Monday, 30 November 2015
New York Post/ Sunday London Times: Dozens of Paris Airport Workers on Terrorism Watch List

Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris, France

Source: EPA

h/t: Royce de Melo.

Virtually on the cusp of publishing our NER report on the insecurity of domestic and international airports, “Is it Safe to Fly”, came news courtesy of the Times of London and New York Post of French airport workers on Terrorist watch list;  Dozens of Paris airport workers on terror watch list: report. We had more than a passing interest in this personally, as my son, Harold Gordon and a family entourage had arrived safely from Paris last night, after spending several days visiting with our eldest granddaughter Arielle, a Northwestern University Junior who was spending her fall semester at a joint program with SciPo in Paris. (See: Americans in Paris after the November 13th Attack, Dr. Rich Swier).  Arielle and Harold were cited in a Washington Post Magazine article, “Cafes and museums of Paris, staggered by attacks, begin revival:”

Universities have stepped up security measures and lost some foreign students visiting on cultural exchanges. Arielle Gordon, 20, a student at Northwestern University who is spending a semester at Paris’s university of the social sciences, Sciences Po, began receiving regular e-mails from administrators after the attacks. They offered support (including free group counseling) as well as reminders to carry identification, which is now required to enter any building.

Harold Gordon, Arielle Gordon’s father, who came with five other family members to visit his daughter for Thanksgiving, said several friends in the United States tried to dissuade them from making the trip. If they had followed that advice, he said, “What would we be telling our daughter implicitly?”

In the Dr. Rich Swier e-Magazine post, I noted:

Harold and I spent 9/11/2001 together in the company of his law firm partners and associates in Manhattan viewing and experiencing first hand another Islamic jihad slaughter of the innocents by Al Qaeda shahids from Egypt, Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

These close encounters with Islamic terrorism by the Gordon family was experienced by Arielle’s younger sister Amanda who spent a month in Israel on a teen tour during the summer 2014 Hamas rocket and terror tunnel 50 day war, IDF Operation Protective Edge.

That prompted this comment on my Facebook page from Mike Bates, Pensacola WEBY1330Am colleague and host of “Your Turn;”

Glad to see they went to Paris.  To have cancelled plans after the attacks would have been to surrender to the Jihadists.

Bates recently returned from a globe girdling trip to Vietnam. That was part of his research producing a series on Armed Forces Radio during the Viet Nam War. Read here.

The New York Post report should give any international air traveler pause about who is handling baggage and cleaning aircraft at Charles de Gaulle, other European airports, and, as we pointed out in “Is it Safe to Fly”, here in America. Note the Post report revelations:

The security passes of 86,000 workers at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris will be reviewed after it was found that 57 employees with access to airliners were on a terror watch list, according to a report.

Security badges were taken away from dozens of workers at the airport after terror attacks in Paris in January — but others continued working, the Sunday Times of London reported.

Police official Philippe Riffault told the paper that the review of airport passes will begin with 5,000 security personnel.

“It’s a question of verifying what these people might have been doing since they obtained their authorization,” Riffault said.

Police carried out extensive searches of the airport under state-of-emergency powers after the Nov. 13 Paris attacks in which 130 people were killed and 350 injured by Islamic State militants.

Belgium, where several of the Paris attackers had lived, also has pulled security badges from several airport workers after discovering that some had links to jihadis who had traveled to Syria.

Meanwhile, anxiety has been brewing about radicalism among bus, Metro and railroad workers.

Samy Amimour, who blew himself up in the Bataclan concert hall in Paris, managed to get a job as a bus driver while on a watch list.
In other developments:

  • It emerged that Arabic graffiti was spray-painted on four planes belonging to the British carrier EasyJet and a plane from the Spanish airline Vueling at two French airports. Three defaced planes were found in Lyon and two at Charles de Gaulle, AFP reported.
  • “Allahu Akbar,” or “God is great,” was scrawled on a fuel-tank hatch of one EasyJet plane in Paris. EasyJet said there had been a “small number” of such cases since the Nov. 13 attacks.
  • The hunt continued for Paris attacker Salah Abdeslam, who was said to have enjoyed a coffee and a chat with a pal in a Brussels cafe the day after the attacks. It also emerged that he had bought 10 detonators from an explosives outfit in Saint-Ouen-l’Aumone near Paris.

As Ambassador R. James Woolsey concluded in our NER article, “If a plane goes down, or if more than one U.S. plane goes down, there goes our airline/travel industry.”



Posted on 11/30/2015 3:28 PM by Jerry Gordon
Monday, 30 November 2015
What Do They Want?

by Nidra Poller (December 2015)

(Nidra Poller's two previous articles on the Paris terror attacks are "War on Paris" and "Bonjour Tristesse.")

Our French feminine newscasters are attractive, charming, refined, and fashionably dressed. (Though a few have disfigured themselves with silicone lips that interfere with their ability to speak). Compared to their American and British counterparts, they are stunningly beautiful. And it just might have something to do with French culture, because women on the French channel of Israel’s i24 news are in general better looking than their colleagues on the English channel.  more>>>

Posted on 11/30/2015 1:22 PM by NER
Monday, 30 November 2015
Fury at Labour's segregated rally: Sexism row after men and women are split up at Asian party event ahead of key Oldham West by-election

Labour faced a sexism row today after men and women were segregated at an Asian party rally. The meeting organised by the party's Friends of Bangladesh group was held ahead of Thursday's crucial by-election, which Labour is in danger of losing. 

Photographs of the event in Oldham West and Royton, where one in five voters is from an ethnic minority, shows Asian men and women sitting in separate rows. 

Critics said allowing the sexes to be split up at the party-run event was 'shameful' and accused Labour of 'putting political correctness ahead of equality' in order to win votes.

Before the May election Labour was rocked by a similar segregation scandal when men and women were split at an Islamic centre rally in Birmingham.

Labour insiders say support for the party is 'bad' in working class areas of Oldham. . . But the party is pinning its hopes on securing support from the Asian community to hold the seat which was won in May with a 15,000 majority. There have been some reports that some Asian voters have lived in the area for more than a decade and do not speak English - but will vote Labour. 

Yesterday's Friends of Bangladesh event was in support of Jim McMahon, who is the party's candidate in Oldham West on Thursday.

Photos of the event, organised by Labour Friends of Bangladesh and attended by the Labour candidate and several high profile MPs, shows men and women were almost entirely segregated.

Only two women sat among the men and both were not Asian. 

Pictures of the event yesterday were tweeted by Debbie Abrahams, MP for neighbouring Oldham East and Saddleworth, and shadow minister for disabled people whose role involves fighting inequality.

John Bickley the constituency's UKIP candidate said: 'Is this really Labour's modern Britain?Where a political event is segregated by gender? This was not a religious meeting where cultural traditions must be respected. But a political gathering…”

Labour today claimed that women were not forced to sit away from men. A party spokesman said: 'The accusation of gender segregation is absolutely untrue. The Labour party's record on gender equality speaks for itself. Ukip are clutching at straws for something to say in this election because they have no answers to the real issues facing voters in Oldham'. 

Internal polling is said to show that Labour could be in danger of losing the seat on Thursday after Michael Meacher's death. Ukip is targeting the white working class in the town and hope to collect Asian voters who are unhappy with Jeremy Corbyn's leadership and also keen to leave the EU.

Posted on 11/30/2015 10:30 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Monday, 30 November 2015
German officials warn of homegrown Islamists trying to radicalize refugees

Oh yeah, there is that.. Fox News.

German authorities are growing increasingly concerned that newly arrived refugees from Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East are being recruited by radical Islamists once they arrive in the country.

The Wall Street Journal, citing interviews with security officials from across Germany, reports that an increasing number of refugees are attending services at mosques that investigators believe attract extremists. 

The report brings into focus a different dimension to the possible security risk posed by asylum-seekers who have flooded into Western Europe for months. Some of the ISIS terrorists who killed 130 people in Paris earlier this month posed as refugees from Syria's civil war to slip into Europe and meet their co-conspirators.

However, security officials tell the Journal that they have already reported over 100 cases in which known Islamists have tried to contact refugees. Aid agencies report that the suspects have reached out to the new arrivals with offers of food, shelter, and German interpretation, as well as copies of the Koran and traditional Muslim clothing.

"They start by saying, ‘We will help you live your faith,'" Torsten Voss of Germany's domestic intelligence agency told the Journal. "The Islamist area comes later—that is, of course, their goal." The Journal reported that German intelligence agencies have seen no evidence that the recruiting has been effective, but believe such methods will present a long-term risk.

Germany is expected to take in between one million and 1.5 million refugees from the Middle East, Africa, and Asia this year, far more than in years past. Several organizations have warned that even if most or all of the new arrivals have no interest in terrorism, they may pose a threat to public order due to their views on Israel and the West, as well as other ethnic and religious tensions. 

"You can’t put Afghans, Syrians, and Eritreans in the same place because they hate each other," Malte Lehming, editor-in-chief of the opinion page of Der Tagesspiegel newspaper told in October, later adding, "I’m afraid that anti-Americanism, anti-Israel sentiment, and anti-Semitism will be on the rise. We have very limited educational tools to change that. Syria is one of the most anti-Israel countries, influenced by Iran and helped by Hezbollah." ...

Posted on 11/30/2015 7:04 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Monday, 30 November 2015
Train to be an illiterate at a British University
A few days ago I saw a little item in the Guardian newspaper whose size belied its significance. It said that Indian students were increasingly abandoning Britain as a place to study for America: and no one could blame them for doing so.
Indeed, in one case I was responsible for this. An Indian friend of mine, and anglophile, asked me whether I thought his son should go to America or come to England to study, and I advised him to choose America. It hurt me to have to say so, but I thought that an English university would in all probability offer very poor value, in more senses than one. 
I think I was right, and my opinion was only confirmed when I happened upon an English university's website designed to answer potential postgraduate students' questions. A professor, who shall be nameless (for it is my intention to lay bare a tendency, not abuse an individual), answered the question of what made for successful students. He answered:
My sense is that that they get to grips really quickly with what the course requirements are. In other words, they are the students in the group other students go to, to ask them about the programme. They've read the stuff, internalised it, they've looked at the exam criteria, the essay criteria, they understand what modules you do when. They are successful because they really understand what's required.
Neither the form nor the content of this answer gives much assurance that the professor could be anything but useless. The language is abominable and the sentiment is, if anything, worse. It is as if the whole purpose of a university - and the professor's was no minor seat of learning - was to turn out yes-men and apparatchiks.
The professor went on to give his five 'top tips' for study (which made me think of racing tipsters in newspapers directed at the less cerebral citizens of our country). Here they are:
   1. When planning ahead, think in terms of long-term goals.
   2. Get a clear understanding of what the exam criteria are.
   3. Look at journal articles for the most up-to-date evidence.
   4. Keep family and friends informed about your study commitments.
   5. Have a set of questions in mind when reading your study materials.
Here are my five 'top tips':
1. When thinking ahead, think ahead.
2. When concentrating, don't get distracted.
3. Agree with everything any superior says.
4. Keep a supply of sick notes in case of exam anxiety.
5. Always write sentences whose negation conveys no different meaning.
First published in Salisbury Review.
Posted on 11/30/2015 4:58 AM by Theodore Dalrymple
Monday, 30 November 2015
Predatory Islamic State Wrings Money From Those It Rules

Protection money. NYTimes:

The better known of the Islamic State’s revenue sources — smuggling oil, plundering bank vaults, looting antiquities, ransoming kidnapped foreigners and drumming up donations from wealthy supporters in the Persian Gulf — have all helped make the group arguably the world’s richest militant organization. But as Western and Middle Eastern officials have gained a better understanding of the Islamic State’s finances over the past year, a broad consensus has emerged that its biggest source of cash appears to be the people it rules, and the businesses it controls.

Posted on 11/30/2015 4:50 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Monday, 30 November 2015
After the Paris attacks and Brussels raids, Belgium's Jews consider new exodus

From The Telegraph

But a fortnight after a Brussels-based jihadist cell committed the Paris atrocities, and 18 months after four people were murdered by a terrorist in the city’s Jewish museum, she doubts whether the self-styled capital of Europe is safe for Jews.

A former president of the country’s Zionist association, Mrs Dan helps organise property fairs, catering for some of the 200 Belgians a year who move to Israel. Reluctantly, she is thinking of following them – as are many others.

Since Paris, she has received telephone calls from people seeking information on moving at a rate of five a day, compared to one a week previously.  “A few years ago it was the pensioners going, who wanted the Israeli sun,” said Mrs Dan, the manager of a Jewish radio station for 25 years. "Now it is young people with children who sell their houses and leave everything. They are scared.”

Other friends are planning to head to the United States, Canada or London.

“It is a painful thing. I am a real Belgian – my country, my culture and my friends are here,” said Mrs Dan. She plans to take her daughter, Brigitte, and grandson, Daniel, to join her son in Tel Aviv. “My daughter never, never, never thought to leave. Now, she says of her little boy, what is his future here? We don’t feel safe.” 

Community leaders now speak with alarm of a rising tide of anti-Semitism in a country that has been home to Jews since Roman times, and who number just 45,000 out of a population of 11 million. Some claim the hostility emantes almost exclusively from young men of Arabic descent. 

Last weekend, as troops in armoured vans patrolled the streets in anticipation of an “imminent” terrorist attack, Brussels’ Grand Synagogue closed its doors for Shabbat for the first time since the Second World War.

Mrs Dan, in common with others who spoke to the Telegraph, describes her now reflexive habits to avoid attention on the streets, including reluctantly covering her Star of David necklace. 

Rabbi Avi Tawil, the director of the European Jewish Community Centre, recalls how, shortly after moving to Brussels 10 years ago, an admiring stranger asked the age of his baby son in his pram. “Allah willing, he will be dead soon,” the man remarked.

He reveals he is regularly sworn at and threatened when walking with his four children, and he has withdrawn his daughters from a swimming club following a threat to kidnap them. 

“If I count my own experience, the insults and violent actions seem to come from people who curse me with Allahu Akhbar, or some Arabic insult.”

Many families, he says, are finding an instinct for "survival" trumps their idealistic hope that community relations will improve. “We see people are targeted for being Jewish in the streets all the time," he said. "It is a war of ideas. I do hear around me this idea coming over and over: that we should not think of Brussels or Europe as a long-term strategy for our children.” 

Last week Karl Vanlouwe, a leading Flemish politician, blamed socialist MPs for indulging radical networks with “extreme tolerance” and turning the Brussels into a “base for Islamic barbarism”.

Mrs Dan, recalling her parents’ saviours, agrees. “They are afraid of this community. The Belgians are a very nice people,” she said. “That’s the problem.” 



Posted on 11/30/2015 3:34 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Sunday, 29 November 2015
At Last, We Are Certain by András Mezei

Translated from the Hungarian & edited by Thomas Ország-Land (December 2015)



Hunger: The Facts


The skin turns bluish white.

The nails bend into claws.  more>>>

Posted on 11/29/2015 8:12 AM by NER
Sunday, 29 November 2015
Perfect Image

by Ankur Betageri (December 2015)


In Delhi’s liver there is no calm.

Hum of AC, rattling of fan.

Eyes shut up like inside a clam—  more>>>

Posted on 11/29/2015 8:08 AM by NER
Sunday, 29 November 2015
The World as We Know It

by Eric Rozenman (December 2015)

At the end of the cul-de-sac

At the end of the world as we know it

On a sleepy Sunday morning  more>>>

Posted on 11/29/2015 8:04 AM by NER
Sunday, 29 November 2015
Sunday Morning Beggars at Puri

by Bibhu Padhi (December 2015)

I become a mother, a father,

a mistress, a master.


The calls get louder, then  more>>>

Posted on 11/29/2015 7:58 AM by NER
Sunday, 29 November 2015
Homage to Two Octogenarian Women

by Evelyn Hooven (December 2015)


         (The restaurant)

The woman in the restaurant

Asks the words for thank you, please, yes.

The waiter thinks he is patient  more>>>

Posted on 11/29/2015 7:54 AM by NER
Sunday, 29 November 2015
Unheard Voices

A Poem in Three Sections

by Sutapa Chaudhuri (December 2015)


I’m the formless foetus you aborted, Mother,

when yesterday, at the ultrasonography clinic,

the doctor told you I’d be a girl…your third.  more>>>

Posted on 11/29/2015 7:48 AM by NER
Sunday, 29 November 2015
“Defense of Freedom is a Defense of White Privilege”

by Lorna Salzman (December 2015)

Welcome to today’s hearing sponsored by the House Subcommittee on Safe Spaces and Offensive Speech. My name is Joseefa McCarthy, chair of this subcommittee of the House UnAmerican Committee on Identity Politics and Hurt Feelings. In order to prevent any misunderstanding or misreporting that could reflect badly on witnesses, we have excluded the media from this hearing, with the certainty that the public will be spared some unpleasant truths and facts that could impair the credibility or status of the witnesses or the plausibility of the issues raised herein. All electronic devices that have been sequestered during the pat-down will be returned at the termination of the hearing.  more>>>

Posted on 11/29/2015 7:41 AM by NER
Sunday, 29 November 2015
The Infidels

by Joe David (December 2015)

The Baghdad Desert, Summer of 1915

She awoke on a bed of sand in the hot desert – a fourteen-year-old dropped in the middle of nowhere, alone, shaded from the harsh sun by a small tree. There was a glazed look of emptiness in her eyes. It was the unnatural stare of a child, numbed by grim reality, who had seen more than she could comprehend.  more>>>

Posted on 11/29/2015 7:36 AM by NER
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