Caught Him!

by Gary Fouse

I had little doubt that law enforcement would quickly identify the person who was sending bombs through the mail addressed to prominent liberal figures. I did have some question as to which extreme the suspect would belong to ideologically. I thought there might be a possibility that it was some Antifa type trying to discredit the Trump administration and Republicans in general in the run-up to the midterm elections. I was wrong. By all accounts, the suspect, Cesar Sayoc, is a right-wing kook.

First and foremost, we should all be grateful that law enforcement has quickly brought an end to this scare. As a conservative, I have strong, negative feelings about all of the people who were targeted. Sending them bombs or targeting them for violence never entered my mind, nor would 99.9% of other conservatives ever entertain such thoughts. The actions of this person are despicable and deserving of the harshest punishment. 

Of course, we are already seeing the crowing from the media and the left. President Trump is being blamed 24-7 for fostering an attitude of violence. Already, the despicable Maxine Waters, who has actively and with specificity encouraged her followers to get in the faces of Republicans and administration officials-with positive results, is hypocritically saying that Trump has to accept responsibility for the actions of Sayoc. We need no lectures in civility from the likes of Maxine Waters.

Cesar Sayoc will have his day in court where his guilt nor innocence will ultimately be established. What is important to note is that these acts will find little to no sympathy among Republicans or conservatives. We all applaud the prompt resolution of this case.


2 Responses

  1. A+ for law enforcement detection after the fact of crime committed. F- for prevention, just as the F- earned for not acting on the 9/11 clues before the Twin Towers, Pentagon, and PA attacks. And F- for publicizing the mistakes made by the alleged perp, alerting future nut cases to be more careful in not leaving clues behind. // If we were angels we’d be perfect; as humans we are mangles.

  2. Obviously the examples of Sodom (Saddam?), Gommorah, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Dresden were insufficient in conveying citizens’ responsibility for maintaining just government. // To teach the subject again, and for the final time, will require Flood AND Fire to reach even those in their sewer sanctuaries. // As the perps and their colluders say, “Have a vice day.”

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