British medic helping treat Isis killers praised Charlie Hebdo attacks on Twitter and also called for Sharia law

A British medical student who travelled to Syria to treat Jihadi fighters in Islamic State hospitals once praised the Charlie Hebdo murders, it emerged last night.

Private schoolgirl Lena Mamoun Abdelgadir is one of nine British doctors and students in their late teens or early 20s who are now believed to be volunteering in hospitals there.

Their families have all flocked to the border in a desperate attempt to bring their children home, saying that they had been ‘cheated, brainwashed’ by IS militants.Yesterday, their parents issued a joint statement claiming that their children had travelled to the border to take part in ‘humanitarian’ work and had ‘excellent moral capabilities’.

But posts on what is believed to be Miss Abdelgadir’s Twitter account suggest that her views are less than moral and that she has indeed gone to work with IS.

She once retweeted: ‘The pictures that the 2 journalists produced on Islam and prophet Muhammed (saw) was more horrific then their killing.’

On the account, @Lenaalinglingg, she also called for Sharia law, retweeted a statement that homosexuality is a disease and criticised terror arrests, calling them ‘silly’. The private schoolgirl condemned Muslims who joined the ‘not in my name’ campaign which rejects IS and Muslims who wore poppy headscarves to mark Remembrance Day.

She also once retweeted: ‘Fighting is not violence. Violence is tyranny, oppression, suppression & injustice. Only thru FIGHTING can we get OUT of VIOLENCE. #peace.’

The pupil, from King’s Lynn in Norfolk, spent nine years at Wisbech Grammar in Cambridgeshire before studying medicine at Khartoum’s private University of Medical Sciences and Technology. Her parents sent her to Sudan to study so that she could reconnect with her Islamic roots. She seems to have succeeded comprehensively in the task.

Her father, a consultant orthopaedic surgeon at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kings Lynn, Norfolk, where the family live, immediately flew to Turkey to find her. He previously said: ‘We have decided not to return home unless we go with them. We sent out children to study [in Sudan] so that they would be surrounded by their culture. But their decision to go to Syria has been a shock for all of us.’


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  1. As long as your children have been taught to think of themselves as Muslims, to be inculcated with what Islam inculcates, there is always the chance — nine years in Cambridgeshire schools or not — that they will take what they can find in the Qur’an and Hadith and Sira to heart, and then it’s off to Syria, or somewhere else, or a plot right at home, or no plot at all, but just a simmering hatred for the Infidel laws and customs, and the Infidels themselves. Only if you get out of Islam altogether can you be sure your children won’t succumb. All kinds of things can set them off, including depression, loss of a job or failure to get on, confusion about life, inability to get a boyfriend or a girlfriend, failure to get into the school you wanted to,and so on. And non-Muslims have a thousand things to blame. But if you are Muslim, you have a pre-existing mental grid, and you start to blame the Infidels, and one step leads to another. And its worse if you live among Infidels, in a society better-regulated than your own, among people who don’t appear to feel a need to submit to Islam or understand why you, as a Muslim, deserve to be treated as their superior.And finally, if you live in the West, have become a drug dealer, or a petty criminal, like the Tsarnaev boys, and so many others, and you go back to that old-time religion so as to go straight, if that old-time religion is Islam, and you embrace it as a life-line, you are more likely to take the whole thing to heart, which means, and in the worst way, Jihad fi sabil Allah.

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