Brexit Means Brexit – How To Tell A Big Lie And Get Away With It


What follows here are my opinions and my twistings of the facts and I’m sticking to both the opinions and the twistings. If you don’t like them then click here and go away.

Let’s get one thing clear before we start: Brexit is never, ever, never, ever, never in a month of Sundays going to happen. If you believe otherwise you’re an easily duped, hard of thinking cretin who lives in a fantasy world where politicians are honourable and the will of the people expressed through the ballot box is paramount in a democracy.

For heaven’s sake, grow up! That’s just a nonsense told to children to make them feel better.

Politicians, most of them anyway, are about as honourable as a heap of dog leavings and most of them are far less morally attractive than such a pile of excrement left on your front lawn by a couldn’t care less dog walker. Couple that with the fact, yes, the fact, that we live in a post democratic world where the will of the people expressed through the ballot box is just one more commodity to be bought or manipulated until it conforms to some ‘acceptable’ norm previously decided upon by whatever cabal of the ‘great and the good’ currently have their grasping, sticky little paws on the levers of power, and the potential for serious, serial stupidity is almost unlimited.

You don’t believe me? Really?

Try this on for size: “Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with Islam.” That’s what all the politicians keep saying and oh boy, oh boy, it’s mighty stupid, isn’t it? Or what about this one: “he’s not a terrorist really, he just has mental health problems.” Where do you put that one on the mind numbingly stupid scale because I give it a great big, whopping huge ten out of ten for one of the most vapidly stupid pieces of nonsense ever to come out of a politician’s mouth. As I said, the potential for serious, serial stupidity is almost unlimited. In fact it’s only limited by any individual politician’s sense of just how much sharn he or she thinks the voters can swallow without choking on the stench.

Contempt for the demos is so deeply ingrained in British political life that politicians know that they can make us swallow any amount of crap and we won’t choke. Come to think of it I’ve listened to Hillary and it’s obviously pretty much like that in American political life as well. Thank G-d that The Donald is an honest, if sometimes verbally clumsy, man. I’ll take the clumsy honest man over the dextrous liar anyday.

You doubt me about the swallowing poop thing? Really?

O.K. Consider this: the second largest party in the British parliament is the Labour Party and is referred to as Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition. It’s currently holding hustings in a leadership contest the outcome of which will be decided by a vote of all the members of that Party who are qualified to vote under the terms of its constitution and rules. So far so good, right and proper. But here’s the bonkers part: the favourite to win that election is a publicly proven liar (remind you of any particular female American candidate on a hustings? Just asking.) who is a supporter of murdering, human rights abusing, terrorist regimes and a receiver of funds “earned” by immorally appearing on an Iranian TV station that supports the genocidal, human rights abusing, crackpot government of that country – not once, not twice, not thrice, but four times. The £20,000 (almost $30,000) he “earned” he said was “not a lot for my Iranian TV appearances.”

Really Corbyn! It’s a damned sight more than 13.6 million of your fellow citizens have to live on in a year and you added it to your already generous MP’s salary with its top-up for being a party leader.

What’s more this dweller in the Westminster Bubble (the British equivalent of ‘inside the beltway’) where such as he live has been caught out in a major lie whereby he attempted to defame an otherwise blameless railway company by having himself filmed – subsequently posted all over social media – sitting on the floor of a carriage because “the train was rammed” so full that he couldn’t find an empty seat. Then with the hubris of the insanely out of touch he compounded his lie by accusing the railway company of underhand tricks when they proved, yep proved, that such was very, very far from being the case and that he knew it at the time. And this man is still considered by the bulk of the members of his party (if polls are to be believed) to be honourable and decent enough to lead it. This liar, this apology for an honourable human being, this Jeremy Corbyn, should have been unceremoniously drummed out of his Party in disgrace after pulling a stunt like that and the railway company in question should sue the pants off him.

But there’s no morality or honour in that story for it demonstrates just how much in the way of political fæcal matter most people will swallow before they gag – so much, in fact, that that despicable shyster will more than likely be elected as leader of his party.

Here’s the totally rotten part: that proven liar, that duplicitous, nasty piece of work will be the next Prime Minister of the U.K. Don’t yell at me, he will be and you know it. All those British voters who want to remain in the European Union (the anti-democracy, anti-free-speech, pro-censorship, racist and fascist, politically uber-correct Little Europers) will vote Labour because they know something that actually, believe it or not, we all know.

And that is that despite the fact that the people who always vote Labour actually voted for Brexit even though the great and the good in their party wanted nothing to do with it they will not vote for any other party.

Why? Because Labour is socialist and socialism in the U.K, (and more than likely everywhere else as well) is not a political persuasion. It’s a religion, and a very psychologically pervasive and damaging one at that. At the next election not a single Labour voter will defect to another party and the Remainers (hereinafter referred to as the Remainiacs because they are demonstrably insane or the Remoaners because they won’t stop talking about how the referendum result robbed them of their sucky blanket), the Remainers, as I was saying, from all the other parties will also vote Labour because despite what its grass roots supporters think of the E.U. the high-heid-yins of the Labour Party will never in a million years take the U.K out of the corrupt and undemocratic E.U. gravy train and failed politician retirement plan.

All Theresa May has to do is nothing at all – and she’s truly brilliant at doing that. In fact, she just has to continue to do exactly what she’s doing at the moment – wander around making vacuous statements about “Brexit meaning Brexit” and telling her government that “there will be no attempts to stay in the EU by the back door.” A government, incidentally, that contains the absolute bare minimum of pro-Brexit people – just enough to look good but not enough to threaten the status quo. Her government will make damned certain that it does nothing concrete to translate the result of the referendum into a movement towards the door. Not one solitary thing. Sweet. Fanny. Adams.

And you think Hillary is an accomplished liar. She is, but she’s not a patch on Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the U.K. Hillary is just pathological and probably senile but our Prime Minister is so twisted I’ve seen straighter corkscrews. Devious doesn’t even begin to sum her up, or the other Remainiacs either. One would have to invent a whole new vocabulary about serpentine duplicity to even come close.

And that’s all that this so-called Conservative government have to do – procrastinate and look all busywork until it’s time for the next election. Labour will win with the help of the Remoaners (G-d, will they never shut up) and have four or five financially disastrous years in power during which they’ll just about wreck the U.K. by letting in eight to ten million Muslim rapefugees, oops, sorry, refugees, and increasing the public debt to levels that will, or almost will, bankrupt the country, because that’s what they always do – every single solitary time they gain power, without exception. Like somebody going back to the fridge ten times in the middle of the night because he can’t believe that it’s still empty.

And they won’t take us out of the E.U because they’ll claim that they won the election by promising not to. Then they’ll get voted out and the Conservatives will get back in and they’ll be able to claim, with some justification I must say, that the referendum was so long ago that it must be ignored but, as far as they can determine, no-one really wants another one, do they? And anyway the economy has been left in such a bad way by the last administration that we don’t want to rock the boat just now, do we?

So nobody gets the blame for subverting the democratic will of the people expressed through the ballot box. You got to hand it to them – politicians are the most devious liars the world has ever seen.

And that, my simple little loons and quines, is how the Remainiacs will get their own way despite the overwhelming majority of us having voted to Leave.

It’s also how despicable oligarchies like the one currently in charge in Japan will get their own way. Their recent ridiculous scaremongering report lacked even a pretence at logical thinking and dispassionate analysis and is fit only for derision and scrap paper. It is a transparent attempt to bully and frighten the peoples of the U.K. into sacrificing their freedoms and their democracy on the altar of a weirdly Japanese desire for their own peculiar brand of ossifying and stultifying economic, political and social ‘stability’. A cosy coterie of mildly corrupt Japanese politicians in league with a camarilla of Japanese businessmen who have grown too fat, lazy and unimaginative to be bothered to cope with change have got together to produce a negligible fifteen sheets of gibberish to justify their go-away-and-don’t-bother-me attitude to anything that might make them miss their afternoon naps and do some real work for a change.

They couldn’t give a monkey’s toss about the freedoms of the British peoples or their legitimate desire to live in a free and democratic country. We’re just supposed to knuckle under Imperial Nippon so that they can continue to sell into the E.U. from a position of privilege in the U.K. – OR ELSE! And British newspapers like the Guardian, of course, are wringing their hands in horror and shock and saying that we’ll have to rethink the referendum because we’ll have to give into them and let them have their way because, boo-hoo, they shouted at us, mummy. The big Japanese man at the top told us off for being so naughty and stupid as to think that we can be free peoples. We have to do as he says or he might take our toys away.

Well, how [expletive deleted] dare he. I know that we Brexiteers have already lost the battle but nonetheless, how [expletive deleted] dare he.

Oh, and the deeply unsubtle and remarkably stupid Japanese attempt to browbeat, intimidate and coerce the U.K. into doing what their Prime Minister and his disreputable brotherhood of quasi-nefarious, anti-democratic scoundrels want us to do only serves to highlight one of the major faults of the E.U. It’s unwieldy, bureaucratic and ridiculously (and increasingly) capricious restraints and regulations on trade and business has meant that one of the few sensible ways for companies to trade into the E.U. is by basing themselves in either the U.K. or the Republic of Ireland. By so doing they put the comparatively sane business laws of those two countries around their operations without having to deal with the massively crazy regulations that obtain elsewhere in the E.U.

That is what Japanese companies are afraid that they might lose. But they, and their government, have hampered and hindered every attempt over the last twenty years by the governments of the U.K. and Eire to reform and curtail the burgeoning E.U. bureaucracy and the ever proliferating laws and regulations that have become so nit-picking that many in business in both countries jokingly say that they imminently expect a regulation governing the point size of the full stops to be used in companies’ reports. The Japanese only have themselves to blame and we Brexiteers have no sympathy for them.

They should have helped us whilst reform of the moribund and soon to be bankrupt E.U. was still possible, but as usual they didn’t want to make any effort to understand or come to grips with the world outside Japan. So I have this to say to them: please keep up the threats because actions like that childish so-called report only make it more likely that we Brexiteers might win in the end. You’ve offended so many British people by saying what you did that many are now saying that the sooner you leave the U.K, the better, for you obviously have no concept of freedom or democracy. I’ve even heard some people say that they’d rather be poor and free than wealthy and in thrall to such a philosophy as is embodied by those fifteen pages.

My dear American cousins, you’ll also have noted, I suppose, that your remarkably dense current President has committed your country to doing trade deals with the unelected oligarchy that runs the E.U. rather than with a free democracy such as the U.K. I was naïve enough to believe that the day and age of the U.S.A. supporting tyrannies was over. Obviously I was wrong.

Freedom is without price, but its cost can be high nonetheless. Many in the U.K. today would willingly meet that cost. It’s only the Remainiacs who want to remain in a state of quasi-slavery and to continue to be ruled over by the incompetent and the corrupt. They’ll get their way, but that will have a price. I wonder, will we Brexiteers be happy to pay it? I won’t be and that has left me pondering an insoluble question – is it ever right to indulge in civil disobedience or insurrection in a democracy, and if it is when, precisely, would it be correct to do so?




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