by G. Murphy Donovan

“Sin by silence makes cowards of men.” – Lincoln

Good people across America are wringing their hands over the 2020 presidential election results. Seventy million voters are a lot of political angst.

Worse still, many serious observers are challenging the legitimacy of the very process, indeed the polyglot of systems, manual and electronic, that are supposed to make a fair and democratic election possible. Apparently, entrenched urban Democrat political monopolies that sponsor systemic corruption are above reproach, scrutiny – or above the law in 2020.

President Trump made the best speech of his presidency the other day, detailing the widespread evidence of fraud and abuse. Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House, wrote a similar eloquent fact-based obituary for American democracy in the Washington Times.

Nevertheless, baring a gut check at the Justice Department or the Supreme Court, it appears Joe Biden will be inaugurated on 20 January. The high court was the last hope to expose or remedy urban (read Democrat Party) corruption, once a local, big city phenomenon now made possible, with a big tailwind, on a national scale.

The balance of power that the founding fathers sought with three branches of government is now in peril too. The highest court in the land, like many other American institutions, is now intimidated by a malignant, loud, and pyric American left.


                                                      John Domen, WTOP

Much of Washington, DC and other city centers are still cowering behind a burka of plywood on store fronts.

The deep state, Big Tech, partisan media, and urban voters have now, with the 2020 election, accomplished what various coup attempts since 2016 could not. By hook or crook, it seems that Donald J. Trump will be out of the White House come 20 January.

What is to be done?

America still has one more vote. She can vote with her feet.

Americans should come to Washington on 6 and 20 January, not to celebrate, but in civil protest of an administration that by any measure is predicated on several lawless premises, not the least of which is Biden family corruption.

The Trump family and administration players should vote with their feet too; walk away from the 2021 inaugural ceremony too, not as sore losers, but as patriots who need to make a serious and unambiguous statement about the Washington swamp and why it still needs to be drained.

Call it sour grapes if you will, but the Biden/Harris administration needs to know that back to the future is not a plan. Many Obama era coup grifters, Susan Rice is an ominous example, will be playing first string for Joe Biden.

The Trump administration rose above the radar to do the unprecedented in 2016. The exit strategy in January should be just as revolutionary. Any silent or passive acquiescence about the last four years would be an endorsement of the beginning of the end.

Go out, as you came in, with an unprecedented bang, President Trump! Lay down another historical marker.

Boycott the 2021 inauguration.

It’s the right thing to do.