Covfefe, Climate, Bohemia Etc.

by Friedrich Hansen

Bohemia has two meanings: one particular, geographical, ethnic denoting the historically Protestant countryside surrounding Prague, and the other universal, denoting the decadent global liberal eco- jet set. The Parisians who created the term Bohemia around 1830 not accidently confused its first incarnation on the Rive Gauche, the famous “Left Bank” of the Loire, which was equally anti-bourgeois and anti-Catholic. Parisians identified them with gypsies wrongly believed to originate from the part of Eastern Europe called bohemia, hence their name. Now President Trump as a family man is married to the former and fighting the latter, like a modern Don Quixote defending the honor of the white knight, a formula that encodes his unstoppable success. For in times of anti-globalization the days of the universal latte-sipping Bohemia appears to be spent. This much we gather form a brand new coffee cup named “Covfefe“ that has gone viral on the Web. Taken from an unfinished midnight Twitter of the busy US President “Covfefe” wrappes up his ability to flabbergast the hypocrit eco-jet set, whose latte cardboad cups have become more than a nuisance. In fact it amounts to an environmental abomination, the main offenders being card carrying members of the carbon-dioxide mafia.

It is for this reason that everyone ought to praise Donald Trump for popping the CO2 bubble and by that putting an end to five hundred years of insolent Protestant posturing: 1521 till 2020 from reformator Martin Luther‘s stint vis a vis of Karl V to the year when the Paris Climate Agreement is set to start. Even the columnist Bret Stephens, who recently left the Wall Street Journal for the New York Times argues in his first column there: “Anyone who has read the 2014 report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change knows that, while the modest (0.85 degrees Celsius, or about 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit) warming of the earth since 1880 is indisputable, as is the human influence on that warming, much else that passes as accepted fact is really a matter of probabilities. That’s especially true of the sophisticated but fallible models and simulations by which scientists attempt to peer into the climate future. To say this isn’t to deny science. It’s to acknowledge it honestly.”

America Felix – for only 30 % according to solid polls on behalf of the Wall Street Journal care seriously about climate change. Thanks to this, Donald Trump is more than justified pulling out of the fraudulent UN climate framework. The epithet fraudulent seems appropriate today given persistent and increasingly desperate attempts of the liberal impostors to immunize themselves against the crushing evidence vanishing the case for wholesale anthropogenic global warming. To this avail I have assembled some critical links at the end of this blog. Criticism against totally misleading mathematical climate models and alarmist predictions has been so convincing that I will focus on the theological underpinnings and the bohemian roots of “greenisness” all of which carry a notorious apocalyptic tone reeking of cultural Protestantism.

For instance do you think An Inconvenient Truth needed show tunes? Or do we need a “climate change musical” on which 700,000 Dollars of US-taxpayers money have been spent, as Dr. Henry Miller from the Hoover Institution in Stanford reported recently in the The Wall Street Journal? These theatrics can only be understood from the centennial tradition of “High Jinks,” the famous entertainment of the annual elite encampment of the West Coast resort called “Bohemian Grove“ to which we will attend in a moment. Truly climate panic belongs in the tradition of crippling anxieties and wet dreams that are the bane of modernity since the Reformation which abandoned the protective family and created the reckless egotistic but for ever incomplete liberal soul.

We have to concern ourselves with five hundred years of bohemianism precisely because radical eco-Protestant impostors are reverants of the self-overwhelming Luther with his inescapable gesture “Here I stand; I can’t help it!” of 1521 in front of Karl V at the Worms Diet. It is this kind of missioning and pseudo-religious inwardness that always ends in hysteric expressionism or emotional incontinence – being used to impose mind control on the rest. Mind control is the modern panacea of power politics. Now Trump puts an end to exactly this kind of deluded naturalist self- misunderstanding. As the genuine family man President Donald Trump senses why liberal “wet greens,” the romatic vegetable men, confuse “natures God,” as he is falsely addressed in Jefferson’s Franco-American Declaration of Independence, with the true monotheist and transcendent God. This is absolutely no coincidence as Yoram Hazony has shown us, for the Declaration is the lesser document compared to the truly American Constitution, which is the epitome of its conservative soul. See here.

The bohemian vegetable men are reifying the “mysterium tremedum et fascinans,” that is “a mystery before which man both trembles and is fascinated, is both repelled and attracted.“ With “natures God“ liberals betray their touchy bohemian nature which like Renaissance man always have wrongly thought feeling is the same as “touching.“ This is why green alarmists care about little more than how to get there next cafe latte: the “kovfefe.“

I only mention briefly the case against the fake “hockey stick“- curve, showing a sudden peak of temperatures allegedly reflecting the surge of 19th century industry. It has been properly exposed by Mark Steyn who as a result had to undergo an extremely expensive court trial for libel, brought forth by the father of the shtick, climate researcher Michael Man of Washington D.C. Steyn makes no bones about the liberal PC tyranny as with his recent quip: those who utterly fail to control our borders are trying to fool us into believing they could “control the heavens“ – exploiting the fallacy of our digital “remote control” worlds. According to this logic, also found in the Paris Climate Accord, the best green politics is attending to a permanent cause that keeps asking for solutions which are sure never to come about.

Only brave President Trump dares to disagree, being the first man in power not to go along with this racket. For this reason alone he is being punished treated like a medieval leper by our benighted liberals, which looks pretty much like the postmodern version of the Prague Defenestration – the removal of opponents by torching them as heretics – to be cast out of polite society – an archaic ritual that is rehearsed annually under the name of Cremation of Care i.e. guilt in the Californian “Bohemian Grove.” No doubt here that Donald Trump had no choice but to pull the full Truman: “The buck stops here!” It is for this reason that we have to look into the twisted story of the double edged sword of Max Weber‘s “Protestant ethics” serving the reckless accumulation of capital at the cost of everyone else.

Let me begin with some impressions of a recent journey through parts of the late Habsburg Empire, as it were from Klagenfurt towards Triest, or from its Freudian to its anti-Freudian end. This area precisely became fertile ground for what may soon be widely appreciated as the magic circle of Trump‘s marital Odyssey in search of the true family. It leads us from industrious Bohemia as the fountainhead of Protestantism, towards the very rural and mountainous Slovenia which abruptly plunges from a plateau of nine hundred yards into the Adriatic Sea. There is still located the very busy harbour of Triest today a hub for coffee, gas and oil destined for northern Europe. President Trump‘s first wife Ivana Maria, a business women and candidate for the 1972 winter Olympics for slalom skiiing but also a fashion model and beautiful blond, was born in 1949 in what was still Czechoslovakia back then. Ivana and Donald have been married from 1977 till 1991 with three children and eight grand children so far.

From a six-year interlude between 1993 and 1999 with the actress and television personality Marla Ann Maples, born in 1963 in rural Georgia, who bore him his daughter Tiffany, Trump virtually romanced back across the Atlantic beyond the fomer Iron Curtain to Slovenia. It was here where my journey continued and where Trump’s third wife, the current First Lady Melania, was born. After crossing the Loibl Pass through the Karawanks chain of limestone from Austria into Slovenia we also passed by some of the calm and almost untouched Slovenian lakes. This brought us straight to the capital Ljubljana, where Melania studied design. Born in bucolic Novo Mesto in 1970 under the socialist regime of Yugoslavia she might have been inspired by the many well preserved art-deco buildings from the 1930s there. The eastern preservation of architecture betrays a conservative bent often misread as socialist mismanagement but that appears in a very different light after the collapse of the Soviet Empire. Only today we can see that the values of family, religion and nation have survived rather better under eastern socialism as they have in the West. Being happily married to a woman raised as a pastors daughter in the former communist German Republic I am convinced that President Trump’s oriental romantic inclinations have little to do with espionage but a lot with essentially monotheist values.

Everyone who has travelled eastern Europe or Russia after the fall of the Iron Curtain will be surprised to encounter the set of Christian values “alive and kicking“ that dominated the West still before the civilizational break of 1968. Eastern Europe including the Balkans due to its geographic situation between Orient and the Occident, between Islam and Christianity, has for many centuries been ahead of the West and determined much of 20th century history. Notably the Habsburgian “melting pot“ provided the fertile ground for the bulk of emigrants of what was to become the magisterial Western intelligentsia replete with Noble Laureats, political leaders, great artists and philosophers. They were all hailing from the spiritually extremely fertile quadrangle between Prague, Vienna, Bratislava and Trieste. This tells us also something about a much underappreciated yet very accomplished culture of female emancipation that in many ways still bests its Western counterparts. This is where Trump‘s two spouses hail from.

Moscow’s Metro bests New York’s Subway

If you walk one of the Eastern strolling promenades, be it in Warsaw, Prague, Budapest, Ljubliana, even Triest – all destination I have visited after the fall of the Berlin Wall – and in particular the famous Moscow Arbat district or if you travel on the underground on those same locations one major experience will strike you as extraordinary. You will see well preserved pre-WW II architecture such art nouveau, Jugendstil and Art Deco often still in their original state with the due patina. But you will also observe that the people dress themselves mostly in the pre-1968 restrained style. Absent or very rare are beggars in rags and those imitating them with greyish, unironed trash, ragged and artifically worn out clothes. Unheard of are women with wholes in their trousers exposing their flesh, youths hiding under dark hoods or imitating prisoners with girdleless sagged trousers. You will also very rarely see tattoos or flesh rings, called piercing, in ears, nose, and mouth which are still remembered by religious observant as the biblical sign for serfs (Exodus 21:6).

While serfdom has been abolished for good by Czar Alexander II in 1861 after incessant agitation from his London Exile by the Russian emigree Alexander Herzen, it makes a new appearance in sado-masochistic sex and symbols like piercing embraced in the West. Few people realize that Western pop fashion is often little more then camouflage for poverty amid the decline of the middle class. However everyone will immediately realize this unconvenient truth once they have got to compare the people traveling the London tube or New York subway with people travelling on the Moscow metro or in any other Eastern metropole. For in the former socialist countries the distrubution of wealth allows the common man to retain a decent measure of dignity.

To the unassuming observer the difference regarding the average standard of living meanwhile seems more fair in the East than in the West. Looking at this from the opposite end of the social strata, you will rarely see the snobish style of Western haughty elites “dressing down” either, which is just a frivolous way of presenting a prurient or socalled liberated body. The Catholic essayist Michael Mosbacher speeks aptly of the “misery of formlessness,“ a kind of depravation of the rich in the West. While the West got the lascivious body it is loosing spiritual freedom quickly thanks to Political Correctness. What we see unfolding in the East works exactly the other way round.

Recently a video from Canada went viral showing a young rogue, riding the tube with his outstretched legs and dirty shoes on the empty seat opposite his. When an elderly Lady dared to reprimand him, he went bunkers, furiously attacking her with scatological verbiage. On a different note there is quite a considerable East-Western gap in politeness to be observed. In the Moscow Metro I encountered upon my visit in 2015 that roughly two thirds of seats on the metro were regularly occupied by women with men rising respectfully. Western female emancipation seems to have killed this one off permanently. Another issue of politeness is evident regarding the opening and closing of doors. In the individualistic Western societies you have to watch out carefully when entering swing doors in shops, cafes, malls and official buildings in order not to bounce your head. In the still more “collectivist” East you will find that almost everyone is careful to hold doors open for people after him. All these are uplifting signs of the demise of bohemia in the East.

However in the West bohemia still dominates the media, academia as well as much of the administrative elite for the time being. They typically loath the trias of family, religion and nation and do everything to destroy them: from limitless sexual liberation to limitless immigration the bohemians are subjecting everyone to the emotional roller-coaster of their claims to a wholy unnatural and fictional sublimity. Yet they are just impostors habitually shaming the rest in the name of their constructed victimologies under the auspices of the sexual revolution or in their fight against supposed racial white male privilege to be replaced by openly authoritarian clans of immigrant populations. The anti-bougeois, anti-national and anti-family neurosis has been driving the bohemian racket for centuries and it emerged straight form the French Revolution.

The Bohemian West Coast Elite

Fortunately in Trump we have got the much needed expert for Bohemia – the real aa well as the virtual. For the family man knows his bohemian when he sees one. This is today America‘s problem: to drain the bohemian swamp of libertinage. It all started in the decadent Fin-de-siecle when the first bohemain colonies where founded in Greenwhich New York, Berkeley California and even in heartland Chicago. Earlier Walt Whitman jotted down his lyrics such as “The Two Vaults“ at Pfaff‘s beer cellar, the bohemian hub on Broadway Manhatten in the 1860s (J. Levin & E. Witley: Whitman among the Bohemians 2014). Typically bohemia prided itself with a code for the self- exiled – a cheap replica of the divinely chosen family people. The exiled Old World intellectuals comprising thousands of emigrees from Europe would go on to form the new elite of American progressives soon after WW I and ongoing. But in the more than hundred years of the liberal left’s “long march through the institutions.” as described by Fred Siegel starting after WW I, American bohemia managed to established itself in the transition of the power centre from the East Coast to California, the breeding ground of post-science green multiationals in Silicon Valley together with their San Francisco eco-gender avantgarde which for more than two decades have called the shots.

In an eight hundred pages strong collection of essays titled “On Bohemia“ (Transaction Publishers 1990) the editors Cesar and Marigay Grana took stock of the whole spectre of the self-loathing progressives in the West who could only be redeemed by “coming out” with a new sex – pseudoreligious self-realization beyond the family. With almost one hundred authors this big reader provides enough leeway for the meandering individualism, giving voice to the desperate anti- bourgeois soul. The result is a mesmerizing portrait of the entirely negative identity of the hapless Western elite that President Trump is set to unravel.

Owl‘s nest Camp in the summer of 1967 at the exclusive resort “Bohemian Grove,“ with Ronald Reagan to the right of standing Harvey Hancock and Richard Nixon to his left (Wikipedia).

When Richard Nixon, then President of the United States, was scheduled as the bohemian Lakeside Speaker, the media caused such a stir that he had to rescind his appointment. In the telegram he sent to the Bohemian Club he famously joked, “while anyone could aspire to be American President only few could aspire to be president of the Bohemian Club.” If we believe G. William Domhoff and his “Study in Ruling-Class Cohesiveness,“ covering the years from 1967 to 1970 (Harper & Row Publishers, 1974), the bohemian glue for the US elites has been provided for well over a century by a few lush country resorts such as the the 2700 acres compound at Monte Rio called Bohemian  Grove or the illustrous Rancheros Visitadores. In his introduction Domhoff tells us:

“Retreats are interesting in and of themselves. They are especially interesting when – like the bacchanalian rites discussed in the book – they involve elaborate rituals, first class entertainment, a little illicit sex, and some of the richest and most powerful men in the country.“

Subsequently he discusses three such “waterholes” yet focuses on “The Bohemian Grove,“ founded way back in 1878 and owned by a private men‘s club in nearby San Francisco. Its high profile annual events on average register 2500 attendees. From Wikipedia we learn: “The Bohemian Club’s all-male membership and guest list includes artists, particularly musicians, as well as many prominent business leaders, government officials including former U.S. presidents and senior media executives, and people of power.“ Each yearly gathering is carefully designed, the epitome being plays, called high and low jinks, uniquely designed for the event which usually cost a fortune with up to 350 voluteers. In 1882 for example the poet Charles Warren Stoddard chose for his jinks the 13th century Bohemian priest and national patron saint of the real Bohemia, who had become a martyr. His name is Saint John Nepomuk – a man who had been drowned by King Vaclav of Bohemia for not sharing with him secrets of the queen, who was suspected of adultery by her husband, secrets to be sure that were protected under the Catholic “seal of confessions.“ As is well known it was Luther and Calvin who inflated Catholic indulgences by turning them into emotional incontinence of Protestant posturing prime example being Shakespeare’s theatre. Undying rumours have it that Shakespeare studied Luther assiduously even visiting him at Wittenberg. Stoddards’s play had been very successful and was reenacted in 1921 and in 1969. Surely John Nepomuk remained the most powerful symbol of the bohemian club confirming the hard core Protestant credentials of the American boheme.

Its is absolutely mesmerizing to consider how Donald Trump acquired the acumen exactly how to scewer the bohemian squares and the green elites. This is evident in his Twitter-genius, letting the genie out of the bottle and broadcasting 24/7 which leaves the chattering classes clueless. After all the green bohemians believe in ghosts emerging form thin air of pollution. Trump with his track record of inconventient truths, breaking rules of etiquette is unlikely to ever get invited to the Bohemian Club. However it is worth remembering that it has been bohemians who first emerged as radical rogues. This is after all the calling of Protestants who went to great length earning their reputation as violent men. Their track record has been established by the irascable and violent Hussites as Proto-Protestants who not only performed two Defenestrations in Prague but also set off two Thirty Years Wars: 1618 and 1918.

The first defenstration was about throwing seven Catholic council members out of the window of the Prague Town Hall in 1419 because they disagreed with them. The violent act followed after what might be called a predecessor of the Gay Pride Parade, a procession led by the Hussite priest Jan Zelivski and hit by a stone hurled from a window when it passed the Town Hall. Again in 1619 two of four Catholic regents were pushed over the precipice, fell 20 meters deep before landing on a heap of dung and survived. Now we need to note that with the choice of the martyr Nepomuk the American bohemians are trying to reverse the theological-historical context of Christian victomology. For in the real Western history the Protestants by unravelling the traditional order excelled as aggressors rather than as victims.

It is for this reason that Californian bohemians keep identifying themselves with the Protestant victim Saint John of Nepomuk. All this forms the victimological background for the false claims on Protestant victimhood by the present gender warriors. It began with the Californian boheme chosing Saint John of Nepomuk in 1882, at a time when the local gay community consolidated itself occasioned by a visit by Oscar Wilde on his lecture tour through the US. Wilde is likely to have been the first homosexual to lead a procession of bohemians and city officials through San Francisco. The specific dynamic with such processions can be cast as typically Protestant with its mix of radical posturing and claims to shared victimhood.

To this day the annual ritual at the Bohemian Grove is focused on switching off personal conscience or the inner self, also called Adam II by the NYT columnist David Brook (“The Road to Character,” 2015). This is being achieved by the main rites of Cremation of Care which includes the symbolic burning of a coffin filled with a the sorrows and guilt feelings of the assembled men in power as if it were a pagan Yom Kippur, the annual Jewish atonement of the guilty souls. Yet in sharp contrast to the Jewish original the bohemian attendees use the ritual only to be more at ease with sin. For the bacchannalia that follow are meant to free up the attendee for a “little illicit sex.“ Of course this is never openly admitted and therefore a formal celebratory cult is being used as cover for letting loose the bohemian instincts. In the Bohemian Grove this cult it dedicated to the Owl of Athens the Hellenic symbol of divine wisdom.

The cult‘s mute reference is to Hegel‘s flight of the Owl of Minerva, “spreading its wings only in the evening” – the famous formula invented by Hegel for his ambitious project of Occidental apologetics. By that he credits the advanced European scientific culture under the epithet of “evening lands” as the highest possible civilization, therfore logically representing the “end of history.” Yet this is just another case of liberal posturing or what is today rightly discarded as suprematist ideology of the imperialistic West – meant as triumph of Occidental science over the religion of the Orient. Yet in fact Hegel‘s Owl of wisdom is at best second hand and based on a misundertanding of the Orient. For he seems to have overlooked the period of Arabic Enlightenment and science in Cordoba, known as Moorish Spain, which well preceeded the Western Renaissance of Hellenism. In addition he is ignorant of particulars such as for instance the fact that the day in Jerusalem, the eternal Western antipode of Athens, begins in the evening not in the morning.

This means, in the hot desert regions of the Orient daily working hours extend into what is deep night in the Occident which also informs the highly ambiguous concept of resurrection. For Oriental resurrection is strongly associated with rain, while Occidental resurrection is linked to light and the radiating sun. Not for nothing are both united in the American continent, rainy New England against sunny California. Hence the notion of primary capital accumulation based on Weberian Protestant ethics of the New England Puritans, identifying themselves as a “chosen people“ inspired by Jerusalem was transformed during much of the 20th century into the Freudian “accumulation of lust” in the sexualized power networks of sunny West Coast and their bohemian figleaf: “flight of Minerva.” The latter can at best be read as a travesty of the biblical flight of the eagle, who carried his „chosen people“ out of slavery in Egypt (Exodus 19:4). This divine eagle‘s flight was performed on condition of Israel’s nearness ot the sublime God, rising from shame to guilt and embracing the “yoke of heaven”. Yet the bohemians would have nothing of this and replaced it with sunny and “enlightened” self-rule flavoured with a “little illicit sex” at the Californian altar of the Athenian Owl.

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