California’s Mock Election

by Gary Fouse

Gavin Newsome, Governor-elect of California

On a national level, the anticipated “blue wave” was what Mark Levin termed today a blue tinkle. True, the Democrats captured the House of Representatives, but the Republicans increased their edge in the Senate. Florida and Georgia appear to have averted catastrophes in their governorships. At CNN, the mood was blue, no pun intended. CNN pundit Van Jones called the results “sad.”

Out here in California, we went through the motions of having an election. Here is how it went. Democrat Lt Governor Gavin Newsome was elected governor over Republican John Cox. That was hardly a surprise. The playboy ex husband of Kimberley Guilfoyle, who many of you might know from Fox News, is an empty suit liberal who basically mouths empty platitudes. He will continue the senseless policies of “Rundown” Jerry Brown, who will retire for the next 30 years until he returns for his third term at the age of 115.

The race for Lt. Governor was between two nameless Democrats, one of whom won and the other lost. You can look up the names if you wish.

Ditto for Dianne Feinstein, who will now serve into her 90s presumably after defeating another Democrat.

Who says we don’t have choices in California?

Down in Southern California, 30-year incumbent Congressman Dana Rohrbacher (R) has apparently been defeated in a close election. Not that many Republicans cared since nobody seems to know what Rohrbacher stands for anymore. One close race I was paying attention to was our own Congressional district (45th) where incumbent Mimi Walters (R) appears to have defeated liberal UC Irvine law professor and Elizabeth Warren protegee, Katie Porter. And who is Katie Porter, you ask? You don’t wanna know. But if  you know anything about the UCI Law School, founded by liberal attorney Erwin Chemerinsky, now at UC Berkeley, you know all you need to know about Porter. The UCI law school is a breeding ground for leftist social activists. I am gratified that Porter can return to her classroom and churn out more social warriors rather than vote for bad laws on a national level.

Farther down in San Diego, Congressman Duncan Hunter (R), who is under indictment, was re-elected, probably because he was running against some 29 year-old guy whose Palestinian grandfather was reportedly involved in the 1972 Munich Olympic massacre.


We also had a number of propositions to vote on, most of which I left blank. One “notable” measure had to do with changing daylight savings time. I left that one blank. Proposition 6 was scandalously mislabeled by the powers that be in Sacramento. It had to do with repealing the latest gas tax hike, but that was left off the ballot. Instead the voters had to decide whether to deny funding for repairing roads, bridges and other worthy causes. Naturally, the largely uninformed voters rejected it.

So nothing changes in the sanctuary state. For Van Jones, he might consider moving out here. It might cure his depression.