Boy filmed throwing down cross from East London Church.

The good news is the police have made an arrest and recovered the cross. The bad news is that it happened at all, in broad daylight, so blatantly, no attempt to conceal his face (at a time when a mask wouldn’t actually attract attention) such is his arrogance that he can act with impunity. 

This is the bit of video which appeared on facebook a couple of hours ago. I can’t embed it like I can from Youtube so you wil have to follow this link.

I can’t say for certain that this young man is Muslim, in the absence of any cry of Allah Akbar or definite Islamic clothing. But Chadwell Heath, on the borders of Ilford and Dagenham is an area I know well, it is highly Islamised and that haircut with the short rigid fringe is pequliar to young Muslim men and boys. I have never come across a Christian boy sporting it. It’s not definitive, and I’m trying to be objective, but I know what I think. 

The tweet from the local police confirming the arrest. 

Note those outraged include people with Sikh/Hindu names. That they criticise the police for not calling the church a church (“religious premises” indeed) observe that this happened on the Sabbath, call for serious charges including hate crime or religiously aggravated criminal damage or whatever, and suggest that the case be watched carefully lest he be let off with a mere caution. 

It isn’t uncommon for crosses and statues to be vandalised in East London. The arrogance to do it so openly and publicly is new. Thankfully the comments outnumber and drown out the Muslim commentors (not true Islam, what makes you think he is Muslim?, you are an Islamophobe) and the liberal (he has mental health problems, what makes you think he is Muslim?, you are an Islamophobe) ones. I hope this falling away of the scales translates into effective pressure on government and the establishment.