for pupils under eight at St Stephen’s Primary in Newham, East London.

But the school is said to have been bullied into reversing the move after it received ‘ridiculous oppression and intimidation’ in emails and online comments from around the country.

Mr Mulla, a serving Labour councillor in Blackburn – some 240 miles away – is accused of being part of a campaign that led to Miss Lall caving in and her chairman of governors resigning.

In one Facebook post, he wrote: ‘Work needs to be done to get this evil woman out of school. She must go. She is racist bigot.’

Mr Mulla, who was mayor four years ago, was suspended by the Labour Party in 2016 over alleged anti-Semitic posts online. He was reinstated last year after being cleared by an investigation.

It follows revelations that Labour councillors who campaigned against the school ban have ties to the hardline Islamic group Muslim Engagement and Development (MEND), which claimed credit for the U-turn. MEND says its aim is to encourage Muslims to become more active in public life, but has been linked with speakers who have promoted jihad and homophobia.

Mr Mulla yesterday stood by his comments about Miss Lall, who is a Sikh. He said: ‘I think she was racist; she doesn’t understand the religion because she is not part of that religion. I spoke as an individual, I did not make the comment as a councillor or former mayor.’ I thought she was Sikh from her name, and her bearing (open, forthright, couragous) but didn't know for definite. And as for her not understanding islam, I believe she understands Islam only too well.  ‘I stand by the comment about the racist element, but I probably would retract that [calling Miss Lall evil].’

St Stephen’s, which is rated outstanding by Ofsted, reversed the ban last week. Miss Lall, 50, apologised to parents on Tuesday and chairman of governors Arif Qawi resigned. He has now accused the Government of leaving staff exposed to bullying from ‘extremists’ over the hijab ban.

Mr Qawi, 54, wrote to Education Secretary Damian Hinds: ‘I am flabbergasted why you and the Department for Education have stayed silent on this subject, rather than firmly enforcing the head’s decision. This lack of support, and weak attitude, will be very detrimental to the nation’s children.’ He added that staff felt ‘badly let down’ and agreed to resign ‘against every fibre in my body... if that would lay the matter to rest’.

A school insider said the ban was brought in because the hijab was ‘alienating’ young girls. . .  The Labour Party refused to comment. The DfE said it had contacted the school over staff intimidation.

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Saturday, 27 January 2018
New Year canines stashed away in Muslim Malaysia

 Agence France-Presse reporting from Kuala Lumpur via the Jakarta Post.

As the Year of the Dog approaches, some shops run by the Chinese diaspora in Malaysia are keeping canine figurines hidden inside to avoid causing offence in the Muslim-majority country.

Dogs are considered unclean in Islam, and a more conservative form of the faith has been gaining traction among Malaysian Muslims, causing tensions with the country's substantial religious and ethnic minorities.

People of Chinese descent make up almost a quarter of the population, but in Kuala Lumpur's bustling Chinatown on Friday, where shops were displaying red lanterns and flowers for Lunar New Year, dog-shaped decorations were mostly kept out of public view.

Janice Kong, who runs a store selling decorations, said there was concern any display of dog statues could "cause some backlash. . . It is a bit sensitive now. There is a feeling that there is rising Islamic fundamentalism in Malaysia with one race trying to dominate the minorities," she said.

Another shop owner selling Lunar New Year decorations, Daniel Wong, added: "You cannot see any huge dog figurines because we do not want any trouble in Chinatown."

Models of animals from the Chinese zodiac are sold to mark the Lunar New Year, which falls in mid-February this year. The dog is well-regarded in Chinese culture, signifying loyalty and honesty.

It is a different story in Malaysia, where 60 percent of the population is Muslim Malay. Traditionally this group has practised a moderate form of Islam, but dogs have caused controversy in the past.

Posted on 01/27/2018 3:53 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Friday, 26 January 2018
Bashir deceives US on retention of Islamic Movement in Sudan

by Lt. Gen. Abakar M. Abdallah, Jerome B. Gordon, Deborah P. Martin

Ali Osman Mohamed Taha

Former Secretary General of Islamic Movement and the Vice President of Sudan


In our book, Genocide In Sudan: Caliphate threatens Africa and the World, we revealed the deep involvement of the Bashir National Congress Party Regime in the international Muslim Brotherhood World Islamic Revolution, and support for Al Qaeda co-founder Osama Bin Laden. There was the long-term support and presence of the Islamic Revolution regime of Iran in Sudan establishing a weapons industry and transshipping weapons to Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza. This practice was temporarily suspended due to the shift of relationships in 2014 allying itself with the Saudi and UAE led coalition fighting the alleged Iran supported Houthi rebels in war torn Yemen. We showed evidence of the Bashir regime support for terrorism in the July 28, 2017 District of Columbia US Federal Appellate Court ruling against Sudan awarding $7.3 billion to the 12 American victims of the simultaneous bombings at the US Embassies in Nairobi, Kenya and Dar es Salam, Tanzania killing 224 people, more than 5,000 wounded.  The Islamic Movement (IM) Jihad ideology forms the basis of the Secret Arab Coalition Plan of the Bashir NCP regime objective to complete genocidal ethnic cleansing of indigenous African people in the conflict zones of Darfur, South Kordofan, and Blue Nile state. While there are outstanding 2009 and 2010 arrest warrants for President Bashir and other NCP leaders, most Muslim countries and African nations have welcomed President Bashir on state visits evading the requirements to arrest and bring him to justice. The estimated toll has risen far beyond the estimate of the United Nations, the 300,000 the figure that the International Criminal Court used for the indictment of Bashir. The current death toll could be more than 600,000 killed, 5 million internally displaced and several hundred thousand who fled from Darfur and the other conflict zones to refugee camps in adjacent African countries.  

 November 2012 Islamic Movement Conference.

On November 20, 2012 Sheik Ali Osman Mohamed Taha, Secretary General of the Islamic Movement and the Vice President of Sudan, delivered the closing speech at the 8th General Conference of the Sudan Islamic Movement in Khartoum. The conference was held in Friendship-Hall in Khartoum with participation of 4,000 members and over 170 invited foreign invited delegations. Prominent among the delegates were leaders of the world Muslim Brotherhood movement. It was at the peak of the first elected Muslim Brotherhood regimes in Egypt and Tunisia. The regime of Muslim Brotherhood Egyptian President Morsi was short-lived overthrown in July 2013 by a military coup led by current President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, an implacable enemy of the Bashir Regime in Sudan. The glittering assembly of Muslim Brotherhood leaders in the Friendship Hall included: Rashid al-Ghanushi leader of Ennahda Movement of Tunisia, Khaled Meshaal of the Palestinian wing of the Brotherhood, Hamas, Mohammed Badie, Supreme Guide of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, Bashir Abdel Salam al-Kebti, Deputy General Guide of Libya Muslim Brotherhood, Ali Sadr al Din al Bayanous, General Guide of Syria Muslim Brotherhood, Syed Manawar of Pakistani Jamaat-e-Islami  and the  representative of Islamic Movements from Nigeria and many other countries of the world.  Both former President Morsi of Egypt and Egyptian Supreme Muslim Brotherhood Guide Badie were arrested, convicted in trials sentenced to life under the El-Sisi regime.

The Islamic Movement (IM) was formed in 1999 by the NCP following the power struggle between the late Sheik Abdallah Hassan al-Turabi, the founder and Supreme Guide of the Islamic Revolution in Sudan, and President Bashir for leadership of the NCP regime. The IM was created to serve as a political base for the Muslim Brotherhood NCP Bashir regime.  See, Genocide in Sudan: Caliphate threatens Africa and the World, Chapter Six, “Political Islam in Sudan supported by Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia”.

The IM unites domestic and international radical Islamist groups under its umbrella. It provides ideological guidance seeking to implement Islamic Sharia law across the entire world. Since its creation, the IM has held yearly conferences under the leadership of its Shura Council to evaluate achievements on programs, especially Jihad. The 9th conference of the IM originally scheduled for November 9, 2017 was canceled on October 29th. Sudan media reported the U.S. State Department had requested Bashir to ban the IM in return for removing Sudan from the list of designated state sponsors of terrorism. President Bashir denied this fact, “Sudan does not adopt anyone else’s agenda”. The conference was cancelled because it coincided with the executive order signed by President Trump on October 6, 2017 lifting US Sudan sanctions. While the 2017 IM general conference was cancelled, that did not mean the NCP regime abandoned its Islamist extremist ideology. It was simply a deception by Sudan President Bashir to hide his continuing support of Islamic Revolution with the objective of spreading extremist Islamic ideology globally.

The Significance of the 2012 Islamic Movement Conference Concluding Declaration

The concluding declaration of the 2012 conference was delivered by Sheik Ali Osman Mohammed Taha. He held the position of First Vice President of Sudan since the NCP coup of 1989 until his resignation in December 8, 2013. Taha is considered a hard-line ideologue within the NCP second only to the late Sheik Hassan Abdallah al-Turabi, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood Organization in Sudan. The 2012 General IM conference speech by Taha conveys Bashir’s continuing Muslim Brotherhood/NCP vision supporting global Islamic extremist groups.

What follows is a translation of Taha’s address. It amounts to complete dismissal of the authority of any Western countries. It espouses the Islamic extremist ideology imperative of solidarity of the Muslim Brothers in the Umma to follow jihad. It clearly expresses the Bashir NCP regime contempt for any accommodation with the US, even after Sudan sanctions are lifted.  In its stead, Taha's address emphatically emphasized renewal of relations across the global Muslim Jihadists effectively rebuking the Western world rejection of Islamic fundamentalist ideology. It backs the Palestinian cause, rejects Jerusalem as the Jewish nation of Israel’s capital. It rejects the authority of the UN and the U.N. Security Council. Implicitly, it is a call for Islamic terrorism in the name of Jihad.

This translation of the video of the 2012 IM conference’s closing speech demonstrates that the NCP regime of Sudan continues to support Islamic extremist organizations in the world. Taha stated it emphatically, loud and clear. Countries fighting the global war on terrorism might not have access to Taha’s speech conveying explicitly the Islamic terror intentions of the Khartoum regime. Thus, its publication, we trust should arouse concerns and renewed efforts to monitor closely the activities of the Bashir regime and Muslim Brotherhood allies, Qatar, Turkey and Iran.

Taha’s 2012 IM Conference Speech Translated

Watch the video of Taha’s IM closing speech at the 2012 National Islamic Movement convention. What follows is the translation from the Arabic of his speech at the 2012 IM conference.


Ali Osman Mohamed Taha’s Closing Speech of the 8th Conference of the Sudanese Islamic Movement

Translated into English

November 20, 2012 Khartoum, Sudan

Translated by
Gen. Abakar M. Abdallah, Abdulhaleim Hassan and Deborah P. Martin

We declare from here that the Islamic Movement (IM) is making a commitment and promising its other sisters in all Islamic movements in the world: that the readiness is legitimate for building the Umma (Islamic empire), for the good/benefit of the Umma, to activate our capacity, for rebuilding the (old Islamic) pride. Enough of the weakness, enough of the differences (between us), enough of being shamed, enough of insults. We must raise our standard/flag (declare Islamic jihad). We must raise our (fundamentalist Islamic) voices. There is no room to shout triumphantly nor be driven by emotions, but we must raise our voices as a call (that everyone can hear and obey):

Allahu Akbar! -Allahu Akbar! (God is Great! – (God is Great!)-
Allahu Akbar! -Allahu Akbar! (God is Great! (God is Great!),
Allahu Akbar! -Allahu Akbar! (God is Great! (God is Great!), -
Allahu Akbar! (God is Great! (God is Great!) for the victory of the Umma,
Allahu Akbar! (God is Great!) defeat the people who commit injustice (non-Muslims).
Allahu Akbar! (God is Great!) to break our aggressors,
Allahu Akbar! (God is Great!) victory for the weak.
Allahu Akbar for the liberation of Guds (Jerusalem)-
Allahu Akbar for liberation of Palestine,
Allahu Akbar! (God is Great!) for victory of any weak Muslim,
Allahu Akbar! (God is Great!) for the reviving of all the world’s Islamic Umma Organizations:

to strengthen their capabilities and tools,
to make an awareness of the Umma,
to set them on fire,
to drive capabilities toward all of humanity.

Call for the new world order against injustice:
No to the United Nations [audience says Allahu Akbar! (God is Great!) ]-
No to the United Nations Security Council [audience says Allahu Akbar! (God is Great!)] -
No to the unjust international council. [audience says Allahu Akbar! (God is Great!)]

Islam is coming! - Islam is coming! - from Sudan is coming! - from Egypt is coming! - from Libya is already in front! - from Sri Lanka is coming! - from Nigeria is underway! - from Somalia is fully involved! from all the Umma under that Islamic standard (flag) of the prophet, the standard of the prophet, under the light (spirit) of the Koran, by the name of war we will dismantle everything that is invalid, so that we meet Allah (die in a jihad).

I’m calling on you messenger of Allah [pointing his finger]. I’m calling on you Lord of the sky. ‘Spearholders don’t move from your places.’- The spears in the mountains, in the Uhud mountains [paraphrase from Prophet Mohammad Battle of al Uhud]. You are not one of us, if you demand the world (not to die) and you are not one of us, if you sold our promise. We are for those who pay their life for Islam (taking a shahadah before death). We are for (our) promise. We are for the case. We are for The Islam. God bless our efforts. God prove our work. Clean our hearts. Guide our feet. Support us and support us, support us because you are able to do everything. Peace upon you, God bless you!


Posted on 01/26/2018 11:23 PM by Lt. Gen. Abakar M. Abdallah, Jerome B. Gordon, Deborah P. Martin
Friday, 26 January 2018
Ilford teenage extremist admits terrorism charges

East London/Essex again. I worked in Ilford as a young woman, and from age 11 until last year had friends in the district. From the Ilford Recorder

An Ilford teenage extremist behind a campaign to promote jihad has pleaded guilty to three charges of terrorism. 

The 17-year-old admitted creating flyers and CDs, featuring lectures by a banned hate-preacher, which were found in prayer rooms in two of London’s biggest hospitals.

At Westminster Magistrates’ Court today, the teenager, who cannot be identified because of his age, pleaded guilty to two charges of encouraging and assisting the commission of a terrorist offence between December 2016 and October last year.

At the hearing, Senior District Judge Emma Arbuthnot threatened to jail the teenager unless his family can prove that they are doing all they can to stop him reoffending. She said: “This boy is nearly 18. This is a very serious offence. I’m going to need to know all I can about the family. If there’s no family stopping this from happening I’m going to lock him up, quite frankly.” You should have locked him up at once.

The defendant was tracked down when a carrier bag containing flyers titled “Go my Muslim brothers and fight for the mujahideen in Chechnya and become martyrs for the sake of Allah” was left on the Hammersmith and City line in April last year.

The owner of the bag was traced via CCTV and his travelcard to Royal London Hospital where a pile of CDs marked “Free. Take me” were found in a cupboard in the prayer and contemplation room.

Following an investigation to find the owner of the bag - a man aged in his 50s - a search was carried out at University College Hospital where further extremist material was found in the prayer room. The link between the two men is unclear.

The teenager, who appeared at court with his parents, was linked to the flyers and CDs using DNA evidence and his home was raided on October 11 last year.

Police discovered a number of disks identical to those found at the hospitals, as well as the computer used to manufacture the flyers.

He has been granted bail (until sentencing on March 5th) on condition he live and sleep at his home address, surrenders his passport and reports to his local police station three times a week. I fear he is already on a plane to his uncles in Pakistan...

Posted on 01/26/2018 2:07 PM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
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