Chelmsford-based Iranian sex gang accused of ‘toeing the party line’ with their accounts

The prosecution is concluding their case in this trial. From the Essex Chronicle

Five Iranian men accused of being part of a Chelmsford-based sex and drugs gang are “toeing the party line”, a court heard.

The crown’s case against the men was summed up in Chelmsford Crown Court yesterday (November 28).

Prosecuting, Christopher Paxton said Mohammed Rostami, 37, of The Renown, Shoebury, had sex with the first alleged victim when she was under the age of 16, raped her, and farmed her out to various men in the Iranian community in return for cocaine and mephedrone.

He also told jurors Mehdi Zare, 32, of Lupin Drive, Chelmsford, had sex with the same victim when she was underage on multiple occasions, supplied her drugs and, alongside Rostami, farmed her out to other men for sex in return for drugs.

It is also claimed Amin Kaveh, 35, supplied her with mephedrone.

He said: “At the very heart of this case are truth and lies. On the one hand she alleges these crimes and these three defendants say they didn’t happen. Why would she lie? Bear in mind all she has had to say. She has had to expose all aspects of her life, warts and all. There is no gain for her to tell lies against three innocent men.”

Mr Paxton said the woman’s evidence should be believed because of the “layers and layers of detail” she has included throughout her interviews and evidence.

“They all toe the party line in pushing [the victim] to the edges,” Mr Paxton said.

“It demonstrates to you just how closely these men are linked and just how they are connected. When you stand back and look at the evidence, these five men have exploited these young women, doing what they wanted, when they wanted, knowing those within the group and community would not tell and these two girls would not be believed should they ever choose to tell.

You can believe [the women]. You can be satisfied so that you are sure and I would invite you to return a guilty verdict on every count.”

The trial will hear the summing up from the defence case and Judge Patricia Lynch before the jury is sent out to deliberate.