Thursday, 27 April 2017
Education, the Silver Bullet to Mobility

by Michael Curtis

On February 7, 2017 Betsy DeVos was confirmed as U.S. Secretary of Education by a vote of 51-50 with Vice President Mike Pence breaking the tie vote. She made history because she was the first Cabinet nominee to be confirmed in this way. The question now is whether this contentious and controversial minister will make history by ensuring implementation of her objectives of school choice, charter schools, and vouchers, or as her critics argue, be the ideological advocate of anti-public education by undermining the traditional public school system?

Whatever the answer, it is not coincidental that education is a major political issue in Britain as in the US. In both countries, a host of problems on the issue confront the administrations, the role of government, the issue of funding student loans which inevitably require increased taxes, the nature of the core curriculum. If the main controversy in the U.S. is over charter schools, the schools that are public funded and independently operated, sometimes by for-profit companies, in Britain it is the issues of grammar schools and selectivity. The Trump administration might learn from events in Britain.

British Prime Minister Theresa May is an energetic and ambitious leader, already immersed in the thorny Brexit issue. Her stated objective is for Britain to be the world’s great meritocracy, a country where everyone has a fair chance to go as far as talent and hard work will allow. The place to start on her agenda of social change is with the educational system. The dominant aspects of her plan are to end the ban imposed in 1998 on the creation of new grammar schools, and to help poorer children to succeed educationally. To do this she advocates the extension of selectivity in the school system.

The issue of school selectivity is one that affects and is related to other aspects of life, such as prices of houses in areas that are said to have the best schooling, the movement of people from North to South England, and the nature of Britain’s industrial strategy. That strategy is important for May who is concerned that the UK is placed 16th out of the world’s 20 developed economies in the number of people having a technical education. 

But May is concerned with improving and providing a solid ground in academic subjects. She points out that about 1.25 million children attend primary and secondary schools in England that are rated as inadequate or requiring improvement. Grammar schools will help change this.

Grammar schools (GS) are state schools that select students by an examination at age 11, "the 11 plus," taken by pupils in the last year of private or primary school. A number of problems exist over the test and its nature. The test tends to be based on verbal and non-verbal reasoning, and on questions not usually discussed in primary schools, thus favoring children who come from educated families, or have private tutors. Pupils who pass the test go to the local grammar school, while those who do not pass go to the local state school, or what used to be called secondary modern.

In England there are about 160 grammar schools out of 3,000 state secondary schools, and 69 grammar schools in Northern Ireland.  There are no state grammar schools in Wales or Scotland. Those students who do not pass the exam can go to the local "secondary modern school," (SMA). In addition, there is the "comprehensive" system which is attended by pupils of all abilities, and became the norm in the 1970s.

Though GS have existed since 16th century, the system today dates from the 1944 Education Act that made secondary education free. The system was based on a division that has important social significance. GS focused on academic studies, and the implication was that many of the pupils would continue on to higher, university, education, and would likely succeed in life. SMS implied that pupils would not go on to higher education, but would go into some form of trade or employment. In addition, there was also provision for a third type of school, the technical school, but few were established.

The main problem is that this selective educational system reinforced class division, differences in income, and social inequalities. As a result, governments in the 1960s, based on ideology of social equality, ordered local authorities to phase out GS and SMS, and replace them with a comprehensive system. Some areas did this, but others, mainly in conservative areas, did not. In 1998 the Labour government, headed by Tony Blair, forbad the establishment of any new selective schools

It is this system that is being challenged by Theresa May, who herself was educated on scholarship at a grammar school, a selective direct grant school, and then at Oxford. Her present Cabinet contains 9 members who attended selective schools. About 11% of Members of the House of Commons attended similar schools.

The basic educational problem is evident. Age 11 is too young to make what is virtually a life choice. What can be termed life chances should not be determined by a test at 11. The reality is that the proportion of poorer children reaching the necessary level to pass is considerably lower than that of wealthier children. Statistics show that children from households in the top 1% of income had an 80% chance of admittance to selective schools.

For a start there should be opportunities for children to transfer between types of schools. Chances for children coming from working class families is to a considerable degree determined by where they live or the income of their parents.  Selectivity is in reality often related to areas with high house price or family wealth. Prime Minister May strongly calls for greater diversity of the system so that it can cater to the needs and abilities of all children.

That policy means more free schools sponsored by universities and independent schools, faith schools, and selective schools. Diversity will result from new selective schools that will be able to become grammars. It also means extending free public transport for poor children to attend grammars. May’s main focus is on grammar schools, almost all of which are rated good or outstanding, compared with only 20% overall of state schools.

May therefore wants the ban on selective schools to be relaxed. Her chief point is that they cater for the most academically gifted children. Therefore, her government will support the expansion of good or outstanding grammar schools. What is interesting is that May, a political conservative, is calling for new grammars to take a minimum proportion of children from lower income households.  She has called for children from ordinary, working class families to have a fair chance in life.

However, questions remain, both in UK and U.S. In the U.S. the issue is clear, will charter schools improve the quality of education or will they lead to destroying the public school system? In the UK, will the expansion of selectivity and grammars contribute to social mobility and a more egalitarian society? Indeed, in both countries the fundamental question can be raised, is education the silver bullet to social mobility?

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Wednesday, 26 April 2017
Teenager planted homemade bomb on Underground after watching YouTube explosions videos, courts hears

Very odd. He says Islam is the true faith, but is not described as a Muslim. From the Telegraph

A weapons-obsessed teenager wanted to cause carnage in the capital when he planted a homemade bomb on the Tube, a court has heard. Damon Smith was 19 when he allegedly packed a rucksack with explosives and deadly ball-bearing shrapnel and left it in on a train timed to go off within minutes. Had the device worked, it would have exploded just as people were being ordered off the Jubilee Line platform at North Greenwich, jurors were told.

The court heard Smith had a keen interest in Islam, guns, explosives and gambling, and collected pictures of extremists, including the alleged mastermind of the 2015 Paris terror attacks.

After he was arrested, the autistic student admitted making the device but claimed he only meant it to spew harmless smoke as a prank.

Before the Tube incident, Smith printed off an al Qaida article entitled "Make a bomb in the kitchen of your Mom" and made notes in green ink before shredding the sheets of paper, jurors were told. He also allegedly searched the internet for an Islamic State magazine featuring an article about the bomb said to have brought down a Russian airliner in October 2015. A shopping list for "pressure cooker bomb materials" was also allegedly found on an iPad ending in a note to "keep this a secret between me and Allah #InspireTheBelievers".

On his faith, Smith allegedly told police he was brought up Christian, but Islam was "more true", although he denied being an extremist.

Pictures were also recovered of Smith with guns, including one on a laptop labelled "2016 an Islamic State fighter". He also posed next to an image of the Brussels-born Islamic terrorist alleged to have masterminded the attacks in Paris in November 2015, the court heard.

The trial continues.

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Wednesday, 26 April 2017
OPERATION NAUTICAL: 17 men appear at Oxford Crown Court accused of sex offences

From the Oxford Times and Oxford Mail

SEVERAL men accused of a catalogue of child sex offences have appeared in court. The 17 men were arrested after dawn raids in Oxford and Banbury last month as part of Operation Nautical, a police inquiry into child sexual exploitation. The court was told the men had to be split into groups to fit into the video link room.

Shabir Dogar, 23, of Bertie Place, Oxford, Shabaz Khan, 23, of Cosin Close, Oxford, and Joseph Suraina, 22, of Marlborough Close, Oxford, appeared at Oxford Crown Court via video link from HMP Bullingdon yesterday morning. They were followed by Shohab Dogar, 23, of Tawney Street, Oxford, Yasin Hamid, 20, of Moorbank, Oxford, and Usman Iddris, 22, of Northway, Headington, who all also appeared via video link from the Bicester prison.

All six, who were remanded into custody, are due to enter pleas at the court on July 7 and a provisional trial date was set for September 11.

In the afternoon, 11 men appeared. Qamran Hafiz, 24, of Danesmoor, Banbury, Atiq Hussain, 23, of Avenue Road, Banbury, Tafail Mohammed, 23, of East Close, Banbury and Marcelo Suarez, 20, of Hillside Close, Banbury, Leon Cole, 19, of Alma Road, Banbury, Ahsan Raza, 19, of Churchill Road, Birmingham, Abdul Safraz, 31, of Deacon Way, Banbury, Nasser Younis, 37, of Sandford Green, Banbury, and Atique Akhtar, 23, and Aamir Arfi, 23, of no fixed abode.

A further man Waqas Hussain, 24, of no fixed abode, appeared via video link. The 11 men, who are expected to enter their pleas on July 14, were told a provisional trial date had been set for January 2.



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Tuesday, 25 April 2017
Man spat in the face of community centre manager over Christian sign

Said Latif told his victim: 'You shouldn’t be here, you’re upsetting us young Muslims'

From the Teeside Gazette and the Daily Mail

Said Ahmed Latif, 36, admitted the assault inside the multi-cultural Salaam Community Centre in Hartlepool.
On Monday at Teesside Magistrates’ Court, prosecutor Holly Common said that Latif had asked to speak to the manager after a gospel group called Loving Praise began using the Salam Centre on Murray Street in Hartlepool. Miss Common said it was outside the centre, on January 22 at about 12.50pm, that Latif called to the victim and said, “I said I need to speak to you”.

She continued: “He crosses the road and said he could speak inside the centre. When inside the office, Latif began shouting ‘Why are you letting them use the centre?’

“He said, ‘You are an ignorant Muslim, you aren’t listening to me’.” He continued with a tirade of abuse before adding: “You shouldn’t be here, you’re upsetting us young Muslims’.”

At this point, Miss Common said Latif, 36, raised his hand as if he was about to hit the manager but instead spat in her face.

Reading from the victim’s statement Miss Common said the victim and a colleague had to push Latif out of the office. "He tried to bully me and certain members of staff to only let in certain members of the community.”

Miss Common said Latif, a father-of-three, had originally denied the allegation of assault during a police interview.She added that he had a previous conviction for actual bodily harm dating back to 2007.

Latif, representing himself, told District Judge Helen Cousins that he had only become angry after the victim called him “an extremist”. He said: “Thank you for giving me the chance to speak. Her version of events is incorrect. We are a small ethnic community, they’ve put a church group sign up saying ‘Church of God” right next to the door to the mosque. I said ‘can you move the sign to the other side?’

“It’s a shame CCTV didn’t show who was shouting at who. She started shouting at me - she called me an extremist. I plead guilty, I did spit at her - I lost my temper.”

A probation officer said Latif had previously done charity work raising money for Syria and ran youth groups at the centre where his victim was manager. Latif had a university degree but was currently working full-time as a taxi driver.

Sentencing Latif, Judge Cousins said: “I regard this as very serious. Spitting at someone is very serious. I give you some credit as there was some conflict with the mosque and community centre.”

Latif, of Clifton Avenue, Hartlepool was given a community order with 60 hours unpaid work after admitting assault. He was ordered to pay £50 compensation to the victim as well as costs and charges.

I have been looking up the Salaam Community Centre. It uses what was the church hall of St Paul's Church.This is what another Hartlepool newspaper says about the place on their page of useful local information. 

The Salaam Community Centre is a community centre based in central Hartlepool and specialises in the provision of services for people from BME backgrounds. The staff team includes 3 bilingual development workers that are fully fluent in: English, Polish, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali and Swahili. The centre offers a drop-in information, advice and guidance service Monday to Friday 10am till 5pm, as well as a range of courses that are tailored to suit the needs of BME communities with examination papers provided in different languages upon request. The centre is open to people of all backgrounds and provides a range of activities for both children and adults. A large Hall and training rooms are available to rent and there is also a Fitness Suite and Cafe.

The Muslim Association of Hartlepool are one of the organisations under that roof. But from the way they present themselves in their literature they do give the impression that they own the whole place. 

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Tuesday, 25 April 2017
Female Genital Mutilation and the Press

by Gary Fouse

Almost two weeks ago, we learned that a Muslim doctor from India has been federally charged for performing female genital mutilation on little girls as young as 7. In addition, another doctor has been charged for allowing his clinic to be used for the operations, and his wife has been charged for assisting in the procedures. Yet, for the most part, our mainstream news media has been silent on the story.

In addition, we learn that the once respected New York Times has made the editorial decision not to use the very term, female genital mutilation, because it is too culturally charged and implies a gulf between societies that condemn the practice and those that perform it.

We already knew that in Europe, these procedures were being carried out behind closed doors in certain immigrant communities and that other girls from these communities were being sent to their families' countries of origin for the procedure. We already knew that hundreds of thousands of immigrant girls in the US were at risk of this happening to them. But now, finally, we have a Justice Department willing to prosecute this crime which is on the federal books (and those of 24 states as well). And this is the same Justice Department under Attorney General Jeff Sessions that liberals claim will be running roughshod over civil rights!

But where is the news media?

The answer is fairly simple. The reason they don't want to run with this sordid story is because FMG is a practice largely  carried out by many Muslim families. To be fair, not all Muslim families believe in this procedure, and other (non-Muslim) cultures practice it as well in parts of Africa, Asia and the Middle East. For the mainstream media, however, to write about this story is perceived as piling on immigrants and particularly Muslims. According to this study by the Population Reference Bureau, the rate of FMG in Somalia is 98%! This is the country that has "contributed" millions of refugees to Europe and the US and is the country of family origin of the two known victims in the Michigan story above. Somali apostate from Islam  and human rights activist, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, is herself a victim of this practice.

But what a disservice being done to the little girls in America who one way or another, are being subjected to this barbaric practice, which has no place in our society. This means that FMG remains in the shadows. Many Americans have never even heard of the practice. How can you speak out and demand your political leaders take action when you don't even know about it? Thus, thousands, perhaps, hundreds of thousands of young girls in this country could be subjected to FMG because the media and lawmakers allow it to live in the shadows. Thus, certain girls in our country are denied the basic human rights and legal protections that our daughters enjoy. It is estimated that more than half a million girls in our country are at risk of undergoing this procedure.

When was it no longer a principle that immigrants accept American laws and values as the price of settling in this country? When was it no longer one of our beliefs that barbaric practices that existed in the "old country" were not acceptable here?

The defendants in the Michigan case are presumed  innocent until convicted, but if convicted, it is hoped that our justice system will send a strong message that this practice will not be tolerated. Not in our country. Not ever.

(Hopefully, the media will cover the trial.)


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Tuesday, 25 April 2017
Australia: On Anzac Day, Hijabette and Dawa Artist Yasmin Abdel-Magied Overreaches Herself, Exposes Muslim Self-Centredness

As reported by the (Australian) 'Telegraph" and by the 'Australian', this Anzac Day.

First, the Telegraph, Sally Rawsthorne reporting.

'Magied Forced to Delete Anzac Day Post Asking Australians To Think About Manus Island and Palestine'.

'ABC presenter Yassmin Abdel-Magied (she who already caused considerable derision amongst the Islamo-informed of the great Australian unwashed, by claiming - on national TV - that Islam was the most 'feminist' religiion - CM) has been forced to delete a social media post in which she suggested Australians should be thinking about Manus Island (one of the locations where the mostly-Muslim persons arriving uninvited and unvetted in our territorial waters, have been placed while their claims for asylum are considered), Nauru (ditto - CM), Syria (where the Sunnis and Shiites are engaging in the latest bout of a civil war that has raged since the beginnings of Islam - CM), and Palestine (sic: by this, Ms Abdel-Magied is no doubt referring to what, in her mind, is the hideous affront to the allah-ordained order of things, that is represented by the restoration of a sovereign infidel state, namely, the Jewish State of Israel, on land that had been previously invaded and occupied by the Empire of Islam - CM) today, instead of the Anzacs.

'The 26 year old took to Facebook this morning to write, "Lest We Forget (Manus, Nauru, Syria, Palestine) but deleted the post after being slammed by her followers.

Oops! - CM

'The host of ABC 24's Saturday morning program, 'Australia Wide', quickly amended the post to simply say, "Lest. We. Forget", and issued an apology.

"It was brought to my attention that my last post was disrespectful (suuuure, as if you didn't know exactly what you were doing when you wrote it, milady - CM) and for that I unreservedly apologise", she wrote.

'Comments flooded in from followers disgusted by Abdel-Magied's disrespect for Anzac Day.

'Absolutely disrespectful.  This day isn't for those people.  It's for the brave servicemen and women who have served/ are serving our great country so we can try and live a normal, safe life", wrote 'Wilson Sam'.

"Your previous post has completely discredited you.  I'm ashamed that you are Australian because you clearly don't share Australian values.  Not only have you disrespected those who gave their lives so you can enjoy Australian freedoms and speak your mind, you have very clearly voiced your real agenda here", wrote Libby Colubski.

'Abdel-Magied came under fire in February after declaring on National TV that Islam was the "most feminist religion".

To which the proper response, to put it in netspeak, runs thus: ROFLMAO. - CM

"Islam, to me, is one of the most... is the most, feminist religion, right?" she said on the Q and A program in February.

'She sparked a heated row on the ABC's Q & A program with Senator Jacqui Lambie (who is, incidentally, a former soldier and has good combat instincts, she recognises Islam and the Ummah as dangerous, even if she is not as fully informed or articulate as one might wish - CM) [who] accused Abdel-Magied of "playing victim".

Nicely spotted, Ms Lambie. - CM

'Ms Lambie at the time said anyone who supports sharia law should be deported (excellent idea; keep hammering on that theme, Senator, though you need to talk to Rev Dr Mark Durie and get some more ammo, in the shape of hard uncomfortable facts about the content and intent of the sharia of Islam -  CM), to which Abdel-Magied responded that she was frustrated by people talking about Islam without knowing anything about it.

Anybody who offers resistance to Islamisation, anyone who criticises Islam, anyone who says no to Islam, is always accused, by Muslims, of being 'ignorant'.     - CM

'Immigration Minister Peter Dutton slammed Ms Abdel-Magied's comments, which were partly aimed at Australia's asylum seeker (or, rather, illegal immigrant - CM) detention arrangements on Manus Island and Nauru.

"It is a disgrace that on our most significant national day to mark the passing of people who have defended this country, this advocate seeks to make political mileage", Mr Dutton told the Daily Telegraph.

It's worse than that.  I would hazard the guess that in her allusion to 'Palestine' Ms Abdel-Magied was implying that deceased "Palestinian"  Arab Muslim jihad terrorists who - motivated by Quranic megalomania, the dream of Total World Domination for Muslims and Islam in a global sharia despotism - got themselves killed in the course of murdering or attempting to murder Jews in Israel, should receive the kind of honour that Aussies give to our 'diggers' who risked and indeed in many cases gave their lives in order to defeat the enemies of human freedom. - CM

'Tasmanian senator Eric Abetz said the post was "unfortunate", "disrespectful", and "deeply reprehensible".

"Tens of thousands of Australians, from all walks of life, have gone to war and paid the ultimate sacrifice", Senator Abetz said.  "Today we pay tribute to them, not seek to use their sacrifice for cheap political point-scoring, as Ms Abdel-Magied has done".

The Comments were interesting... Ms Abdel-Magied has kicked over a hornets' nest, and then some.  No wonder she backpedalled. But it is too late; for many, her mask has slipped, they know who and what she is and they don't like it.

And now to Pia Akerman's report in "The Australian".

'Yassmin Abdel-Magied Triggers Anger With Anzac Day Facebook Post."

'Muslim activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied has sparked outrage with an Anzac Day Facebook post telling people "Lest we forget (Manus, Nauru, Syria, Palestine)".

'Ms Abdel-Magied posted the message this afternoon, but swiftly removed the bracketed portion and apologised as people began to complain that she had hijacked the Anzac memory for political and religious reasons.

"It was brought to my attention that my last post was disrespectful, and for that, I apologise unreservedly", she said.'

"No sh*t, it was disrespectful", one person responded.  "Don't try and hide behind your words.  You clearly said it with malicious intent".

"Your previous post has completely discredited you", another person said, "Not only have you disrespected those who gave their lives so you can enjoy Australian freedoms and speak your mind, you have very clearly voiced your real agenda here".

'Liberal MP Eric Abetz said he found the post "reprehensible".

"Yassmin Abdel-Magied's unfortunate and disrespectful Facebook post today, of all days, is deeply reprehensible".

"Tens of thousands of Australians, from all walks of life, have gone to war and paid the ultimate sacrifice. Today, we pay tribute to them - not seek to use their sacrifice for cheap political point-scoring, as Ms Abdel-Magied has done."

"The freedom she enjoys to make such disrespectful comments is what the people whom we commemorate today fought and died for.  But that is where self-discipline, respect and decency need to be added into the equation, something Ms Abdel-Magied has displayed she lacks."

'The Australian is attempting to reach Ms Abdel-Magied for comment.

'The activist triggered a debate over Islam and feminism earlier this year after claiming on the ABC's Q and A that Islam was "the most feminist religion".

'The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade last year paid for Ms Abdel-Magied to tour some of the world's most repressive Islamic regimes, including Saudi Arabia, promoting her book about being a Sudanese-Egyptian-Australian Muslim woman who wears the hijab.

She wears the Ummah gang uniform; the sharia badge.  It is beyond absurd that she was sent on that little junket. - CM

'Former prime minister Tony Abbott subsequently accused her of being "blindfolded" during the taxpayer-funded speaking tour of the Middle East and Africa.'

Oh, I think she knew very well what she was doing.  She knows what Islam is, and what Islam requires, I would bet my bottom dollar.  Her job, here, in Australia, is dawa and 'spin', to fool and lull the silly kuffar into permitting Islamisation to proceed apace.  But she is not, it seems, quite as clever as she thought she was, and the temptation of social media, in which people can easily forget that they are not in their own living room but, rather, standing in the middle of the public square sharing their inmost thoughts with all and sundry, got the better of her. 

Like the "Telegraph", the 'Australian' permitted Comments.  There were a great many, and many of them were not fooled by her about-face and the hasty apology.

Here was "John3" - "...Why don't we do a counter "Lest We Forget the Violence of Islam"? Yeah, that'd work".  One 'David' remarked, astutely, "She is right.  We should not forget Manus, Nauru, Syria, and Palestine.  But for perhaps different reasons than she promotes".   Ralph remarked - "Disgraceful comment.  Does she think we should also remember the victims of terror attacks in Bali, Madrid, Paris, Sydney, London, Boston, New York, Afghanistan and hundreds of other places, from her "feminist religion"?  ...".  

And John2, "...The apology is a lie.  The damage was already done, to pretend to apologise to cover your tracks and wait for the next opportunity to do it again. That's the Muslim strategy, as proposed in the Koran - it's OK to lie to non-Muslims to advance the rule and influence of Islam and sharia law."

'Stephen3 remarked, "She forgot a lot, including, New York, Paris, London, Stockholm, Berlin, Sydney... the list goes on...".

Russell2, observing the "Own Goal" stated briefly, - "Excellent way to build a relationship between Australians and those in the Islamic Community.  Not."

'Chris2' noted - "Tip of the Iceberg. If I was to jump on every Muslim-Australian Facebook page today I am sure I could find hundreds of posts a lot worse than this one".   (An interesting thought.  Perhaps it's time some intrepid reporters did just that.... a spot of lurking in the places where Muslims talk to other Muslims, on FB and elsewhere. Perhaps one could enlist the Arabic-speaking services of some of our emigre Coptic, Assyrian and Maronite Christians, in order to explore as widely as possible?   Further thought: are our spooks - from ASIO and the AFP - doing it?  If not, they should be. There is something about social media that lures even jihadists and their enablers into True Confessions mode.)

And so on.  If you google the title of the article you should be able to read it... and the rest of the comments.

Despite all the Islamopuffery with which we have been and are being deluged, Down Under, in recent years, the truth is getting out. - CM

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Tuesday, 25 April 2017
Interlude. For Yom Ha-Shoah.

A performance of "Kaddish", for cello and piano.




And Psalm 130, "Out of the deeps..".

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Tuesday, 25 April 2017
Interlude: For Armenia, and the Armenians

On the 24th April the Armenians remember the terrible Genocide inflicted upon them by Muslims in 1915-1916 (though there was a previous and terrible mass-murder in the 1890s), a Genocide animated by the Jihad doctrine of Islam, by the hatred and contempt that Islam teaches Muslims to feel and enact toward all non-Muslims.

Here is a tiny and poignant glimpse of the rich and ancient Armenian Christian culture that was so nearly wiped out in the early 20th century: two presentations of a traditional Armenian folk song, "Chinar Es" ("Thou art a plane tree") that is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful songs ever created by human beings.

First, this:



And then, this.
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Monday, 24 April 2017
April 24, 2017: Yom HaShoah and Armenian Genocide Commemorations: a discussion

by Jerry Gordon and Daniel Mandel

Yad Vashem  Eternal Flame  and Armenian Genocide Memorial

April 24, 2017 commemorates both Hitler’s Holocaust during WWII against European Jewry in Israel on Yom HaShoah Day. It also marks the annual commemoration of  the Armenian Genocide throughout the world regarding the series of horrific massacres that occurred in Turkey  during WW1 under the Ottoman Empire.

We have with us as our guest Dr. Daniel Mandel. Dr. Mandel is the Director of the Center for Middle East Policy of the Zionist Organization of America (ZoA). Dan, I wonder if you might give our audience your website address.

 Daniel Mandel: The Zionist Organization of America (ZoA)  can be easily found as on the world wide web.

 Jerry  Gordon: Let’s begin this discussion about these two horrific commemorations.

Mandel: Yes.

Gordon: April 24 is Yom HaShoah Day on the Hebrew Calendar which happens to coincide on the Julian calendar with Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day. What do they commemorate and was the Armenian ethnic cleansing a precursor, as many scholars have alleged, to Hitler’s Final Solution for the Jews?

Mandel: Yes, I think it was, and there’s very little doubt about the matter: Hitler’s own words testify to this, when he remarked –– I forget to which member of his retinue –– when he remarked on one occasion when going forward with his plans, in this case, for slaughtering Poles, who thinks about the Armenians now? He clearly took it as a template that one could really do such a thing, that one get away with this and that no-one would really be held to account subsequently. Particularly, Hitler was thinking, if he wins the war, the victors write the history, the victors dictate what occurs, he has nothing to fear is he does these things. So it was certainly an inspiration to him to that extent.

 Gordon: There was also Hitler’s appreciation, speaking to another of his colleagues, a gentleman who became a German Muslim convert, that he thought Islam was the best religion and that jihad was important.

Mandel: Well, this is true. I take it you’re referring here to Armin Van Leers?

Gordon: That’s right.

Mandel:  There were other Nazis who were attracted to Islam. Hitler himself had a soft spot for Islam.  He even said on occasion, I’m paraphrasing him, “how sad it is that we Germans, the Teutonic race, are encumbered with this Jewish Christianity, with all its flabbiness. Jihad, and the fearsome martial ardor, such as you have in Islam, would have been much more suitable to the German people. Hitler made that observation more than once.

Gordon: Even in World War I, when the triumvirate of Young Turks created the mayhem that morphed into the Armenian genocide, the Germans, in particular, put out a call for jihad throughout the Muslim ummah.  That was also true for the three perpetrators who ordered the Armenian genocide in Istanbul.

Mandel: Yes, it would have been tempting for the Germans and Ottoman Turks to do so. After all, the British Empire had a very large number of Muslim subjects, not just in the Middle East, but in India. The idea that you could destabilize your main opponent, by trying to rouse the loyalty of Muslims to the Caliphate, to rise against them in them in time of war,   create a fifth column, behind the front in more than one place, would have been far too tempting for the Germans and Turks not to attempt to do this in various forms.

Gordon: Who was the American Jewish ambassador to the Sublime Porte, the Ottoman Empire that President Wilson appointed in 1913 who revealed the Armenian ethnic cleansing by Young Turks during World War I. Moreover, what did his son, Henry Morgenthau, Jr.  did  several decades later, as FDR’s Treasury Secretary,  to save a remnant of Holocaust victims during World War II?

Mandel:  You're obviously referring to Henry Morgenthau of New York. He was appointed by President Woodrow Wilson as ambassador to the Sublime Porte during the War. He was appalled by what he saw. He was receiving  daily reports coming into the American embassy from American consulates throughout the Ottoman territories.  These  reports  told of death marches, massacres, starvation, and deportations happening on such a vast scale. It was something new in the  twentieth century about it. We learned there was a  massive slaughter with an estimate of  upwards of  one and a half million Armenians who died as a result of the policies that were  carried out  on orders of the Ottoman authorities.  Henry Morgenthau Jr. served as Roosevelt’s Treasury Secretary. His great humanitarian achievement during  the genocide of  European  Jews in World War II, was the founding , late in 1944, of the War Refugee Board,.  It played a part in saving a small remnant of the six million European Jews who  fell under the Nazi heel during the Holocaust. We had the Raoul Wallenberg mission in Hungary.  Wallenberg was able by his stupendous efforts to save the lives of 100,000 Hungarian Jews.  Hungarian Jewry was  the last of the great  European  Jewish  populations to be sacrificed.  The result was  at the end of the  Second  World War , there were still 250,000 Jews still left alive in the Reich. This was Morgenthau Jr.’s great contribution to the saving that remnant.

 Gordon:  I have a quote from Henry Morgenthau Sr.’s from his Ambassadors Story : A Personal; Account of the Armenian Genocide,  that was published in 1918 when he says, "when the Turkish authorities gave orders for these deportations they were merely giving the death warrant to  the whole race. They understood this well in their conversations with me and they made no particular attempt to conceal the fact". Now what is interesting is that the organizer or the perpetrator, who gave the orders, was one of the three members of the young Turks Triumvirate, Interior Minister Talaat Pasha.

Dr. Mandel: Yes.

 Gordon:  He was assassinated in Berlin in 1921 by a member of the Armenian resistance group, a student at the time, Soghomon Tehlirian, an operative of Operation Nemesis.   Dan, there was a parallel attempt to do something similar after the formal period of World War II ended. Members of the Jewish resistance, from what was left of Vilna partisans attempted to poison several thousand SS prisoners held by the allies in Germany.          

 Mandel: Yes, it is an astonishing thing, justice in one form or another sometimes does catch up on a personal basis with some would be perpetrators. The case you recalled reminded me recalls the case of Symon Petlyura who was the Ukrainian leader who conducted the terrible pogroms against Jews and the Russian Empire.

Gordon:  Right.

 Mandel:  After the Polish Russian War in the 1920's, in 1926, he was killed, not in Berlin,but in Paris, by a Russian Jewish anarchist who wanted to repay him for the astonishing bloodshed he left in the Ukraine in the previous decade. So on a personal basis, vengeance sometimes does catch up with people.

Gordon:   Who was the Polish Jewish lawyer who created the term genocide and how does it apply to the extermination of six million European Jews from World War II and the1.5 million Armenians during the First World War in what is now Turkey?

 Mandel:  The man who coined the term genocide was Raphael Lemkin who went to great lengths during the 1940's to have the concept of genocide enshrined in international law.  The idea was that if one state actor is attempting to destroy an entire group of people that they should be conceptualized in law as a crime. Then they should be outlawed and certain measures should be possible to be taken in retaliation. He coined the term and fought for its adoption internationally in the 1940's.

Gordon:  He also is a distant relative of a married nephew of mine, Jim Lemkin in Boston.

Mandel:  Well, it is indeed a small world.

Gordon:  A very small world in that regard.  Recently the UN released from its archives  information indicating that the allies during World War II knew about Hitler’s plan to exterminate Jews two years earlier than previously thought. When did the allies know? about it and what if anything could they have done to stop or bring it to a halt?


Mandel:  That remains a controversial question.  I must confess I haven't seen the latest evidence about how early they saw it. It was generally conceded that in 1942 if not earlier, even 1941, they became well aware of the fact that Polish Jewry had been subjected to random massacres and ghettoizations and  that the deaths were already in the hundreds of thousands. By 1942 they were aware from the Nazi Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of the Soviet Union that extraordinary mass killings were also occurring behind the lines in the Soviet territories.  They had good reason to believe that upwards of a

million Jews had already been killed and there were Slavs and others being subjected to war crimes.  The argument as to what the allies could have done has always been a vexed and impassioned issue.   You can read different points of view depending on which historian you approach. I know for example that  some leading  experts on the Holocaust were of the view  that there were really no possibilities for saving Jews on a mass scale. We certainly could not have saved millions was what he said. There were certainly  deficient efforts by the allies, before  and during the war to save Jews.   If they weren't completely silent they made declarations of intent to punish the perpetrators.  Churchill himself sometimes intervened  when opportunities  arose in  Albania,  Bulgaria and other countries.  The Turks enabled some  Jews to escape  with limited  success. We are  really talking about saving people on the margin. It's not completely altering the situation.  The numbers of Jews that  could have been saved were in the  thousands, perhaps in the  tens of thousands.  However, we can't talk of hundreds of thousands or millions.  By the time the war was in progress the essential escape routes open to Jews to leave Europe to reach Palestine and other Western countries were essentially closed.

Gordon:  Add to that was the controversy about bombing Auschwitz by March of 1944.

Mandel:  This of course was very late in the Holocaust.  As we know by that stage, unfortunately,most of the European  six million  Jews were already  murdered in Hitler’s Final Solution.

Gordon:  That is  right.  Even more traumatic was that something in excess of 433,000 Hungarian Jews were murdered in the death complex of Auschwitz -Birkenau in less than three months.


Mandel:  Yes. Eichmann’s deportation of Jews  from Hungary occurred  when the Nazis

marched into Hungary.   Hungary had been a Nazi ally. It was a semi-fascist state under the

Regent Admiral Horthy, who was very anti-Semitic himself  handed over the Jews to the Nazis.  Eichmann pressed  him to adopt various restrictive measures facilitating genocide of the Jewish population.   The Nazis occupied  Hungary when they found out  that Horthy attempted to conclude a separate peace with  the allies early in 1944. Eichmann and his  SS deputies   went about the task of deporting Jews with incredible  efficiency. In  less than three months   433,000 of Hungary's 800,000 Jewish community  was deported   and murdered in Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Gordon:  On that note I want to thank you Daniel Mandel of the Zionist Organization of America (ZoA) for this intelligent and cogent discussion about the commemoration of two genocides:  the Nazi Holocaust against six million European Jews during World War II and the 1.5 million Armenians by the Ottoman Young Turks during World War I. Thank you.

 Mandel:  Jerry thanks very much.

Listen to the original 1330amWEBY interview .

Posted on 04/24/2017 3:22 PM by Jerry Gordon and Daniel Mandel
Monday, 24 April 2017
ISIS recruiter allegedly told Sydney terror accused Omarjan Azari: ‘Just pick any random unbeliever’

From the Australian Daily Telegraph and the Sydney Morning Herald

A SENIOR Islamic State fighter and a terror accused discussed recruiting a minor to kill “unbelievers” in Sydney for propaganda videos because a juvenile would not be under the police surveillance, a Supreme Court jury has heard. 

A transcript of a phone conversation between senior Islamic State fighter Mohammad Ali Baryalei and Sydney man Omarjan Azari was read out to the jury in which the Syrian-based terrorist said they needed to find someone to “terminate five, six, seven people every month”.

“Just pick any random unbeliever,” Baryalei tells Azari. “Finish him, her, when finished, put the flag of the state in the background ... we can make the video here and start posting it."

Baryalei said he'd give the video to Islamic State's media arm and it would be used to show Australians that by "killing our people" Australians would be killed in return. He said he wanted the work to be "continuous" and to preferably involve western tourists or backpackers as it would make "worldwide news".

"I want you to do this work but I want this work to be continuous," he said. "Terminate five, six, seven people a month and we will make videos and videos and videos."

He told Mr Azari it was an order from the "commander of the faithful" and that Mr Azari should select two or three boys "with perfect faith" to do it with him. "They want youse to be, like, the soldiers [in Australia]," he said.

"I have no problem with that," Mr Azari replied.

Mr Azari suggested that he be given two months to get a new phone and to allow time for the "extreme" surveillance on him and his group of 17 young friends, who met at Parramatta Mosque and called themselves The Shura, to subside.

Azari, now 24, has pleaded not guilty to doing an act in preparation for a terrorist act by engaging in the phone conversation with Baryalei. However he has pleaded guilty to a charge of attempting to finance a terrorist organisation by trying to send around $9000 to Baryalei.

Posted on 04/24/2017 6:24 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Monday, 24 April 2017
Australia: Muslim Misogyny And Its Sources in Islamic Scripture Begin To Be Discussed Critically, In Public

Just this month two noteworthy articles on Islamic misogyny, and specifically the Quranic instruction to beat disobedient or deemed-potentially-insubordinate wives, have appeared in our Aussie media.

One appeared in "The Telegraph" and subsequently in sister publications such as the 'Brisbane Times' and 'Gold Coast Times'.  The author is Mark Latham, a native Sydneysider, who from December 2003 was leader of the Australian Labor Party and Leader of the Opposition, until his resignation and departure from politics in January 2005.

The other - under the uncompromising title "Praise Allah and Pass the Cudgel" - appeared in the conservative journal "Quadrant"; the author is one Peter Smith, of whom I know little; his article is, however, spot on.  

We shall begin with Mr Latham's piece and then proceed to Mr Smith's.  One of the more interesting aspects of Mr Latham's article is that he sees right through the Islamic PR machine which has been in overdrive Down Under.

"User-Friendly Muslims Can't Hide Their Outdated Message".

'In recent years the ABC, SBS, Fairfax and Channel 10 have promoted Waleed Aly and Yassmin Abdel-Magied as celebrity Muslims, supposedly giving the public a soothing, reasoned understanding of their religion.

'But yet again - this time following the release of the Hizb-ut-Tahrir video justifying domestic violence (or, to be blunt, justifying Muslim men hitting their wives - CM) Aly and Abdel-Magied have been caught short.

'Instead of calling for the reform of Islam (abandoning fundamentalist parts of the Koran) (or, rather, "instead of denouncing the wife-beating verse in the Koran as something to be condemned and abandoned" - CM) both have tried to depict the video as an aberration.

'Last week they directed their audiences to an old YouTube video fo Muslim clerics opposing domestic assault and advising women to seek help.

'Neither Aly nor Abdel-Magied has criticised the teachings of the Koran or called for any recasting of its text.

This is the core problem with Islam in Australia.

And it is the core problem with Islam everywhere else. - CM

"While other religions relying on ancient holy books have modernised to suit our open, pluralistic 21st century society (and in any case, their books as historically read and lived are far less inherently violent than the Islamic trilogy - Quran, Sira and hadiths; for more, one may look up the pioneering work of Danish scholar Tina Magaard who examined the quantity and nature of violence and calls for violence in the texts of the world's major religions, and concluded that Islam was unique in terms of how much violence there was in its founding texts, and of what kind.- CM) radical Muslims (nah, just "Muslims"; the qualifier 'radical' is redundant - CM) are locked to a literal reading of the Koran.

And of the Sira and the Hadiths, also. - CM

'This has given them a dated, fundamentalist view of society, particularly concerning women, gays, and acts of terrorism.

Translation: "This means that they view themselves as commanded and entitled to engage in violence against women, gays, and all varieties of non-Muslim." - CM

'The problem with the Hizb-ut-Tahrir video was not the motivation or accuracy of the two women in it.

'They simply offered a valid interpretation of the holy book guiding their beliefs. The problem is the Koran itself.

And the Sira, and the Hadiths; the 'sunnah' of the so-called 'prophet' Muhammad. - CM

'At verse 4.34 it teaches its followers that "men are in charge of women" and "good women are therefore obedient".  For women who might disobey, it is recommended to "admonish them, leave them alone in their sleeping-places, and beat them".

'There's not much doubt as to what that means.

Bravo, Mr Latham.  In a mainstream publication you have now uttered those momentous words - "The problem is the Koran itself" - and you have also cited, verbatim, a glaring example of a problematic portion of the Quran, particularly glaring because, over recent years in Australia, there has been a long and loud public discussion - and denunciation - of domestic violence, in particular, male violence against wives, de facto partners, girlfriends, or exes.  If we are serious, in Austraila, about denouncing, preventing and punishing violence of that sort... what do we do about the fact that there are, in our society, some 500 000 active adherents of a cult whose founding text states flatly, "... and beat them"? - CM

'The Koran doubles up as a domestic violence instruction manual.

Nicely put, Mr Latham. - CM

'Last week's video was not an aberration.

'In a television interview in February the prominent Islamic leader Keysar Trad outlined the steps Muslim men should take in dealing with domestic disputes.

'First they should try relationship counselling.  Then, perhaps, bringing home a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates.  If these two steps fail, according to Trad's reading of the Koran, men can get physical in sorting things out as a last resort.

'Scores of Islamci clerics and TV stars can appear in staged video clips and say they feel sorry for the beaten women, but this doesn't address the underlying issue.

'The text on which Mulsims have based their religion is wrong.  It encourages intolerance (sic: 'intolerance' is too mild a term; one might say, rather, using words from the Koran itself, "enmity and hatred" - CM) and violence.  It's incompatible with the values of modern Western society. 

It's incompatible with every non-Muslim society. - CM

'Abdel-Magied's position is particularly interesting.  Two months ago she gained notoriety by declaring on ABC Television that "Islam is (the world's) most feminist religion".

'Amid public dismay ( I would say, 'Amid public dismay and derision' - CM) about the absurdity of her statement, Abdel-Magied had a Facebook exchange with Wassim Doureihi, a spokesman for Hizb-ut-Tahrir.

'She told him, "I am young and willing to learn". And then asked, "How can I do better in the future?"

'Two months later, Hizb-ut-Tahrir produced its pro-violence video.

'If Abdel-Magied is learning from people like Doureihi, she has lost all credibility in the domestic violence debate.

'Even more worryingly, the Turnbull government has promoted Abdel-Magied into several important public positions.

'Last year, the Department of Foreign Affairs sponsored her on a tour fo the Middle East, as a roving ambassador for Australian Islam.

Yet the DFA seems to have seen no need whatsoever for a comparable roving ambassador for Australian Judaism, or Australian Christianity, or Australian Buddhism, or Australian Hinduism, or Australian Sikhism, or Australian Taoism.. I wonder why?  And thinking about the fact that we do not have such 'ambassadors' should expose just how very peculiar it is that we should appoint 'a roving ambassador for Australian Islam'. - CM

'She was also appointed to the board of "Our Watch", a government agency created by Julia Gillard to stop domestic violence.

'Figure this out: Our Watch, funded by the taxpayer to stop domestic violence, has a board member who has publicly sought advice and instruction from a radical, pro-domestic violence Islamic outfit.

An Islamic outfit that is also, basically, fomenting jihad and pushing sharia. - CM

'Abdel-Magied is anything but moderate.  Sure, she's young, brash, and flamboyant, but her vivacious appearance shouldn't be the basis by which politicians judge her views.

Astutely observed, Mr Latham.  One hopes your BS detectors, that are allowing you to 'see through' Ms Abdel-Magied, are similarly tuned to see through the slithery likes of Tariq Ramadan. - CM

'In promoting her Twitter account, for instance, Abdel-Magied claims to be replicating "the pinpoint accuracy and controL" of Malcolm X, the 1960s black Muslim leader.

'Malcolm X was not only an advocate of violence, as part of his "by any means necessary" doctrine.  He also believed in black supreamcy, urging the racial separation of white and black America.  He depicted white people as "devils".  Politically, this is as extreme as it gets.

'At September's Brisbane Writers' Festival (ie. September 2016 - CM), Abdel-Magied advocated her own form of separatism, arguing that white novelists should not write about black people and white students should not study indigenous affairs.

'This is a new left doctrine of 'cultural appropriation'.

'Just when we thought Malcolm Turnbull couldn't be any more spineless in accommodating radical leftists (or, for that matter, Muslims - CM), his government has declared Abdel-Magied to be the Australian female face of moderate Islam.

This is dangerous stuff.

Yes, indeed. - CM

'As the international scholar Ayaan Hirsi Ali has pointed out, Western nations have been incredibly naive in their promotion of Islamic spokespeople.

'They have picked out 'moderates', based on their flashy smile and glamorous style, only to find out later that extreme views (or, rather, 'strictly orthodox views' - CM) are being propagated.

'Most likely, Turnbull is so far to the left that he quite likes Abdel-Magied and her ideological inspiration, the other Malcolm (X).

'As Waleed Aly told Fairfax's Financial Review, in a puff-piece profile on Thursday, we should reject the term "moderate Islam", because "it doesn't mean anything".

(Hmm. Now that is an interesting admission, to say the least, from our Muslim propagandist extraordinaire, Mr Aly. Because he's right - it doesn't.  - CM)

'In Malcolm T's Australia, that's at least one thing we can all agree on."

And so to our second commenter, Mr Peter Smith, in Quadrant, on April 18, just last week.

"Praise Allah and Pass the Cudgel".

'The face of Islam is two Muslim women in Australia openly excusing wife-beating (in a Hizb ut Tahrir video that - embarrassingly for the Ummah colony in Australia - somehow came to the notice of some of the surrounding Infidels, and then - even more embarrasingly - ended up getting publicised in our Press, which brought it to the attention of even more of the aforesaid Infidels. - CM).  

"It is Sheikh Farrokh Sekaleshfar openly proclaiming at an Orlando mosque, not long before the slaughter at a gay night club in the same city, that "death is the sentence" for homosexuals.

'What's all this rubbish about Muslim men not being allowed to beat their wives?  All that brouhaha about those two pleasant-looking Muslim ladies explaining sweetly that husbands indeed had a right to deal out a bit of marital biff when warranted.  Hear! Hear!  Or, if you like, Allahu-Akbar!

'I note that Muslim labor federal member Ed Husic (who represents a heavily-Islamised electorate in western Sydney - CM) unaccountably eschews the beating option.  "It's not acceptable in any form to strike anyone, either between husband and wife or anywhere", he reportedly said.  Bad syntax apart, the sentiment is both clear and terribly heretical, in my view.  Isn't he the same chap who used the Koran when sworn in as a minister in 2013?  What is he thinking about?

'That's the question that springs to my mind.

'Allah is clear in verse 4.34, unless Mr Husic thinks that Mohammed got that bit wrong from the Archangel Gabriel, or perhaps Gabriel misunderstood Allah, or maybe the mistake is as prosaic as the equivalent of a typing error back in the 600s.  Who knows? - but I can only assume that Husic takes a selective view of the Koran.  Or maybe he is a ninny with no stomach for smiting necks and fingertips as Allah instructed in 8:12.

Or he is a deceiver, blandly using Islamic doublespeak. - CM

 'Allah forbid, but I wouldn't be surprised if Husic also takes friends from among unbelievers, a direct violation of 4.89.  

And of many another passage in the Islamic trilogy that forbids taking unbelievers as friends or as allies, and the passages that directly enjoin enmity, hatred, contempt and active physical aggression toward them.  However, it's possible Mr Husic is acting in accord with another Quranic verse that allows for a feigned friendship strategically deployed when Muslims are too weak, and the surrounding Infidels too strong, for open aggression to be politic. - CM

'Mark Durie (The Third Choice) lists sixteen verses of the Koran which set Mohammed on a pedestal as a model to follow.  Very convenient, you might think cynically, if you are a mere amanuensis, to have the guy in the sky repeatedly anoint you as a positive pillar of virtue.  And virtue, it seems, is in the eye of the holy beholder.

'Among other things, the very model of a man to emulate led raids, killed, enslaved, married a six-year-old, acquiesced to the killing of those who didn't like him, and rejoiced in Allah condemning his poor old Uncle Lahab (and his wife) to grisly everlasting fates (111: 1-5), for rejecting his message in Mecca.  Mahatma Gandhi-like he wasn't.

'Islam is beyond parody.  The likes of John Wesley, Alexis de Tocqueville, John Quincy Adams, Bertrand Russell and Winston Churchill called it out long ago.

'Unfortunately there are no giants these days with the gumption to tell the unvarnished truth.  Or, perhaps, even more depressingly, overwhelmingly crippled and compromised by political correctness, there are now none who are able to discern the truth.

'Religion, unlike race, is a choice.  It is not legitimate to choose, or fail to abandon, a religion which preaches intolerance and violence.  

'An excuse often made is that the Bible is violent too.  This is sophistry.  The violence is predominantly historical.  Where it isn't, it is dead language.  No-one inspired by the Bible preaches stoning for adultery.  Advocacy of such punishment is dead and buried.

'In contrast the intolerance and violence preached in the Koran is both doctrinal (as distinct from historical) and alive and well.

'There are literally thousands upon thousands of Islamic clerics who are originalists, who take their riding instructions from the Koran and the Sunna (the doings and sayings of the model man, Mohammed).

'Is there anybody out there who is even remotely unaware that it is a piece of cake to find any number of imams favouring death for apostasy or for homosexuality, or who acknowledge (and, indeed, loudly and actively teach - CM) the right of a husband to discipline (sic: beat, or thrash - CM) his wife?

'Swanning about, pretending that they don't know what's in their scriptures or that its malign parts don't count, is the playbook of 'moderate Muslims'.  This is unacceptable.

'Islam has form in oppressing women, girls, Christians, Jews, and anyone who doesn't buy its supremacist bill of goods.

'And now we have rampant terrorism in the brew.

It always was in the brew. - CM

'None of this is hidden.  It is transparent.

'The face of Islam is two Muslim women in Australia, openly excusing wife beating.  It is Islamic scholar Sheikh Farrokh Sekaleshfar openly proclaiming at an Orlando mosque, not long before Islamic terrorism took many lives at a gay nightclub in the same city, that "death is the sentence" fo rhomosexuals.  "There's nothing to be embarrassed about... Out of compassion, let's get rid of them now". 

'There are countless similar examples of barbaric values brushed aside as inconsequential by organized Muslim pacifiers (that is: spin-doctors - CM) and dismissed as aberrant by Western glitterati.

'They are not inconsequential or aberrant.

'They form part of Islamic scripture.

'The two ladies and the Sheik are simply following the script.

'The real question is what religion apologists for Islam have in mind - because it sure ain't written-down Islam."

The Comments to this article - Quadrant online permitted Comments - are interesting.

The very first comment up, read as follows.  One Ian MacDougall observed, on April 18 2017, that - "According to a survey cited at Gatestone, "The 615 page survey found that more than 100,000 British Muslims sympathize with suicide bombers and people who commit other terrorist acts.  Moreover, only one in three British Muslims (34 percent) would contact the police if they believed that somebody close to them had become involved with jihadists". Which figures probably translate to Australia...".


Posted on 04/24/2017 12:51 AM by Christina McIntosh
Sunday, 23 April 2017
Philippines: Filipino Security Forces Defeat Abu Sayyaf Jihad Raiders, Kill Four

Well done, Philippines.

As reported by AP (Associated Press) and Shirley Escalante for Australia's ABC yesterday.  One may note that the bunch of jihadi terrorists were led by a convert to Islam.

"Terrorists Killed in Philippines Gun Battle as Security Steps Up Amid ASEAN Trade Talks".

'At least four militants (sic: ghazi raiders - CM) from Philippines terrorist group Abu Sayyaf (note that a Philippines-based group calls itself by an Arabic name, meaning something like 'bearer of the sword'; just one more indication that Islam was initially concocted as a vehicle for Arab imperialism; one may also note, given that all this sort of thing is routinely represented as 'nothingtodowithIslam', that this jihad gang has an alternative name, Al Harakat al-Islamiyah, "Islamic Movement" - CM) have been killed in a gun battle with security forces close to where Association of South-East Asian Nation trade meetings were being held.

'Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte warned ahead of the talks, which included Australian delegates, that Abu Sayyaf were moving into the central province of Bohol (which one may note is majority- Catholic Christian - CM) from their base in the south, with plans to "spoil" the ASEAN trade meeting, which precedes the main ASEAN summit in Manila on April 28.

"They went there maybe to kidnap", Mr Duterte told reporters last week. "And I told the Navy, if you see the boat, blast them off".

That is the way to deal with jihad raiding parties. If the Somali Muslim pirates who were running amok in the Indian Ocean and its northwest approaches some years ago had been dealt with like that, right from the start - "if you see the boat, blast them off" -  they would have caused a great deal less trouble and expense. - CM

'Mr Duterte said he would arm civilians, and offered a reward for every 'terrorist' (why the quotes, dear AP and ABC? terrorists is what these raiders are - CM) or drug suspect killed.

'The trade meetings included ASEAN members and dialogue partners Australia, China, India, Japan, New Zealand, the Republic of Korea, the United States, and Russia.

'As the meetings ended this weekend, delegates toured Bohol Province, which is one of the Philippines' prime tourist spots, despite travel warnings by various countries, including Australia, because of the prospect of violence.

Nota bene. Bohol is overwhelmingly-non-Muslim by population and history.  It is, however, just across the sea from the Philippines' Muslim-infested province, Mindanao, which is racked by Jihad and, it seems, is now functioning as a launch-pad from which Muslim raiders like Abu Sayyaf will sally forth to attack non-Muslim neighbours... such as Bohol. - CM

'At the same time, military officials reported killing alleged (why, "alleged"? - CM) Abu Sayyaf ringleader, Joselito Melloria (he is a convert to Islam; surely his special Arabic Islamic shahada name is known? why use only his pre-conversion name? a quick google round has told me that his Islamic name, which he would have taken at conversion, is "Abu Alih" - CM) and several other gunmen.

'More than 1000 people fled their village due to the violence.

'Military chief of staff General Eduardo Ano said a group of eight militants exchanged fire with army troops and police near Clarin town in Bohol province, and four escaped.

"They dared to go to an unfamiliar area and they couldn't find any support from villagers in Bohol", General Ano said, adding that troops were continuing to hunt down the remaining militants.

Note: The jihadis would not have been able to get support from the Bohol villagers, because Bohol is not a Muslim province.  There is no friendly 'sea' of Ummah in Bohol into which jihadi raiders can disappear and by whom they can be 'human-shielded'. - CM

'Reward offered for militants' capture.

'Melloria (sic: a better wording would be "Abu Alih, formerly Joselito Melloria" - CM) a convert to Islam and a Bohol resident, had guided Abu Sayyaf militants from their jungle encampments in the country's south to his village to carry out possible ransom kidnappings and bombings.

Observe the grim reality that conversion to Islam transforms a person into someone willing to commit major crimes of violence against their community of origin.  This man, who would have been raised Catholic, on converting to ISlam, leads a gang of mohammedan murderers to his own village, the place where he grew up, inhabited by his own kin... with a view to kidnap  and mass-murder.  He is prepared to envisage the kidnap - perhaps even the rape and beheading - of members of his own kin network.  That is what Islam does to the soul. - CM

'Troops, however, detected the militants and killed four of them in April 11 fighting that also left three soldiers, a policeman and two villagers, dead.

'Melloria fled with at least seven other militants, believed to be the group involved in Saturday's gun battle.

'President Rodrigo Duterte offered a 1 million peso ($27,000) reward for information leading to their capture.

'A military profile of Melloria, who uses the militant nom de guerre Abu Alih (who adopted the Arabic name Abu Alih when he converted to Islam - CM) said he converted to Islam when he married a Muslim woman in 2005.

Not just any Muslim woman. She was the daughter of a 'Moro Islamic Liberation Front commander based in Zamboanga del Norte" (information as per an article in the 'Bohol Chronicle Daily", April 18, 2017).  And of course the ABC and AP will not inform their readers that any Infidel man who falls for a Muslim woman will be required to convert to Islam if he wishes to marry her, because the sharia prescribes that Muslim women cannot 'marry out'.  CM

'He returned to the Philippines from Saudi Arabia in 2015 and joined Maute, a small nascent group based in the south that has pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group.

'He later assimilated with another IS-linked group, Ansar Khilafa Philippines, and Abu Sayyaf, the military report said.

That word "Khilafa" is, of course, 'Caliphate". - CM

'Philippine security officials said that had the Bohol plots been successful, Melloria would have been designated to lead Ansar Khilafa Philippines.

'The United States and the Philippines list Abu Sayyaf as a terrorist organisation because of its bombings, kidnappings for ransom, and beheadings.

Not just a 'terrorist' organisation.  A Muslim terrorist organisation, inspired by the sunnah of Mohammed, he who in the Hadiths is on record as having said, "I have been made victorious by terror". - CM

'Meanwhile, in the capital Manila, tight security has been imposed in preparation for the 30th ASEAN Summit beginning on April 28.

'The Government said at least 26,000 policemen would be deployed to ensure the security of world leaders in attendance."

Self-defence against the global jihad is staggeringly expensive; these ceaseless  ghazi raids are 'bleeding' the infidel world. - CM

Posted on 04/23/2017 4:27 PM by Christina McIntosh
Sunday, 23 April 2017
French politicians immediately call on voters to block 'extremist' Le Pen

From the French edition of The Local

 Almost as soon as the news broke that Marine Le Pen had qualified for the runoff vote of the French presidential election, calls were issued by politicians on the left and the right, notably losing candidate François Fillon, to vote against her.

And on the left defeated Socialist party candidate Benoit Hamon also called for supporters to back Macron, "even though he's not part of the left."
Socialist Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve joined calls, saying "the result calls for a clear and strong position from all republicans," and asking them to vote "to beat the National Front and defeat their fatal project." 
Former Justice Minister Christiane Taubira followed a similar sentiment, tweeting "without doubt, without delay, obviously we will vote for Macron." 

The news that history was repeating itself didn't impress Le Pen supporters in Henin Beaumont where the candidate held her electoral evening on Sunday.
"I was expecting Fillon would call for a blockage against Le Pen, we need to hope the French will stay with their convictions and not let themselves be manipulated like that," a woman named Christelle, 45 told The Local.
And some Le Pen supporters there believed his calls will land on deaf ears. 

"People are free to vote with their own conscience. Even tonight at his rally his own fans weren't of the same opinion and started leaving before he even finished talking. I think a lot of Fillon's supporters will come to Le pen now, which is a good thing." 
Opinion polls in the run up to the election suggested as many as a third of Fillon voters would be ready to back Le Pen if the case he was defeated in the first round.

Leftist Mélenchon announced that he won't tell his supporters how to vote. However, even if he did call upon his "France Insoumise (defiant)" movement to vote for Macron, many would find it hard.
"Macron is more fascist than Le Pen," one supporter at Mélenchon's electoral evening, 66 year old Francoise, told The Local.  

"Hugo Bacoul, a Hamon supporter told The Local: "It's really complicated now because I think that 30 percent of French people relate to neither the values of Macron nor Le Pen.
"But we can't get Le Pen into power. Macron is not much better, but he is just not as bad."
Another Hamon supporter named Yves Lechermeier told The Local: "Macron is the worst candidate to run against  Le Pen. I will definitely vote for him but with disgust."
So Macron may benefit from the "Front Republicain" against Marine Le Pen to achieve the 50 percent he needs,  but that doesn't mean a majority of the French people will be over the moon to see him as their president.

Posted on 04/23/2017 5:12 PM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Sunday, 23 April 2017
Leicester Morris Men dance for St Georges Day

From the Leicester Mercury. Its a bit small. But it's bigger if you follow the link. Plus there's a children's story of St George and the Damsel in distress lower down. 

Posted on 04/23/2017 7:29 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Sunday, 23 April 2017
Terrorist accused of killing a British student will be paid £800 a month by the Palestinian government which receives £25m-a-year UK foreign aid

A terrorist accused of murdering a British student in Jerusalem will be paid a salary of more than £800 a month by the Palestinian government – which receives more than £25 million a year from the UK in foreign aid.

Jamil Tamimi, who has a history of mental health issues, killed theology student Hannah Bladon in a frenzied knife attack on Good Friday after the 21-year-old gave up her seat on a tram to a woman with a baby. The 57-year-old Palestinian told police that he attacked Hannah, a Birmingham University exchange student attached to Jerusalem's Hebrew University, in the hope that a soldier in the carriage would kill him.

Instead Tamimi was arrested and is almost certain to be lauded as a resistance 'hero' by the Palestinian Authority (PA), like hundreds of others before him.

An Israeli court has already ruled, following a psychiatric evaluation, that he is fit to stand trial and should be treated as a terrorist by the justice system. It means Tamimi or his family qualify for a 'salary' from the PA, according to Itamar Marcus, spokesman for the Israeli monitoring group Palestinian Media Watch.

'According to PA law, everyone who is imprisoned for 'resisting the occupation' receives a PA salary,' he said. 'In PA practice, 100 per cent of the suicide bombers, stabbers, shooters and car rammers have been included in this category and do receive PA salaries.'

Influential commentator Avi Mayer, a former spokesman for the Israel Defence Forces, added: 'If you're British and you pay taxes, know that your money is going to fund a body that rewards convicted murderers.' British taxpayers give the PA £25 million a year from foreign aid for health and education.

The Mail on Sunday has repeatedly highlighted the way in which such funding has been abused. . . Last December, the Department for International Development announced that it would restrict its payments to the PA to health and education with a 'vetted list' of public servants. But critics point out that when British taxpayers' cash goes to education and health, it frees up money in other budgets controlled by the PA.

Editorial comment from the Mail on Sunday here

Why a UK woman's murder in Israel should boil your blood and make you rethink foreign aid, Mrs May

Posted on 04/23/2017 2:49 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
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