Monday, 26 December 2016
Two in court charged with possessing instructions on how to build mobile phone bomb

From the Telegraph and the BBC

Two people have appeared in court charged with a string of terror offences including possessing instructions on how to build a mobile phone bomb, police said.

Munir Hassan Mohammed, of Leopold Street, Derby, an Eritrean national who is seeking asylum in the UK, appeared accused of preparing for an act of terror between the anniversary of 7/7 this year until his arrest in December. The 35-year-old is also charged with being a member of Islamic State (IS) and possessing instructions on how to build an explosive device inside a mobile phone. It is also alleged he disseminated terrorist material, the North East Counter-Terrorism Unit said.

Rowaida El Hassan, 32, of Willesden Lane, North London, appeared alongside him at Westminster Magistrates' Court on Saturday, 

Neither Mr Mohammed nor Ms El-Hassan, who were flanked by five police officers in the dock, indicated a plea.

The pair were remanded in custody and will next appear at the Old Bailey on 12 January.

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Sunday, 25 December 2016
Merry Christmas

Peace and goodwill. 

The Sans Day Carol by the Albion Christmas band, with members of Fairport Convention. I wrote about the Sans Day or St Day Carol one Christmas  some years ago.


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Sunday, 25 December 2016
Historic Opportunity for Trump

by Conrad Black

The year ends amid the most astonishing display of sour grapes, mass embarrassment, and unspontaneous amnesia in living memory of U.S. presidential elections. The national media, sleepwalking toward the inauguration they did everything possible to prevent, having denied at every stage, including very late on election night, could occur, have clangorously announced each new desperate plan to overturn the election result. The recount, begun in Wisconsin by the Green candidate, Jill Stein, but financed by the Clinton Democrats, spent $5 million to increase Trump's plurality in the state by 131 votes. In Pennsylvania, a federal judge declined to act on the opposition claim that the state's election, in which 6 million votes were cast, had been influenced by computer hacking. And in Michigan, the only irregularities that were turned up were in African-American districts of Detroit, where the vote exceeded the number of registered voters – more likely a manifestation of the vaunted Hillary Clinton "ground game" than of any skulduggery by the Trump Republicans.

As that illusion faded, the cry arose that the chosen members of the Electoral College, though morally pledged to cast their votes for the candidates whom they were elected to support, could be induced to shift their votes because of the alleged unsuitability of Mr. Trump. The Democrats put out some television advertisements urging conscientious citizenship on the 306 Trump-pledged electors who were chosen on Election Day. It was another exercise of large amounts of money chasing very few potential votes, and the result on Monday flaked four Clinton electors off and only two Trump electors (who cast their votes for Republican governor John Kasich of Ohio). A few op-ed writers were pushed forward by the scruff of the neck and the small of the back to write that the founders of the country had intended the Electoral College to be eminent and independent-minded personalities for whom the popular vote was merely indicative, if not a simply impartial exercise. Never in history has there been such a foolish commotion about so improbable an effort to change an election result. It was all nonsense, and of a piece with the other symptoms of common or garden denial that have afflicted the country and its media these last six weeks.

The winners of the election are not only ignoring the antics of their late opponents, but preparing ever more vigorously to jettison practically everything that the outgoing administration has been noisily proclaiming to be its legacy – all the official deferences to global warming (despite the lack any evidence that it is actually occurring), affirmative action, unionized schools, disadvantageous trade agreements, unregulated immigration, the shambles of Obamacare, the appeasement of Iran, centralized government, and executive fiat unsupported by congressional approval. There was a wistful but noisy agitation for direct election of the president by the plurality of voters, an anti-federalist idea that has no chance of adoption on any timetable, as most of the three-quarters of the states that would have to approve it would never be visited by a presidential campaign again, and their congressional representatives would have no chance of getting a fair share of funding from a federal government entirely dominated by the 15 largest states.

The next four weeks will produce a concertina of time and perspective unique in American history as the Trump-incredulity movement is ungraciously driven from its high seats in the temple of American public life, media, entertainment, and even finance. The unchallenged lords and dominatrixes of the American political, celebrity, and socio-economic elites, will be bundled out onto the proverbial sidewalks of New York, to trip the light fantastic, indeed, by comparison with the unchallenged tranquility that has reigned in their lives since time immemorial, like delinquent tenants in Trump middle-class housing projects in Queens. And they will make way for the unrepentant barbaric hordes of those who were conditioned throughout their conscient lives to believe that their time would never come. Since Donald Trump ran against everyone in high political office since Ronald Reagan, long in the saddle, rode into the golden sunset of Santa Barbara 28 years ago, everyone who has held the limelight – Bush and Kennedy, Clinton and Gore, Kerry and Obama, Romney and McCain, the Sanderses and Cruzes, Jacksons and Sharptons, Cuomos, all the endless walk-on auditions (Bachmann, Santorum, Herman Cain, Fiorina, Kasich, the Pauls), the cavalcade of the false leaders and the also-rans – all will complete their trip on the treadmill to oblivion on Inauguration Day.

Franklin D. Roosevelt called it "a day of national consecration" 84 years ago, when there was only fear to be afraid of; now America can forget the personalities of the recent past but not its lessons. The country will increase energy production and assault the obscene balance-of-payments deficit. It will cut taxes on small income-earners and businesses and raise taxes on elective transactions and stop treating the velocity-of-money spinners and asset-strippers as if they were titans of greater employment and a broader industrial base, and shrink the budget deficit. The environment will be protected but the American public will not be hounded into putting whirring fans on their hats and solar panels on their foreheads to mitigate by 1 percent China's use of carbon, or pass its threadbare national cap to produce money for the gangsters of the underdeveloped world as a consolation prize for their economic failures, as Obama proposed at the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference in 2009. The hour of the deunionized teacher and federal civil servant has struck, secure in their jobs, meritocratically promoted, but no longer holding the nation to ransom while degrading the whole concept of education and turning the nation's children into a nightmarish army of illiterate, innumerate, juvenile turbots.

It may seem far-fetched to present Donald Trump's induction into the presidency in the terms of a great historic assumption like those of Washington, Lincoln, and Franklin D. Roosevelt, and he is not cut from the same cloth as those men. It need hardly be said that Donald Trump is not the father of the country, the founder of modern guerrilla warfare, the man who kept a rag-tag army going for seven years, crossed the Delaware on Christmas night, shared the rations of his men through a cold winter and declined absolute power when asked to assume it, and sponsored a Constitution of an indissoluble union that would defend itself and maintain a strong currency. Nor need it be said that he did not co-found a party, lead the greatest national debate in American history to electoral victory, wage a successful war to save the Union and then emancipate the slaves and leave America unbound before a limitless horizon. No more will he take over, next month, the headship of a financially and psychologically depressed country where the financial system has collapsed, one-third of a nation is without means or help, and then lead it back to prosperity and security and through history's greatest war to the threshold of the triumph of democracy and the free market in most of the world.

But American history, like that of other great nations, is not a songbook where verses are sung over again, by players who keep returning. Donald Trump would be more at home in Roosevelt's Springwood in Hyde Park than Mr. Lincoln would be in the Trump Tower and Mar-a-Lago, or than General Washington would have been in Mr. Lincoln's modest house in Springfield, Illinois. But Washington, co-convener of the Constitutional Convention with Benjamin Franklin, and Lincoln, the co-founder of the Republicans who cracked the Democratic hypocrisy of pandering to the slaveholders while telling the North they would keep the South in the Union, and the patrician Roosevelt who salvaged 95 percent of the capitalist America he knew by creating a happy and hopeful working and agrarian class, would all understand a leader who set aside a life of great wealth to seek the leadership of a party and then of the country in a crusade of those who were tired of corrupt and incompetent elites who drove the nation toward bankruptcy, throttled and despised the common man, and turned America into a laughingstock whose international face was slapped in turn, and to rhythm, by the Russians, the Turks, the Iranians, and the Chinese.

Washington and Franklin worked over constitutional delegates in small groups, and Washington was elevated without opposition to lead the country. Lincoln won just 39 percent of the vote in a four-party race at the head of a party he was narrowly chosen to lead (but if all the votes of his opponents had been combined, he would have won the election, as Trump has, with a minority of voters). Roosevelt gave no real hint of what he proposed to do to defeat the Depression and moved tentatively toward a foreign policy of peace through strength, rather shabbily confecting a draft to a third term promising to stay out of a war he knew America must join to ensure the triumph of democracy in the world. There is much debate about whether Donald Trump expected to win when he began his campaign for president, and only gradually did the entire political class overcome its unsuppressed hilarity at his tactics and recognize that he intended to dispose of all of them. It would be an absurd statement of the obvious to dwell on the incoming president's absence of the austere dignity of Washington or the soaring eloquence of Lincoln and Roosevelt, but he is older and wealthier than they, a plantation-owning colonial soldier, a prairie lawyer, and an Ivy League and Wall Street aristocrat.

He has made his own way in a much-changed America. More important, he has earned the opportunity to remake the official fabric and radically change the official composition of the leadership of the American state. It is a time that, if he succeeds, as his predecessors succeeded, by methods bearing almost no resemblance to those of their forebears either, will give him a great place in the American pantheon. I believe his chances of success are excellent, as I have thought his chances of getting this far, these 18 months, were excellent. All who wish America well, when they recover from their personal embarrassment and often dislocation, will wish him well. Merry Christmas and Happy 2017 to all readers.

First published in National Review.

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Sunday, 25 December 2016
Al-Beavis and Al-Butthead, Or, A Plane Is Not a Comedy Club

by Hugh Fitzgerald

Adam Saleh, a Muslim who calls himself a comedian and “YouTube prankster,” was recently removed from a Delta flight in London. He claimed that a phone call he made to his mother in Arabic had alarmed passengers, who were entirely too jittery on hearing that language. But according to two passengers who sat nearby and heard everything Saleh and his travelling companion “Slim” Albaher said — they were speaking in English to each other – that supposed phone call never happened. It was not the use of Arabic that triggered discomfort. Another passenger on the plane was overheard speaking Arabic, but in a normal voice, and no one said a word to her. It was, rather, the repeated shouting across the cabin, and in Arabic, by “Slim” Albaher, that alarmed some.

One of those nearby passengers, “Anthony,” reported that “I literally watched him [Saleh] egging his friend on to shout out across the aeroplane, even after they were asked politely to stop they carried on and told people to shut their mouths.” Saleh told his friend “to shout something in Arabic which he did a total of 4 times.” And after “Slim shouted, a couple of other passengers told the Muslim men that they were making them and their children uncomfortable and [one mother] asked ‘could they shut up.’” And then they [Saleh and Albaher] “told her to shut up and then he [Albaher] shouted it again.” Anthony also said that “Saleh was filming passengers’ reactions to their outburst but were made to delete it by a Delta flight attendant.”

This incident was merely the latest in which Adam Saleh, who finds himself endlessly amusing, tried to elicit fear or anger, examples of the supposed overreactions of Islamophobic Americans to encounters — especially on airplanes – with him and his friends, who are always presented as the most innocuous of Arabs/Middle Easterners/Muslims. When Saleh egged Albaher on to yell out across the cabin in Arabic (as he, Adam Saleh, captured on film the reaction of passengers), it was clear that Saleh was determined to create a disturbance. He wanted to cause alarm among passengers, to film that alarm, and to post it at YouTube, all the while maintaining a disingenuous attitude of bewildered innocence. Could it really be that Americans are now so readily panicked that even a call home to his mother could set them off? Is the use of Arabic enough to cause a frenzy of fear?

But there was no innocent call, no call at all, to his mother. Nor was there a frenzy, either, from passengers and crew, but merely the intelligent alarm that anyone might display when, on a plane, someone starts shouting and won’t stop despite being implored to do so, and if that shouting is in Arabic, any alarm is even more understandable, given the history of Muslim terrorists and planes. It was not Arabic, but the repeated yelling in Arabic at the top of Albaher’s lungs, and his refusal to stop, when asked to do so, while his companion egged him on, that was cause for concern.

This was no accidental encounter, but a staged provocation, and Adam Saleh has a whole series of these, uploaded to YouTube, where you may see him, proud of his sophomoric “humor,” following essentially the same script, eliciting the desired reaction and then treating that reaction as absurd when, in fact, experience teaches us it makes sense. If you were on a plane, and suddenly someone started screaming in Arabic, and would not shut up, even when asked repeatedly and politely to do so, would any thoughts of conceivable danger pass through your mind? Would you think the shouter might be having an uncontrollable outburst of rage? Would you worry about what might come next? Might you think that such a person, and those with whom he was in cahoots, should be removed from the flight, because deliberately scaring passengers is enough to warrant such removal? Of course you would. It is Muslims themselves whose behavior has forged the link between Islam and terrorism in the public imagination.

Or does this Merry Prankster of the Skies have a point? Is it true that a passenger or crew member who suddenly hears someone screaming in Arabic on a plane and becomes alarmed is overreacting? Let’s consider the relevant history. Given that scarcely a day goes by without news, somewhere in the world, of an attack by allahu-akbaring Muslim terrorists, and that nearly 30,000 such attacks have taken place since September 11, 2001, isn’t great unease at someone screaming in Arabic, and on a plane about to take off, perfectly justified? Given, too, that the takeover of planes by Muslim Arab terrorists is what allowed the 9/11 attacks (two planes smashing into the Twin Towers, a third into the Pentagon, a fourth brought down over rural Pennsylvania before it could do the damage intended), aren’t we right to worry about Muslims suddenly behaving strangely on planes, even on one that has not yet taken off? For all we know, the shouter may be ready to detonate himself, or to take the airplane hostage on the ground by threatening to do so. Is it ludicrous, or humanly understandable, to be anxious about Muslims or Arabic speakers who, on a plane, a place where anxieties are already high, are yelling uncontrollably, and refusing to quiet down, when planes have so often been involved in acts of Islamic terrorism?

And it’s not just those terrorist acts that succeed that we remember. Even those foiled in time make a deep impression. Think of those other, well-publicized attempts by Muslims that did not succeed in bringing down planes in flight. Richard Reid, a British convert to Islam, was trying to detonate explosives in his shoes, but couldn’t quite manage; thanks to his example, however, every airport in the world now requires that passengers take off their shoes in going through security. And though those three Muslim terrorists who were planning to use liquid explosives disguised as soft drinks, in order to blow up seven transatlantic flights, were caught in time, whenever you are asked to remove all containers of liquids of more than 3 ounces from your carry-on, you naturally think of them. Each time you go through airport security, and take your shoes off, or remove that 4 oz. bottle of shampoo you had overlooked, you are reminded of Muslims, planes, and terrorism. Whom would Adam Saleh have us blame for making that connection? He may find our reactions a source of thigh-slapping amusement, but few will share his indecent sense of humor; worries about terrorism are not comical. And don’t forget still other attempts by Muslims to blow up planes. Think of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Nigerian Muslim who concealed plastic explosives in his underwear but failed to detonate them properly, on a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit. We still don’t know how – was it a member of the cleaning crew, or a passenger? – a bomb was smuggled onto the Russian Metrojet plane over the Sinai, killing all 224 aboard. And there have been other attempts by Muslim terrorists involving planes that, because they were foiled much earlier in the planning stage, have not received much notice.

The point of the latest “prank” (a word which is far too forgiving, as if it’s all been in good fun) by Adam Saleh was to deliberately upset people, and then have them react in ways that the “prankster” could point to as reflecting a climate of quite unnecessary fear. But after those 30,000 terrorist attacks by Muslims, after those planes flown by Muslims into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, a Pennsylvania field, after the Shoe Bomber and the Liquid Explosives Bombers and the Underwear Bomber, after the plane that blew up over the Sinai, it would be crazy not to be made anxious by someone repeatedly yelling out something in Arabic, the language that by now we quite rightly associate with Muslim terrorism.

A plane is not a comedy club, a place for the adam-salehs of this world to stage and record their unfunny little skits that always involve scaring people. Taking him off the flight was right and proper, but only the first step. He and his friends now have the gall to call for a boycott of Delta. This gets everything backwards. It is Delta, or rather, it is Delta and all the other airlines, that ought to be banning these propaganda jihadists from flying. For flying is not a right but a privilege. For the sake of their passengers’ peace of mind, and for the safety of the flight, airlines should collectively agree that anyone deliberately sowing, and then recording, fear among airline passengers, in order to make a point about “Islamophobia,” will be permanently banned from flying on any flight to or from or within the United States. This is not just a matter of preventing passenger discomfort. It is also a question of safety. If cabin crew members have to focus their attention on those who are deliberately creating such anxiety among the passengers, they may be less able to quickly respond to the other dangers that arise in flight. The same is true of the pilots, who no doubt are made aware whenever there is trouble in the cabin, and if it is deliberately caused by smirking al-salehs, this can only hinder the pilots’ ability to give their full attention, as they needs must, to their flying.

Or it might be more effective, instead of putting the burden on the airlines to impose such a policy (and likely receive Muslim threats for their pains), for Congress to act. It could pass legislation requiring that all airlines prohibit from flying anyone who has “deliberately and repeatedly created anxiety on airline flights for the purposes of propaganda or self-aggrandizement.” Such a measure would undoubtedly pass overwhelmingly. Who, after all, could be against such a commonsensical ban, other than the fellow travelers of CAIR? And that would put an end to all the fun Adam Saleh has been having, at our Infidel expense, on planes, in flight or on the ground, and force him to take his beavis-and-butthead hilarity elsewhere, possibly to those audiences famous for their sense of humor, in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran.

First published in Jihad Watch.

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Saturday, 24 December 2016
Berlin: Mosque was known as hotbed of Isis sympathisers

From the Times

Fussilet 33 is a mosque and community centre complex in the downmarket district of Moabit in western Berlin. It is opposite a police station, just a few hundred metres from where Anis Amri hijacked the lorry used for the Christmas market attack. It is also near the Nordhafen canal port where he filmed himself proclaiming support for Isis. Amaq, the Isis news agency, released the self-filmed video yesterday in which Amri swears allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the group’s leader, and declares that he wants to become a martyr.

The mosque, raided on Thursday and again yesterday, was among locations searched because Amri is believed to have spent time there. It is known as a hotbed of Isis sympathisers. A 2015 regional intelligence service report describes Fussilet 33 as a meeting place for Salafists where Turks and Muslims from the Caucasus are radicalised for jihad in Syria.

The Mosque was raided by Berlin police last year as members were feared to be collecting funds for terror attacks. The authorities had difficulty closing this mosque and another which concerned them, the al-Nur as they only had one official working on the matter.

Berlin’s intelligence authority is responsible for watching about 150 of the 549 people listed by German authorities as being potential terrorists. But the cash-strapped city does not have the resources to do so. RBB, a local broadcaster, reported that it only had enough specialists for round-the-clock surveillance of two to three people.

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Saturday, 24 December 2016
Prince Charles' Christmas message: Muhammad sought freedom of religion

by The Law

See this VIDEO (29 seconds): 

"Normally at Christmas we think of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. I wonder though with this year we might remember how the story of the nativity unfolds with the fleeing of the Holy Family to escape violent persecution.

And we might also remember that when the prophet Muhammad migrated from Mecca to Medina, he did so because he too was seeking the freedom for himself and his followers to worship.”

[Transcript - The Law]

Muhammad was ostensibly indeed seeking freedom of religion but the problem is that freedom of religion for Muhammad and his distinctly unmerry men meant freedom of religion to make all others ("non-Muslims”) unfree.

This is the “freedom” that the votaries of Islam claim to this day.

The “invitation” from Islam is to submit or die: "invite them to three courses of actionto "conversion, submission or death” and that is an offer that cannot be refused, made in the name of religion.

However the “invitation" is under duress and so it is actually not a religious invitation but a political invitation.

Islam is a political movement heavily disguised in religious cloth, shrouded in a veil one might say. 

That it is regarded as religion is its strength, its great strength. (In wiser days of yore Islam was regarded per Hugh Fitzgerald as a faith, a fanatical faith.)

That Islam is a political movement is its weakness.

That weakness must be exposed, discussed, exploited and used. 

It is the only hope free people/countries have of reversing the inexorable rise of Islam and the destruction of civilization.

-The Law



4. Prince Charles of England turns Christmas into all about Islam and nothing about Christianity.

(An entire essay could be written on how what he said is pure nonsense. But in a paragraph suffice it to say that Islam’s founder, the rapist and mass murderer Mohammad, took an army to Yathrib from Mecca to conquer it and murdered countless people, and raped and looted pretty much all the rest. This is the foundation stone for the Islamic calendar, and a patently insane comparison for any spiritual journey that may have been done by Jesus Christ. Whether in historical secularism, or in biblical mythology.)

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Saturday, 24 December 2016
Christmas Eve in Space and Communion on the Moon

Eric Metaxis writes in the WSJ:

It happened on Christmas Eve, 48 years ago. Three men took turns reading from the first 10 verses of the Book of Genesis. They were nearly 250,000 miles away from Bethlehem, but since it was the night before Christmas, and there was no chimney from which to hang their stockings, the three astronauts inside the Apollo 8 capsule orbiting the moon thought it would be appropriate. So as Jim Lovell,Frank Borman and Bill Anders looked at the faraway Earth through the small window of the spacecraft, they read the verses: “In the beginning, God made the heavens and the Earth.”

Their distant-sounding voices from far beyond our atmosphere were broadcast live to the whole planet that night over radio and television. It was one of those moments that brought the world together, that helped us to see our common humanity as children of God whom he loves equally, and whom he placed on the beautiful planet that he made.

Seven months after this extraordinary event, in July 1969, another NASA spacecraft, Apollo 11, carried two astronauts to the surface of the moon itself. One of them, Commander Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, thought he might do something similar to mark what was certainly an epochal moment in the history of our race. But what could one do to mark the first time human beings landed on another heavenly body? He asked Dean Woodruff, the pastor of his church in Webster, Texas, who had an idea.


What if he were to take communion? What is more basic to humanity than bread and wine? He could do it as his own way of thanking God—for the Earth and for everyone on it, and for our amazing ability to do things like build spacecraft that could fly to the moon. So the pastor gave him a small amount of consecrated bread and wine and a tiny chalice, and Mr. Aldrin took them with him to the moon. After the Eagle had landed and he and Neil Armstrong sat in the Lunar Module, Mr. Aldrin said this over the radio:

“This is the LM pilot. I’d like to take this opportunity to ask every person listening in, whoever and wherever they may be, to pause for a moment and contemplate the events of the past few hours and to give thanks in his or her own way.”

He then ended radio communication and there, on the silent surface of the moon, read a Bible verse, and took communion. For reasons he explains in his own account, none of this was made public until Mr. Aldrin wrote about it in Guideposts magazine the following year:

“In the radio blackout, I opened the little plastic packages which contained the bread and the wine. I poured the wine into the chalice our church had given me. In the one-sixth gravity of the moon the wine curled slowly and gracefully up the side of the cup.”

Then Mr. Aldrin read Jesus’ words from the Gospel of John: “I am the vine, you are the branches. Whosoever abides in me will bring forth much fruit. Apart from me you can do nothing.” He explained that he had wanted to read this over the radio back to Earth, but at the last minute NASA asked him not to because the agency was in a legal battle with the outspoken atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair. As it happened, she was suing over the Apollo 8 crew reading from Genesis on Christmas Eve. And that of course is why so few people have heard of this amazing story.

I sometimes wonder what’s more amazing, this story—or the fact that so few people know about it. When I first heard it I almost couldn’t believe it was true, but about 10 years ago I had the honor and privilege of meeting Buzz Aldrin in person and asking him about it.

Mr. Aldrin said that he agreed not to read the words over the radio, but only “reluctantly.” I find his own words of the event very moving: “I ate the tiny Host and swallowed the wine. I gave thanks for the intelligence and spirit that had brought two young pilots to the Sea of Tranquility. It was interesting for me to think: the very first liquid ever poured on the moon, and the very first food eaten there, were the communion elements.”

And of course right now, as Christians around the world are celebrating the birth of Jesus, it’s fascinating to think that some of the first words spoken on the moon were his words, the powerless newborn in the dirty manger who came to Earth from heaven, and who made the Earth and the moon and all of us, in His own image. And who, in the immortal words of Dante, is himself the “Love that moves the Sun and other stars.”

Merry Christmas.

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Saturday, 24 December 2016
President Obama's act of folly and betrayal of Israel
The UN Security Council meets on December 23, 2016 (UN Screenshot)
The UN Security Council meets on December 23, 2016 (UN Screenshot)

President Obama yours was the unkindest abstention in the history of the US actions as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council. Yesterday, in a deliberate act of retribution and in consort with four council members, two imperialist Islamic member states of the Organization of Islamic States, Malaysia and Senegal, New Zealand  and Venezuela, an ally of Iran, you abandoned the Jewish nation of Israel; this country's only democratic ally in the Middle East, Israel.

This act of infamy was given a standing ovation by all 14 members of the Security Council. The Palestinian representative declared it a "day of victory."

Israeli UN Ambassador Danny Danon demurred, calling it a "victory for terrorism."

History will mark your action as an ignominious faithless act of betrayal of your oath of office and long-standing friendship of America towards the Jewish nation of Israel. A nation that shares the foundational values of our country.

Your abstention and the vote of UN Security Council approving Resolution 2334 dismembers Israel's eternal capital of Jerusalem violating its existing right to negotiate just and secure borders.

Your act and that of the Security Council will not bring peace.
Instead it will inflame Islamic terrorism against our ally Israel.

You have brought shame and dishonor on your office and reputation of this country and its people you were elected to faithfully serve.Your legacy following the end of your final term in office is forever tarnished by this act of folly.

The irony of your misguided conduct comes on the eve of the Jewish Festival of Hanukkah, meaning 'consecration', celebrating the victory two millenia ago by the Maccabees, the few against the many, blessed by Ha Shem. These warrior priests rose up with the cry of the High Priest Mattisyahu, "whoever is for for God, follow me." Their mortal combat achieved a victory over the foreign tyrannyof Syrian-Greek despot, Antiochus, occupying ancient Judea. It was a victory in furtherance of the inalienable right of freedom to worship emblazoned in the First Amendment of our Constitution. An ancient victory that also affirmed the State of Israel's right to the land of its Jewish fore-bearers and descendants.

Your action Friday , December 23, 2016 suborned that ancient legacy that this country was founded on to uphold 234 years ago with fight for Independence from another occupying tyranny.

It will now be left to a new Congress and your successor as President to redress your betrayal of our country and ally Israel.

Full text of UNSC resolution, approved Dec. 23, demanding Israel stop all settlement activity

The Times of Israel

Approved by 14-0, with US abstaining, text seeks action ‘to reverse the negative trends on the ground that are imperiling the two-state solution’

Text of Egyptian-drafted resolution 2334 on settlements, approved by the UN Security Council, on December 23, 2016.

The Security Council,

Reaffirming its relevant resolutions, including resolutions 242 (1967), 338 (1973), 446 (1979), 452 (1979), 465 (1980), 476 (1980), 478 (1980), 1397 (2002), 1515 (2003), and 1850 (2008),

Guided by the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations, and reaffirming, inter alia, the inadmissibility of the acquisition of territory by force,

Reaffirming the obligation of Israel, the occupying Power, to abide scrupulously by its legal obligations and responsibilities under the Fourth Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War, of 12 August 1949, and recalling the advisory opinion rendered on 9 July 2004 by the International Court of Justice,

Condemning all measures aimed at altering the demographic composition, character and status of the Palestinian Territory occupied since 1967, including East Jerusalem, including, inter alia, the construction and expansion of settlements, transfer of Israeli settlers, confiscation of land, demolition of homes and displacement of Palestinian civilians, in violation of international humanitarian law and relevant resolutions,

Expressing grave concern that continuing Israeli settlement activities are dangerously imperilling the viability of the two-State solution based on the 1967 lines,

Recalling the obligation under the Quartet Roadmap, endorsed by its resolution 1515 (2003), for a freeze by Israel of all settlement activity, including “natural growth”, and the dismantlement of all settlement outposts erected since March 2001,

Recalling also the obligation under the Quartet roadmap for the Palestinian Authority Security Forces to maintain effective operations aimed at confronting all those engaged in terror and dismantling terrorist capabilities, including the confiscation of illegal weapons,

Condemning all acts of violence against civilians, including acts of terror, as well as all acts of provocation, incitement and destruction,

Reiterating its vision of a region where two democratic States, Israel and Palestine, live side by side in peace within secure and recognized borders,

Stressing that the status quo is not sustainable and that significant steps, consistent with the transition contemplated by prior agreements, are urgently needed in order to (i) stabilize the situation and to reverse negative trends on the ground, which are steadily eroding the two-State solution and entrenching a one-State reality, and (ii) to create the conditions for successful final status negotiations and for advancing the two-State solution through those negotiations and on the ground,

Israel's UN ambassador Danny Danon addresses the Security Council on October 19, 2016. (UN Photo)

Israel’s UN ambassador Danny Danon addresses the Security Council on October 19, 2016. (UN Photo)

WATCH Israeli UN Ambassador Danny Danon rip into the UN Security Council Resolution2334


1. Reaffirms that the establishment by Israel of settlements in the Palestinian territory occupied since 1967, including East Jerusalem, has no legal validity and constitutes a flagrant violation under international law and a major obstacle to the achievement of the two-State solution and a just, lasting and comprehensive peace;

2. Reiterates its demand that Israel immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem, and that it fully respect all of its legal obligations in this regard;

3. Underlines that it will not recognize any changes to the 4 June 1967 lines, including with regard to Jerusalem, other than those agreed by the parties through negotiations;

4. Stresses that the cessation of all Israeli settlement activities is essential for salvaging the two-State solution, and calls for affirmative steps to be taken immediately to reverse the negative trends on the ground that are imperilling the two-State solution;

5. Calls upon all States, bearing in mind paragraph 1 of this resolution, to distinguish, in their relevant dealings, between the territory of the State of Israel and the territories occupied since 1967;

6. Calls for immediate steps to prevent all acts of violence against civilians, including acts of terror, as well as all acts of provocation and destruction, calls for accountability in this regard, and calls for compliance with obligations under international law for the strengthening of ongoing efforts to combat terrorism, including through existing security coordination, and to clearly condemn all acts of terrorism;

7. Calls upon both parties to act on the basis of international law, including international humanitarian law, and their previous agreements and obligations, to observe calm and restraint, and to refrain from provocative actions, incitement and inflammatory rhetoric, with the aim, inter alia, of de-escalating the situation on the ground, rebuilding trust and confidence, demonstrating through policies and actions a genuine commitment to the two-State solution, and creating the conditions necessary for promoting peace;

8. Calls upon all parties to continue, in the interest of the promotion of peace and security, to exert collective efforts to launch credible negotiations on all final status issues in the Middle East peace process and within the time frame specified by the Quartet in its statement of 21 September 2010;

9. Urges in this regard the intensification and acceleration of international and regional diplomatic efforts and support aimed at achieving, without delay a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in the Middle East on the basis of the relevant United Nations resolutions, the Madrid terms of reference, including the principle of land for peace, the Arab Peace Initiative and the Quartet Roadmap and an end to the Israeli occupation that began in 1967; and underscores in this regard the importance of the ongoing efforts to advance the Arab Peace Initiative, the initiative of France for the convening of an international peace conference, the recent efforts of the Quartet, as well as the efforts of Egypt and the Russian Federation;

10. Confirms its determination to support the parties throughout the negotiations and in the implementation of an agreement;

11. Reaffirms its determination to examine practical ways and means to secure the full implementation of its relevant resolutions;

12. Requests the Secretary-General to report to the Council every three months on the implementation of the provisions of the present resolution;

13. Decides to remain seized of the matter.

Posted on 12/24/2016 12:21 AM by Jerry Gordon
Friday, 23 December 2016
Terrorist sympathiser used Syria aid-convoys to send cash to extremists to fund terror

From the Telegraph and The East London and West Essex Guardian

A terrorist sympathiser used aid convoys to Syria to send thousands of pounds to his extremist nephew fighting alongside Al Qaeda in a bid to set up a team of 'night snipers' in Syria.  Former probation officer Syed Hoque, 37, sent £4,500 in 2013 to his relative who was fighting with Islamic extremists against the regime in the war-torn country.

One of the targeted aid missions included Alan Henning, the Greater Manchester taxi driver who was later kidnapped and murdered by militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil).

Syed Hoque was found guilty of two charges of funding terrorism while his "fixer" Mashoud Miah was convicted on one count by a majority following a trial at the Old Bailey. 

The court had heard how former probation officer Hoque sent £4,500 to his nephew who was fighting with an al Qaida-linked group in Syria. In incriminating WhatsApp exchanges, Hoque's nephew, Mohammed Choudhury, 26, begged for money to buy a Dragunov sniper rifle.

Hoque, 37, of Stoke-on-Trent, Miah, 28, of east London, Mr Hussain, 30, of east London, and Mr Rafiq, 46, of Birkby, Huddersfield, denied the charges against them. Giving evidence, Hoque admitted sending money to his nephew via Miah because he was fighting 'in defence of those who cannot defend themselves'. But he denied knowing his nephew was with an al Qaida-linked group. Hoque had claimed he believed his nephew was in Syria for humanitarian reasons.

The court heard Hoque was aware his nephew was fighting with the terrorist group and had attended training missions in relation to improvised explosive devices, the firing of arms and that he had handled military grade weaponry. Prosecutor Annabel Darlow QC said there was no suggestion the aid convoys did not have a legitimate charitable role, but could have provided a useful conduit.

Hoque and Miah are due to be sentenced after Christmas.

Posted on 12/23/2016 12:59 PM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Friday, 23 December 2016
Storm In A Teacup In The Presidential Election

by Michael Curtis

Politics is a game, in some ways akin to football. A win depends on how many points are on the official scoreboard, not on how many yards have been covered.

For a stable society to exist or a game to be successful certain rules must be followed. They may be simple or complex, few or many, handed down orally or through a complex code, but they underlie the existence of a structured order.

Adherence to that structure is essential even in politics which is an ongoing process with no eternal answers. It is natural in politics that conclusions and procedures once generally accepted are inevitably subject to change. As Thomas Jefferson wrote in his letter of September 6, 1789 to James Madison, “No society can make a perpetual constitution or even a perpetual law.”

The presidential election just held raises the issue of the usefulness of the Electoral College (EC) in the U.S. today. Many Democrats including the largely Democratic media ardent Clinton supporters disappointed in her defeat have called for a change in the U.S. Constitution, specifically the EC, since Donald Trump’s election to the Presidency of the U.S.

The 2016 election took on highly unusually emotional overtones in support of the different candidates. Questioning the authority of the EC seems to be a continuation of that emotion rather than a rational proposal. As such, it borders on breaking the official rules of the existing system.

The issue of the case for and the validity of political or social disobedience has always been present in life and in literature. Questions arise about whether it is morally or politically right to disobey and refuse to accept the existing rules.

The classic argument about disobedience is presented in Sophocles’ play Antigone, the story of the princess, the niece of the ruler Creon, who defies the ruler by insisting on burying her brother against the rule of the state that forbid celebratory burial of offenders. What ensues is a clash of opposites and principles: the individual confronts the ruler and the state; the woman confronts the male ruler; blood relationships confront impersonal law; and divine law confronts man made law.

Antigone argues it was not Zeus who made the laws, nor are the government’s orders more basic than the unwritten and unfailing laws if the state is acting against humanity. The ruler Creon holds that obedience to his least command is essential. 

Without accepting the extreme position of Creon, objective observers must be surprised by the continuing discussion on the part of the Democrats and the Democratic media as to whether Trump’s election by the EC is valid or having been properly elected. Unlike the case of Antigone, there is no question of disobedience based on serious discussion of constitutional principle, or moral outlook, but simply questions of political expediency.

One can make the case that not all existing constitutional rules are appropriate today. They need to be changed as is the case in every generation. It is understood by all that the Declaration of Independence says prudence dictates that the government, and constitutional rules, not be changed for light and transient causes, but yet it is right and a duty to change what is improper and undemocratic.

In the present situation, the Democrats criticize the fact that the EC formally casts the votes for president and vice-president. They argue the EC must be changed or abolished.

The EC was created as a compromise between election of the president by vote of Congress or by the popular vote of citizens. The EC was, as James Madison argued in Federalist 39, a mix of state-based and popular based government. It votes without tumult and disorder, avoiding both passion and interests.

Of course, the EC  means violation of political equality but it does result in representation of a geographically broader and more diverse base than does a simple popular vote. However, three issues arise. The EC does not consist of educated and informed electors as was intended. The EC today is a formality and only ratifies the result. And it is arguable that the EC choice avoids someone with a talent for “low intrigue and the arts of popularity.”

The essential practical issue is definition of the “will of the people” in a democratic system that is meant to prevent arbitrary power. The Democrats argument rests on the reality that Clinton received 2.8 million more votes in the country as a whole than Trump. Therefore, they maintain the EC should honor the popular national vote since it has a right to act independently of the decision of the voters in the individual states in exceptional circumstances.

There are two problems with this argument. One is that to have the election result based on the popular vote in the whole country would bring great practical and logistical difficulties if the vote was close and disputed in a number of the states. At the least the EC produces a definite winner, as in the present case with Trump getting 57% of EC votes.

The second problem is that it concentrates on and gives too much weight to two states. In 2016, Clinton had a majority in California of 4.2 million and in New York 1.6 million. A country wide vote minimizes the smaller states and rural areas largely inhabited by whites. In California the score was Clinton 61.7% to Trump 31.62%. In New York City it was 78.59 % to 18.6%, and Clinton had Manhattan by 86.3% to 9.8%, the Bronx by almost the same margin, though not Staten Island too.

Without those two states Trump had a popular majority of three million votes. Clinton won a popular majority in only 13 states and D.C., while Trump had a majority in 23 states.

It is a fair argument that the role of the Electoral College which at its origin did not receive any severe censure and indeed received general approbation, should be reexamined. It is no longer true that a small number of persons, selected now by party leaders in their states, have the information and discernment necessary to make the best choice of the president. But an objective and desirable analysis of this constitutional problem is not to be confused with using the EC as a weapon to deny the validity of Trump’s election.  

It is worth looking at a number of issues connected with the case against the legitimacy of the EC. It is arguably valid for the Democrats to claim that President-elect Trump does not have suitable qualifications, capacity, or temperament to occupy the presidency. The accuracy of this argument remains to be seen. Again, Creon said in Antigone, “you cannot understand a man until he shows his practice of the government and law. (Your disapproval) alone does not justify causing disaster to creep on the town and destroy hope of safety.” Indeed, it remains to be seen how Trump will “drain the swamp,” and enhance the U.S.

A presently unresolved issue is the assertion that two outside individuals, FBI Director James B. Comey and Russian President Vladimir Putin, played a role or were responsible for Clinton losing the election, affecting the election by actions favoring the candidate of choice.  

Putin was accused not only of being responsible for hacking and publishing Clinton campaign emails, but also of having a “personal beef” against Clinton. Everyone will agree that Russian meddling in a US election would be unacceptable, but the actual role of Russia needs to be ascertained dispassionately by an independent agency without either undue admiration or concern about the technological brilliance of Russia in its use of cyberspace.  

The once highly regarded Comey, acting either deliberately or inadvertently, is denounced as having been partly responsible for Clinton’s loss  by announcing the continuing probe into the use of her private email server only a week before the election. Though the FBI investigated the possibility of the mishandling of classified information, Democratic  critics held this was legally unauthorized and factually unnecessary.

Another factor was the manipulation of fake news about the election. Unfortunately, this has reinforced the lack of confidence of many, perhaps a majority, of American voters in the ability of the media to report accurately on political matters. In spite of the assertions of the fake news, largely liberal in nature, there is no evidence that the election was “rigged” in favor of either candidate.

Evaluating the effectiveness of the Electoral College is legitimate but the current Democratic critique sounds more liked political football than a serious intellectual effort. Political criticisms must be expressed but don’t alter the scoreboard or move the goalposts while the game is being played.

Posted on 12/23/2016 7:48 AM by Michael Curtis
Friday, 23 December 2016
More About that Foiled Muslim Jihad Plot in Melbourne, Australia

Here's Emma Reynolds, for, whose report features some predictable waffle from the "Victoria Police Multi-Faith Council".

"Police Raids in Melbourne's Northern Suburbs Foil Alleged Christmas Day Terror Attack".

'The first person to face Melbourne Magistrates' Court over the alleged failed Christmas terror plot (sic: jihad attack - CM) has been denied bail, according to reports.

'Abdullah Chaarani will be back in court in April after police foiled the alleged planned attack on city landmarks including Federation Square and Flinders Street Station.

And the Cathedral, Ms Reynolds. Why omit mention of the Cathedral, a specifically Christian target? - CM

'Six men and a woman (all of them Muslims - CM) were arrested and five males aged between 20 and 26 (five Muslim men - CM) remain in custody.

'It comes as members of the Victoria Police Multi-Faith Council said they were "united in our shock and condemnation of the alleged planned terrorist acts in the Melbourne CBD. 

"These alleged acts were not acts of faith, ethnicity or culture", the group said, in a statement provided by Victoria Police.

And yet... every single one of the plotters is a Muslim.  Not a Jew, Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist or atheist amongst them. Only Muslims.  And it's only Muslims that have galloped off overseas - hundreds of them - to join the Islamic State.  And every single one of the similar assorted mass-murder plots that, in recent years, have also been fortunately foiled, along with a number of successful - and murderous, or near-murderous - attacks, stabbings and shootings - that have taken place, have all been carried out by Muslims.  Funny, that.  And all those plotted attacks, as well as the successful ones - the murder of Curtis Cheng, the murder of two hapless backpackers - are so very, very similar to all the other attacks that have been carried out, across the first world and the third world, by Muslims, against Infidels, year after year after year. - CM

"They were opposed to the principles of all religions".

Nonsense. They were not opposed at all to the principles of Islam.  Had the attack been carried out it would have been perfectly in accord with the principles of Islam as set out in, inter alia, the ninth surah of the Quran, which instructs Muslims to fight the Infidels to the death. 

Let's listen to somebody sensible, shall we, instead?

The great Irishman, Conor Cruise O'Brien, writing about Islam, in an article published in the "Independent" on 6th January 1995, when Algeria - having gained its independence from France some decades previously - was being ripped apart by a viciously-murderous war between less observant and more observant Muslims. The article is entitled "The Lesson of Algeria: Islam is Indivisible".  

O'Brien opens with these remarks, even more grimly pertinent today than back then: "Fundamentalist Islam" is a misnomer which dulls our perception in a dangerous way.  It does so by implying that there is some other kind of Islam, which is well disposed to those who reject the Koran.  

'There isn't.  

'Islam is a universalist, triumphalist and political religion.  It claims de jure dominion over all humanity; that is God's [sic: allah's - CM] will.  The actual state of affairs, with unbelievers of various sorts dominating most of the world, is a suspension of God's [sic: "allah's"- CM] will, and a scandal to the faithful.  The world is divided between the House of Islam, and the House of War, meaning, the rest of us..  For more than two centuries now, the House of War has been in the ascendant, and the House of Islam has been abased. The remedy for this (to Muslims - CM) unnatural and intolerable state of affairs, is Jihad.  Jihad is defined as "the religious duty imposed on all Muslims to wage war upon those who do not accept the doctrines of Islam"...What is going on today in the Muslim world is not the advent of some aberrant thing called Islamic fundamentalism but a revival of Islam itself - the real thing - which Western ascendancy and Westernised post-Muslim elites no longer have the capacity to muffle and control.  The Jihad is back....".

And a little later in the article, after citing some woozy multifaith meanderings from then-POTUS Bill Clinton, O'Brien remarks tartly, "All the great religions are the same" is the idea.  Only, they aren't.  The Clintonian world view observes (sic: I think this is a typo or a typesetter's misreading; the right word here is "obscures" - CM) the hard specificity of Islam. 

"The Prophet (sic - CM) Mohamed did not offer his followers a chance to live in harmony with their neighbours.  He taught them to fight their neighbours, if they were unbelievers, and kill them, or beat them into submission.  And it is futile to say of those Muslims who faithfully follow those teachings today, that their actions are not 'intrinsically related to Islam". We are facing an Islamic revival..". Thus Conor Cruise O'Brien, who knew infinitely more about Islam than the well-meaning and ill-informed wafflers who comprise the infidel members (whether secular, Christian, Jewish or even Hindu or Buddhist) of that 'Victoria Police Multi-Faith Council).  The Muslim members of the Council are a different kettle of fish, of course. They have got to be lying through their teeth. There is no way they don't know the Verse of the Sword full well, and the details of Mohammed's bloody career.  And so, back to events in Australia, 2016, where a plot by a bunch of Muslims, to mass murder Australian infidels on Christmas Day in Melbourne, has been scotched a-borning, by the vigilance of our police, and a bunch of wafflers trying to tell us that it has nothingtodowithIslam.   Prepare for a game of buzzword bingo, as you read the next paragraph:

"They were alleged (bzzt! - CM) acts of criminality, that do not reflect the harmonious (bzzt! - CM0 values we collectively (bzzzt! - CM) strive to promote.

"We stand together (bzzt! - CM) for cohesion (bzzt! - CM) and harmony (bzzt! - CM) and are confident that Victoria's multicultural and diverse community (bzzt! Bzzt! dingdingding!  and I think my BS detector just maxed out, and broke - CM) will unite (bzzt! - CM) in the face of these challenges (bzzt! - CM) in a positive and peaceful (bzzt! - CM0 way.

Translation: you are not allowed to mention the Muslims, Mohammed, or the jihad doctrine of Islam that jumps out at any Infidel with commonsense who reads the Islamic trilogy or pays even a cursory visit to somewhere like MEMRI.  Sit stil, shut up, and pretend that nothing is wrong. -  CM

"Anything that disrupts our unity (bzzt! - CM0 only gives strength to those who try to divide us (bzzzt! if I had a dollar for every time I've heard that line in the wake of some bloody jihad terror attack, or fortunately-foiled plotted attack, I'd be a rich woman by nowl and - ever heard of dar al Islam/ dar al Harb, and the doctrine of al wala wa al baraa, or read surah 48.29 of the Quran, you blathering damnfools? - CM) and as such, acts of racism or victimisation (that is, anyone mentioning the jihad doctrine of Islam or the malevolent actions of Mohammed the warlord and daring to publicly remark upon any possible connection between these things and the Mohammedan mobsters just now prevented from mass-murdering Victorian infidels at Christmastime, is an evil racist and Islamophobe; and so is any infidel daring to cast so much as a wary, beady eye upon persons proudly wearing the gang uniform of the Mohammedan Mob  - CM) wil not be tolerated."

Translation: be extra specially nice to the Muslims.. or else! - CM

"The suspects, believed to have been inspired by the Islamic State, are all expected to appear in court today, charged with acts in preparation of a terrorist event.

No. Not an 'event'. An ATTACK.  Or, to be blunt, a mass-murder, a ritualised, sacralised mass-murder of filthy infidels, in order to please allah and advance the cause of the empire of Islam. - CM

"Four are Australian-born (that is, Australian-born Muslims - CM) with a Lebanese background (how interesting; I seem to recall people getting all huffy, a little while ago, when a politician dared to mentin that, just perhaps, it had been a mistake to admit a lot of Lebanese Muslims into Australia in the late 1970s and 1980s; and yet, had the Lebanese Muslim parents of these young jihad plotters never been allowed to settle in Australia, we would not be having to worry about Lebanese Muslim jihad plotters... - CM) and one is an Australian citizen born in Egypt (that is: an Egyptian Muslim immigrant possessing Australian citizenship, but who should not have been allowed to enter and settle in Australia, in the first place - CM).

'Police will allege they were planning to use improvised explosive devices (just as at the bombing of the Boston Marathon; does anyone remember that? - CM) to kill or injure large numbers of people.

Large numbers of Aussie non-Muslims. - CM

"This is one of the most substantial terrorist plots [to] have been disrupted over the last several years", said Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. "This news will be of great concern to all Australians.  We congregate in public places for Christmas, for New Year's Eve.  It is a time of happiness and joy. These terrorists sought to disrupt it. 

Disrupt? No, that's too mild a word. They sought to attack and to destroy it. To assert the supremacy of Islam, and Muslims, over everything and everyone else on earth. - CM

'A major multi-agency operation by Victoria Police, the Australian Federal Police, and teh Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) foiled the alleged (?? - CM) plot.

'The alleged attack was set to include an "explosive event" (that is: a bombing - CM) and could have killed or injured a "substantial" number of people, Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton said in a press conference this morning.  "We believe that there was an intention to conduct what we call a multimode attack, possibly on Christmas Day", he said. "The possible locations that we have been working on have been Federation Square, Flinders Street Station, and St Paul's Cathedral.

"We've gained evidence that we believe is of a reconnaissance mission being conducted at that site.

"We believe there was an intention to attack in relation to that area, most likely on Christmas Day."

"He said the alleged attack being planned was going to involve "the use of explosives", and possibly knives and a firearm.

'The landmarks targeted are all in the heart of the city, not far from the Melbourne Cricket Ground, where up to 100, 000 people are due to attend the Boxing Day Test (that is, a cricket match - CM) between Australia and Pakistan.

No Islamosavvy Aussie in Melbourne should be seen anywhere near that cricket match, because of what Muslim Pakistan does to its indigenous non-Muslim minorities.  Not while Asia Bibi, a humble Catholic Christian, sits in prison on death row after a screeching accusation of 'blasphemy!' hurled at her by mohammedan females. - CM

"Mr Ashton said police carried out five raids overnight across Melbourne's northwest (which is where most of its Mohammedan colonists are currently located - CM), after a weeks-long investigation, arresting seven people...

Seven Muslims. - CM

'The chief commissioner called the suspects "self-radicalised but certainly inspired by ISIS and ISIS propaganda".

Muslims were carrying out mass-murderous jihadist assaults on non-Muslims long before Islamic State crystallised out of the Sunni Muslim ummah.  The attacks of September 11 2001, and those in Madrid and Bali 2002 and London 2005 and Beslan 2004 and Mumbai 2008 and the mass-murderous Muslim assault on the Westgate Mall in Kenya were none of them carried out by persons affiliated with or 'inspired' by Islamic State.  But, just like Islamic State, those who carried out the attacks were motivated by the jihad doctrine of Islam, taught in its canonical texts.   All a Muslim needs to Go Jihad is to take their Islam fully to heart.  Were there no "Islamic State", these Muslim men in Melbourne might well have Gone Jihad just the same. - CM

'Police were still at a property in Meadow Heights this morning, where it believed explosives are being stored in relation to the Christmas terror plot.

'Around 400 officers were involved in the raids.

Good.  Despite all the Islamopuffery sloshing around, somebody in Victoria Police and other agencies knows that when you are likely to find yourself dealing with the Mohammedan insta-mob, the thing to do is to go in fast and hard with an ostentatious display of overwhelming force, wielded without hesitation.  And so now cue a whining Mohammedan trying to gin up a charge of 'police brutality'... - CM

"A man named Ahmed, 31, told the Herald-Sun that around 30 officers in riot gear stormed his home in Gladstone Park at around 9 pm last night and took one of his brothers, Zak Dabboussi, into custody.

We hear more of Mr Ahmed's whining in another report.

"We've had an investigation that's been running now for a couple of weeks", said Mr Ashton.  "The individuals involved in this matter, the subject of that investigation, have been persons of interest for Victoria Police and intelligence agencies now for some period of time. (How long, precisely? Weeks? Months? Years? - CM)  They have been people we have been concerned about.

And what put you onto them in the first place, I wonder? - CM

"Over the last fortnight that has accelerated to where we have had to conduct a criminal investigation relating to the formation of what we believe was a terrorist plot.  As a result of the investigation, we believe we have neutralised that threat".

There will be others, soon enough. So long as we have 500 000 Muslims - and counting - in Australia, therew ill be other plots, worse plots, a whole swarm of plots, coming thick and fast. - CM

'Mr Turnbull addressed a press conference this morning alongside AFP Commissioner Andrew Colvin and Justice Minister Michael Keenan.

"Islamist terrorism (sic: Jihad - CM) is a global challenge that affects us all", said the Prime Minister, "But we must not be cowed by the terrorism".

Fine words. But the more Muslims we have, the more jihad terrorism (and other sorts of annoyance) we will have.  I'd be happier if we just stopped importing Mohammedans and booted out all Mohammedans who don't yet have Aussie citizenship, followed by working out how to readjust our laws so that we can DE-citizen and remove the rest. - CM

'Mr Keenan said the operation marked a "successful disruption of what would have been a horrendous attack, an attack that may have caused very significant casualties".

That would have murdered lots and lots of people. - CM

'He said the alleged terror plotters "had moved very quickly from an intention to a capability, and developed capability, including quite progressed plans".

And what happens when there are multiple plots like this 'on the boil' simultaneously?  At some point your ability to keep tabs on them all will be overwhelmed; and a lot of people will be murdered, horribly. - CM

'Mr Colvin said the intent and capability of the suspects was among "the most serious" he had seen.  "In terms of events that we have seen over the past few years in Australai, this certainly concerns me more than any other event that I've seen," he said.  "We believe that we have removed the bulk of this particular cell, this group".

Not sure, are you? And... there will be others. - CM

'Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said there would be an increased police presence on the streets during the Christmas and New Year period.  Mr Andrews said the alleged planned attacks "were not acts of faith" (oh, suuuure they weren't, Mr Andrews; nothing at all to do with surah 9.5, or surah 9.29, or all the other multiple blood-curdlingly vivid jihad verses in the Quran? nothing to do with the bloody example set by Mohammed the warlord? - M), and that "all of us, particularly at this special time of the year, should remember that".

It's nothingtodowithIslam so you're not. allowed. to worry about the Muslims in our midst. You're not allowed to worry about the mosque down the street and what might be preached or plotted there..   You're not allowed to even think about whether the Muslim family in the house next door might be cooking up a bomb in their kitchen and storing unstable explosive materials in the shed in the back yard... - CM

'He thanked the AFP, Victoria Police, and ASIO for foiling the alleged plot.

"What they have been able to foil here, what they have been able to uncover and stop, is a very, very serious matter", he said.  

"It goes tot he heart of the security of our state, and it's a timely reminder that threat levels, persons of interest, the counter-terrorism command established by Victoria Police recently, the resources that we provide to Victoria Police, they are all very real and very important. These threats are not notional, they are very real right across our city and state".

But if we hadn't let in thousands and thousands of Mohammedans from the 1970s onwards, we wouldn't have to worry about this sort of threat at all.  It would be beyond our borders, not inside the gates. - CM

'Australia's national terrorism threat level was raised to "probable" in September 2014.

"Since then there have been four attacks (carried out by Jihad-minded Muslims - CM), including the murder of a Sydney police employee, and twelve (twelve! - CM)  terror attacks have been prevented, according to Australian officials.

Dear reporter: are you casting doubt on the reality of those probable attacks? On the veracity of our officials? Are they making it all up, in order to make Muslims look bad? - CM

'Police have made many arrests and are said to be particularly concerned about the young age and deep radicalisation (sic: murderous zeal - CM) of those detained."

Click on the link and read the story in situ, as there are quite a few pictures, including a very telling picture of a couple of the female Mohammedan camp followers associated with the plotters - swathed in black robes with black niqab,  only the eyes peering from a narrow slit in the all-enveloping fabric.   NothingtodowithIslam, my foot. 

And so to another report from Bridget Davies for the Herald-Sun, this one unquestioningly reproducing and thus giving publicity to some victimhood whining by a Muslim belonging to the family of one of those arrested.

'Police Raids in Melbourne's Northern Suburbs".

'A man (a Muslim man - CM) has claimed that heavily-armed police stormed his Gladstone Park property overnight, "terrorising the whole house" (pfffft - what his brother and company intended to do to unsuspecting Victorian rail commuters, citydwellers and churchgoers was far, far worse  - CM), and turning it "upside down" searching for his brother as part of a series of raids across Melbourne's north.

No sympathy, none at all. And in any case, he's probably lying or at best, exaggerating.  Mohammedans always cry victim and claim they are being attacked, persecuted, terrorised, whatever, whenever their intended victims fight back or in any other way impede their evil intentions. - CM

'Ahmed, 31, told the Herald-Sun that officers stormed into their house about 9 pm, looking for his younger brother Zac.

"They said it was a stage 2 warrant, and they were after Zac on terror charges", Ahmed said.

I bet you know exactly what your lil bro was up to, and I bet you approved mightily, Mr Ahmed. - CM

'Zac, 21, was at the gym and not home at the time of the raid, he said. 

Possibly.  But since what he's trying to do is run interference for his brother and for the ummah, I wouldnt trust a word this Ahmed says without attempting to get it independently verified from at least two external sources, preferably Infidels. - CM

"Ahmed claimed Zac had since been taken into custody, but police would not tell him of his brother's whereabouts.

Again: verification needed. - CM

"I know my brother inside out", Ahmed said. 

Oh, I bet you do. - CM

"They found nothing, they terrorised the whole house, it's literally upside down".

I'll wait for the police version of events. I hope they had bodycams recording every minute that they spent on those Mohammedan premises. Because ... Muslims lie. And in situations like this they will all scream "police brutality" as loudly as they possibly can. - CM

'Ahmed's eight brothers, one nephew, and two nieces were home at the time of the raid."

Eight brothers.  So we have a family of ten boys. Any girls at all? It is rather strange how many Mohammedan families, within the dar al Harb, seem to produce so few daughters, and such a lot of sons.. makes one wonder whether a bit of, er, selection, isn't being quietly practised.. - CM

'It's believed about 30 officers wearing riot gear stormed the house.

Perfectly sensible of those cops, if you think you face the possibility of an armed and dangerous Muslim such as the bloke who just ran over a whole lot of people with a truck and then, in Italy, shot and nearly killed a cop who had asked to see his ID. - CM

"My brother Mohammed was kicked in the temple with a steel cap boot and my six-year-old niece had a machine gun pointed at her face - the kids were terrified", he claimed.

Tell that to the children of Beslan, mate... those who survived.  Tell that to Miriam Monsonego, aged 8, in France, who was shot dead by a Muslim jihadist in her own schoolyard.  Meanwhile, not a hair on the head of those kids in your family home in Melbourne has been harmed, I'll bet. You're just trying to gin up some sympathy.  And... again.. I do hope the cops had cameras rolling the whole time. Go-pro or similar. Because I suspect it might well turn out that everything you've just told the reporter is a lie. - CM

'They were shouting, "On the floor, on the floor"....,.

Because they didn't know whether an armed jihadist might not pop out from behind a door and start shooting, and they didn't want kids and other bystanders killed in crossfire..

There are a few more details about the raids, and the charging of those arrested, in a follow-up article by Bridget Davies and Andrea Hamblin, that appeared in the Herald-Sun and in Brisbane's Courier-Mail.

"Police Raids in Melbourne's Northern Suburbs".

"Three men (three Muslim men - CM) have appeared in court following a series of raids in Melbourne this morning allegedly linked to a Christmas Day terror plot in Melbourne's CBD.

'Abdullah Chaarani faced a brief proceeding before magistrate Kay Robertson.

'Chaarani, dressed in a black Adidas T-shirt and grey Everlast tracksuit pants, casually stretched his neck and nodded to two completely veiled women sitting in the public gallery.

Two women who, in a sane infidel society, would not have been admitted inside the court house unless they took their face-masks off and kept them off.  By the way, note the man is wearing casual western dress whereas the females are swathed in traditional Islamic black Slave Rags.  And note the correlation between jihad-plotting males and black-clad niqabettes. -  CM

'A prosecutor asked for an extended time to prepare the brief because of the large amount of digital material that needed to be processed.

'The 26 year old is facing one charge of preparing for a terrorist act between December 1 and yesterday.

Chaarani did not apply for bail, and was remanded in custody to reappear at the Melbourne Magistrates' Court on April 28.

Keeping him in jug and off the streets.  Good . - CM.

'In a separate hearing Hamza Abbas, 21, was remanded by magistrate Tim Bourke until a committal mention date on April 28.  He is charged with preparation in planning for a terrorist act.

'Hamza, wearing a grey T-shirt (and ...? - CM) did not apply for bail.

By the way, the fact that these blokes are wearing casual western dress rather than Mohammedan Mob gang uniform, signifies absolutely nothing about their state of jihad-mindedness. - CM

'His lawyer, Jessie Smith, of Stary Norton Halphen, said he needed a nurse to attend to him.

Or, rather, he claimed that he needed a nurse.  Was he examined by a - non-Islamic - police doctor, or by a civilian (and non-Muslim) doctor selected by the court, to verify the truth - or otherwise  - of this claim? Because.. Mohammedans lie.  A lot.  - CM

'Ms Smith said he had sustained soft tissue injuries (bruising? - CM) during the police raid on his home - to the face, left back, hip and shoulder.

Resisted arrest, eh?  -  CM

'Ahmed Mohamed, 24, also faced Mr Bourke charged with the same offence.

'Mr Mohamed appeared to make a book gesture with his hands to the veiled women, who cried throughout his proceeding.

Mohammedan victim theatre.  I'm unmoved.  They would have ululated with glee, had the attack not been foiled; had their menfolk succeeded in mass-murdering large numbers of Aussie infidels on Christmas Day.  - CM

'Seven people have been arrested and five people remain in custody following the raids...".

A bit further down the article we get some reactions from assorted political leaders.

"Opposition leader Matthew Guy urged Victorians to be "constantly vigilant about public safety".

Keep an eye on the mosques.  Keep an eye on any identifiable Mohammedans.  Keep an eye open for anything that Doesn't Look Right. And if you see anything peculiar, anything at all that worries you.. pass it on to the police. - CM

"At this time of Christmas it is a reminder that our emergency services continue their tireless efforts to keep us safe", he said. "We as a community need to always be aware that there are people who aim to attack our way of life particularly on days of national and religious significance".

That is: there are Muslims among us who will attack us on our national and religious festivals, because those festivals are not Islamic. - CM

"Extremism simply has no place in our society".

Islam, the Ummah, Muslims simply have no place in our society.  The presence of large numbers of Muslims in Australia has created a situtation that is, to quote New English Review's Hugh Fitzgerald, much more expensive, unpleasant, and physically dangerous than would be the case without that large-scale presence. - CM

'Residents of a quiet Flemington public housing estate described how up to 60 police descended on their street "like stealth" before barging into one of the houses about 8 pm last night. "They were dead quiet.  No sirens, no flashing lights, no nothing" a neighbour who didn't want to be named ( and why, pray, is that? - because he's an Infidel who fears the Muslims might 'get at' him if they find out he's talked to a journalist about the arrests of his jihad-hatching Muslim neighbours? - CM) told the Herald-Sun.

"There were undercover cars blocking all of the exits. The riot SWAT team (Special Operations Group) were even here with their balaclavas and machine guns. It was full-on".

Taking no chances.  Good job, cops.  I approve.  Because when you go to arrest a mohammedan' there's always the chance that a whole swarm of other mohammedans will attack you. - CM

 'Another resident said she was "feeling a little bit shaken".  "Thank God for the police. They do a great job", she said...

Yes.  Despite everything, and despite not being able (or allowed) to honestly name what they are dealing with, they are not doing too badly so far.  We've had small-scale attacks that have succeeded, but the big, spectacular plots have all been picked up on, and squashed.  I'd be a lot happier, though, if our political and religious leaders were prepared to at least moot the possibility of putting a halt to Muslim immigration; and putting a stop to all further flattery, fawning upon and accommodation of the Mohammedan Mob.




Posted on 12/23/2016 4:38 AM by Christina McIntosh
Friday, 23 December 2016
Berlin Christmas market attack suspect 'shot dead in Milan'

From the Daily Mail

The Berlin attack suspect has been shot dead after a gunfight with police in Milan this morning, Italian police have said.

He is understood to have pulled a gun on a police patrol after being stopped for a routine ID check and shot an officer in the shoulder leaving him seriously injured.

A shoot out then took place at about 3am local time and he was reportedly heard shouting 'Allahu Akbar' as he tried to flee and police opened fire. 

There was no official confirmation that the dead man was Amri, 24, the Tunisian but the Italian Interior Ministry is expected to hold a press conference on Friday morning in Rome.

This morning there had been reported sighting of him in Aalborg, Denmark - but this now appears to have been a false alarm.

Posted on 12/23/2016 3:48 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Friday, 23 December 2016
Duisburg: Two brothers arrested on suspicion of bomb plot against shopping mall

From the German edition of The Local

Police special forces arrested two young men in Duisburg, western Germany, on Friday morning, saying they planned to bomb a shopping centre. The 28-year-old and 31-year-old brothers, born in Kosovo, are suspected of planning the attack on the Centro shopping mall in Oberhausen.

Centro is one of the largest shopping centres in Germany. Built in an abandoned steel factory 20 years ago, it is home to 250 shops on two floors.

Bild reports that the tip off came from Germany’s domestic security agency, the BfV. According to this report ambulance and fire services were put on high alert, in case anything should happen during the operation.

At this stage police are providing few further details about the arrests, but have said that they are not directly linked to the attack on a Christmas market in Berlin on Monday, which killed 12 people.

“There is no connection with the Amri case other than that they both have a terrorist background,” a spokesperson told the Süddeustche Zeitung.

Posted on 12/23/2016 3:11 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Friday, 23 December 2016
Melbourne, Australia: Police Foil Planned Christmas Day Jihad Terror Attack, Arrest Seven Muslims,

As reported by various Aussie news outlets today.  St Paul's Anglican Cathedral, Federation Square, and the major Flinders St Railway Station were all going to be attacked, on Christmas Day. 

We shall begin with the ABC report, which of course primly refuses to mention the M-word, the J-word, or the I-word.  However, the names of three of those up before the court with charges pressed against them, tell the tale regardless.'terrorist-plot'-in-melbourne/8143762

"Melbourne Terrorist Plot: Three Charged, Two in Custody Over Alleged Christmas Day Attack Plan".

"Alleged".  "Allegedly".  Those two words seem to pop out like a rash all over every media report on any plotted, attempted, or achieved Muslim jihad attack on Infidels.  And me, I would write that headline differently - "Melbourne Jihad Plot: Three Muslim Men Charged, Two in Custody...".  -   CM

'Police have disrupted a terrorist plot (that is:  a Muslim terrorist plot - CM) to detonate improvised explosive devices at locations in central Melbourne, possibly on Christmas Day, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says.

I'd hazard the guess that there's no 'possibly' about the intended date of the attack.  Historically, there is a pattern of Muslims attacking non-Muslims on Infidel religious feast days, as well as on politically/ socially significant times - in Australia we have had a foiled Muslim jihad plot to attack people out celebrating Mothers' Day, and a foiled Muslim jihad plot to attack an Anzac Day ceremony. - CM

'Seven people (sic: seven Muslims - CM) were arrested overnight at properties in Flemington, Meadow Heights, and Dallas in Melbourne, over the alleged plot, which police said was inspired by the Islamic State (IS) group.

And, dear ABC reporters, don't you think that a group calling itself "Islamic State" might not just be the tiniest bit associated with Islam? - CM

'Abdullah Chaarani, 26, of Dallas, 21 year old Hamza Abbas of Flemington, and 24 year old Ahmed Mohamad of Meadow Heights have been charged with planning a terrorist attack.

Abdullah. Mohamed. Ahmed. Those telltale names.  Those all-too-revealing names that tell us that yet again it's about something bad intended by the Mohammedan Mob. -  CM

'The trio appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates' Court and were taken into custody and will return in April.

'Two others remain in custody and will appear in court on Saturday.

'A 24 year old man (sic: I bet he's a Muslim man - CM) from Meadow Heights, a 22 year old man from Campbellfield, a 21 year old man from Flemington, and a 21 year old man from Gladstone Park are the other four who remain in police custody.

The cops are taking no chances. - CM

'A 20 year old woman and a 26 year old man, both from Meadow Heights, were released without charge.'

'Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews described the plot as an "act of eivl", while Victoria Police Commissioner Graham Ashton said police had seized "the makings of an improvised explosive device."

'Speaking at a press conference today, Mr Turnbull said, "Overnight our police and security agencies have disrupted a very substantial terrorist plot.

"Overnight, the Victoria Police, working with the Australian Federal Police and ASIO, have arrested seven persons, five of whom are sitll in custody, searched five premises, and are continuing to search them.

"What they have uncovered is a plot to explode improvised explosive devices in central Melbourne in the area of Federation Square, on or about Christmas Day.

"This is one of the most substantial terrorist plots that have been disrupted over the last several years."...

'Commissioner Ashton said it was believed a number of people (all of them devout Muslims - CM) were intending to carry out an attack involving explosives and other weapons.

"Over the last fortnight .. we have had to conduct a criminal investigation relating to the formation of what we believe was a terrorist plot", he said. "We believe that there was an intention to conduct what we call a multi-mode attack, possibly on Christmas Day."

'Police believe the locations to be targeted include Federation Square, Flinders Street Station, and (unsurprisinglyto those of us who are aware of just how often Muslims violently attack non-Muslim places of worship - CM) St Paul's  Cathedral.

St Paul's is Melbourne's Anglican Cathedral. - CM

'Commissioner Ashton said, "We believe [the plot] was going to involve an explosive event, the use of explosives, and we gathered evidence to support that.

"There has also been evidence that we will lead around the possibility of an intention to use other weapons. That could include knives and/ or a firearm.

"Certainly these [people] are self-radicalised, we believe, but inspired by ISIS and ISIS propaganda".

And what, dear Commissioner, inspires ISIS?  Have you ever cracked open the Quran, or a translation of the Sira of Ibn Ishaq, to find out just what it is that Muslims are taught to believe, and do, and what sort of model of human behaviour is held up by the Sunnah of the 'prophet' and his 'companions'? - CM

'The five people in custody were expected to face court this afternoon, charged with acts in preparation of a terrorist event, Commissioner Ashton said.

'Commissioner Ashton said four of the five were Australian-born (that is: Australian-born Muslims - CM) with a Lebanese (that is: "Lebanese Arab Muslim" - CM) background.

"The age groups range between 20 and 24 or 25.

 Muslim men of military age. - CM

"There is another suspect in this matter who will be charged, that was an Egyptian-born Australian citizen.

That is: "A Muslim from Egypt who was foolishly permitted to enter and settle in this country and even more recklessly foolishly permitted to obtain Australian citizenshp status".  The moral of this story is that if our authorities, back in the day, had declined to permit Lebanese Arab Muslims to migrate into and settle within Australia, and if this Muslim from Egypt had similarly been denied entry into Australia, we would not now be put to all the trouble and expense of keeping tabs on these five jihad-minded Muslims, and then of arresting, charging, trying and imprisoning them.  No Muslims? - no Jihad plots to worry about.  Lots of Muslims? - more and more and more jihad plots, and sooner or later, because there are only so many police and intelligence officers available to watch the rapidly multiplying swarm of suspects, an attack will succeed, instead of being nipped in the bud, as this one was.  If we want something like what happened in Paris last year, or in Nice this year, or in Brussels, or in Germany just now, to happen in Australia, all we have to do is go on stupidly importing - and even more stupidly accommodating and flattering and making excuses for - Muslims. -  CM

'Premier Daniel Andrews said that there would be an increased police presence at large gatherings in Victoria over the Christmas period.

And think of how much that all costs; money we wouldn't be having to spend at all, if we had never admitted thousands and thousands of Muslims (their ethnicity is pretty much irrelevant) into Australia. Islam is bleeding the west, economically, as well as in other ways.  - CM

"This is not an act of faith.  What was being planned, what will be led in evidence, what the police will allege, was not an act of faith, not an act of religious observance, it was, instead, in its planning, an act of evil, a criminal act", he said.

My dear Premier, you who are so emphatically insisting hat this planned Muslim mass-murder spree was 'not an act of faith, not an act of religious observance'... have you ever read the Quran? The Sira, the Hadiths? Do you know what kinds of things Mohammed did, said and approved of?  And do you know what the Sunnah is, the sacralised example of Mohammed the warlord and his gang of raping, caravan-robbing, murdering, torturing, beheading, assassinating, slave-raiding, terrorist 'Companions'?  Winston Churchill called Islam "the religion of blood and war".  

Jacques Ellul says of Jihad - the 'struggle' to impose Muslim rule and to impose and enforce the sharia of Islam, that it is an integral part of the religion of Islam, that Islam is "fundamentally warlike".  Premier Andrews, you need to understand what Ellul, a sociologist, understood, and what he summed up in a little essay about Jihad that he provided for his friend Bat Yeor's massive study of the effects of Muslim imperialism, "The Decline of Eastern Christianity Under Islam".  He writes - "In Islam... jihad is a religious obligation.  It forms part of the duties that the believer must fulfil; it is Islam's normal path to expansion. And this is found repeatedly dozens of times in the Koran.  Therefore, the believer is not denying the religious message. Quite the reverse, jihad is the way he best obeys it.  And the facts which are recorded meticulously and analyzed clearly [by Bat Yeor, in her book] show that the jihad is not a "spiritual war" but a real military war of conquest.   It expresses the agreement between the "fundamental book" and the believers' practical strivings....

" is most essential to grasp that the jihad is an institution in itself, that is to say, an organic piece of Muslim socieity. As a religious duty, it fits into the religious organization, like pilgrimages, and so on.  However, this is not the essential factor, which derives from the division of the world in the (religious) thought of Islam.

"The world, as Bat Yeor brilliantly shows, is divided [by Islam - CM] into two regions: the dar al Islam and the dar al Harb, in other words, the 'domain of Islam' and the "domain of war". The world is no longer divided into nations, peoples, tribes.  Rather, they are all located en bloc in the world of war, where war is the only possible relationship with the outside world.  The earth belongs to Allah and all its inhabitants must acknowledge this reality; to achieve this goal there is but one method: war.

"War, then, is clearly an institution, not just an incidental or fortuitous institution, but an constituent part of the thought, the organization and the structures of this world.  Peace with this world of war is impossible..

"I have greatly stressed the characteristics of this war, because there is so much talk nowadays of the tolerance and fundamental pacifism  of Islam, that it is necessary to recall its nature, which is fundamentally warlike!..". -

Indeed.  And what would have taken place, Premier Andrews, had our police and ASIO not been 'on the ball', would have been - in Federation Square, in Melbourne's biggest railway station, and in one of Melbourne's most beautiful churches - not some random criminal act, but a deliberately and precisely-targeted and calculated act of war, sacralised Muslim warfare, a ghazi raid intended to weaken, demoralise and terrorise an Infidel society and state, waged against Australian infidels and occasioned, at bottom, by the simple fact that they were Infidels living in a non-Islamic state and practising non-islamic beliefs, laws and customs.  These Muslims were setting out to perform a central religious duty of Islam: to wage Jihad fi sabil allah.  This had everything to do with their faith, their belief system.  They intended to piously imitate the example of the founder of their butchering the uppity Infidels who offend allah by so audaciously refusing to Submit.

The Premier of Victoria is bad enough, with his ignorant denial that the religious teachings of Islam might have anything at all to do with plots to mass-murder Infidels and attack churches; even worse, is some dhimmi grovelling from Dr Andreas Loewe, the Anglican Dean of Melbourne, as reported in this item written by Rania Spooner, for the (very much Islamophiliac) "Age" of Melbourne.

"Celebrate Christmas Wholeheartedly: Cathedral Unshaken by Melbourne Terror Plot".

'Very Reverend Dr Andreas Loewe, the Anglican Dean of Melbourne and St Paul's [Cathedral], was briefed by senior Victorian police in the early hours of Friday morning, of raids in response to a terrorist plot targeting Melbourne landmarks including the Anglican cathedral.

'The high-ranking police told him the threat had been eliminated.

For the moment. But there will surely be others.   There will be jihad plots - and attempted and achieved jihad attacks - so long as there are Muslims living within Australia's gates.  Guaranteed. - CM

'He thought of his home country of Germany, where days ago in Berlin a truck had ploughed into Christmas markets, killing 12 people and injuring 48 others (sic: let's rewrite that, shall we? - "where days ago in Berlin a Muslim man deliberately drove a heavy lorry straight into a packed crowd of people at a Christmas market, murdering 12 people and gravely wounding 48 others" - CM) - and the message that had come out of that tragedy.

"We will continue our work and stand for our values, which are the values of reconciliation (tell that to the Copts for whom endless 'reconciliation' meetings held after howling Muslim mobs have committed atrocities upon innocent Copts, mean only that the perpetrators get off scot free and the Copts accept that they must allow themselves, unresistingly, to be pillaged, terrorised, raped and murdered at will by any Muslim who feels like a little vicious fun - CM) the values of peace (sic: by 'peace', Dr Loewe, do you mean, 'abject submission to our future Muslim overlords'? - CM) and promoting positive respectful living together in community (tell that one to the Copts, and to the Yazidis and Assyrian Christians of Iraq and Syria, dear Dean; ask them how well all their years of abject submission, coupled with fawning and flattery and doing whatever the Muslims demand, have helped them win the hearts and minds of the malevolent Mohammedans amongst whom and under whose iron heel they eke out their existence..CM), and those are values of Christmas as well", Dr Loewe said.

Yup, Dr Loewe's message is one of denial and abject, grovelling dhimmitude. - CM

"I would encourage people to celebrate Christmas wholeheartedly, confidently and with great joy, and particularly at this time giving thanks for our police and those working tirelessly to keep us safe."

That, I can endorse, indeed.  Thank God for our Infidel law enforcement, in this particular case, doing their job. - CM

'With bolstered security, and the promise of additional police on the streets, the church will throw open its doors as planend on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

'Dr Loewe urged Victorians tempted to point fingers [by this, he means, I assume, those who, like me, have so wickedly noticed the Muslim socio-cultural origins of every single one of the plotters, and the similarity between this and many other fortunately-foiled Muslim plots of mass murder both here and in many, many other countries, not to mention the many attempted and bloodily achieved Muslim acts of mass murder that have taken place in, oh, just the past ten or twenty years in both the first world and the third world, far too many to even begin to enumerate here, and the perfect continuity between what those attackers do, and the example of Mohammed, and the teachings of the Islamic foundation texts and all their most authoritative interpretations, both past and present. - CM) to instead think of peace.

Yeah, that will really help, when the next plot occurs and the next and the next and the next.  Or when, which God forbid, there is a plot that succeeds, and people get beheaded or stabbed or blown up or run over in broad daylight in the streets of an Australian city, or in a cathedral, or a shopping centre.  Lying down, exposing your neck to the scimitar, and 'thinking of peace' strikes me as a really useful course of action - NOT -  when the allahu-akbaring mass murderers and their thousands or millions of willing enablers are on the march.  Dear Dean: what will you do, if the jihadis march into your cathedral and prepare to ritually slit your throat in front of the high altar?   Will your last words be a command to the congregation 'This has nothing to do with Islam!! Think of peace!" - CM

"St Paul's is one of Melbourne's most iconic religious buildings (one of its biggest and most prominent Christian churches, which is precisely why it was targeted by those who hold Christians to be guilty of the worst crime of all, shirk, 'assigning partners to allah', which is, from the Muslim POV, an appalling crime, worse than murder - CM) a symbol of faith in our city (for Muslims, my dear Dean, it is a symbol of Shirk; it publicly displays the Cross and it rings its bells, both things that are forbidden to Dhimmi Christians in any Christian land subjugated and ruled by Muslims; and so it is anathema to them, an offence against their supremacist sensibilities - CM) and we work very hard to promote a degree of reconciliation between different faith communities in our city", Dr Loewe said.

You don't know much about Islam, Dr Loewe, if you think that Dar al Islam would ever want to be 'reconciled' with Dar al Harb.  The most you will get is a temporary - very temporary, and unreliable - truce-'treaty'. You wil get an earful of empty nothings from Muslims who are taught to smile to your face and seethe with hatred toward you, behind your back. - CM

"I believe this may well cast fears in people's hearts (did he really put it like that? - to 'cast fear in people's hearts' is an Islamic, not a Biblical expression - CM) and minds, and may well also point the finger at particular groups (not 'particular groups', just one group - MUSLIMS ! - and to be blunt, given that women in black burkas, only their eyes visible, are prominent amongst the families of the arrested Muslim plotters, I think it's a bit stupid to pretend that this plot was hatched by anyone other than Muslims, Muslims, Muslims - CM)  and I would want to encourage the people of Melbourne to enjoy their Christmas celebrations and to promote the values that Christmas stands for".

'He praised police for acting swiftly to cut off a threat that if realized would have been "tragic" and spoke of others, including the victims in Berlin, who had not been so lucky.

"I give thanks for our police forces ensuring that our city can celebrate this Christmas in peace", he said. "An event  (sic: rather, ATTACK - CM) like this, which has been averted, if carried out, would have been tragic, but it is something that is a daily reality for Christians in other areas of the world (primarily, "for Christians and all other infidel minorities who live in Muslim-dominated areas of the world" - CM). For me it heightens that sense of connectivity with those communities as well."

Yes, you're being threatend by Muslims right here in Australia, and you would  quite likely - if our cops had been less swift, less 'on the ball' - have been killed by Muslims,  just like the Copts in Egypt are threatened by Muslims (and frequently attacked and killed), and the Christians in Iraq and Syria and Pakistan and West Papua and, well, in every Muslim land, where their situation like that of other infidels in any Muslim-dominated region is precarious at best, and hell on earth, at worst.  The question is: why do you refuse to see and name the source of the aggression, the violence, the plots?  Why are you, dear Dean, so intent on pretending that the persecution, the attacks and the plots and the threat we now face (with so many Muslims within the gates, busy hatching plots to kill), have nothing whatsoever to do with Islam, Islam, Islam?  Is it 'pointing fingers' to mention the connection between Muslim acts of Jihad, and the Jihad doctrine of Islam?  And is it quite beyond the pale to suggest that, just perhaps, we shouldn't import those who will persecute us and attempt to subjugate, 'convert' or mass murder us? -  CM


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Thursday, 22 December 2016
Sunnis and Shi’a at the OK Corral

by Hugh Fitzgerald

From al-Arabiya:

A senior leader of the Iranian army has mocked Gulf Arab states for their disappointment in Syria and threatened that after the victory in Aleppo it would be the turn of places such as Bahrain, Yemen and Iraq’s Mosul.

“The people of Bahrain will get their wish, the people of Yemen will be happy and the residents of Mosul will taste victory,” the deputy commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, General, Hossein Salami, told his country’s IRNA news agency. “All of this is God’s promise.”

In announcing the retaking of Aleppo, by Assad’s Alawites, with considerable help from Iran and from the Lebanese Hizballah, as well as from much smaller contingents of Shi’a from Afghanistan and Pakistan (two countries where the Shi’a have long been the object of murderous attacks by the majority Sunnis), the Iranian commander General Hossein Salami made clear that the victory in Syria would embolden Iran everywhere in the Middle East to further “conquests.”

In Bahrain, the Shi’a are 70% of the population, and have been engaged for several years in a low-level revolt against the rule of the Sunni Al Khalifa family. The Ruler of Bahrain, Hamad bin Isa al Khalifa, has managed so far to suppress his Shi’a subjects by relying mainly on Saudi financial support and on Pakistani mercenaries. But if Salami’s prediction that “the people of Bahrain will get their wish” was meant to signal that Iranian intervention could be expected, then a real war, between Iranian soldiers supported by the local Shi’a population of Bahrain and the Sunni ruler with his Pakistani Sunni troops, could erupt.

Bahrain is geopolitically important. It is connected by a 16-mile causeway to the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, where almost all of that country’s Shi’a are to be found. Shi’a are 10% of the total Saudi population, but 33% of the population in the Eastern Province. And, also important, almost all the Saudi oil comes from that Eastern Province. The Shi’a in that province have long been oppressed by the Wahhabis, discriminated against in education, in employment, in the religious practices they are permitted to publicly engage in. In every area of Saudi life, there is a glass ceiling for the Shi’a. And most disturbing of all for them, according to Freedom House, is that Saudi textbooks “promote an ideology of hatred toward people, including Muslims, who do not subscribe to the Wahhabi sect of Islam,” with Shi’a Muslims presented as not real Muslims at all. It was the Shi’a cleric Nimr al-Nimr who in 2009 suggested that the Eastern Province should secede if the Saudi government did not cease to oppress and discriminate against its Shi’a. Taking no chances, the Saudi government executed Nimr al-Nimr in January 2016. Were Iranian forces, their appetites whetted by the part they played in the victory in Syria, to land on Bahrain for a similar “conquest” which, with Iran just across the Gulf, would not be impossible logistically, Saudi anxiety would go sky-high, not just at the loss of Bahrain itself, but also from the fear that a takeover of Bahrain by Iranian troops would embolden the Saudi Shi’a. Riots, or even an open revolt, by the Shi’a in the oil-rich Eastern Province, is always a worry, or rather, is the Saudis’ worst nightmare.

Yet here is Brigadier General Hossein Salami, claiming that after the retaking of Aleppo, the “people of Bahrain will get their wish.” So far, Iran has made good on its threats, intervening in both Iraq and Syria on the side of Shi’a. And as we all know, it recently pocketed a deal made with the Obama Administration that did nothing to dissuade it from its aggressive behavior. Is Salami’s prediction of more Shi’a victories merely the bravado of a braggart warrior, or a real threat? The Gulf Arab countries have reacted swiftly and angrily; they aren’t treating the threat as idle.

Let’s suppose that Salami means it, and Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards were to invade Bahrain, on the pretext of rescuing the largely Shi’a population from an oppressive Sunni ruler. The Saudis would have to respond, and one assumes the deep-pocketed Saudi government would hire as many Pakistani (Sunni) mercenaries as Pakistan’s army can spare, sending them to Bahrain to counter the Iranians. And other Saudi forces could reinforce security in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. The Iranians, whose anger at the Saudis has been steadily building (last year the Iranian government refused to allow Iranian pilgrims to make the hajj as a sign of their displeasure with Saudi Arabia as Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques), now have troops recently battle-hardened from fighting in both Syria and Iraq, and flush with victory in Aleppo, will not allow themselves to be defeated and humiliated by those who are paid by the hated Wahhabis, the very ones who regard the Shi’a as “the worst kind of Infidels.” Compromise is not possible, given the depth of hatred; with parties so evenly matched, the struggle over Bahrain could go on for a very long time.

Hossein Salami also threatened to strengthen the Shi’a campaign in Yemen. Yemen is almost evenly divided between the Sunnis, who are 55%, and the Shi’a, who are 45%, of the population. Largely unnoticed by the great world, the Shi’a Houthis have steadily managed to conquer much of Yemen, despite a Saudi-led coalition of Sunni troops, and constant indiscriminate bombardment by the Saudi Air Force, of Houthi soldiers and civilians. The fighting continues, with Iran having delivered weaponry to the Houthis by sea, but not yet sending troops. Salami’s statement suggests that men, as well as materiel, may be sent. As with Bahrain, the Saudis simply cannot afford to have their southern flank in the hands of Shi’a supported by Iran. This means that the Saudis will likely keep raising their force level in Yemen in response to Iran’s sending of soldiers (the threat implied by Hossein Salami when he announced that “the people of Yemen will be happy”). And a low-level military conflict will become steadily ever bigger, with both sides stuck to this Tarbaby Yemen, and neither side wanting to, or being able to, arrive at a compromise.

In the world of Islam, you end up as Victor or Vanquished. Iran has now publicly stated its intentions and signaled its determination to win further victories for the Shi’a in Bahrain, Yemen, and Iraq (Mosul). Saudi Arabia has not only used its own airmen (a first for the Saudis) for an extensive bombing campaign in Yemen, but has organized support for Yemen’s Sunnis from a coalition of Sunni powers, including Egypt, Jordan, Sudan, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates. Neither Iran nor Saudi Arabia is in a mood to back down or to let the Yemenis themselves decide their fate. The conflict has taken on a life of its own.

As for the Houthis, having won so much territory in Yemen, with very little outside support (the Iranians have sent supplies by sea, and one abortive attempt by air, but no Iranian troops appear to have yet fought in Yemen), they see no reason at this point to compromise. They’ve remained steadfast under the relentless Saudi-led bombing campaign (enduring many civilian casualties) and whatever else local Sunnis, and that coalition of eight Sunni countries, has managed to throw at them. And now, with Hossein Salami’s triumphalist remark, one assumes that direct Iranian support — including soldiers — will be extended to Yemen. The Houthis can now expect not just more weaponry but also Iranian soldiers, and possibly members of Hizballah, too, both flush with their victories in Syria. Having tried, in the past, to persuade Sunnis to treat them as full-fledged orthodox Muslims, and failed, and then having had to endure their excommunication from Islam by Sunni takfirs, the Iranians appear ready to establish that Shi’ite “crescent” that has been a deep Sunni worry for years and now, at last, appears being much closer to achievement. But Iran’s position could blow up if, for example, Egypt were to send soldiers to Yemen, as a way of winning Saudi favor and money. After all, it has happened before; Nasser sent troops to Yemen for several years in the 1960s. At that time they were fighting against the Saudis. This is, after all, the Muslim Middle East.

What should the West, what should the United States do, in such circumstances? It should do absolutely nothing, but pull up a chair, and watch the spectacle unfold, and secretly wish that it might go on forever. Iran’s threat to the U.S. is real, but attacking the U.S. is not first on Tehran’s To-Do List, despite all the chants of “Death-To-America.” First is countering the threat to Shi’a in lands dominated by Sunnis. Let the Iranians go on the offensive, and expend men, money and materiel pari passu with what the Saudis, and their coalition of lesser Sunni powers, are throwing into the fight to keep the Shi’a down in near Bahrain and far Yemen. Let those fights continue, as they will, without any need for Western involvement or encouragement. If the Saudis and other Arabs want to take the fight to Iran itself, there is always the southern Iranian province of Khuzistan to target, where 90% of Iran’s oil is produced, a province peopled mainly by ethnic Arabs, who have been suffering from discrimination by the Iranian government, and rose in revolt, swiftly put down, in 1979. Thus it’s a place where the possibility of outside Arab intervention must fill the Iranians with the same kind of anxiety as they’ve been giving the Saudis over the Shi’a in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Both Iran and Saudi Arabia have large and restive minorities (Arabs among Persians in Khuzistan, Shi’a among Sunnis in the Eastern Province) in their respective oil-producing regions. Right now, it appears that the Iranian threat to Saudi Arabia is greater than that of Saudi Arabia to Iran. Because of the retaking of Aleppo, Iran is in a triumphalist phase, and sounding particularly aggressive, which is fine, as long as the target of that aggression remains Sunni Arabs.

The important thing for the American government is not whether the Shi’a win over here, or the Sunnis prevail over there. It is, rather, that it is highly desirable that both sides keep fighting each other, with no end in sight, and with each side continuing to pour greater assets of all kinds into the fight. We want Muslim enemies to become stuck in the waste of war, to endure what the European powers endured in the endless trench warfare of World War I. The Iran-Iraq War used up the aggressive energies of both Khomeini’s Iran and Saddam Hussein’s Iraq for eight full years (1980-1988); it was a war that, from the viewpoint of Infidels, should have gone on much longer. Now the Sunni-Shi’a conflicts in Yemen and Bahrain, in eastern Syria and western Iraq (both with swathes of territory even now under the control of Islamic State takfiris, anathematizing the Shi’a who make up the majority of the population in both countries), can have the same effect as the Iran-Iraq War did, consuming the men, money, and materiel of Iran and Saudi Arabia, the two Muslim powers that are now, in different ways, most dangerous to the West.

We should be able to recognize that if we leave the Muslim states of the Middle East to their own wretched devices, and do nothing to discourage (nor to too obviously encourage) their internecine conflicts, the civilized world can only benefit. The Sunni-Shi’a conflict has no logical endpoint, and though the Shi’a are only 10-13% of the world’s Muslim population, in the Middle East itself the two sects are much more evenly matched, with Shi’a comprising 95% of Iranians and 60-65% of Iraqis and 45% of Yemenis, making it possible that the war between Sunni and Shi’a in that region will go on for a long time — if not exactly forever, then for a reasonable facsimile thereof. And a war that uses up Muslim assets and Muslim energies and Muslim attention on both sides is a Good Thing. We don’t have a dog in their fight. Our dog is their fight.

First published in Jihad Watch.

Posted on 12/22/2016 8:54 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
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