Culture Clash in St. Cloud

This is presented as a sob-story about the poor Somalis, but it has some interesting points. As always, the snobbish elites bring them in to demonstrate their moral superiority, but it is the American working class people who have to actually live with them. As Hugh Fitzgerald has stated over and over, Muslim immigration makes our lives more unpleasant, expensive and physically dangerous. Who can argue with that?


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  1. The journalist who wrote that story should first have read Ayaan Hirsi Ali, “Infidel” and “Nomad”. In the second of those two books, Ayaan talks about *pre-emptive* aggression by Muslim kids in schools in the Netherlands. It throws a different light on the claims of ‘persecution’. (For which, I observe, the journalist unquestioningly *believes* every tale she is told by the Muslim complainants, although for all of them – if I recall correctly – there is no corroborating evidence; what if those stories are in fact as baseless as that of the Muslim female in the UK who claimed she had been physically assaulted, but whose story, after hours of CCTV footage of the claimed location of the attack at the claimed time, had been examined, turned out to be false as hell?).

    And it would have been interesting to talk to a few of the women’s and children’s hospitals in the area, and ask discreetly about how many of their female Somali patients – including the girls born *after* arrival to the USA – manifest with FGM… and how many emergency patchings-up have had to be done upon girls suffering catastrophic bleeding or galloping infections or other disastrous consequences of botched FGM procedures by members of the ‘community’…. and to ask the police and the women’s shelters about levels of DV, and about disappearances and deaths of nubile females (age 15-25)… I wonder whether ‘honour’ murders are taking place? And if there are old-fashioned evangelical type Christian churches – whether black or white – or traditional Catholic churches, in or near the area, it would have been interesting to talk quietly to the pastors to find out whether they have encountered inquirers, young people from Muslim backgrounds looking into the Christian faith… whether they have baptised any of them, and what has happened to any Muslim-background-believers as a result of their leaving Islam.

    As for the schools, it would have been worth talking to the *non-Muslim* pupils, both black and white, and ask *them* who is picking fights…given the demonstrable propensity of Muslims, everywhere else in the world, for sneakily or even openly attacking Infidels and then – as soon as the attacked Infidels defend themselves – screaming and wailing that they (the Muslim attackers) are being persecuted.

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