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Updated: Worcester acid attack toddler’s dad among five men arrested over chilling incident as it’s claimed boy’s mum was the real target

This dreadful assault occured in Worcester on Saturday afternoon; beautiful, cultured, county town and cathedral city of Worcester. A three year old boy in a push-chair was with his mother shopping when four men attacked and he was doused with a pink corrosive substance causing nasty burns. One man was arrested promptly - he turns out to be the child's father who lives in Wolverhampton (the other side of Birmingham). The other men sought (CCTV left) were found in Walthamstow in East London, and are from whatever the politically correct way to describe Gypsy, Roma, Romany, etc is, from eastern Europe. They are 'accomplished bare-knuckle fighters'. Such things are not rare in my former home borough. 

A fifth man was arrested in Wolverhampton last night and all five are to appear at Kidderminster Magistrates court today facing charges of Conspiracy to commit greivous bodily harm. The police refuse to release their names 'for legal reasons'. And while there is good reason, the best of reasons to protect the child's identity, and that of his mother (who is believed to have been the intended target) the secrecy that surrounds all assaults by men with a certain background arouses suspicion. 

This is from The Sun.

THE dad of a three-year-old boy sprayed with acid was among five men being questioned today over the horrific attack, sources have claimed. The child suffered burns after he was doused with a noxious pink chemical in his pushchair while shopping with his mum and older brother and sister at a discount store.

His father, believed to be a 39-year-old Afghan asylum seeker, was apparently arrested in Wolverhampton 30 miles away on Sunday. It's believed the father discovered the whereabouts of his estranged wife when a photo appeared in a local newspaper in Worcester showing one of their children at a school event. (getting involved with the infidel community - how dare she!) 

Three other men - believed to be Eastern Europeans - were picked up the following day at an address in Walthamstow East London. A fifth man, believed to be a relative of the dad,was arrested in Wolverhampton today.

All five suspects were being questioned over a plot to inflict grievous bodily harm.

A source close to the investigation said the boy's mum had split from his father after the husband complained she had become "too westernised". The source said: "When they lived together in Wolverhampton she wore a full veil. But as she continued to live in the country she became more and more westernised and started wearing different clothing that didn’t cover her face."

Neighbours (who have)  have lived on the road for fifty years said "“The woman involved was a lovely lady, she was in her late 30s, 39 or 40 and moved from Afghanistan about ten years ago, She spoke really good English and was studying maths at college. I do not know how they found her, it’s very strange, when she moved here she asked if there were any other Afghan families but there aren’t. She seemed very happy, she would drop the kids off at school every day and pick the kids up and do the shopping. She was a lovely lady, the kids were wonderful, brilliant, "

The police are saying that the public must not be alarmed as this is an 'isolated incident'. But just looking for any update from the court this morning I found this report of a woman squirted with acid by a moped rider in nearby Birmingham yesterday morning. And elsewhere in Birmingham yesterday afternoon

Update, lunchtime

When the five men, three from London and two from Wolverhampton, were charged West Mercia Police said they would not be naming them 'for legal reasons'. However, given they will shortly appear in court the names of four can be revealed for the first time.

The four men are: Adam Cech, 27, Jan Dudi, 25, and Norbert Pulko, 22, who are from Slovakia and live in London, and Afghan-national Jabar Paktia, 41, of Wolverhampton, West Midlands.

A 39-year-old man, who is the boy’s father, cannot be named for legal reasons.

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Tuesday, 24 July 2018
Will the Soccer Bubble Burst?

by Theodore Dalrymple

Measured by the size of its audience, soccer’s World Cup is far the most important sporting event in human history. More than a quarter of the world’s population watches the final of the competition, and a half has watched at least some of the matches. It is the greatest spectacle in the world.

The game has changed out of all recognition in my lifetime. When I was a small boy in England, I would go with a friend and stand on terraces of a stadium in a crowd of up to 70,000, having paid an entrance fee (in purely nominal terms) of 14 cents. A ticket to watch the same team play today – in a much more comfortable stadium – would cost $70.

In those days, professional footballers had a maximum wage that was roughly equivalent to a skilled worker’s wage. They were stars only on the pitch, their lives off the pitch being both unknown and of no particular public interest. After the match was over, they would catch the bus home. The younger ones who were away from home lived in lodgings run by landladies.

Now, to be selected for a major team is virtually to become a millionaire overnight. The sums of money involved in the game are immense. The services of the Brazilian star, Neymar, were bought by Paris Saint Germain (PSG, owned by the Qatari royal family) for about $250 million. Neymar himself is paid about $45 million a year.

The game itself has evolved since my childhood. The players are faster, fitter and much more skilled. They no longer play on pitches that become a sea of mud in the rain, the ball sticking almost immovably in puddles once it had landed in them. The ball itself, of sewn leather, became heavy and sodden in those days, and many of the players whose position in the team led them to head it (as permitted in the rules of the game) later suffered from dementia caused by repeated trauma, as boxers do.

The enormous salaries paid to professional footballers causes a variety of reactions. They turn the footballers, who are not generally known for the brilliance of their thoughts, into celebrities. Their appearance anywhere launches a thousand cameras, and their doings, such as crashing Ferraris into a tree half an hour after they have bought them, is an inexhaustible source of gossip in celebrity magazines. (They go out and buy another one.)

However, almost everyone who reflects on such things is made uneasy by their pharaonic salaries — to say nothing of their non-salary incomes from endorsements and advertising. What do their incomes, earning more in a week that ten teachers in a year, tell us about our society’s scale of values? Even the most laissez-faire liberals sometimes feel uneasy at such colossal rewards for an activity which, while entertaining and exciting, is not, or at least ought not to be, an important part of the world’s work. Very few people are immune from the feeling that something is out of kilter.

I am myself somewhat confused on the issue, with no very clear view of it. That is why, recently, I bought a short book (readable at a sitting) in a French bookshop called Is Football Going to Explode? – For a Regulation of Football’s Economic System, by a researcher at a left-wing French think-tank, Richard Bouigue, and an economics teacher at a school of sports management, Pierre Rondeau. Both of them football enthusiasts, they approach the problem from a social-democratic rather than from a Marxist angle. They are not fanatical egalitarians.

Their criticism of the current situation is two-fold: first that the present economic model of football is unsustainable and might lead to a collapse, and second that it is socially unjust.

In 2011, the governing body of European football (and Europe is overwhelmingly the leader in football, if in nothing else), noticing that football clubs were running up enormous debts principally to buy the services of players and pay them vast salaries, decreed that henceforth clubs would not be allowed to spend more in a year than they earned in television rights, sales of produce, entry fees, and so forth. This led to, or at least was followed by, a sharp reduction in indebtedness, from 65 per cent of turnover in 2008 to 40 per cent in 2015.

But this, of course, does not mean that they are out of the woods. A rise in interest rates would be harmful to them, but even worse, the television rights upon which they very largely depend for their income, and which rose 600 per cent between 2000 and 2016, might fall back: but their contractual obligations to their players (and which are 80 per cent of their costs) would remain the same. Collapse into bankruptcy would result.

For the moment, all is going swimmingly. Since the whole world is now run on the oldest and most durable of political philosophies, namely that of bread and circuses, the latter are flourishing. But the model of football, in which expenses might soon far outstrip receipts, suggests a bubble economy: and bubbles, as we know, have a tendency eventually to burst.

The authors suggest a policy to obviate this danger (they implicitly believe in the precautionary principle, since so far the anticipated disaster has not happened). They suggest that there should be an imposed limit to footballers’ salaries, though not a totally inflexible one: if a club wanted to pay more than the limit it could do so, but only by paying a tax which would be dedicated to improving training for the great mass of amateur players — from whom, of course, future professional players would be drawn. The tax, which would be progressive, would simultaneously limit expenses and discourage grossly inflated salaries while performing a valuable social service. It would not lead to further inflation because the clubs that paid it would still be under the obligation to spend no more than they received in income.

I am not economist enough to know whether the tax would work as intended and have no undesirable unintended consequences. Nor do I know whether the soccer bubble will inevitably burst. Certainly, the game would continue to be played, albeit in different circumstances, in the event of an economic catastrophe. The need for distraction springs eternal in the human breast and may even increase in times of distress.

In any case, I sense (though I cannot prove) that the authors’ motivating interest is in social justice more than in economic sustainability and unsustainability, and to their concept of social justice I will turn in a subsequent article.

First published in the Library of Law and Liberty.

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Tuesday, 24 July 2018
The Mosque At Basking Ridge: A Morality Tale? (Part 3)

by Hugh Fitzgerald

The Guardian report continues:

How did a small-town property dispute turn into a religious war, with legal and symbolic implications for all of America? Part of the answer has to do with the country’s labyrinthine land-use laws, which leave most control to state and local governments, which are in turn vulnerable  to the furies of angry mobs. Part of it has to do with America’s love of litigation. The inherently confrontational and intrusive legal process had a radicalising effect on the town, driving some opponents of the development to extremes.’

This “property dispute” turned into a “religious war” only because Mr. Chaudry was insistent on making it so. He had a right to appeal the decision made against him by the zoning board, but instead he lawyered up, having decided instead to sue the township, and to turn that zoning dispute into what it never had been, a “religious war.” In order to overcome the will of neighbors who opposed the granting of a zoning variance for the building of a mosque in a heavily residential area, because of the noise and commotion increased traffic would bring, it quickly became a morality tale, where the bigoted townsfolk, an incipient anti-Muslim mob (cf. the reporter’s bizarre remark about the “furies of angry mobs” — when was the last time?) were finally stopped in their tracks by the altogether admirable Mohammad Ali Chaudry and his team of lawyers.

But something else deeper and darker seemed to be at work. Some residents openly discussed Islamophobic conspiracy theories, such as the idea that the mosque was meant to send a message of conquest, due to its proximity to the town’s September 11 memorial. Such crackpot notions, promoted by far-right ideologues such as Pamela Geller and Frank Gaffney, used to be confined to the margins of the internet. Then Trump embraced the Islamophobes, unabashedly.

It is not a “crackpot notion” to think that many Muslims see their mosques as more than just houses of worship. It was Recep Tayyip Erdogan who famously said that “our mosques are our barracks.”

If the zoning board were, as Chaudry has claimed, so motivated by anti-Islamic animus, then why did it hold 39 hearings on the mosque application — far more than were ever accorded any other requests for a zoning variance — thus giving Chaudry both ample time and even  guidance to modify his plan so as to meet that board’s objections? The zoning board, like the townspeople who showed up to express their opposition, seemed to be most concerned with the actual number of people who would be visiting the mosque, which — unlike a church, where visitors would ordinarily be expected for services only on Sunday — would be visited not just on Fridays, but throughout the week, for at least some of the five required daily prayers. There were other questions: was there enough parking space, or too much? How many people were expected to regularly attend the mosque? Would any of them be using the mosque for the early-morning or late-evening prayers? How did Mr. Chaudry calculate their numbers, and how often would they would be visiting the proposed mosque? These are all legitimate questions for a zoning board to consider.

The Guardian reporter continues:

“It’s like his [Trump’s] election has given permission to people,” Chaudry told me the first time we met. We were at the proposed site of the mosque, sitting in the old suburban house that he was still hoping to demolish. Its living room, dominated by a large stone fireplace, was filled with boxes of donated clothes that he was preparing to deliver to a family of Syrian refugees. The many bookshelves were lined with theological texts and stacked copies of a paperback that Chaudry likes to give out, Islam Denounces Terrorism. Standing on an easel in a corner was a poster-sized rendering of the proposed mosque. In an effort to make it fit into its suburban surroundings, it had been designed to resemble a mini-mansion, with gray clapboard siding, a pitched roof with asphalt shingles, dormer windows and minarets disguised as chimneys.

So the mosque is planned, we are assured, to fit architecturally into the neighborhood (grey clapboard siding, pitched roof with asphalt shingles, dormer windows), although it’s hard to imagine that minarets could be convincingly “disguised “as chimneys, for they would have to be much taller than any ordinary residential chimneys. As for the depiction of the saintly Mr. Chaudry with “those boxes of donated clothes” for Syrian refugees, perhaps the reporter ought to have looked into that book, Islam Denounces Terrorism, that he likes to give away. It’s a well-known taqiyya text, an incredible farrago of falsehoods, by one Harun Yahya, who is also known as a ferocious critic of evolution. It’s all in Yahya’s mendacious text: Muslims are benevolently inclined toward the “People of the Book,” “Jihad” mainly means an interior struggle to be a good Muslim, Islam denounces violence, and so on and so idiotically forth. Readers who want to see for themselves the kind of  stuff Mr. Chaudry is disseminating should go here and read as much as they can stand :

The Guardian:

But the architecture did little to defuse tensions with the surrounding neighbourhood. Liberty Corner considered itself separate from the older and wealthier village of Basking Ridge, though they were both part of the same larger township, and few outsiders recognised the geographical distinction. And as even Chaudry and his allies admitted, some of the locals had a stubborn and ecumenical commitment to protesting anyone who dared to build anything, including Christian churches. People in Liberty Corner expressed an obstreperous [sic] ideology [sic] often abbreviated as “nimby”, for “not in my backyard”.

Here we have a key admission, casually mentioned, but the heart of the problem with the Chaudry Version: “even Chaudry and his allies admitted, some of the locals” opposed “anyone who dared to build anything, including Christian churches.” But if that is so, then there is no need to ascribe “anti-Islam” feelings to those who were strict preservationists, and who were just as hard, or harder, on applications for zoning variances for churches as they were for this mosque.

“The opponents of the mosque told their own story of victimisation, in which they were merely objecting to Chaudry’s oppressive development scheme. “It was always about land use,” one Liberty Corner resident told me. “They made it about religion.” The nimby complainers claimed that the mosque site – a marshy plot on a mainly residential street – was a poor location for a busy house of prayer. When the township planning board took up Chaudry’s proposal in August 2012, signs soon appeared in front yards around town, reading “Preserve Liberty Corner.”

Well, the mosque site was — and remains — “a marshy plot” on a “residential street” (not “mainly” residential — entirely residential, except for the planned mosque). Chaudry does not deny this. The phrase “a busy house of prayer” implies that there will be people arriving seven days a week, for at least some of the five daily prayers. Is there any assurance that they won’t be showing up before sunrise for the first prayer (Salat al-fajr), or after sunset, possibly as late as midnight, for the last prayer (Salat al-isha)? Does Mr. Chaudry not recognize the severe disruption — noise, commotion, traffic — that would bring to a peaceful residential area whose inhabitants would be awakened, or kept awake, by the first and last prayers of the day?

At one of the first planning hearings, a resident named Lori Caratzola stood up to challenge Chaudry. A law graduate, she cross-examined him about the size of the Islamic Society, accusing him of understating its membership. She revealed that she had done surveillance of a Friday service, counting 125 worshippers going into a space with a capacity for 60. After her confrontational performance, Caratzola became a leader of the opposition.

At the public hearings, Caratzola and others confined their criticisms to the nimby issues: drainage, parking, landscaping and the like. They convinced the board that a mosque would need more parking spaces than a church, because midday worshippers would come alone. When the Islamic Society submitted a new plan, with a larger parking lot, the mosque’s opponents protested that, too. It quickly became clear that the opposition was not solely concerned with parking.

Is there something suspect about Lori Caratzola being “a law graduate” who “cross-examined” Mohammad Chaudry? She’s a lawyer, and she found things in Chaudry’s presentation that she believed misrepresented the facts. Should she be faulted for being able to conduct such a cross-examination, apparently one effective enough to make her “a leader of the opposition”? And was there something underhanded about her actually counting the number of worshippers in the current Islamic Society prayer hall, which apparently was far more than Chaudry had assured the town now attended, and presumably that was the number that would now come to the new mosque? Don’t the residents have a right to know the real number of worshippers who will be coming — in their cars — from before sunrise until after sunset to the proposed mosque on a residential street? Chaudry had claimed there were 60 worshippers, but Lori Caratzola, conducting surveillance at Friday Prayers, counted 125.

There are several reasons why opponents might not have been satisfied with the “new plan” for a “larger parking lot.” First, was the parking lot doubled in size? Chaudry had claimed 60 worshippers currently attended the prayer hall. Did the original plan for the mosque’s parking accommodate only those 60? And did the new plan submitted have enough parking space for the 125 worshippers counted by Lori Caratzola? A second reason for not being satisfied with the “new plan” is that having an adequate number of parking spaces, based on a true estimate of the number of worshippers (and not the deliberate undercount by Mr. Chaudry) is only one of the problems the new mosque would pose. Another is that of how often, and at what times, the mosque’s neighbors could expect to have their lives disrupted by mosque traffic. As we know, worshippers could be expected on all seven days of the week, and from very early in the morning to very late at night. This is not a theoretical problem. Large numbers of cars arriving  and leaving, noise and disruption conceivably beginning at 5 a.m. and ending at 10 or 11 p.m., are a nuisance to which neighbors in what is supposed to be a residential neighborhood have a perfect right to object. The Guardian’s reporter claims that “the opposition was not solely concerned with parking,” for he wants readers to think it was “islamophobia” that prompted their opposition. True, the opposition “was not solely concerned with parking,” but also with how frequently, and at what hours, significant traffic to and from the mosque could be expected. And one of the original objections — that the mosque was disproportionately large for the plot on which it would be built — also remained.

First published in Jihad Watch.

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Tuesday, 24 July 2018
Yet Another "Mentally Disturbed" Muslim, Faisal Hussein, Shoots 14 People, Murders Two

There seem to be an awful lot of 'mentally ill' people running amok, mass-murdering - or trying to mass-murder - people in public places of late, in numerous countries across the Western world, and a great many of them seem to be Muslims.  Funny, that.

Hot on the heels of the attack in Lubeck, Germany, carried out by a 'mentally disturbed' Muslim with a knife we have a murderous attack in Greektown, Toronto, Canada, where a 'mentally disturbed' (or at least, his family claim he was) Muslim man with a gun shot 14 people and murdered two of them.

As reported by Australia's ABC just yesterday (I caught up with the news, today, Aussie time).

"Three dead (this was later revised down to 2 - CM) after "emotionally disturbed" man shoots 14 in Toronto'.

'Three people are dead after a gunman (sic: a Muslim gunman; and he was no teenager, he was 29 - CM) shot 14 people, including a young girl (a little girl; she was ten years old - CM) in Canada, police say.

"Three people are dead".  In fact what happened is that the Muslim murdered a little girl and a young woman and was then killed - good riddance! - by the police. - CM

'The incident happened (sic: the Muslim ghazi raider carried out his murderous attack - CM) on Sunday local time in a  Toronto neighbourhood known as Greektown.

Interesting that the Muslim chose to carry out his attack there.  Probably no coincidence, since Greeks are uppity infidels par excellence, having shaken off the yoke of Islam in the 19th century. - CM

"Other than the shooter, we have a young lady that is deceased", Toronto police chief Mark Saunders said.

'Mr Saunders also said the young girl was in critical condition.

'Toronto Police later confirmed that a second victim died from the mass shooting.

'Police spokesman Mark Pugash said the condition of the other victims was not yet known.

'He said it was too early to say whether the shooting was an act of terrorism.

Let's see what comes out in the wash... One hopes that if the mohammedan was howling allahu-akbar as he fired his gun at innocent unarmed people in restaurants and cafes, *somebody* - or more than one somebody - *heard* it loud and clear, and that perhaps somebody even had the presence of mind to record it. - CM

'Witnesses heard many shots and described the suspect walking past restaurants and cafes and patios on both sides of the street and firing into them.

Reminds me of the attacks on cafes that accompanied the Muslim mass-murder of concert goers at the Bataclan in France. - CM

'John Tullock said he and his brother had just gotten out of their car when he heard about 20 to 30 gunshots.

"We just ran.  We saw people starting to run, so we just ran", he said.

Not a good idea.  Better to hit the deck, flat as you can, and preferably behind something really solid. - CM

'An army of police, paramedics and other first-responders soon descended on the scene, while local residents, some in their pyjamas, emerged from their homes to see what was happening.

Again, very foolish.  If bullets are flying you should not be out in the open. - CM

'Toronto councillor Paula Fletcher told the CP24 media company she heard (from whom? his psychiatrist? really? this fast? - CM) that the gunman was emotionally disturbed.

Oh, suuuure.  Like all the other Muslims who've been murdering people or trying to, in the streets of western cities, in multiple different countries, over the past five years and more.. And always in very similar ways..- CM

"It's not gang related.  It looks like someone who is very disturbed", she said.

Or who belongs to a cult that authorises the mass-murder of non-adherents? - CM

'Another city councillor, Mary Fragedakis, also said she heard (again, from whom? his psychiatrist? have you seen his medical history, already?  I don't believe it - CM) the gunman was disturbed.

Cannot anybody use the four-letter word, "evil"? - CM

'Ms Fletcher said for it to happen in an area where families were gathering for dinner was a tragedy.

Oh, pleeeease.  A gas explosion due to a mechanical fault would be a tragedy. But somebody marching down the street looking into cafes and restaurants and deliberately firing at people is not an accident, it is malice aforethought. This bloke chose this location precisely because it was a soft target; because families - infidel families, filthy kuffar families - would be gathering there.  - CM

'Toronto police deployed dozens of additional officers over the weekend to deal with a recent spike in gun violence in the city.

I've a better idea.  Get the Canadian government to stop importing Muslims, and get it to expel all those already present.  And then an awful lot of the violence that's been 'spiking', and in particular, attacks of this kind by those 'mentally' disturbed people who so very often turn out to be Muslims, will stop. 

And so to the second report, which told us the murderer's name. Faisal Hussein. And we discover that the claim that the poor dear was 'depressed', forsooth, comes from his family. Do we have to believe them?  And in any case: even if a Muslim is mentally ill, does that mean that when he attacks and kills kuffar, it isn't jihad? - CM

"Police Name Faisal Hussain as Toronto Gunman in Shooting (sic: in Shooting Attack - CM) that Killed (sic: Murdered - CM) Two and Injured (sic: Wounded - CM) 13.

'The gunman who killed two people (that is:: who murdered a girl-child and a teenaged girl - CM) and injured more than a dozen more when he opened fire on a Toronto street (when he shot people in cold blood in a Toronto street - CM) has been identified as 29 year old Faisal Hussein.

Where is he from? Where was he born?  And why the h*ll was his family allowed to enter and settle in Canada in the first place? - CM

'Hussain killed (murdered - CM) a 10 year old girl and an 18 year old woman (but isn't an 18 year old a 'teenager"? it always is, if the press is talking about a hijabette - CM) and injured 13 others (all of whom he intended to murder - CM) in the attack on a busy restaurant-filled street.  He then died after an exchange of gunfire with authorities.

'It was not immediately clear whether he killed himself or was shot by police.

Either way, Canada is rid of him. - CM

'In a statement, Hussain's family said he "had severe mental health challenges, struggling with psychosis and depression his entire life".

But lots of Infidels have similar issues and don't walk down a street firing a gun into restaurants.   Incidentally: have his medical records been made available to police?  And here's a question: who diagnosed his mental issues?  A Muslim or a non-Muslim doctor or doctors? Was he on a disability pension, etc? - CM

"While we did our best to seek help for him throughout his life of struggle and pain (oh, cue the tiniest violin in the world - CM) we could never imagine that this would be his devastating and destructive end", the Hussain family said.

Oh, suuuure.  What mosque do they, did he, attend? - CM

'The family members said their hearts were "in pieces" for the victims.

I don't necessarily believe them.  Telling the stupid kuffar what the stupid kuffar desperately want to hear... that's my reading, I'm afraid. - CM

'Armed with a handgun, Hussain opened fire on a stretch of Danforth Avenue filled with restaurants and family-friendly attractions in the city's Greektown neighbourhood, the Special Investigations Unit said.

'He walked down the busy avenue shooting.

'Toronto police spokeswoman Meaghan Gray said the victims of the mass shooting included eight women and girls, and seven men.

This evil mohammedan deliberately shot and murdered a ten-year-old girl.  A little girl. - CM

"We do not know why this happened", Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders said, adding he would not speculate about the gunman's motive.

Let's just pretend that this is not eerily similar to a whole slew of other attacks, all carried out by Muslims, with infidel civilian victims, in public places, all over the West, in a very short space of time..- CM

"It's way too early to rule out anything".

Well then: don't rule out Jihad. Don't rule out Islam as a motive and as a 'primer' for the murderer's actions. - CM

'Police did not formally identify the woman and the girl killed in the shooting spree.

They were murdered, not just 'killed'. - CM'

'But local MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith confirmed the 18 year old victim was Reese Fallon, a recent high-school graduate who volunteered for Canada's Liberal party and was due to attend McMaster University in the autumn to study nursing.

"She was ... smart, passionate, and full of energy. It is a huge loss", said Mr Erskine-Smith, who knew Ms Fallon.  "The family is devastated".

'The 13 injured ranged in age from 10 to 59, and suffered injuries ranging from serious to minor, Mr Saunders said.

'Dr Najma Ahmed, of St Michael's Hospital, said five patients had been admitted in serious or critical condition, and that three of the five underwent immediate lifesaving operations.

Why is a Muslim, "Dr Najma Ahmed", the hospital spokesperson?  - CM

'Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Twitter, "The people of Toronto are strong, resilient, and brave - and we'll be there to support you through this difficult time".

Spare us the empty platitudes, mate.  - CM

'Toronto Mayor John Tory told reporters the city had a gun problem, with weapons too readily available to too many people...

It may; but it also has a Muslim problem. It has a large, aggressive, and rapidly expanding Muslim fifth column, whose members are taught to wage war until the infidels have been forced to convert, or are near-slave dhimmis, or dead.  (See Quran 9.29).  Remove the Muslims, stop letting in any more, and any issues with guns would be quite manageable.

One may also add that, in other attacks, in other countries, similar sorts of Muslims have used knives, or heavy vehicles, or have wired themselves up as human bombs.  Had Mr Faisal Hussain not had a gun, he might have been running amok with a machete or a stiletto. Or he might simply have left a bomb-laden backpack outside a cafe.  Or walked into a crowded venue, with an explosive vest, like the mohammedan who murdered all those little girls in Manchester, not so long ago. - CM

'Mr Saunders said the police presence would be increased in the Danforth area following the shooting...

AP/ Reuters.

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Monday, 23 July 2018
Hugh Fitzgerald: The Mosque At Basking Ridge: A Morality Tale? (Part 2)

by Hugh Fitzgerald

The Guardian again:

Basking Ridge is governed by a five-person elected committee, which meets in a repurposed Tudor-style mansion. (It previously belonged to John Jacob Astor VI, an American aristocrat whose father perished on the Titanic.) One evening last year, I attended a meeting – the first of many – at the town hall, where the committee members sat on a long dais, discussing their usual business, such as preparations for an upcoming celebration of the signing of Basking Ridge’s royal charter, in 1760. When the meeting was opened to comments from the public, however, all anyone wanted to talk about was Chaudry and the mosque.

“The neighbours near this proposed mosque did not sign up to live next to this house of worship,” said one resident, who broke down sobbing as she spoke. “They have been members of a quiet residential neighbourhood for decades, and do not look forward to having their routines and lives disrupted.”

The residents said the mosque would create traffic and commotion, and would ruin their property values. But they also complained about the tactics Chaudry had employed in his bitter court battle. One middle-aged woman gestured toward the mosque opponents in the audience, saying that many had been subjected to “a hateful harassment campaign” by the Islamic Society’s attorneys, who had served them with subpoenas seeking the contents of their personal email and social media accounts, in an effort to prove that they were motivated not by planning concerns, but animosity toward Muslims.

The residents complained of “traffic and commotion.” Was that a made-up complaint? Would they not have been just as opposed to an application for a building of a similar size and footprint, including the parking lot, whatever the religion involved? Didn’t a Presbyterian church have its application for improvements summarily denied after only two hearings, just the year before Mr. Chaudry made his application?

And what about the woman who complained about Chaudry’s lawyers, “seeking the contents of their personal email and social media accounts” to prove anti-Muslim prejudice? That is exactly what they did, as scorched-earth litigators.

“Mr Chaudry has waged an expensive PR campaign that has talked about people as if they’re bigots,” another woman said. “And personally, I think it is the ISBR group that has been bullying and bigoted.” Then she invoked Trump, the inescapable presence. “They talk about our current president and how he speaks about Muslims. Well, I find ISBR’s rhetoric to be just as harmful.”

Note that the lady in question is not a Trump supporter, which would, or course, entitle us to consign her, and all her views, to the outer darkness. She describes  ISBR (the Islamic Society of Basking Ridge) “to be just as harmful” as Trump. That is clearly a criticism of Trump as well. In other words, she’s not a “right-winger.” And Basking Ridge, in case you were wondering, voted for Hillary Clinton. Is this woman’s anguished description of Chaudry’s lawyers’ “expensive PR campaign” to paint as bigots all opponents of the mosque as originally planned — accurate? Yes, that is exactly what those lawyers did.

Then there was Cody Smith, another person who lived in the neighborhood of the proposed mosque, and who was a leading  opponent of the mosque. The report in The Guardian left out Cody Smith’s take on the zoning board’s hearings:

“I thought the board was bending over backwards to approve it,” Smith said. “He was a former mayor, an insider. I thought the board was guiding him on how to get it approved. There were a lot of problems the board seemed willing to overlook. I left those first meetings thinking it was a done deal.

The Guardian’s article did describe the speech of Loretta Quick, “a schoolteacher who lived next door to the mosque site, and was one of the neighbours who had come to Chaudry’s initial open house years before. She had even voted for him, back when he was a politician. Now she was a die-hard enemy of the mosque. “If you cave,” she told the board, in a furious voice, “you’re saying that we are bigots, that we based the decision on discrimination against Islam.”

Isn’t that exactly what Chaudry and his lawyers were doing — attempting to smash any possible opposition, whether from members of the zoning board or from townspeople who expressed their opposition at the public hearings, by painting all those opposed as “Islamophobic bigots”? And Loretta Quick doesn’t in any way fit that bill: she had  voted for Chaudry when he ran for office, and in good faith had attended  the open house where Chaudry first bruited his tentative plans for a mosque. Was it there that he decided to reveal both the size of the mosque and the size of the parking lot? Isn’t that what would have disturbed the next-door neighbor, Loretta Quick? Of course she was infuriated at being called a “bigot.” From what evidence we have, she had a perfect right to be angry.

Quick was one of those who had been served with a subpoena, and was being represented by the Thomas More Law Center, an advocacy group that claims its mission is to defend “America’s Judeo-Christian heritage and moral values” against forces waging a “Stealth Jihad” to “transform America into an Islamic nation”. Quick referenced a recent press release the Law Center had put out, which had plucked a few verses from a searchable English translation of the Qur’an that could be accessed on the ISBR website – “Fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them”, etc – to suggest that Chaudry was somehow in league with religious extremists.

“These are words that seem quite intimidating and threatening to me,” Quick said. “I want to be protected, and you owe that to me, this township and this nation.”’

Those words — better rendered as “Kill the Infidels wherever they find them” (as the word “Pagans” can mislead, as it does not include all non-Muslims) — are not just “a few verses” that had been “plucked” from the Qur’an. Had it felt like it, the Thomas More Law Center could have included in its press release many more, or all, of the 109 Jihad verses commanding Muslims to wage war on Infidels, and several which command them to “strike terror” in the hearts of the Infidels. There was no suggestion that Chaudry was “somehow in league with religious extremists” — the whole point of invoking that Qur’anic quote is that it is one of many similar verses, and is known to, and is supposed to be taken to heart by, mainstream Muslims, like Mr. Chaudry. It was not far-fetched  to assume that as a good Muslim, Chaudry took the entire Qur’an to be the Word of God, that he knew what Qur’an verses commanded, including those about killing the Infidels.

First published in Jihad Watch.

Posted on 07/23/2018 7:16 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Monday, 23 July 2018
Italy and the Holocaust

by Michael Curtis

Two coins in the fountain of the historical analysis of Italy's role in the Holocaust jostle for which one will be blessed. It remains controversial which one will be granted. The familiar and prevalent view is a positive one of the "good," benevolent  and generous Italians, who sheltered Jews in their country from the "bad" German Nazis. This view is challenged in a brilliant and important authoritative new book, The Italian Executioners: The Genocide of the Jews of Italy, (Princeton University Press) written by Simon Levis Sullam, professor at the University of Venice. He regards the positive view as a myth and a misrepresentation of the reality. He contrasts the increasing attention paid to the Italian Righteous, of whom Yad Vashem in Israel names 671, with the neglect of the story of Italian executioners of Jews which should be placed in the forefront of the narrative. His main aim is to direct attention to the role of Italians in the genocide of Jews in Italy.

Jews have had a long history, uneven with long periods of persecution and discrimination, of relations with Italy. Simon Maccebeus sent an embasy to Rome in 139 B.C. to help the Romans in the fight against the Hellenistic kingdom. A Jewish contingent is said to have attended the funeral of Julius Caesar in 44 B.C. However, with the rise of Christianity as the official religion of the Roman Empire the position of Jews declined rapidly, especially during the papacies of Paul IV in 1554, Gregory XIII in 1577, and Urban VIII in 1625. Jews were segregated and obliged to bear a yellow badge of identification. The Ghetto set up in 1556 was finally abolished only in 1870 after Napoleon's troops had opened it sixty years earlier. 

 Italy was the last Western European country to grant full civil rights to Jews. They became full citizens in 1861.  Assimilated, they entered the professions and the military. In 1910 the Venetian Jew Luigi Luzzatti became prime minister. There were 50 Jewish generals in World War I, and a number of Jews were officials of the Fascist party.

Sullam's revisionist history recounts both the general story, and in detail the events in Rome, Venice, Florence, and Brescia, of the collaboration of Italians, from Fascist ideologues to ordinary citizens who played a role in the betrayal, arrest, and deportation of Jews to their death. The most common form of complicity was by informers.

The anti-Jewish campaign began on July 14, 1938 with a Racial Manifesto written and published by 42 well known Italian scientists and academics. It declared that Italians were descendants of the "Aryan race" and targeted other "inferior" races. It called for Jews to be banned from many professions and proposed their property be confiscated.  In October 1938 the Racial Law was passed, affecting the 47, 000 Jews in Italy at the time, of whom 9,000 were foreigners.

Among other things, the 1938 Law forbad marriage between Jewish and non-Jewish citizens. It forbad national offices, and private firms operating in the public sector to have Jewish employees. It forbad Jewish children  from attending Italian national schools. It reduced the number of Jews who could work in schools or in universities, and did not allow Jews to serve in the military.

Sullam challenges the view that Italians were victims of occupation, though they were defeated in Greece, Albania, Russia, and the colonies. On the contrary, they were not innocent, and Italian police, miltary police, customs officers, members of militia,  National Republican Guard, Fascist party, and informers, were part of the chain of responsibility in carrying out the arrests, imprisonment, seizure of goods, transporting, control of concentration camps such as Fossoli near Modena, the main transit camp in Italy, segregation, and elimination of Jews. 

Benito Mussolini was not initially in favor of extermination, but rather the emigration and expulsion of  Jews, a task not easy because of the existing mixed marriages and social and cultural assimilation. Mussolini proposed a plan to imprison Jews in four labor camps, but he was not able to do this because he fell from power on July 25, 1943. However, after the Republic of Salo with Mussolini as prime minister was created in September 1943 an agreement was made with the Nazis to deliver Jews arrested to the Germans, who would subsequently deport them.

Nazis occupied the country on September10, 1943 and the first round up of Jews in Rome took place on October 16, 1943  when 1,270 were arrested, most of whom were sent to Auschwitz. Further arrests were by Italian police and fascists as in the raid on February 3, 1944 on the St. Paul's Basilica in Rome, a raid approved by Pietro Causo, chief of police in Rome.

In all 8,869  Jews were deported, 19 % of the total, of whom 7,800 died. Thus, almost 20% of Italian Jews died, compared with 26% in France, 60% in Belgium, 70% in Hungsry, and 77% in Greece. Italians participated in or were responsible for almost half  of the total arrests.

Sullam illustrates the anti-Jewish theories and propaganda in Salo. Jews were regarded as an enemy race,  the Protocols  of the Elders of Zion florished, and anti Jewish polemics were frequent  in the Fascist press, organs of militants, functionaries, and senior bureaucrats, in cultural reviews, and especially in education in schools and officers training.

Nevertheless, Sullam argues that the majority of those Italians were not necessarily ideologically motivated, but he indicates three figures who were active in this regard: Giovanni Preziosi, ideologist and propagandist, Giovanni Martelloni, bureaucrat and head of the office of Jewish affairs in Florence, and Giocondo Protti, radiologist.

Preziosi called for total elimination of the Jews, Martelloni personally carried out arrests and confiscations in Florence, Protti, as a doctor in Venice, called Jews the disease of humanity, and combined anti-Judaism with biological racism.

Besides the ideological factor, and a  bureaucracy carrying out orders, other factors were present:  pressure from superiors, profit, obedience, imitation, allegiance, desire for satisfaction or reward.

Sullam make an interesting point in comparative analysis. The overwhelming majority of arrests made in Italy by the Germans got organizational  support from Italians. But unlike the situation in Vichy France where the French government initially tried to  hand over only foreign Jews, the Italian fascists handed over Jews irrespective of whether they were nationals or foreign.

Sullam's book is short but it is important both by its impressive presentation of factual, largely unknown material,  but also by its damning conclusion that Italy failed to come to terms with its complex  political and moral reponsibiities. No one was ever put on trial for participating in fascist policies, nor for the policies and actions of the Salo Republic.

The general persecution of Jews was not considered a crime or specific offense. A 1944 decree punished those who had committed violent crimes in the name of fascism or who had collaborated with Nazis, but 1946 an amnesty decree largely pardoned most of the 13,000 convicted or on trial. Some of those involved in racist legislation had distinguished post-war careers,  including Gaetano Azzariti , head of the Tribunal of Race, 1938-1943,  who ended his career as president of the Italian constitutional court in the1950s. The decree of the Communist leader and Minister of Justice Palmiro Togliatti in 1946 supposedly based on reconciliation of all Italians not only annulled most of the Fascist crimes but also  encouraged the myth of the good positive Italian and behavior. Sullam's impressive book is saying arriverci to that mistaken view.

Posted on 07/23/2018 5:18 AM by Michael Curtis
Sunday, 22 July 2018
Collusion Games

No dirty dossier, no FISA warrant

Hat tip to Daniel Mallock for the photo.

Democrats want perpetual enmity toward Russia because they were once head of the Soviet Union, the communist/socialist bloc which opposed us ideologically and attempted to export the revolution, hence the need for containment - then. Now that Russia is no longer communist and only poses a threat due to the fact that they retain the nuclear arsenal of the Soviet Union (a very dangerous situation, obviously), Democrats are calling for war while simultaneously voting for a socialist revolution.

Only in America.

Posted on 07/22/2018 7:45 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Sunday, 22 July 2018
Hugh Fitzgerald: The Mosque At Basking Ridge: A Morality Tale? (Part 1)

by Hugh Fitzgerald

Here’s a story that earlier this year was being presented as a morality tale, where a good-hearted Muslim, Mr. Mohammad Ali Chaudry, wanted nothing more than to play by the rules in applying for permission to build a mosque, and was opposed by a town full of anti-Muslim bigots. But Good triumphed in the end, while Evil was vanquished, and not only is Mr. Chaudry now allowed to build the mosque, but the town must pay — literally — for its putative sin of bigotry (Islamophobia Division) by giving Mr. Chaudry $3.25 million.

The left-wing Guardian tells the tale:

Forty years ago, Mohammad Ali Chaudry, a Pakistani-born economist, made his home outside New York City. He came for an executive job at the telecoms company AT&T, and ended up working there for decades. Like many immigrants to the US, Chaudry came to wholeheartedly believe – perhaps more fervently than his native-born neighbors – in the triumphal story that Americans tell about their nation: how it was always growing stronger through change, melding the many into one through the process of assimilation. Chaudry was a devout Muslim. But to him, it always seemed the things that made him different mattered less than the ways in which he had proved he was the same.

Chaudry and his wife, who is from Italy, raised three children on a street called Manor Drive, in the town of Basking Ridge, in the centre of the state of New Jersey. This is not the “Jersey” of popular imagination – the land of belching smokestacks immortalised in Bruce Springsteen’s working-class anthems. Basking Ridge is out in horse country, an area of rolling green hills and white-steepled churches, not far from Bedminster, where Donald Trump has his summer estate. In keeping with the values of his adopted community, Chaudry became an active member of the local Republican party and a conspicuous civic presence, running for various elected boards. In 2004, at the height of George W.Bush’s war in Iraq, Chaudry became the first Pakistani-American to serve as mayor of a municipality in the US.

Long after Chaudry retired from both AT&T and electoral politics, he continued to keep a busy schedule of volunteer activities, most focused on building religious tolerance. He ran a small nonprofit organisation called the Center for Understanding Islam, and taught classes at local universities. Chaudry is bantam-sized, with a silvery moustache and a starchy manner, and despite his age – now 75 – he possesses a bottomless reservoir of diligent energy. He would travel the state, speaking to audiences young and old, always dressing the part of a politician, with a little American flag badge in his lapel. If there was prejudice around him in his adopted hometown, Chaudry later said that “it was not obvious, or visible, or overt.”

An American immigrant success story, a wonderful man, with a busy schedule of volunteer activities, but “most focused on building religious tolerance.” With his “bottomless energy,” he “travels the state” speaking to “audiences young and old.” It appears, however, that the audiences he addresses are non-Muslims, and the “religious tolerance” he focuses on is tolerance for Muslims, and not tolerance by Muslims.

That [Chaudry’s touching trust in his non-Muslim neighbors] changed in 2011, when he found a new cause: building a mosque in Basking Ridge. For years, Chaudry and other local Muslims had been using a community centre for a makeshift Friday service. But Chaudry decided that the Islamic Society of Basking Ridge needed a permanent place to pray, and he located what he believed to be a suitable site: a four-acre lot occupied by a rundown Dutch Colonial house. Soon after purchasing it, Chaudry held an open house to greet the neighbours. “There was not too much tension,” he said. “It was kind of jovial.” He put the letters “ISBR” on the mailbox in front of the house, to announce the Islamic Society’s arrival.

Then someone smashed the mailbox. “I was, of course, very surprised,” Chaudry said. Under New Jersey’s planning laws, the Islamic Society had to secure the approval of the municipal government to build the mosque, and from his experience as a public official, Chaudry knew that the town, which prided itself on its quaint homes and a history dating back to colonial times, was resistant to new development of any kind. But this was a house of worship, and he was someone well-known to the community. “It’s not that I was expecting any favours,” Chaudry said. “I expected them to be fair.” What shocked him, though, was the hatred.

“Hatred”? Why is he so determined to call opposition to his mosque a matter of hatred, when it appears to have been all about zoning? Chaudry had, after all, been elected to Bernard Township’s (in which Basking Ride is located) school board repeatedly, and served six years in the 1990s. He then was elected to the township’s governing committee. He  became the town’s mayor in 2001, as that job rotated  among committee members making him the first Pakistani-American mayor in the nation. The town seemed proud of this distinction.

There is no evidence, none, that any of those on the zoning board were motivated by “hatred.” The town “seemed proud” to have the first Pakistani-American mayor in the nation.

Chaudry sued the town when he failed to get his way on a zoning variance.

Before the case was finally settled, Township Mayor Carol Bianchi defended the “professionalism” of the zoning board:

“None of them are accused in the lawsuits of making any derogatory remarks about Muslims or Mr. Chaudry,” Bianchi said. “They are all highly educated, accomplished people who know the law.”

For example, Jonathan Drill co-wrote the 2015 edition of “Cox and Koenig, New Jersey Zoning and Land Use Adminstration” (Gann) described by the publisher “as New Jersey’s premier land use and zoning treatise and serves as a practical guide through the intricacies of New Jersey Municipal Land Use Law (MLUL).”

Jodi Lee Alper is a former U.S. Attorney and Environmental Protection Agency lawyer.

Kathleen Piedici is a strategic business planner who holds a Rutgers MBA, as well as degrees and certificates from the University of Michigan and the University of Chicago.

One board member, who asked not to be identified because of the lawsuits, said the board “wanted approve the mosque. We really did.”

What needs to be noted is that before the application for building the mosque by Mr. Chaudry was first submitted on April 20, 2012, the Presbyterian Church just down the street from where the mosque was to be located made its own application to the zoning board, to make improvements to its property. But after only two hearings, this much more modest request by the church was denied, and its backers did not even attempt to re-apply. Yet this telling fact is missing from The Guardian’s version of events.

Yet Mr. Chaudry was allowed to have not two, but 39 hearings, showing a great willingness on the part of the Board to give him every chance to modify his application so as to meet their requirements. It was clear that the Planning Board members wanted his application to succeed. But Mohammed Ali Chaudry was not interested in any modification of his plan. As one of the zoning board’s members said, “when Chaudry fired his local land use attorney and hired Robert Raymar, a Newark litigator, there was a feeling that he ‘no longer wanted the mosque; he wanted a lawsuit.’’

When the zoning board’s denial came in December 2016, Chaudry had the option to appeal in Somerset County Superior Court. He chose instead to sue the township, hiring the New York law firm of Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler. He had no interest in adjusting to the zoning board’s requirements. He saw a chance to make a dispute over zoning regulations into a morality tale, with the Planning Board presented as anti-Islam, though not the slightest evidence of bigotry on the part of any of its members was unearthed by Chaudry’s very aggressive lawyers.

The Guardian reported that ‘“Chaudry filed a lawsuit alleging religious prejudice” and his lawyers claimed to have uncovered “racially charged emails among officials opposed to his plan.” No evidence was presented, none, of any “racially charged emails among officials opposed to his plan.” There were a few townspeople, who had no say in the zoning board’s decisions, who made unflattering remarks about Chaudry’s aggressive modus operandi, but there was nothing relating to Islam. The Guardian mentions a group of townspeople who instituted a group for “responsible development” — the scare quotes are provided by The Guardian’s reporter, who wants readers to believe those townspeople were in fact not interested in zoning regulations at all, but were prompted entirely by anti-Muslim bigotry. But what about the previous turning down of the Presbyterian Church’s application for a zoning variance?

Here is how The Guardian “reports” on the wave of  “Islamophobia”:

Long before Trump came along to capitalise on it, though, Islamophobia was building in the US, bubbling up like swamp gas from the depths. Often, racial conflict would manifest itself in small, seemingly isolated local planning fights over proposals to build mosques. The US Department of Justice, which staunchly defended the rights of Muslims during the Obama administration, noted a sharp increase in such mosque disputes between 2010 and 2016. Many took place in conservative locales such as rural Murfreesboro, Tennessee. But they also broke out in unexpected places such as Basking Ridge: a wealthy and well-educated community in the outwardly tolerant north-eastern US.

If there are more mosque disputes between 2010 and 2016,  that does not necessarily reflect what The Guardian calls “Islamophobia.” It could reflect a much more aggressive stance by Muslim groups who see the chance to get their projects approved, over the reasonable objections of zoning boards, by claiming that what are  zoning disputes are really displays of religious prejudice, and threatening litigation of the kind Mr. Chaudry engaged in, and won — won so big that many zoning boards in this country are no doubt now terrified to apply their normal criteria to mosque applications.

First published in Jihad Watch.

Posted on 07/22/2018 7:23 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Saturday, 21 July 2018
Lies, Damned Lies, And Fake News

You’ll all remember the anti-free speech story from a week or so ago.

The one about the nasty, horrible, ill-mannered louts and sluttish females all of whom support President Trump and the Free Tommy Robinson campaign who surrounded and abused a London bus driver simply because she was a Mohammedan wearing a hijab. She smiled calmly at them and carried on.

Did you believe it?

If you did, then you shouldn’t have.

Because it’s a completely made up story.

It’s fake news. It’s lies. It’s a fairy story.

Don’t believe me?

Go to this page:

And see the list of newspapers that carried the lies at this page:


Not to mention all the broadcasters that also retailed this staggering lie.

That’s the standard that British so-called newspapers have sunk to, along with most of the rest of the main-stream media. They tell lies deliberately and with malicious aforethought. They publish and disseminate absolute lies. Never mind the phrase ‘fake news’, absolute lies is a much more accurate description of most of what they print or broadcast.

This one story shows exactly how scandalously, irresponsibly and nastily they behave. Make no mistake, most of the people who concoct the stories that end up being printed or broadcast are nasty, and a substantial number of them could be called wicked – if not downright evil.

The purveyors of lies and fake news deserve only one fate. Carry on Mr. President, call them out on every occasion they transgress.

Britain needs “a Donald”, but there’s no one on this side of the pond who even comes close – regrettably!


Posted on 07/21/2018 4:07 PM by John M. Joyce
Saturday, 21 July 2018
Luebeck knife attack: Ali D suffers from severe mental health problems...

Or so his father told told SPIEGEL TV. I don't want to trivialise the trials and tribulations of those who genuinely have mental problems, or the grief seeing a loved one suffer so can cause their family. But it seems to afflict too many of this sudden attack syndrome from an Islamic background.

I'll paraphrase this from SPIEGEL on line as I'm having to substantially supplement my schoolgirl German with Google translate. 

There are no indications of a terrorist background or a political radicalization, says State Attorney Ulla Hingst. So what has motivated the culprit?

SPIEGEL TV spoke to the father of the arrested man. His son Ali D. was born in Iran and came to Germany at the age of six. He attended a high school, but he left school without a high school diploma. he is currently unemployed and lives in an apartment in Luebeck.

The father describes his son as psychologically vulnerable.

"He felt haunted by the neighbors." His son claimed that they maltreated him with harmful radiation attacks through the wall. "He always said, 'My body is burning.' Or: 'They want to break my eyes.' " His father said he wasn't religious. 

He was also in dispute with his former partner over access and custody of their child who he had not been allowed to see for some time. 

The events inside the bus are described. Ali D had a backpack which contained some sort of inflammible accelerant. This was alight and smouldering. The bus driver took a fire extinguisher to the bag and Ali D punched him to prevent this. Ali D then pulled out a kitchen knife and stabbed passengers. The driver had the presence of mind to open the bus doors s the passengers could escape. nearby police officers arrested Ali D.

He was taken before the magistrate this morning. SPIEGEL on line says he is charged with serious bodily harm and attempted arson. Another German publication says the charge is attempted murder.  Several people remain in hospital with serious injuries. 

He has given no account to the police or courts as to his motive. 

I expect he will be quietly dealt with by the courts and discreetly conveyed to a secure mental hospital. Life will go on. Until next time. 





Posted on 07/21/2018 12:16 PM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Saturday, 21 July 2018
The United States Should Talk Turkey

by Michael Curtis

How are the mighty fallen. For centuries the Ottoman Empire was a powerful state, multinational and multilingual,  controlling much of southeast Europe, western Asia, and North Africa. One amusing sign of its significance was the exchange of letters, envoys, and goods  between Sultans and Queen Elizabeth I. On one occasion she sent gifts to Sultan Mehmed III including an organ made by a Lancashire craftsman, though the Sultan was notable for having murdered  his nineteen brothers to prevent rival claims to the Ottoman throne. There is nothing amusing about the present political regime of Turkey, an "executive presidency" or the Republic that has now succeded the fall from greatness and the end of the Ottoman Empire in 1922.

Operas and literature in the 18th and early 19th centuries, by Handel, Mozart, Moliere, and Rossini, illustrate the importance of Ottoman subjects in a fashion that is not orientalism or imperialism but indicates familiarity between Turks and other Europeans, sometimes friendly and humane encounters, and cultural contact. Some Turkish music, unusual instruments, cymbals, triangles, piccolo flutes were introduced into Europe. At the same time, Western influences were introduced into the Ottoman lands, Western dress, as well as Western military music by Giuseppe Donizetti, who taught music at the court and conducted Western military music, and who was the brother of opera composer Gaetano Donizetti.

The Empire began to decline and fall with a succession of Ottoman defeats: Lepanto in 1517; 1683 at the Vienna siege; the 1718 Treaty of Passarowitz; and the impact of other forces; Hungary liberation; Greek independence; Serbia autonomy; French conquest of Algeria; the October1912 war with the Balkan League; the 1912 Italian invasion of Libya; and the defeat in 1918 in World War I. The Ottoman Empire officially ended on November 1, 1922 and Turkey became a republic.

Optimistic expectations after World War I that a Turkish system, republican, nationalist, secular, and modernized under Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, would emerge and continue were frustrated .Hopes for a successful multiparty democracy ended because of chaotic politics and military coups. Turkey is no longer a functioning democracy but an authoritarian system under the control of  Recep Tayyip Erdogan, an elected dictator, self-styled "grandmaster" who promise to make "Turkey Great Again," a combination of Islamic nationalism and Ottoman nostalgia, by the centenary of the Republic in 2023. This will be accompanied by a new Islamic Union, led by Turkey.

Erdogan has been in power for 15 years, prime minister 2003-2014, and president since 2014. On June 24, 2018 he was elected president with 52.69% of  the vote compared to the Repblican People's party's candidate who got 30.6%.

In the parliamentary election on the same day, Erdogan's Justice and Development party, AK, got 42.5% of the vote, and 49% of the seats, and his coalition partner, MHP, Nationalist Movement party, got 11.1% of the vote and 8.1% of the seats. Therefore Erdogan's alliance controls a parliamentary majority with 344, 57%, of the seats.

The authoritarian control of Erdogan was evident even before his new term as president began. The day before he was sworn in as president on July 9, 2018, he dismissed 18,600 public servants, 9,000 police officers and 6,000 military for false allegations of links to terrorist groups. Erdogan outlined his new powers in a decree after his inauguration. Those powers are almost unchecked by any other authority.

The Turkish constitutional referendum in April 2017, passed by narrow majority, 51.4% to 48.5% changed the existing parliamentary system with a ceremonial president, to a presidential sysyem. Erdogan's power was thus expanded and consolidated. The office of prime minister was abolished, while the president has powers that include drafting the budget, suspending rights and freedoms, dismissing parliament and calling new elections, choosing miltary commanders and chief of staff, diplomats and other officials, public and private university rectors, governors, religious directors, intelligence heads, and judges. Turkey is now the biggest jailer of journalists in the world, more than China or Egypt..

Ergogan without public debate has modified the secular laws, and now women can wear Islamic headscarves in offices and in schools. New legislation will allow dismissals of civil servants supposedly linked to so called terrorist groups, and will allow city governors to ban protestors. Erdogan's son-in-law, Berat Albayrak, also rises with an appointment as economics minister.

In July 2016 after the failure of the coup of July 15 which killed 250 people and wounded 1,400, a two year emergency rule was immediately imposed,  and officially ended on July 19, 2018. However, the powers now in the hands of Erdogan are in effect an extension of  that emergency rule .

Since 2016, 150,000 civil servants have been purged, and 77,000 charged with links to the coup and its supposed organizer, Fethullah Gullen and a network associated with him. Gulen, a 77 year old Muslim preacher, an advocate of tolerant Islam, is living a quiet and tranqil life in a small town, Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania, in the Pocono Mountains. He also leads Hizmet (Service), a populist movement, which has several million adhents in Turkey and a network of organizations in commerce, finance, media, and education. Gulen is charged with treason, conspiracy, masterminding an armed organizaton, and forgery of official documents, and Turkey demands he be extradited from the U.S. to face trial in Turkey.

Of course the issue of Gulen is not the only factor of differences between Turkey and the U.S. More potent is that of the Kurdish military forces engaged in the war in Syria. The U.S. regards the forces as friendly while Turkey calls them an extension of PKK which for it is a terrorist organization. In 2018, Erdogan praised the country's ties with Russia. Together with President Vladimir Putin he launched the construction of its first nuclear power plant which is being built by Rosatom. Turkey has bought a Russian missile defense sytem.

Relations with the U.S. have worsened and tensions between the two countries have increased as a result of  an unpleasant issue concerning an American named Andrew M Brunson, an evangelical pastor from North Carolina who has lived in Turkey for 23 years. Brunson is accused of terrorism and espionage and having links with Gulen and with the PKK, the Kurdistan Workers' party, and having aided terrorist groups. The US has attempted to have him freed. Nevertheless, on July 18, 2018 despite U.S. calls by President Donald Trump and Secretary Mike Pompeo for his release, a Turkish court in the Aegean province of Izmir ruled that Brunson be kept in detention .

If convicted, Brunson faces up to 35 years in jail. Trump tweeted on July 17, 2018 that he was a fine gentleman and Christian leader and is being persecuted: "Brunson  is no more a spy than I am." The U.S. Senate passed a bill that prohibits Turkey from buying F-35 jets and from purchasing the S-400 air defense system. The Trump administration and Congress might consder imposing sanctions against Turkey if Brunson is still detained on false charges.

Erdogan has challenged other countries and foreign institutions. One case concerns the seizure by Turkey of independent media companies, a politically motivated confiscation that breaches investment treaties with UK and some EU states. The seizure is being challenged in the World Bank's International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes, located in Washington, D.C..

Another controversial exercise of power is the banning in July 2018 of the screening of a British film, Pride, made in 2014 which is based on a true story, the help given by lesbian and gay activists to raise funds for families affected by the strike of coal miners in 1984. Turkey has not only begun repression of LGBT, but also banned the annual Pride parade.

Turkey , a non-Arab country, might have been helpful in facilitating a peaceful solution of the Israel-Palestinian conflict but Erdogan has been unhelpful and counter-productive. Already in June 1997 when he was Mayor of Istanbul, he remarked that the "Jews have begun to crush the Muslims of Palestine in the name of Zionism. Today the image of the Jews is no different from that of the Nazis." In March 2013 he declared that "Zionism was a crime against humanity." He sponsored the flotilla on May 3, 2010 seeking to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza allowing the Turkish ship Mavi Maramara involved in the incident to include members of the jihadist IHH organization, hard core terrorists.

Erdogan has converted Turkey into an authoritarian and repressive state, one that challenges not only U.S. interests but also global human rights. Even though the effort may be fruitless, U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley should bring the prejudicial and harmful nature of present day Turkey with its violations of human rights to the attention of the UN Security Council. Who knows? Perhaps the UNSC will drink and see the spider.

Posted on 07/21/2018 6:09 AM by Michael Curtis
Friday, 20 July 2018
NER Contributing Editor Interviewed on Steel on Steel Internet Radio

NER Contributing Editor Daniel Mallock was interviewed recently on Steel on Steel internet radio.

This is an interesting and informative discussion between Mallock and the show's excellent host, John Loeffler, about the ongoing political and cultural crisis in the United States. The interview is directly related to Mallock's article "The End of E Pluribus Unum" which appears in the current issue of New English Review. 

Mr. Mallock is a historian and analyst, and author of Agony and Eloquence: John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and a World of Revolution

Click here to listen to the interview

Posted on 07/20/2018 9:25 PM by NER
Friday, 20 July 2018
Three life sentences for Westminster knife attack plotter Khalid Ali

From Sky News

A man who plotted a knife attack on MPs and police in Westminster has been handed three life sentences. Khalid Ali, 28, was arrested in Parliament Square last April by armed police who found him in possession of three knives.

Police had been watching Ali since he returned from Afghanistan where he had spent five years making bombs for the Taliban which were used to maim and kill coalition troops. In late 2016, Ali's DNA and fingerprints were shared with the FBI agents and the 42 prints linked him to two loads of IEDs found in Afghanistan in 2012. In the meantime, he vowed to carry out an attack on Westminster to "send a message" to British authorities, the court heard.

On 18 March, he carried out reconnaissance while claiming to be taking part in a Stand Up To Racism march, which took him past Downing Street and the Cenotaph.

He left his mother's home and went to Ealing where he rearmed himself with an eight-inch chef's knife and two three-and-a-half-inch paring blades from Wilko. He also bought kitchen utensils including a potato masher as cover and purchased a rucksack with a Union flag and London logo on it. Ali then travelled on the Underground to carry out his attack, just four weeks after the Westminster Bridge killings.

He deliberately dropped his mobile phone into the Thames, which police divers recovered. Ali told officers in a police interview he wanted to deliver a "message" to British authorities but he said the knives were for protection.

He admitted involvement in IEDs in Afghanistan and bragged that he had detonated more than 300 devices.

After being tried at the Old Bailey in June, Ali was convicted of preparing terrorist acts in Britain and two charges of possessing explosive substances with intent abroad. 

Judge Nicholas Hilliard QC sentenced Ali to a minimum of 40 years for making IEDs for the Taliban in 2012. He was also handed a 25-year sentence for the Westminster plot designed to attract "maximum publicity and instil terror".

The judge said: "I have no doubt whatsoever that there is a very considerable risk of your committing offences of violence in the future and cause death or serious injury as a result. I'm sure your plan was to attack and kill someone in central London. Your preparations were complete and you very simply had to identify your precise target and his or her death was very likely to be caused by a knife attack. You would kill any police officer you could."

Posted on 07/20/2018 1:42 PM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Friday, 20 July 2018
Several people injured after knife attack on German bus

From the Irish Journal; not that the Irish press are any less PC and vague than their British colleagues - it's a Europe thing.

SEVERAL PEOPLE (14 according to the BBC) HAVE been injured in an assault by a man wielding a knife on a bus in northern Germany, police and witnesses said.

The packed bus was heading in the direction of Travemuende, a popular beach close to the city of Luebeck, when a man pulled a weapon on passengers, local media Luebecker Nachrichten reported, quoting an unnamed witness.

“The passengers jumped out of the bus and were screaming. It was terrible. Then the injured were brought out. The perpetrator had a kitchen knife,” a witness who lives close to the scene, Lothar H, told the daily.

A police car which happened to be close by was able to get to the scene quickly, allowing officers to detain the perpetrator, added the report.

Police quoted by national news agency DPA said there were no fatalities, and did not give a motive for the assault.

According to Luebecker Nachrichten, the attacker is an Iranian man in his mid-30s.

Nach LN-Informationen gibt der Täter an aus dem Iran zu stammen. Er soll Mitte 30 sein und ist in Polizeigewahrsam.

with no terrorist background

Oberstaatsanwältin Ulla Hingst: "Nichts ist auszuschließen auch kein terroristischer Hintergrund"

Posted on 07/20/2018 9:43 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Friday, 20 July 2018
Australia: Ashlee Brown Converted to Islam, Married a Muslim, And Now Is Dead; Her Husband Gets Off With a Plea of Manslaughter Based on Negligence

A disturbing story from Australia; and perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this story is the slap on the wrist received by the husband and/ or the utter incompetence of whoever had the job of a/ interrogating the husband (and I would have included an interrogation of his entire extended family, wherever they are) and b/ doing the forensics on the scene of the crime, which happened to be the house and garage.

The husband pleaded guilty to 'criminally negligent manslaughter'; the Crown, seemingly, told the victim's mother that "they didn't have enough evidence to successfully convict him of murder".

I will provide the account of the case that appeared in the Daily Mail - Stephen Gibbs reporting - on July 10 (h/t jihadwatch; I must confess I did not come across this story on my own) before reproducing a couple of reports that describe the sentencing - and the accompanying protest rally held by the Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA) - that took place in Melbourne today.

"I believe Islam Killed My Daughter": A Grieving Mother Tells How Her Daughter Cut Off All Contact With Family and Friends To Marry An Older Muslim Man, Who Left Her on a Bathroom Floor for FIVE DAYS to Die."

"Siobhann Brown had not heard from her eldest daughter since she called five years earlier, saying that she was converting to Islam to get married and have her first child.

'Then two Victoria Police detectives arrived at her door.

"Ashlee Brown, 25, had been found dead on her bathroom floor, with more than 100 blunt and sharp-force injuries covering most of her body.

Anyone who has read Phyllis Chesler's numerous articles discussing 'honour'  murders - which she also defines as 'horror' killings - will recognise the pattern here; the pattern is 'Overkill".  Not just to kill someone, but to kill them torturously, with extreme violence; to make them deader than dead.  This case is no common-or-garden Domestic Violence incident such as, alas, we have too much of within our own society; it has the hallmarks of the 'honour' murder, which is something else altogether. - CM

"The mother of three children under five had been bound, gagged, and had her long strawberry-blonde hair cut off.

Did the forensics team look for that cut-off hair? Where is it? - CM

'Ashlee's husband, Mohamed Naddaf, 37, told police he had found his wife in that state in their garage about five days earlier, but chose to "care" for her in the bathroom rather than call Triple O.

I bet every word of that statement is a lie.  I bet he did it. Or if it were not he, it was another mohammedan mobster, or mobsters, possibly another family member.  Were his family, his clan, interrogated, in the course of the investigation? - CM

'Ms Brown had to run out of her house in disbelief when she heard how her daughter had died.  She is now faced with Naddaf pleading guilty to manslaughter without ever going to trial.

"Ashlee was a fun-loving girl", Ms Brown told Daily Mail Australia.  "She was giving. She was loving.  She loved the sun, the beach.  She loved singing, dancing, having fun."

'Ashlee had been raised in country Victoria as a 'typical Aussie girl', and gradually grew restless as she hit her late teenage years.

'She took increasingly regular trips to Melbourne, once returning to introduce her family to Mohamed Rannaf (sic: Rannaf or Naddaf? - CM) when she was about 18.

I would very much like to know whether anyone has tried to find out when - precisely - and where, Ashlee Brown met 'Mohamed'.  Because in the light of what we know of the modus operandi of the 'grooming gangs' in the UK, it is quite possible that she was targeted some years earlier, while still a schoolgirl. - CM

'She introduced him as "Macca",', Ms Brown said.  "It was very brief.  He seemed like a nice, very polite, young man.  It pains me to say that.  I didn't see him again after that."

'There was no communication for some time before a phone-call came 'out of the blue' that would herald the end of all contact between Ms Brown and her daughter.  

'When Ashlee was about 20 she rang to say that she was pregnant and wanted her mother's blessing to convert to Islam and marry Mohamed.

"She said to me, "Mum, I need your blessing to become Muslim."  She said, "I'm three months pregnant and I'm engaged to Mohamed.  I would really like to marry him, mum, and settle down and have a baby".

"I said to her, "Darling, I don't know anything about the Muslim religion.  As long as you know what you're doing".

But Ashlee, it seems, didn't know, and her mother didn't, either.  In the case of Islam, ignorance - on the part of its intended kuffar victims - is deadly. - CM

"I said, "Do you have to wear one of those burqas or hijabs?  I didn't know what they were called".

"She said, "No, mum, only when I go into the mosque, because it's disrespectful for a woman to show her face before God".

So that was what she was told by the Muslim dawa artists, was it?  That their god who, they claim, created human beings, is offended by the sight of a woman's face?  Nota bene - "when I go into the mosque".  Ashlee converted to Islam: when, and where, and in front of whom?  She mentioned going into a mosque.  What mosque did she and/ or Mohamed attend?  Were they married in a mosque? By an imam? Was the marriage registered officially? Were the births of the children registered?  Where were they born?  Does anyone know?  Did those investigating this woman's death even attempt to find out?  And... where are Mohamed's family, in this picture? His parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers...?  And whatever mosque they're associated with? So many questions.  - CM

"I said to Ashlee, "As long as you're making a fully-informed decision, and it's what you really want".

But, manifestly, it was not a fully-informed decision.  I'd bet my bottom dollar that Mohamed and whatever other dawa artists were involved in this sordid business did not tell Ashlee Brown about the apostasy law, say; or about Quran 4.34 that permits a man to flog his wife if he even so much as imagines that she might rebel. - CM

"Ashlee said that it was.

"There was a pause after that", Ms Brown said.  "She said, "Thank you, mum." And then her voice seemed to change, and she said, "It's Islam".  That didn't mean anything to me at the time.  We said goodbye to each other, and we hung up, and I didn't hear from Ashlee again."

I bet every word that Ashlee said to her mother in that conversation was dictated to her by her Muslim master. I bet she didn't dare say anything else.- CM

"Ms Brown said she was convinced the lack of subsequent contact with Ashlee was solely down to her religious conversion and Rannaf (sic) controlling his wife.

She is most likely correct.  Muslims are not supposed to befriend non-Muslims, except feigningly and temporarily for Muslim advantage; they are, indeed, supposed to regard non-Muslims with "enmity and hatred", even if those non-Muslims are their (the Muslims') close kin. - CM

"I believe Islam killed my daughter", the 46-year-old said.  "If I could have taken that phone call back, I would not have given her my blessing.  I would have said, "No, sorry, love".  I'm not against Muslims.

Please.  This is silly.  This is like saying that "I'm not against Nazis or Fascists, I just don't like Nazism or Fascism."  It is rational, if you are being targeted for death or subjugation by the active adherents of a violent, supremacist ideology, to practise a healthy caution toward known adherents of such an ideology. - CM

That's not what it's about.  I'm not telling Ashlee's story to make friends.  I don't want to tell lies, I'm not going to sugar-coat it.  I'm telling Ashlee's story for it to be known."

Infidel Aussie girls, beware. Do not convert to Islam; because if you have second thoughts later on, and decide to leave, the sharia assassins may come after you to kill you. And do not marry a Muslim man, because his cult says he can flog you if he even imagines you are likely to be insufficiently submissive.  Even if he says you can keep your own beliefs... the reality is that, if you do that, if you are his non-Muslim wife, he is taught, by his cult, to make use of you, but to hate you, all the while he uses you as broodstock, or to gain a visa, or whatever.  Here is Raymond Ibrahim's discussion of that ugly aspect of Islam.

'Police initiailly charged Naddaf with assault and false imprisonment, after paramedics (called by whom? - CM) found her dead in the couple's home at Craigieburn, in Melbourne's north, on November 6, 2016.

'They later accused Naddaf of killing his wife, but then prosecutors agreed to let him plead guilty to manslaughter.

Why?  And how on earth could it be possible that there was not enough evidence for a murder charge to be pursued?  There doesn't seem to be any mention of an ongoing investigation to try to find out who else dunnit, if they do in fact think he didn't. - CM

'Naddaf told police he found Ashlee tied up in their garage, badly beaten, and covered in blood.

I bet he lies.  Or if he says he 'found' her perhaps he's neglecting to mention that he knew she was there because he put her there, in the first place. - CM

"He said he did not call an ambulance, because his wife begged him not to ask for help.

Really???  There is, of course, not a shred of evidence for her having done this; all there is, is his own say-so. - CM

'Instead, Naddaf claimed he had taken Ashlee to their bathroom, where he set up a television and heater and tended to her injuries for up to five days, until she succumbed to those wounds.

Who did the forensics on this case?  - CM

'During that time in the bathroom Naddaf fed his wife water through a syringe he put in her mouth.

Or he says he did.   I wonder what the autopsy showed? - CM

'He brought her a sheet and a pillow.

'While Ashlee lay dying, Ms Brown has been told, the couple's children walked in and out of the bathroom.

The youngest is four.  A four-year-old can, usually, talk.  I wonder what the oldest child said to investigators. - CM

'Naddaf said he had been asleep, having taken medication, and did not know how Ashlee came to be attacked, because he did not hear anything.

This entire story rings as false as hell. -  CM

'The court has heard he has a significant criminal history (has he been in jail? - when? where? for what? and.. where are his family? - CM) and had been a long-term drug user, taking heroin, marijuana, and ice.

'A post-mortem examination found Ashlee had suffered injuries to her head, torso, buttocks, and limbs.  She had been stabbed in the thighs, and had bruising to her right side, including her breast.

Overkill.  A classic feature of Islamic 'horror' killings.  Note- stabbed. With what?  Again: who did the forensics? - CM

'Naddaf, who was trying to resuscitate (or was pretending to be trying to resuscitate - CM) Ashlee when paramedics arrived (who called them? - CM) told police, "I honestly didn't think she was going to die".

Suuuuure. - CM

"Lengths of cord matching the couple's clothes-line were found in a garbage bin, along with packing-tape, and clumps of Ashlee's hair.  Blood was found in their car.

The proposition that a person or persons unknown got into the house and carried out the assault while Naddaf was asleep and/ or stoned looks very peculiar, in the light of details such as the clothes-line and hair in the garbage bin - CM.  

'Naddaf, who pleaded guilty to manslaughter by way of criminal negligence, did not stand trial for any crime.

'He is being held responsible only for not seeking medical assistance, and insists he did not physically harm his wife.

I bet he's lying. - CM

'As such, whoever inflicted the injuries upon Ashlee remains a mystery in the eyes of the law.

So.. if they are going to pretend that they think someone else did get in and carry out a murderous assault... is there an ongoing investigation?   What's happened to all the forensic evidence that, one hopes, was gathered? If they did not find even one iota of evidence - a hair, a footprint, a fingerprint - that anyone else was in the house, or in the garage, or in the car, at the time when the attack is deemed or supposed to have happened, or after, then what? - CM

'Nadddaf's counsel, David Cronin, has told the Victorian Supreme Court, "What occurred in the car and prior to when Mr Naddaf says that he found Ms Brown, nobody knows".

Oh, pleeease.  In these days of dna evidence, in the light of all the many ways in which the presence or absence of a given person in a given location can be detected, when even a wisp or hair or a few fibres from carpet or clothing can tell the tale of who was where, or wasn't? .- CM

'The court heard Naddaf had previously been diagnosed (by whom? by a Muslim or by a non-Muslim doctor? - CM) with depression and anxiety.

'Mr Cronin said Naddaf had shown genuine concern for Ashlee and made efforts to care for her, dressing her wounds and giving her medication.

Is this based only on Naddaf's say-so, or did the forensic team find evidence that, before her death, any kind of effective care had been attempted? - CM

"There has been some compassion", Mr Cronin told the court.

"However, Crown prosecutor Patrick Bourke said it would have been "blindingly obvious" that Ashlee needed immediate medical help.

"Whatever happened, Ms Brown cannot believe her daughter would willingly cease all contact with her mother and three siblings who are now aged 11 to 22.

"Ashlee had faced turbulence in her teenage years, but would always come home, no matter what.

"No matter where she was, when the chips were down, she always came home to mum", Ms Brown said. 'Why was there no more contact?  Nothing.  And not just with me, but our family and friends.  She ceased to exist."

'Ms Brown also believed the legal system let her down.  "It was explained to me that they didn't have enough evidence to successfully convict him of murder", she said of Rannaf's/ Naddaf's manslaughter plea.

Frankly, going by the description of the circumstances, I find that 'explanation' simply incredible, especially in light of the kinds of tools that any crime scene investigator, in a  modern western country, now has at their disposal. - CM

'I feel let down.  I feel there should have been a trial.  Where was our fight?  We didn't have one."

"The offence of murder needs to be redefined".

"Naddaf, who faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison, will appear at a sentencing hearing on July 20".

That was today.  He got 11 years, and will likely be out on parole after 8. - CM

'Avi Yemini, of the Australian Liberty Alliance, is organising a rally outside the Supreme Court on that day.

"We're going to demand justice for Ashlee, and that this doesn't happen to anyone else", Mr Yemini said. "You can make out that it's just another domestic violence case, but it isn't.  A daughter calls her mum and says, I'm converting to Islam, and then is cut off from her forever."

It is worth reproducing the call to action that was sent round by the Q Society, parent of the political party Australian Liberty Allianc, prior to this rally.  "This Friday morning at 10 am, Ashlee's mother Siobhann, supported by friends, and by fellow ALA members Avi Yemini and Debbie Robinsons, will stand in protest outside the Supreme Court in Melbourne, where Mohammad's sentencing is scheduled for 10.30 am.  However, there was never a proper trial.  Mohammad was first charged with killing his wife, but then made a deal to plead guilty to a single count of manslaughter by criminal negligence instead.  We believe this deal is not justice. There must be  a clear and loud message to those who think women are property, and domestic violence, or killing in the name of "honour", can be swept under the multicultural carpet".

'Channel 9 will air a special segment about the case tonight (Wednesday 18 July) in their "A Current Affair" program starting at 7 pm.  If you miss it today you may be able to catch a recording at

"We ask you to join us on Friday morning at 10 am at the Supreme Court, 210 William St, Melbourne.

"Ashlee's mother will bring purple pin ribbons for all, and we will have a number of placards available...

"This will be the starting point for a campaign to reform Victoria's judiciary that will take us to the state election and beyond.  

"Please make the effort.  Come to the court-house and stand for Justice for Ashlee.  

"Share this mesaage with friends in Melbourne".

Before I reproduce the report of the sentencing I will provide a few excerpts from an earlier account of the case, provided by Channel 9 news back in December 2016.

"Police Suspect Vic Man Murdered Wife.

"A Melbourne man (sic - a Melbourne-resident Muslim man - CM) who police suspect murdered his wife has told detectives he went to bed and woke up to find her tied up in their car with multiple stab wounds.

'..."I would describe the injuries sustained as horrific, and over a large period of time", homicide Detective Senior Constable Mark Berens said.  "The victim has sustained over 100 injuries".

"Police say Naddaf's charges could be upgraded to murder once forensic evidence from the home is analysed and the cause and time of death established.

"There are what appear to be stab wounds", Det. Sen. Const. Berens said. "Some of the stab wounds ... were still bleeding, and suggest the injuries sustained were over a period of time, and not in all in one instance as the accused describes."...

"Naddaf told police he woke up and found her tied up in the car by her legs, ankles, and neck.  The prosecution says there were bloodstains throughout the house and in the garage.

'Det Sen. Const. Berens says there's evidence that a "significant clean-up of the house" had taken place before authorities arrived....".

Hmmmmm.  But if an unpractised person does an attempted cleanup of a torture-and-murder scene, shouldn't that have left something for the forensics people to find?   So why the decision, a little way down the track, that there wasn't enough evidence to convict, and the acceptance of a lesser plea of manslaughter by criminal negligence?  The whole thing stinks to high heaven.

And so, here is the ABC reporting on the sentencing.

"Death of woman "slow, miserable, and avoidable", Judge Tells Husband".

"A Melbourne judge has condemned a father of three for heeding his dying wife's plea not to call an ambulance for fear a government department would take her children.

Pffft. Is there even a shred of evidence that she said any such thing?  If the only proof she made this request, is the husband's claim that she did, then.. why are we supposed to believe him? - CM

'Ashlee Brown, 25, died in early November 2016, after being "seriously assaulted" and lying on the bathroom floor of her Craigieburn home in Melbourne's north for four to five days.

'Her husband, Mohamed Naddaf, pleaded guilty to manslaughter by criminal negligence, for failing to get professional medical help for his wife.

'He has today been sentenced to 11 years in jail.

And while he is in jail, who will be taking care of the three under-five children?  Will they go to their non-Muslim grandmother, the mother of his dead wife?  Or... is there a Muslim family pushing forward, demanding that the children be raised in a Muslim home?  In all reports on this case there is a deafening silence about Mohammed Naddaf's family. But I would like to know, very much, whether they are demanding custody of the children, while he is in jail.  - CM

'Covered in blood "from head to toe".

"Her death was slow, miserable, and avoidable", Justice John Champion told the court, during sentencing remarks that lasted an hour.   The court heard that Naddaf found (or, that he claimed that he found - CM) his wife covered in blood from "head to toe" in their car inside the garage.

"She had multiple injuries caused by blunt force trauma.

In other words, she had been savagely beaten. - CM

"She has also suffered stab wounds and extensive bruising.  Her hands had also been tied up.

"It was a "deliberate and frenzied assault" on Ms Brown, Justice Champion said.  But there was "no explanation as to how and in whose hands she was treated so brutally".

????? !!!!  - So the jinn did it, did they?  Or mysterious person or persons unknown who somehow got into the house, and into the garage, and then vanished, after carrying out this extremely violent - and noisy? - attack, leaving absolutely not a trace of their presence behind, not even a strand of hair or a wisp of clothing? -  CM

'Naddaf had taken his wife inside the house, and put her in the bathroom, where he treated her wounds, and gave her medicine and water over a number of days.

I would dearly like to know whether the police found any real evidence of this.  What sort of 'medicine'? Panadol? - CM

'In a record of an interview, Naddaf told police he said to his wife, "You're gonna die, baby, you're gonna die", when she told him not to call for help.

Suuuure. But we only know she told him not to call for help, because he says she did...? What if this whole pathetic exchange - as related by Mr Naddaf to the police - is a mass of tarradiddles from beginning to end?  - CM

'But Naddaf's response, Justice Champion said, was "pathetically weak', and showed "a gross lack of respect" for his wife, who "was vulnerable... and you owed her a duty of care".

"Ms Brown entreated you (sic: rather, "You claim that Ms Brown entreated you..." - CM) not to call the ambulance because the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) might get involved, and take the children away from the family", Justice Champion said.

'Naddaf found 'hugging' his dead wife.

"There were a number of problems in the house at the time", he said.  The court heard DHHS had twice been alerted (by whom? - concerned neighbours hearing screams? - CM) to issues within the famly - in 2013 and 2016.

'Justice Champion said photos taken by investigators showed the house was "unkempt and dirty" and they found dirty nappies lying around.

'At the time the children were aged three years, two years and six months.

'The court heard that when Naddaf finally called an ambulance, Ms Brown was already dead, despite Naddaf attempting CPR.

Oh, pffft.  Theatre, for the benefit of the gullible infidels walking in the door, I'll bet. - CM

'The court heard the paramedics found him "hugging her", while the two-year-old daughter was also in the bathroom.

Again: theatre, I'll bet. He waits till he's sure she's dead, dead, dead, then he rings the ambulance and pretends to be soooo distraught when they walk in. - CM

"I am at a loss to understand why you acted in the way you did", Justice Champion said it would have been easy for Naddaf to simply pick up the telephone and get help.

Justice Champion doesn't understand Islam: the misogyny, the violence, the 'honour-shame' mindset, and the infinite and brazen duplicity of which Muslims are masters. - CM

"You left her ... to deteriorate and die before your own eyes and those of your children", he said.  

"The court heard that Naddaf had not inflicted the violence (on what basis is this assertion made? - CM) but there was "passive inaction".

It is, of course, possible that another member of the mohammedan  mob, perhaps a family member of Naddaf's carried out the assault on Ashlee (to punish her for some perceived insubordination or wrongdoing) with Naddaf's full prior approval, knowledge and connivance.  But how could they manage not to leave behind even the tiniest particle of evidence of their presence in the garage and in the car?

'He must serve a minimum of eight years in jail before he is eligible for parole".

Another account of the sentencing here, from, Amber Wilson reporting, which includes mention of the Australian Liberty Alliance protest rally.

"Mohamed Naddaf jailed for wife's "slow, miserable" death.

"A Man (sic: a Muslim man - CM) who claims he found his wife critically wounded has been jailed for letting her slowly die over five days.

'A man who allowed his wife to die an "avoidable and miserable" death after finding her bound and badly injured at their Melbourne home, has been jailed for at least eight years.

'Mohamed Naddaf pleaded guilty to the criminally negligent manslaughter of Ashlee Brown, 25, who died in their "unkempt and dirty" Craigieburn home in November 2016.

'Justice John Champion, in sentencing Naddaf in the Supreme Court of Victoria on Friday, said Ms Brown was found in the passenger seat of the couple's car, after having been subjected to a "deliberate and frenzied assault" and tied up with clothesline wire.  Bloodstains were found throughout the garage and car, and Ms Brown had cuts and bruises across her body, which worsened over subsequent days.  Naddaf, 37 at the time, helped Ms Brown to the bathroom, laying her on a flannelette sheet on the floor, and feeding her water through a syringe for five days.  He finally called triple-O on November 6 after Ms Brown died from complications arising from her numerous injuries, and internal and external bleeding.

'An autopsy confirmed Ms Brown suffered multiple blunt and sharp force trauma injuries to her head, buttocks, torso, arms and legs, including stab wounds to her thighs.  By the time ambulance officers arrived, Ms Brown was "cold to the touch, and stiff", and had been dead for some time.

'Justice Champion said he did not accept Naddaf's claim that Ms Brown begged him not to call for help.

That claim was obviously a lie -  CM

'However, he said Naddaf's motivation was unclear.

"The Crown is not in a position to prove who inflicted the injuries upon Ms Brown", Justice Champion said.

I find this very, very strange, given the circumstances under which she is said to have been found. - CM

"It is not possible to say exactly when Ms Brown died but.. she suffered to a considerable degree".  He described Naddaf's attempts at caring for her as "feeble and derisory" and "deserving of condemnation".

"She lay on the floor of the bathroom for four to five days where you allowed her deterioration", he said. "All that was required was a phone-call.  Her death was slow, avoidable, and miserable".

I would be very, very curious to know whether the investigation has sought to discover whether Mr Naddaf rang anybody else during that period whilst his bashed and stabbed wife was slowly dying; or whether anybody else rang him; and if there were any such calls to and fro, what was said. - CM

'Right-wing activist group, the Australian Liberty Alliance (sic: That should read simply, "The Australian Liberty Alliance, a group concerned about negative aspects of Islam" - CM) staged a protest outside court on Friday, chanting, "Justice for Ashlee".

'Ms Brown's mother, Siobhan, told reporters after the setnencing she believed Naddaf should have instead faced a murder trial for the death of her daughter, who had converted to Islam.

"I am here today to raise awareness to the horrific, torturous death that Ashlee endured", she said, outside court. "My daughter's injuries and circumstances surrounding her death had all the hallmarks of an Islamic honour killing".

Indeed they do. Anyone who has read Phyllis Chesler's numerous studies of the subject would agree. - CM

And Channel 9's account has a little more.

"Deadset animal" who watched wife slowly die, jailed [for] eight years.

"A man who (said he had - CM) fed water to his wife through a syringe for five days after claiming to find her with more than 100 injuries has been jailed for at least eight years.

'Mohamed Naddaf, who watched his wife fight for life on their bathroom floor for nearly a week instead of calling Triple Zero, pleaded guilty to the criminally negligent manslaughter of Ashlee Brown, 25...

"Right-wing activist group, the Australian Liberty Alliance (that should be simply, "The Australian Liberty Alliance" - CM), staged a protest outside court today, condemning what Ms Brown's mother Siobhan claimed was an "Islamic honour killing".

'Siobhan Brown told reporters after the sentencing she believed Naddaf should have instead faced a murder trial for the death of her daughter, who had converted to Islam.

'In the past, speaking to "A Current Affair", Ms Brown has not minced words in her description of her former son-in-law.  "He's not a man.  That's not a man.  That's an animal, a deadset animal", she said. She says she believes her daughter was trying to escape her marriage, when she died.

That is perfectly possible.  Indeed, it is possible that the 'conversion' to Islam was not voluntary but 'under compulsion' and / or that Ashlee was suspected, by her husband, of being an apostate or potential apostate. - CM

'She is now campaigning for Australian women to learn more about the religion (that is: about Islam - CM) before they marry into it.

Excellent.  I wish her every success.  Because all Australians do need to learn about this violent Arab supremacist cult, the religion of blood and war, which teaches the murder of apostates, and the murder of critics, and explicitly instructs men to beat their wives if they (the man) even fear the wife might rebel.  And girls, especially, who will be and are being targeted by Muslim men waging 'Marriage Jihad", need to know the facts.. so that they will know to say NO, loud and clear, and run a mile.  Men, too, need to know, because many a man has converted to Islam in order to marry a luscious Muslimah.  Because Muslim women are not allowed to "marry out"; the Infidel man must convert.  Muslim men can marry an infidel woman who remains an infidel (though they are supposed to hate her, unless and until she converts) but the reverse is not permitted. Infidel Aussie men need to know about the apostasy law of Islam; that Islam is a one-way street, that if - later on - one develops regrets about that hormone-driven shahada bllithely rattled off in the mosque, and decides to ditch the cult,  one faces the real prospect of death at the hands of a shariah hit-man.- CM

"From what I've learned, the woman is not equal to the man - your whole life as you know it is taken away from you", she said....".

True, in spades.  It is good that ALA has made contact with Siobhan Brown; they will make sure that she gets full and accurate information on which to base her campaign.  Let us hope that, in the end, Ashlee Brown will not have died in vain; that many, many Aussie girls will - because of having heard her story, and the fact-based warnings given by her mother - steer well clear of those oh-so-polite-and-nice Muslim men, the Mohammed Naddafs who are out there looking for victims. -  CM

Posted on 07/20/2018 6:35 AM by Christina McIntosh
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