Monday, 25 September 2017
The NFL and the National Anthem

by Gary Fouse

Yesterday's events on NFL Sunday have pushed me to the point of walking away from it all. First, players from the Ravens and Jaguars, playing in front of a British crowd in London, stood for God Save the Queen (as they should), but knelt for their own National Anthem. They embarrassed their own country.

Then the Pittsburgh Steelers, a team I have rooted for for 62 years-since I was 10 years old- chose to remain in the locker room in Chicago during the National Anthem. Imagine the Chicago Bears out there on the field and the Steelers in the locker room. To add insult to injury, the Steelers went out and stunk up the field losing to a clearly inferior Bears team.

This has put me in a position I never thought I would experience-walking away from the Steelers as a fan. Something that was unimaginable is happening. Today I am thinking that I will not watch another game this season until this crap stops.

It is now up to us the fans whether we go to the stadium or watch on TV, to say, "that's enough."  It will be hard to break with the Steelers, but I can try.

And you know what? If this stuff spreads to baseball, as it might -one Oakland player is now doing it- I can stay away from baseball too. I  have been a die hard Cub fan since 1963 and experienced the joy of last year's championship. But if the Cubs start doing this, I will consider walking away from them too.

Of course, the demographic makeup of the players in football and baseball differs. The NFL has over 50% African-American players. In baseball, a large percentage of players are foreign-born. Many are from Latin America. They know that it is expected to stand for anybody's national anthem. It is also true that in this point in time, there are not that many African-American baseball players, a sad state of affairs due to many social and economic factors which we don't need to go into here.

To be fair, I should note that most black football players are standing during the National Anthem. I applaud them. I do not respect those that are disrespecting our country, our anthem, and our flag. This is not 1968, and Colin Kaepernick is no John Carlos or Tommie Smith. He has started something very ugly and divisive and it is spreading.

I am not sure how I feel about President Trump's comments. I agree with him, but I wonder if a president should be jumping into it. Now the NFL commissioner,  Roger Goodell, is reacting as well as the sportscasters and sports pundits. They are now basically supporting the players who kneel as a way of opposing Trump.

Of course everybody has their right of free expression. The players have a right to kneel or stay in the locker room. Trump has a right to say his piece. We have a right to agree or disagree. We also have a right to stay away from the stadium turn off the TV.

After all, I love my country more than I do the Steelers.

Posted on 09/25/2017 5:12 AM by Gary Fouse
Monday, 25 September 2017
Sukuk is Jihad money to fight Christians – Christian Association of Nigeria elders blast Sultan, Muslim leaders

From the Daily Post Nigeria

The National Christian Elders’ Forum (NCEF) has reacted angrily to comments by Nigeria Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) led by Sultan of Sokoto, Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar, that CAN hates Islam.

In a statement made available to DAILY POST on Sunday, CAN said the aim of Sukuk was to fund jihad against Christians in Nigeria. Earlier last week the Daily Post reported their fears that with the forcoming issue of a SUKUK bond the Federal government is planning to Islamize Nigeria through the back door. 

CAN elders said “we cannot close our eyes to egregious infractions on the Constitution and the advent of religious extremism and insurgency in the country, of which the Christian community seems to be the prime target, while Islamic religious extremists are the antagonists.”

The statement reads further: “Proponents of Sharia-Compliant Finance (SCF) often convey the impression that SCF is an “ethical” financial system whose roots and practice are to be found in the Quran, hadiths and traditions of early Islam.

“In fact, it was invented out of whole cloth in the mid-20th Century by Muslim Brotherhood figures like Sayyid Qutb and Sayyid AbulA’la Al-Mawdudi. Its purpose was to provide yet another method to penetrate and undermine non-Sharia societies by stealthily insinuating Sharia into their free markets.

“In the words of Muslim Brotherhood’s spiritual leader, Yousef al-Qaradawi, Sharia Compliant Finance, of which Sukkuk is a vital component, is a means to wage “jihad with money”.

“National Christian Elders Forum insists that Sukkuk is stealth Jihad contrary to Sections 1 and 10 of the Nigerian Constitution. Therefore, other nations may adopt it, but the Nigerian Constitution forbids such infraction in Nigeria.

“This is crucial in a multi-religious and multi-ethnic society like Nigeria when it is realized that the tenets of Sharia is opposed to the Constitution as “any system of man-made law is considered illicit under Islamic law, for whose adherents Allah already has provided the only law permitted, sharia”. Sharia and Democracy can never co-exist in harmony.

“The sharia cannot be amended to conform to changing human values and standards. Rather, it is the absolute norm to which all human values and conduct must conform.” (Muslim Brotherhood ‘spiritual leader’ Yousef al-Qaradawi).

“It is this tenet of Islam that makes it very difficult for constitutional development to prevail in Nigeria. The promotion of Sharia, in any of its forms, in a multi-religious and multi-ethnic society, shall produce nothing but contention and acrimony as Nigeria is currently witnessing.

The allegation that CAN is Islamophobic is untenable and purely mischievous. If leaders of Islam in Nigeria have demonstrated inability to call Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen to order, after the atrocities both terrorist organizations have committed largely against Christians, Churches, businesses and communities, it would be unfair and unjust for the same leaders of Islam to turn around and accuse Christians of Islamophobia.

“It is akin to slapping a man and yet complain that the man screamed. Do leaders of Islam expect Christians to keep mute while violent Jihad (Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen) and stealth Jihad also known as stealth jihad with money (Sukkuk) are all used to negate Section 38 (1) of the Constitution and destroy the secularity of the Nigerian State? ..."

CAN, in a statement on Tuesday in Abuja by its General Secretary, Rev. Musa Asake, demanded the abrogation of the laws and framework behind the bond and threatened to seek legal redress if that was not done. CAN said Nigeria was a secular state and the government was expected to be neutral on issues involving religion.

“Rather than stand in the defence of the constitution, it is disappointing to note that the Federal Government is pursuing what is an outright confirmation of an Islamisation agenda. . . the manipulations and scheming to smuggle the country into a full blown Islamic state should stop; these manipulations became apparent with the smuggling of Nigeria into the Organisation of Islamic Conference in 1986 by the Ibrahim Babangida military junta,” Asake said.

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Sunday, 24 September 2017
WATCH: Video of Bashir's RSF/Janjaweed Celebrating Masscare at Kalma IDP Camp in Darfur


You want to know what Genocide is like in Sudan? WATCH  this video of indicted war criminal President Bashir's Rapid Support Force/Janjaweed militia celebrating the massacre at the Kalma IDP camp in Darfur with indiscriminate fire from heavily armed Toyota pickup trucks 'technicals' before they return to base. 

Remember on Septemebr 22, 2017 the Janjaweed killed  five, wounded  25 and another six were kidnapped and presumed missing.  See our Iconclast Post: "President Bashir’s Genocide Continues with Massacre at Kalma IDP Camp in Darfur."

This behavior does not warrant the Trump Administration lifting Sudan sanctions on October 12, 2017. If anything, the Administration should be considering the suggested actions contained in the final chapter of our book, Genocide in Sudan: Caliphate threatens Africa and the World.

Posted on 09/24/2017 8:45 PM by Lt. General Abakar M. Abdallah, Jerome B. Gordon and Deborah P. Martin
Sunday, 24 September 2017
Sovereignty Be Damned: United Nations Shows Its True Colors in Guatemala

by Steve Hecht

President Donald Trump stated in his campaign, “The United Nations is not a friend of democracy, it's not a friend to freedom.” His speech on Tuesday to the General Assembly called for improvement, for the United Nations to be a "more accountable and effective advocate for human dignity and freedom.”

There is no better example of the United Nation's lack of accountability and transparency harming democracy and freedom than the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG). Created by a UN agreement with the Guatemalan government, the CICIG has turned its mission upside down. By design, it is an instrument for the collectivist agenda of the successors to the Fidel Castro-supported guerrillas from Guatemala’s armed conflict (1960-1996).

With the CICIG, the Obama administration placed guerrilla-descendant allies in key positions in three Guatemalan administrations. These guerrilla successors control much of rural Guatemala, especially the border areas. They destroy opportunity, increase violence, and facilitate illegal migration and drug trafficking through Guatemala’s 595-mile border with Mexico. 

The CICIG, partially funded by US taxpayers, has had three commissioners since its inception in 2007. Their consistent support for the collectivist agenda, in violation of their mandate, makes clear the problem is institutional, not individual. George Soros’s Open Society has said the CICIG is “a potent potential model” for struggling countries.

In contrast, Trump told the General Assembly, “From the Soviet Union to Cuba to Venezuela, wherever true socialism or communism has been adopted, it has delivered anguish and devastation and failure." We cannot stand by and watch, he said, dictator Nicolás Maduro steal power from the people's elected representatives.

That is exactly what is happening in Guatemala, supported by Maduro allies. They work with Obama holdovers in the State Department, led by Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Tom Shannon.

On August 25, Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales declared CICIG commissioner Iván Velásquez persona non-grata and ordered him to leave the country. In a blatantly illegal ruling, Guatemala’s highest court overturned the expulsion.

Velásquez’s local supporters leave no doubt as to who and what he is. Immediately after Morales’s expulsion order, the Committee of United Campesinos (CUCcalled for street protests “in support of Iván Velásquez.” The Guerrilla Army of the Poor (EGP) created the CUC during Guatemala’s armed conflict, and although the EGP disbanded as a result of the 1996 peace accords, the CUC did not. They are the most aggressive, violent group protected by the Obama policy and the CICIG.

The Obama administration pressured the Guatemalan Congress to appoint a magistrate to the highest court who would execute the guerrilla successors’ agenda, regardless of law. Now on the court, she has used the threat of CICIG prosecution to procure a series of illegal rulings, including reversing the expulsion of Velásquez. The court is stealing power from Guatemala’s elected representatives: its president and its Congress.

Velásquez and his protected partner, Attorney General Thelma Aldana, filed criminal charges against Morales. The obviously legally flawed and politically motivated charges garnered only 25 votes in the Congress, of a possible 158, to remove Morales’s immunity and effectively remove him from office.

Velásquez's collectivist cabal is desperate to remove Morales from the presidency. They’re afraid he’ll change policy once Trump looks at Guatemala and applies the principles he has shown toward Venezuela and those he spoke of at the United Nations.

The efforts to unseat Morales continue with a national strike on Wednesday, September 20. In addition, the collectivist cabal want a repeat vote in Congress the following day to remove his immunity. If Morales were succeeded by someone from the cabal, Trump and Guatemala would lose the opportunity to change policy for their countries’ mutual benefit.

Trump spoke of nations embracing “their sovereignty to promote security, prosperity, and peace.” The agreement creating the CICIG states it is “a non-UN organ.” As such, it reports to nobody and has no oversight. It has become a diametrically opposed perversion of its stated intention, usurping Guatemala’s sovereignty under the guise of the United Nations and the “international community.” That is why it would never have achieved passage in the General Assembly.

The Guatemalan people, especially its indigenous population, long for freedom and opportunity. They should not have to overcome pressure from outside to adopt socialism, what Trump described as a “failed ideology that has produced poverty and misery everywhere it has been tried.”

In Guatemala’s case, US interests and principles coincide. Applying his prescription elucidated at the General Assembly, Trump should recognize and remove the nefarious intervention by his State Department and the CICIG and insist Morales apply the law properly, especially in Guatemala’s rural areas.

A grateful population — enjoying increased opportunity and liberated from cruel, arbitrary socialist rule — would cooperate with security forces to reduce the flow of illegal migrants and drugs from and through Guatemala.


Steve Hecht is editor at large of the Impunity Observer and writes from Guatemala, where he has resided for more than four decades.

Posted on 09/24/2017 5:49 AM by Steve Hecht
Sunday, 24 September 2017
President Bashir’s Genocide Continues with Massacre at Kalma IDP Camp in Darfur

Kalma Sudan IDP Camp Protest in Darfur

September 22, 2017


Friday, September 22, 2017 Sudan President Bashir’s armed forces and Rapid Support Force/Janjaweed militias fired on crowds of protesting displaced Darfuri citizens at the Kalma Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) Camp. The toll of the massacre was 5 dead and over 25 wounded. It was the grisly culmination of a week of protests by displaced Darfuri against the visits at IDP camps throughout Darfur by President Bashir. Behind the staged visits by Bashir was the sinister plot to further disperse these angry Darfuri protesters already displaced from their origin villages by the regime’s Rapid Support Force/Janjaweed militias that forced them into 65 Internally Displaced Persons camps and left virtually unprotected by impotent UNAMID forces. 

Following the deferral by President Trump on July 11, 2017 of former President Obama’s Executive Order 13761 of January 13, 2017 partial lifting sanctions against the Sudan, President Bashir undertook false steps with the objective of deceiving the US government that its behavior warranted permanently lifting sanctions.

First, Bashir declared a false disarmament campaign on August in Darfur and Kordofan that failed from the first day the initiative was launched. Second, President Bashir’s current visits in September to Darfur endeavored to disperse the half of the 5 million people of Darfur from 65 Internally Displaced Person that the regime’s Rapid Support Force/Janjaweed militias forced them to live in living in IDP camps inside Darfur. That met with protests of his visit from thousands of displaced Darfuri. They rejected Bashir’s visit because his regime is arming and financing the militias and terrorists that killed them and displaced them from their villages. They also knew he was coming to disperse them from their IDP camps. These are the reasons why the IDPs refused to welcome him in their camps.

When Bashir heard about the women and children held demonstrations against him in Kalma IDP camp, he ordered his Rapid Support forces (RSF)/Janjaweed militias reinforced by helicopter gunships to go and attack the camp. He ordered his troops to shoot to kill protesters

These displaced Darfuri question why the international community stands by silently watching the genocidal and indicted war criminal Omar al Bashir killing innocent people.  When will the international community stop this vicious cycle of an endless genocide, war crimes and human right abuses in Sudan that has been going on since independence, over sixty years ago? Over 2 million people have died in South Sudan prior to the newborn state obtaining its independence in 2011. The death toll was not limited to South Sudan. An estimated 2.5 million people have died in North Sudan in the North-South civil wars as well. 

The extremist Muslim Brotherhood organization of the Sudan National Congress Party continues killing the indigenous black African population until they are totally eradicated from Sudan replacing them with Arabs that the regime is recruiting from the Middle East and Africa.

These extremist Islamists ideologues do not care about their performance in multiple tracks the US government set as conditions for lifting Sudan sanctions. The Trump Administration should not lift sanctions but impose more vigorous sanctions. Further, it should implement actions to stop the ongoing genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity in Sudan. The Kalm IDP camp revealed the regime’s intent to eradicate the Darfuri people.





 Our recently published book, Genocide in Sudan:Caliphate Threatens Africa and the World  reveals the Bashir regime’s secret plans for genocidal ethnic cleansing of indigenous African people in Darfur, Nuba Mountains, Kordofan and the Blue Nile State.

Further, it documents the body of lies the leadership of the Bashir regime adopted in June 2017 to mislead the US Congress and Trump Administration with that the 20 years of sanctions should be permanently lifted.

The massacre at Kalma and protests of Darfuri people at other IDP camps that President Bashir visited this week graphically demonstrated that human rights are continually violated, and that war crimes continue by International Criminal Court indicted President Bashir and the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood NCP regime in Khartoum. Moreover, the Bashir regime with the aid of Qatar is seeking to overthrow the adjacent governments of Chad, Libya and Central African Republic and establish Caliphate in the African Sahel region.


Note the toll of those killed and wounded in Kalma as reported by Sudan Liberation Movement

Below are the names of the Kalm IDP massacre victims killed and injured. There are another six Darfuri protesters  kidnapped whose names are unknown.


Names of those killed are the following:

1. Arafa Mohammed Adam, 48 years, Center 2.

2. Fatima Adam Salih, 35 years, Center 6.

3. Ishag Salih Adam, 65 years, center 7.

4. Ibrahim Adam Idriss, 38 years, center 4 .

5. Ishag Abakar Adam, 65 years, center 6.


The names of injured are as follow:

1. Hassan Adam Mohammed Abdalla, 50 years, center 2.

2. Musa Ishag Juma, 24 years, center 4.

3. Ishag Sharief, 62 years, center 7.

4. Emam Abdel Mahmoud Abdel Gabar, 22 years, center 2.

5. Haitham Daoud Belal, 18 years, center 3.

6. Suliman Adam Altahir, 55 years, center 4.

7. Wali Eddin Abakar Ismail, 14 years, center 5.

8. Nusr Eddin Mohammed Omer Zakaria, 43 years, center 4.

9. Yagoub Mahmoud Abakar, 43 years, center 2.

10. Abd Alsalam Ishag, 67 years, center 6.

11. Mohammed Mahmoud Badawi, 25 years, center 2 .

12. Hussien Ibrahim Abu Algasim, 35 years, center 7.

13. Mohammed Adam Omer Mahmoud, 17 years, center 6.

14. Hassan Hussien Mustafa, 26 years, center 6.

15. Yassir Yousif Mahmoud, 25 years, center 4.

16. Ammar Adam Abd almoula, 17 years, center 3.

17. Yousif Adam Abdel rahman, 36 years, center 7.

18. Yousif Ibrahim Omer, 19 years, center 6.

19. Abd albaggi Haroun Eissa, 46 years, center 2.

20. Al-sudi Omer Idriss Ishag, 29 years, center 1.

21. Kaltoma Omer, 23 years, center 2.

22. Fatima Adam Abdel Rahman, 52 years, center 2.

23. Hawa Musa Haroun, 36 years, center 1.

24. Jiddo Omer Abd-alshafi, 35 years, center 2.

25. Suliman Adam Eltahir, 20 years, center 6.



Posted on 09/24/2017 12:27 AM by Lt. General Abakar M. Abdallah, Jerome B. Gordon and Deborah P. Martin
Saturday, 23 September 2017
Oklahoma Beheading Trial: Are Believing Muslims Mentally Ill?

It's a question because the US does not recognize that the morality of Islam is inverted. Good is bad and bad is good. Therefore, he felt that beheading his co-worker was the right thing to do. Non-Muslims must never "oppress" Muslims by being over them in any way - not even at work. Women cannot be over men - this is humiliating and demands redress. Killing his kafir oppressor guarantees the favor of Allah. 

From TexasPoliceNews:

Murder defendant Alton Alexander Nolen told Moore police and the FBI that he beheaded one woman at a Moore food plant because he felt oppressed by her and tried to behead another for disrespecting him.

“That’s what Allah said in the Quran,” he told the interviewers.

The jury at his murder trial Wednesday were listening to recordings of two statements the Muslim convert made in the days after the Sept. 25, 2014, attack.

Nolen began the first interview by stating “I’m a Muslim,” after he was read his rights. He ended the first interview by saying he is going to Heaven.

“I feel, you know, you know what I’m saying, if I was to die in five or 10 minutes I’m going to Heaven,” he said. “That’s all that matters to me.”

His court-appointed defense attorneys are asking the jury to find him not guilty by reason of insanity. They have told jurors he is mentally ill and believed what he was doing was right because of delusional misinterpretations of Islamic teachings.

Prosecutors contend he clearly knew right from wrong and should get the death penalty.

Nolen, 33, of Moore, is accused of beheading one co-worker, Colleen Hufford, and attempting to behead another worker, Traci Johnson, after being suspended for racial remarks.

The second woman was saved when the company’s then-chief operating officer, Mark Vaughan, interrupted the attack and shot Nolen, according to testimony Monday.

Nolen was interviewed both times at the hospital where he was treated for his gunshot wounds.

In the first interview, he admitted in response to FBI questions that he watched beheadings on YouTube all the time.

The FBI interviewers were seeking to determine if anyone had taught him that beheading an oppressor is acceptable or guided him to those beliefs.

“Uh, no,” he said. “I read the Quran. Like I say, the Quran is easy to understand. … No one guides me but Allah.”

Prosecutors are alleging at trial that he beheaded Hufford because he mistook her for another woman who had bumped into him by accident days before. Nolen did not explain in the first interview exactly why he felt oppressed.

“She just, you know, wanted to bring me down, like I couldn’t be me as a Muslim,” he said. “She want to bring me down low to the ground.”

He told the police and FBI in the first interview that he felt disrespected by Johnson after she called him a brat during an argument on an assembly line.

He did not tell them, though, in the first interview what he told a plant supervisor in a handwritten statement about the argument. In that statement at the plant, he had admitted that he said toward the end “I beat on Caucasians.”

Instead, he told Moore police and the FBI “she’s the one who tried to make, like, I was trying to jump on her.”

The attack began after Nolen was suspended because Johnson had complained to a supervisor about his remarks.

“When I left H and R,” he told the interviewers, referring to the human resources office, “I said, you know, ‘Forget it,’ you know, ‘I’m a slave for Allah and this is what I’m supposed to go do.’ And that’s, that’s, what I went and did.”

Posted on 09/23/2017 11:15 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Saturday, 23 September 2017
Trump the best defence against world becoming playpen of nuclear powers

The nuclear powers' pledge to negotiate disarmament between themselves while discouraging other countries from becoming nuclear powers is essentially hypocrisy

by Conrad Black

This week I have been having a lively discussion with my very distinguished friend of many years, John Polanyi, winner of a Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1986, one of Canada’s most respected and sociable academics, and a frequent commentator on arms control and nuclear proliferation issues, about current scenarios with North Korea. This arose when I was invited to give a brief talk to a small dinner group where John and I are both members, that meets from time to time at one of the colleges of the University of Toronto. I responded to John’s question that I thought the most likely outcome of the present impasse was that North Korea, having successfully cheated three consecutive American administrations and got to the threshold of having a deliverable nuclear weapon, would stonewall to the end, and either call what they might consider to be America’s bluff, on past form, or try to slide into an Iran-like arrangement: a nuclear military capability on the instalment plan. And I thought that this U.S. administration was not bluffing and that President Trump made it clear on Tuesday at the United Nations that the U.S. would not make another Iran-style agreement, would not allow the existing agreement with that country to enable Iran to become a nuclear military power, and would not tolerate North Korea becoming one either.

A discussion involving some other interveners followed in which Polanyi made the point that each new nuclear military power after the United States — the U.S.S.R., the U.K., France, China, Israel, India, Pakistan and South Africa (which renounced nuclear weapons after the accession to government of Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress) — was simply admitted to the slowly expanding group of nuclear powers, and all have proved responsible in nuclear military matters. He focused on Stalin and Mao Tse-tung as illustrative of people who were egomaniacal, belligerent totalitarians, yet had not misused nuclear military capability. Stalin was, in fact, quite cautious about going to war, and only initiated hostilities in one limited (though outrageous) incursion in Finland when most of the rest of Europe was already at war in 1939. Chou En-lai confirmed to Richard Nixon in 1972 that Stalin had not lifted a finger to help China in the Korean War. And Mao made absurd comments about China’s immense population enabling it to endure a nuclear war before China had such a military capability, but not afterward. I thought Pakistan, given its political instability and patronage of some terrorist groups, was a greater danger, but so far, so good.

The entire non-proliferation regime has been a fraud from the start

My view is that the entire non-proliferation regime has been a fraud from the start. The nuclear genie can never be put back in the bottle, and the pledge of the nuclear powers to attempt to negotiate nuclear disarmament between themselves while discouraging other countries from becoming nuclear powers is essentially hypocrisy. They have not disarmed, can not, and it is not desirable that they do, because if they did the whole world would be subject to blackmail from any irresponsible despot who applied the well-known and accessible knowledge of how to assemble and deliver a nuclear weapon. In this one point, the mad theocrats of Tehran are correct: the nuclear non-proliferation regime is just a club of states monopolizing the power and influence of a nuclear arsenal, while piously scolding other countries to abjure nuclear weapons.

Polanyi’s argument is that it is only a club and we must simply resign ourselves to the fact that any country which wishes to pay the costs of joining can do so, no matter how odious and belligerent the regime of that country is. The regulations of this club up to now have been an utter mockery; it alters Groucho Marx’s famous assertion that he would not be a member of any club that would have him as a member, to seeking membership in a club that has no rules of admission.

The nuclear genie can never be put back in the bottle

When Ukraine pledged to give up the nuclear weapons it inherited when the Soviet Union disintegrated (although the control of the missiles had remained in Russia), its security was effectively guaranteed by Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States at Budapest on Dec. 5, 1994, and by China and France shortly after. When the Western guarantors suggested Russia violated that agreement when it seized the Crimea in 2014, Russia claimed that Crimea had seceded from Ukraine, and had not been seized, as demonstrated by the spurious referendum that Russia conducted in Crimea. Canada’s Stephen Harper played an admirable role in suspending Russia from what had become the G8, because of Russia’s treatment of Ukraine. The British and French agreed that the Budapest guaranty of Ukraine’s security had been violated by Russia, but the Obama administration waffled. Whether it was or not (and of course it was), the assurances given Ukraine by the so-called Great Powers proved worthless.

When India and Pakistan developed and deployed nuclear weapons (although India described this capability as “peaceful”) in the 1990s, President Bill Clinton imposed sanctions on both powers, which were unjust in themselves, almost universally ignored, and totally ineffectual. They were withdrawn by President George W. Bush, when he found common ground with India against Islamic extremists, and needed Pakistani assistance in Afghanistan.

On Iran, Obama folded like a cheap suitcase

Iran has forced the issue of self-admission to the nuclear club and despite frequent and strenuous admonitions from President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that the U.S. would impose “crippling sanctions” and contemplate the use of force, Obama folded like a three-dollar suitcase, taking the British, French, Germans, Russians and Chinese with him, and gave Iran the nuclear green light if they wait 10 years. This will be verified by a porous inspection system that in fact enables Iran to take the step across the threshold of the club anytime it chooses.

The gallery of hand-wringing, fear-mongering idiots who impute a lust for imbecilic violence to President Trump at each opportunity, such as the (mercifully now almost bankrupt British) Guardian and BBC, thought Trump was threatening Iran with war at the United Nations on Tuesday. His domestic critics (and the Canadian media for all they count in this) claimed to believe Trump was also threatening to kill the entire population of North Korea. With such irresponsible, hopeless media, it is little wonder how misinformed public opinion is. The “destruction of North Korea” was only foreseen by Trump if that country provoked a general war.

I told Polanyi and our fellow diners, and we continued the exchange by email, that I thought Trump would re-establish the club, but with rules that exclude those who sought to enter it while threatening to use nuclear weapons against other countries: Israel in the case of Iran and Japan and the United States in the case of North Korea.

If I am mistaken, in 20 years there will be 30 or 40 nuclear military powers in the world

Since Polanyi asked me, I expressed my belief that Trump will destroy North Korea’s artillery batteries directed at Seoul, the immense capital of South Korea, and all aspects of its nuclear program, by a pre-emptive conventional strike of air, sea and ground-launched missiles and large precision bombs. He will probably certify Iranian compliance with Obama’s contemptible delayed nuclear enabling agreement, but advise Iran that the United States will not tolerate Iran’s continued intervention in Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, Iraq and Yemen. And he will likely gradually turn up the heat on those infiltrations and threaten the military option against Iran’s nuclear program, with the support of almost all of the Arab world, and the quiescence of Russia and Turkey, which will be invited to replace Iran, with Egypt and Saudi Arabia, as the chief Muslim power in the Middle East.

If my expectations are mistaken, in 20 years there will be 30 or 40 nuclear military powers in the world, a diffusion of nuclear danger only partially mitigated by anti-missile defences provided by the United States, the only country which is sophisticated enough to do so, protecting that country and its allies.

Canadians should rise above the obtuseness of most of the available media and hope that the U.S. government does just this. If it does not, the semi-manageable nuclear club we have known will before long become a nuclear-weaponized playpen infested by terminally dangerous psychopaths.

First published in the National Post.

Posted on 09/23/2017 5:12 AM by Conrad Black
Saturday, 23 September 2017
Police 'may have to' break mosque footwear rules again

After the film circulated last week, of officers trying to keep order in a brawl being obstructed by worshippers more concerned about uniform shoes than the fighing within and without, some of us predicted that the result would be diversity training for the junior officers and grovelling apologies from the senior officers. However, during the inevitable 'meeting with community leaders' I get the impression that the opposite happened. This is the BBC, an organ which will always uphold diversity and PC against English custom and common sense.

A police force criticised for wearing shoes when attending a disturbance in a mosque "may well have no choice" but to do so again, a police commander said.

Thames Valley Police was called out to Townfield Mosque, High Wycombe, during Friday prayers on 15 September. In their haste to stop the disturbance officers said they did not remove their shoes, as is required in a mosque.

Supt Kevin Brown said officers will observe the custom "other than to intervene immediately to prevent harm". Mr Brown said his officers acted "positively" and entered the building "endeavouring to protect the sanctity of the mosque whilst trying to prevent serious injuries".

Following the reaction, Mr Brown said he had a meeting with current and former mosque committee members where it was agreed the police "acted as would be expected by any member of the public calling them to respond to an emergency". 

The old-fashioned English custom is that a man (but not a woman) should remove their hat when entering any building but definitely will when entering a church. But NOT when that person is a  police officer dealing with a current incident in which he might need his helmet as protection. I suggest this is the same principle in a mosque, but for footwear, and I interpret this as being what Mr Brown is saying. On a courtesy call his officers will remove shoes; when policing an incident they will wear their full uniform as necessary. 

One eyewitness, Murtaza Ahmed, spoke to the BBC on Wednesday and said: "Everybody knows you don't come with shoes in to a mosque, but as somebody called the police they had to come."

As a result of the disturbances, police are currently investigating a report of an assault.

Posted on 09/23/2017 5:01 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Saturday, 23 September 2017
Hamas Looking for Friends

by Michael Curtis

Personal rivalries in political organizations sometimes are akin to civil war. The story is told of the vicious remark by the prominent British Labour Party politiciam Ernest Bevin of his fellow politician Aneurin Bevan, creator of the British National Health Service. Someone remarked of Bevan that he was his own worst enemy to which Bevin in his Cockney accent replied, "Not while I'm alive he ain't." A similar temperament of antipathy has existed for more than twenty years between the leaders of two rival Palestinian organizations, Fatah and Hamas, two groups within the Palestinian Liberation Organization, the PLO.

Unexpectedly, on September  17, 2007, Hamas, which has ruled the Gaza Strip since 2007, unleashed what can be considered either a political earthquake or simply a shock. At a moment of economic and humanitarian problems in Gaza, Hamas has made a bid for reconciliation with its Palestinian rivals, as well as making overtures to Iran which is presently supplying it with  $15 million a month, and also with Egypt which it wants to open the Rafah border with the Gaza Strip.

Hamas announced it had agreed to disband its Administrative Committee for Gaza, a body set up in May 2017 that acted as a virtual government. Further, it suggested that Fatah send its officials to help govern Gaza, called for a nation-wide election, the last of which was in 2006, and expressed a desire for unification with Fatah and a Palestinian government of national unity. Hamas had already issued a new statement of general principles and policies and appeared to be softening its normal extreme political positions.

The immediate question is whether the two formerly hostile groups will be cooperating with no tears, no fears, together. The present Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas, insists there is no disagreement between Fatah and Hamas on belief, on policy, or resistance against Israel. But internal and external factors suggest other problems. Memories are still bitter of the military defeat by Hamas of Fatah in fighting that led to Hamas taking control of Gaza, first militarily and then politically when Hamas won a plurality in the parliamentary election in January 2006. Internationally, Hamas is regarded as a terrorist organization by the US and other countries while Fatah is not.

Fatah founded by Yasser Arafat in 1959 in Cairo, where he was born, as a political movement and in 1965 as a political party is the largest group in the multiparty  PLO. Until his death in 2004, Arafat was chair of the PLO, chair of Fatah, and president of the Palestinian Authority. He was succeeded in these positions by Mahmoud Abbas who like Gilbert and Sullivan's character Pooh Bah holds numerous exalted offices.

Hamas (Islamic Resistance Movement) founded in 1987 as an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, was created to liberate Palestine, end the State of Israel and the Jewish presence, and establish an Islamic state. It always challenged the mainstream PLO organization, as well as continuing to attack Israel by rockets and by fighting three wars against Israel since 2008.  

Not surprisingly, Abbas' rhetoric is multi-voiced, depending on his audience. An example of this is that as head of Fatah he embodied the policy of rejection of Israel and its right to exist, yet he also from time to time appears as a moderate, and publicly recalls the letter of September 9, 1993 sent by Yasser Arafat, as "chair of the PLO," to Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Arafat had written, "The PLO recognized the right of the State of Israel to live in peace and declares that all outstanding issues relating to permanent status will be resolved through negotiations." However, though Arafat signed the Declaration of Principles for Peace between Palestinians and Israel, he organized two Intifadas, in 1987 and 2000, uprisings and attacks on Israeli civilians.

The change in Hamas rhetoric in September 2017 results from a number of factors: pressure by Egypt which has given some aid to Hamas which agreed in early 2017 to set up a buffer zone on its Gaza border to limit movements of  jihadists in the Sinai Peninsula; poor deteriorating economy with insufficient  health and water supplies; high unemployment rates and 6,000 taking early retirement; Abbas reduced funding to Gaza to pay electricity bills, stopped or cut salaries for government workers and former prisoners in Gaza, and cut payment for prisoners in Israeli jails; reduced medical border crossings for Gazans; help to Gaza from Qatar was cut; the reappearance of a formidable politician former security chief Mohammed Dahlan the organizer of the Fatah campaign against Hamas twenty years ago; the unexpected large street protests, one of which numbered 10,000 people; the stronger action by Saudi Arabia against Islamist groups, especially those with ties to terrorists; and the Israeli decision to build an underground wall that stretches along the 37 mile line with Gaza, using sensors, drones, sky balloons, and radar, to prevent Hamas digging tunnels to attack Israeli civilians.

Perhaps above all, the new direction results from the change in Hamas leadership in 2017 with the election of Ismail Haniyeh , former prime minister, as the head of its political bureau, and Yahya Sinwar, an extremist leader of the military wing of Hamas and a man who was personally responsible for killing alleged collaborators. Leadership has passed from the exiled political class living abroad to the military leaders based in Gaza. Haniiyah, replacing the former leader Qatar based Khaled Meshaal, is known for his approval of terrorism, emphasis on jihad as a religious duty, anti-Americanism and condemnation of the US for killing Osama bin Laden, liberation of Palestine, "from the river to the sea," and refusal to recognize Israel.

Can Hamas bridge the existing differences and move to reconciliation with Fatah, and will any changes lead to peace with Israel? It still remains true that Hamas refuses to recognize Israel's right to exist. It has not renounced terrorism, but then nor has Fatah according to its spokesman Osama al-Qawasmi. In a broadcast on August 23, 2017, that spokesman proclaimed that armed resistance, popular resistance was legitimate. Nevertheless, agreement on this hostility against Israel does not necessarily mean any further definite steps to reconciliation with Fatah. Indeed, rebuilding bridges to Iran and dependence on it for financial and military support, and for training of its military wing, suggest a more independent attitude.

The Biblical question, "Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots?" remained unanswered. In spite of the softening of the rhetoric of Hamas it is difficult to believe that a terrorist organization can change its spots and become peaceful and statesmanlike.

Posted on 09/23/2017 4:40 AM by Michael Curtis
Saturday, 23 September 2017
Hussein Yusef, who was fostered in Oxford, jailed for terrorism

From the Times and the Daily Mail

An Afghan who was brought up by foster parents in Oxford has been jailed for six and a half years after becoming a propagandist for Islamic State.

Hussein Yusef, 21, arrived in Britain at 14 and applied for asylum. He spoke little English but made “remarkable progress” at Oxford Spires Academy, earning two As at GCSE and winning prizes for business and product design.He captained the under-16s school cricket team and played for East Oxford and the Wayfarers cricket clubs.

Barnaby Jameson, prosecuting, told Kingston Crown Court. 'In the period we are concerned about, the defendant became a prolific and apparently irrepressible propagandist for Islamic State. The defendant embraced with open arms Islamic State's uniquely twisted and fanatical view of the world [and] bought wholesale into Islamic State's particular obsession with intolerance, sadism and murder.'

After leaving school, Yusef was offered a place studying criminology at Southampton University but his application for permanent leave to remain in Britain was rejected and he moved to London while he appealed the decision. . .his appeal failed and his refugee status was revoked.

He stayed in the country illegally but began working for Chicken Cottage in Willesden and Rooster Grill in Ladbroke Grove where he was said to be a 'competent, hard-working employee.'

Four months later, on December 11 2015, he used a Facebook account to share a list of 56 names and addresses for US military personnel that had been hacked by a group calling itself the Cyber Caliphate Army. It included email addresses, home addresses across the United States including New York, Washington, Texas and California, along with their bases including Virginia, North Carolina and Hawaii.

Yusef added the hashtags 'US Army pigs completely hacked' and 'AnonyDogs' and wrote: 'All praise to Allah alone.'

The list had appeared just one minute earlier on another Facebook page called Khilafah News [Caliphate News], for which Yusef appeared to be the administrator. It had almost 1,000 'likes' and described itself as an 'Islamic State bulletin.'  The page included a sub-section called the 'Hijrah Committee' which gave advice to individuals seeking to join ISIS.

Mr Jameson said it was 'unadulterated IS propaganda, plain and simple.'

From his bedroom he set up five Facebook accounts to fight what was described as an 'ISIS propaganda war', ranting against homosexuality, Shia Muslims, The United States and 'Kuffar'. In December 2015 he wrote 'if a kafir does not see you as a threat to his safety then you know you have something wrong with the way you practise the Deen [religion].'

In March 2016 he changed his Facebook cover photo to a quote 'The Islamic State: a state for all Muslims, so let's participate together to build and protect it'. One of the videos he posted was titled 'Ramadan Under the Shades of the Khalifah', showing IS fighters attacking the Syrian Army.

Police found Google searches on his computer 'Kill Kuffar in the same way they have killed u quran' and 'retaliation against the kuffar quran.' After the Paris and Brussels attacks he called on other Muslims to study the Quran to 'learn why those attacks were 100% right'. 

He also boasted on encrypted social media app, Telegram, that he had attended a protest outside the Israeli embassy with a homemade poster saying 'Hitler you were right.'

With long hair and wearing a smart grey suit and dark tie, he rubbed his eyes as the sentence was delivered. Yussef slumped in his chair as Judge Paul Dodgson told him:

'You're now 21 years old, and you came to this country in 2010. Teachers at school said you were delightful to teach and eager to learn, charming and delightful. By September 2015 you asylum application had failed and all avenues of appeal were closed to you. By then that boy from school had been transformed into an enthusiastic supporter of ISIS.

'I believe it's likely that if you were not the spreadsheet's author you were closely linked to the person who was. The material contained the names and addresses of members of US armed forces.The effects of your actions were considerable. The danger posed by that post was considerable and you knew that your audience had a number of people who were in touch with those capable of carrying out attacks. You knew that you were putting out on the internet personal details that could place those individuals in a great deal of peril.

'It seems to me that this is one of the most serious examples of this offence.

Posted on 09/23/2017 4:11 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Friday, 22 September 2017
World Council for the Cedars Revolution Advocates For Sanctions Against Hezbollah in Washington

WASHINGTON, DC:  This week, the World Council for the Cedars Revolution (WCCR) representatives, Tom Harb, John Hajjar and Joe Baini met with State Department, National Security Council and congressional officials to help advance bi-partisan legislation, sponsored by Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), which is designed to strengthen sanctions on Hezbollah.

The WCCR group met with the NSC and the State Department and discussed their plan for a more stable Lebanon by completely implementing UNSCR 1559 and 1701. They proposed deploying UNIFIL troops all along Lebanese/Syrian border with assistance of the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) so as to interdict arms shipments meant for Hezbollah which are coming into the country via Syria. They also advocated for a Safe Zone controlled solely by the LAF in the central part of Lebanon which encompasses a broad cross section of Lebanese from all confessions. Their concern is that radical groups coming in from Syria may be likely to enter into violent clashes with Hezbollah within Lebanon.

Then they met with the International Republican Institute and presented their security plan. The IRI representatives were receptive while acknowledging some possible pitfalls. All three insisted that stronger action needed to be taken to avoid a new war in Lebanon between Hezbollah, Salafi Jihadists (IS and the like) and Israel. A new war would be devastating and strong action is needed now to avoid it. Their hope is that Lebanese civil society, united against terrorists of all stripes, will be strong enough to defeat the violence before it spreads.

Afterward, the WCCR group met with members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and presented their plan once more. In all their meetings, the WCCR delegation expressed their desire to see very strong sanctions against Hezbollah passed by Congress.

Posted on 09/22/2017 3:25 PM by Tom Harb
Friday, 22 September 2017
Parsons Green: Teenager Ahmed Hassan accused of buying parts on Amazon to build Tube bomb

A teenager is accused of buying the Parsons Green bomb from Amazon and filling it with knives and shrapnel with the intention of murdering dozens of rush hour commuters. Ahmed Hassan, 18, allegedly placed a bomb hidden in a Lidl bag and covered it with a pair of trousers on a District Line train and departed the train at Putney Bridge prior to the device detonating.

He appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court on Friday charged with attempting to murder a Tube full of commuters and schoolchildren and of using a chemical compound known as TATP to cause an explosion likely to endanger life.

Prosecutor Lee Ingham said it is the prosecutions case Mr Hassan bought the components of the home-made bomb from Amazon. "There were many hundreds of grams of TATP in the device, an electronic timer and several containers of quantities of metal shrapnel including knives, screws and similar items clearly designed to cause severe injuries and death to those nearby. The device did not function as intended. It did not function the TATP, probably due to inaccurate construction. "

Mr Hassan spoke only to confirm his name and address. Deputy chief magistrate Tan Ikram has sent his case to be heard at the Old Bailey on October 13.

Posted on 09/22/2017 10:21 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Friday, 22 September 2017
Parsons Green: Ahmed Hassan, 18, charged with attempted murder over Tube attack

From the Telegraph

An 18-year-old man has been charged with attempted murder and possessing explosives over the Parsons Green Tube terrorist attack. Ahmed Hassan, of Sunbury, in Surrey, is accused of attempting to murder people travelling on a District Line train in last Friday's bombing, Scotland Yard said.

He also face a charge of using a chemical compound known as TATP to cause an explosion likely to endanger life.

Hassan will appear at Westminster Magistrates' Court on Friday afternoon.

More to come once court business is concluded - I anticipate a remand in custody and a date for mention at the Central Criminal Court Old Bailey in about 6 weeks. 

Posted on 09/22/2017 9:12 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Friday, 22 September 2017
Trump’s Bold Defense of America

He called out North Korea and Iran for the lying evildoers that they are.

by Conrad Black

It is becoming difficult to believe that the ever-more-silly entertainment world, an echo chamber of escalating primal imbecilic utterances in a hall of mirrors, festers in the same country that, as its president correctly told the United Nations on Tuesday morning, now has more people working than ever before and the highest market capitalization of its industries of all time, is striving toward increasing prosperity, and is the only force in the world trying to keep hydrogen bombs out of the hands of psychotic lunatics. It was nostalgic, though not very agreeably so, to listen to Jane Fonda, former receptionist of the Hanoi Hilton, the once passably amusing Lily Tomlin, and Dolly Parton, who should reconnect with her roots in Locust Ridge, Tenn., reaching for the high notes and calling their country’s leader a sexist bigot and hypocrite. All that was missing was Shirley MacLaine doing a reprise on past assimilations of Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon to Hitler. When the Fuehrer shot himself, with his bride of one day, prior to having their corpses burned just before the arrival of the Red Army at their bunker in Berlin on April 30, 1945, he could not have imagined that he would become the alleged role model for a succession of American presidents. Johnson, Nixon, Reagan, George W. Bush, and Donald Trump have all been accorded this treatment by Hollywood ignoramuses who have incandescent emotions fixed to rigid attitudes unconnected to any historical knowledge. These frantic Hollywood philistines, erupting from our television screens at their vacuous self-awards nights to fewer and fewer people each year, adapt symbols of the past as Errol Flynn once played pirates, and imagine they have the right and competence to give political guidance to the world, the voters be damned.

Their favored candidates gave us the housing bubble, the underreaction to the early terrorist outrages, ensuring that worse would come, the Great Recession, and hopeless Middle East wars, and then flatlined the economy while doubling the national debt in eight years and groveling before North Korea and Iran. I would be prepared to contribute, as a benefit to psychological research, to a profound psychoanalysis of Stephen Colbert (which need not take longer than about 45 minutes), particularly to discover why he thinks anyone should listen to him. The long-suffering will remember his Pavlovian reaction, after publicly beseeching Donald Trump to run for president in order to be humiliated, and then his mockery of his campaign for that office as an unrelievedly and comically hopeless enterprise, his several months of pretense that the election of Trump had not really occurred, and his eight months exhibiting the banal vagaries of the self-inflating juvenile ego. A film historian may wish to inquire into how the Hollywood of the original studio heads and wholesomely patriotic actors such as Ronald Reagan, John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, George C. Scott, Spencer Tracy, and their accompanying female leads, generally presenting the view that the United States was a good thing, has been transformed into the vulgar national self-hate and myth-making engine that Hollywood is now. It is like a slick drama club in a mental asylum.

The chief target of their obloquy, however, President Trump, defended their right to make unmitigated asses of themselves before the world, and that of all people who enjoy the basic freedoms to continue in their exercise, with his remarks at the United Nations on Tuesday. The international community has somnambulated for decades into a condition of acute vulnerability to the unannounced detonation of hydrogen bombs by terrorists and other madmen, killing millions of unoffending people and threatening all life on this planet. The arms-control and anti-proliferation regime has been an exercise in hypocrisy for decades. The nuclear powers pledged to make progress steadily toward disarmament, but apart from South Africa, and some limited reductions of immensely over-sized nuclear stockpiles by the U.S. and Russia, have not done so, and the whole concept is nonsense. As long as these weapons exist, and the knowledge of how to assemble and deliver them exists, the only assurance against their use is the power of deterrent retaliation coupled with the ability to intercept them in course.

The politically assertive boobs in Hollywood 35 years ago fell about in laughter at President Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative, a non-nuclear, laser-based, entirely defensive system of anti-missile protection that they called Star Wars and cited as evidence of the senility of the country’s leader, now generally judged one of its greatest presidents. The enemies of the West and anarchic and nihilistic forces with various insane motivations, in order to escape the deterrent and vindictive wrath of the civilized world, have taken to operating as non-national forces, to complicate deterrence and retribution. And a few countries have advanced, stealthily or ostentatiously, toward a nuclear-attack capability while bandying about mortal threats of extermination against nationalities they find disagreeable.

Successive political generations of leaders of nuclear powers have temporized impotently or even mischievously assisted these elements, as Pakistan has assisted Iran and North Korea, who have assisted each other. Iran threatens to obliterate Israel, and North Korea threatens the United States and Japan. This has been the bluster of countries not yet quite able to carry out those threats. In the United Nations on Tuesday, after preliminary warnings in the last few days from some of his officials, President Trump specifically threatened the destruction of North Korea, by which he meant its military capacity. Somebody in a position to say it, had to say it, and he will have to be prepared, if necessary, to do it, though it will not be a nuclear attack and there should not be extensive collateral damage or civilian casualties.

The old arms-control regime of a club that tacitly admitted new members if they seemed unlikely to behave irresponsibly was always a self-serving fraud for the benefit of its members, and in that point at least, the Iranians were correct. There will be no real disarmament, as the nuclear genie is out of the bottle. But there must be the severe discouragement of the distribution of nuclear weapons to governments or groups that cannot be trusted with them, and there must be, as Reagan foresaw, and as this week’s $700 billion defense budget indicates, steady progress toward a leak-proof, layered anti-missile defense. Before crude nuclear weapons get into the hands of outright terrorists, the acceptable nuclear powers must have practically impenetrable defenses against their delivery. (President Trump, no mean entertainer himself — he enjoyed higher television ratings when he was in that business than most of the jerks mocking him at the Emmy awards on Sunday — is right to add a note of levity even to these grim proceedings by referring to Kim Jong-un as ”Rocket Man.”)

There is no reason for Trump to certify Iranian compliance with Obama’s shameful nuclear green-light agreement with Iran.

And there is no reason for him to certify Iranian compliance with Obama’s shameful nuclear green-light agreement with Iran. The current regime of that country is just as unacceptable a nuclear power as North Korea and operates a vast terrorist operation around the Middle East to boot. It was entertaining to hear the Iranian president, Rouhani, say after Mr. Trump’s address that if Trump withheld certification, no one would trust the United States again. The long night of American renunciation of an international role commensurate with its great strength and formerly traditional integrity of purpose is over, just in time.

The defeatist sniveling about the absence of a military option is ending. So should pacifistic prattling such as Democratic senator Diane Feinstein’s response to the president on Tuesday. The only way to produce any option except servile abdication or military enforcement of the universal human interest is for the United States to make clear that the military option will be exercised if Iran and North Korea do not abandon their nuclear ambitions or change their governments for radically improved regimes. The last time anyone in a position to speak of it threatened the destruction of another country at the United Nations was Nikita Khrushchev in 1960. It is much more welcome and plausible coming from President Trump for the delectation of Kim and Iran’s Khamanei. Khrushchev said, “My hand will not tremble.” Of course it did, and the threat was an outrage. Mr. Trump’s hand should be steady, and his threat is righteous and appropriate, all more placatory efforts having failed.

First published in National Review Online.

Posted on 09/22/2017 5:25 AM by Conrad Black
Friday, 22 September 2017
Leaders of Swiss Islamic organization face criminal charges

From the Swiss edition of The Local

Swiss federal prosecutors have brought charges against leading members of the country’s largest Islamic organization in a criminal probe into jihadist propaganda. Swiss media reported on Thursday that the president and two members of the governing board of the Islamic Central Council of Switzerland (ICCS) had been charged with violating the ban on groups including Al-Qaeda and Islamic State (IS).

The three were named as Nicolas Blancho, ICCS president, Naim Cherni, and Qaasim Illi.

In a statement, the office of Switzerland’s attorney general accused the ICCS of making videos in Syria between September and October 2015 featuring a leading member of Al-Qaeda. The video material was later used for propaganda purposes, according to the indictment, being shown on video platforms including YouTube.

Blancho, who converted to Islam at age 16, has in the past denied being tied to extremism but has staked out positions considered more radical than other Muslim leaders in Switzerland.

The council has previously said that the videos Cherni made in Syria have "nothing to do with Al-Qaeda" and were intended to raise awareness among Muslims about the conflict in the country. In an email to AFP, Illi said the attorney general was "pushed by an Islamophobic social wave (and) is trying to defame Switzerland's largest Islamic grassroots organization by its fabricated claim".

The ICCS prosecution is one of about 60 jihadist-related cases being pursued by the Swiss attorney general. If convicted, the council members could face up to five years in prison.

Posted on 09/22/2017 2:08 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
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