Claim: Muslim Translators Lie, Deny Muslim Harassment Of Christian And Yazidi Migrants

From the German public broadcaster ARD, via Breitbart

Desperate Yazidi and Christian migrants in Germany have attempted to report harassment and violence at the hands of Muslim migrants, only for Sunni Muslim translators to lie and deny sectarian attacks.


Muslim translators, from whom the minorities sought help, “threw their support behind the attackers” and denied to authorities that harassment and violence is happening.

After an influx of more than a million migrants last year, German authorities are unable to find sufficient numbers of qualified and reliable translators of Arabic to meet demand. The country’s Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) now recruits translators with a pamphlet which says that “in this work you will take on a great responsibility and we expect from you neutrality and reliability.” But an investigative report by German broadcaster ARD uncovered that there is a “gaping void between demand and reality,” which causes a “nightmare” for numerous migrants.

Gian Aldonani, a Cologne-based Yazidi student whose family fled to Germany when she was a child and who works with minority migrants, said this isn’t an isolated incident: ”There is a deliberate effort to fallaciously translate. First we thought that this was a single incident from Cologne, but we have recognised now through the documentation of all cases that this is the case all over Germany.”

A lawyer with Christian and Yazidi migrants among her clients says: “This is something that multiple refugees reported to me, not just my clients. Again and again they point this out, but no one listens to them.” The lawyer accused the authorities of naïveté, neglecting to react to the allegations at all or claiming to know nothing about them, despite the numerous filed reports.


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  1. There *must* be fluent Arabic speakers, from the relevant region/s, who are NOT MUSLIM. And surely there are Christians who speak Syriac-Aramaic, the language of not a few of the Christians. The existing diaspora of Christians – and of the few Yazidis and Mandaeans who may have escaped previously – and **Syrian and Iraqi Jews who escaped/ were hunted out of those two countries in the 1960s, for example ** should surely include people who would be both willing and able to translate. Those people *have* to be found, and hired. I would tell the Germans and Danes and Swedes (and anyone else who is processing the cases of Syrian and Iraqi Christian and Yazidi refugees) to contact *Israel* and say: “We have a problem. We need people to interpret/ translate who are 1/ fluent in Syrian and Iraqi Arabic and perhaps also Syriac-Aramaic and 2/ NOT MUSLIM. Do you have anyone who could help?”

    Relying on Muslim interpreters is stupid.

    This is like relying on Turkish Muslim interpreters to translate for Armenian Christians.

    Sack the damn Muslim ‘translators’ and ‘interpreters’ and hire Christians. If *Muslims* complain and accuse non-Muslim interpreters of being biased, that’s just projection and should be ignored.

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