An American Coup

By Daniel Mallock (January 2021)
Sunset over Staffelsee, Gabriele Münter, 1908-11

Thoughtful, decent people across the country and around the world are trying to make sense of what is happening in the United States. This is a difficult thing to accomplish because 98% of everything in the American press is misleading, slanted to confuse and obstruct, or an outright lie. Parsing the truth from all of the falsehoods and propaganda dumped upon the public 24-hours a day is not easy.

        A coup is underway in the United States.

        President Donald Trump won the 2020 election in a landslide just as he says he did.

        It is clear that fraudulent votes were counted in their tens of thousands, some counted multiple times, "pristine" ballots accepted as legitimate (they're not), and tens of thousands and more votes flipped via voting tabulation software systems. Elements of the fraud were so blatant as to be almost comical—who knew before this election that so many people born on 01/01/1900 vote Democrat? More importantly, who knew that so many people in the United States are 120 years old?

        It was obvious to any reasonable person that the process of tabulating and reporting of votes on election night was seriously flawed, and much worse. It also quickly became apparent that vote dumping was occurring on a massive scale with early morning truck arrivals at counting stations full of ballots (most all of which were Biden votes), and poll watchers obstructed, and prevented from watching in numerous (that is, only in Democrat-controlled) jurisdictions. The only conclusion is that a coup is now underway via a falsified election, significantly aided by the collusion of a profoundly corrupt and revolutionized/activist fraudulent media. This is an unprecedented situation in American national life.

        While it is true that the press has always been under the protection of the Constitution (due to its “watchdog” role in American politics and society) its track record in fulfilling its duties is spotty at best. Political players with dubious ethics have always understood the power of the press and the benefits to be had by corrupting and controlling it. Thomas Jefferson, like Donald Trump today, was no stranger to a false, lying, corrupt press. Jefferson wrote during his first term that the press had,  

        ". . . by pushing it’s licentiousness and it’s lying to such a degree of prostitution as to deprive it of all credit. and the fact is that so abandoned are the tory presses in this particular that even the least informed of the people have learnt that nothing in a newspaper is to be believed. this is a dangerous state of things, and the press ought to be restored to it’s credibility if possible."

        The problem of fake journalism was so acute that Jefferson mentioned it to the entire country in his second inaugural address. The parallels for today are unmistakable. Jefferson said,

        "During this course of administration, and in order to disturb it, the artillery of the press has been levelled against us, charged with whatsoever its licentiousness could devise or dare. These abuses of an institution so important to freedom and science, are deeply to be regretted, inasmuch as they tend to lessen its usefulness, and to sap its safety; they might, indeed, have been corrected by the wholesome punishments reserved and provided by the laws of the several States against falsehood and defamation; but public duties more urgent press on the time of public servants, and the offenders have therefore been left to find their punishment in the public indignation."

        In the same speech Jefferson described the effect of a lying and failed journalism as "demoralizing."

        In more ordinary times the people would certainly be demoralized by a lying, false press, but during a coup attempt such as is underway today they are not merely that, but more so bitter, enraged, fearful, and distraught.

        Abraham Lincoln famously declared in an 1858 speech that a “house divided against itself cannot stand." He also stated that, "I do not expect the Union to be dissolved — I do not expect the house to fall — but I do expect it will cease to be divided." He was two-thirds right.

        And such is our own fate: to return once again to a period of extreme divisiveness and growing alarm in the country. During Lincoln's time the divisive issues were several, i.e., state’s rights, southern nationalism, slavery, and sectional animosity.

        The country today has never been so divided since 1860.

        Today the issues of division are the Constitution and the Republic itself. That is, will the Constitution and the Republic continue? Will the concepts of freedom, justice, decency, tolerance, God, E Pluribus Unum, and a government in service to and under the control of the people rather than a government that controls the people—concepts upon which the Constitution and Republic are built—be overturned?

        Perhaps there is some irony that every Confederate was a Democrat, and none were Republican; perhaps it is an irony that the Democrat party—the party of slavery, civil war, Jim Crow, the Klan, and communism is the very same party behind the current exceptional and existential crisis in the country. Is there some irony in the fact that no Democrat leaders and no Democrats are interested whatever in investigating and demonstrating that allegations of coup/stolen election are false, and that the Democrat “president-elect” is, in fact, the legitimate winner of an election not rife with fraud, lies, ballot box stuffing, vote flipping, harassment and intimidation of vote observers, and the counting of tens of thousands of ineligible and illegal votes? As the cliché goes: the silence is deafening.

        The corrupted and failed press is but one institution of many, public and private, that have failed during this fraudulent election/coup crisis in America.

        We were warned about the high cost should our body politic be corrupted by those who hate freedom.

        One hundred years of corruption, infiltration, and cooptation by communists and globalist utopians in government, education, entertainment, and the popular culture have brought us to this point. The last four years being a daily onslaught of propaganda meant to delegitimize and undermine the president and his administration to a degree unsurpassed in American history. Democrat politicians and fellow traveler useful idiots particularly in the tech sector, entertainment, education, and failed journalism supported the false impeachment efforts and the never-ending barrage of hate and disparagement toward the president, his agenda, and his supporters. This endless stream of vitriol began the moment candidate Trump presented himself to the country on the escalator of Trump Tower in New York City just as the campaign of 2016 began.

        Many in the country are entirely unaware of the details of the 2020 campaign, particularly the troubling backgrounds of the so-called  "president-elect," his family, his associates, and their supporters because of a press blackout on covering these issues so as to support the stolen election/coup effort. A blinkered, ignorant polity is far more malleable than a well-informed one.

        On December 22nd President Trump presented the truth of the coup and the stolen election (as he had done numerous times previously) directly to the American people. He told the country and the world that the election was stolen and that he had won it, which he had. He told the people how the coup of the stolen election was perpetrated; he said that it is a national disgrace (an overly generous description under the circumstances), and that it would not stand. For the coup plotters and their friends, Trump’s promise was an ominous warning, and a cause for celebration among American patriots and decent people across the world.

        Every political institution upon which the president and his supporters can call for redress has so far failed. The Supreme Court, the House, the Senate, Department of Justice, FBI, state legislatures, state judiciaries have all failed to expose the coup and enforce the laws despite hundreds of affidavits, video evidence, statistical and forensic technical analyses of voting machine tabulation behavior that clearly show fraud, not to mention standard common sense all of which support the contention that a coup is underway—an event unparalleled in the history of the American republic.

        Another element of the coup plot was extensive unconstitutional changes to the presidential election process in multiple states, particularly the key “swing” states, whereby legislatures were illegally bypassed as election rules were radically transformed. The changes made were specifically meant to benefit Democrats and are not in accord with the letter and spirit of the Constitution. Because these changes are in contravention to the Constitution, they are within the purview of the Supreme Court to adjudicate. That the high court would abandon its duty in this regard is a catastrophic failure of that institution and for the country. Mark Levin, the esteemed legal scholar, analyst, and author, clearly describes what occurred in a December 30th article. The president’s social media account prominently displayed a link to Mr. Levin’s article on December 31, 2020.

        During the 2020 campaign President Trump referenced Abraham Lincoln in almost every rally speech. There can be no coincidence in this; the president knows he leads a divided country and he knows that forces opposed to the Constitution and the Republic, that is forces not only opposed to his administration, are working to subvert the will of the American people through brazen lies in the press, suppression of the truth, and a fraudulent election. He said on the 22nd of December that “we cannot allow a completely fraudulent election to stand.”

        If every institution fails to sustain the Constitution and the Republic this does not cancel the president's responsibility to fulfill his oath.

        When Lincoln became president, little was known of his character and mettle other than his long history as a prairie lawyer with a reputation for exceptional legal acumen, honesty, and integrity. When he was inaugurated in 1861 few could have known that only through his resolute and courageous leadership would the Union be saved. Lincoln took his oath of office seriously, just as does Trump.

        Andrew Jackson's portrait is on the wall of the Trump Oval Office. During the Nullification Crisis of 1832 Jackson threatened to send federal troops into South Carolina to enforce federal tariffs that the South Carolina state government had declared were nullified within their borders. 

        After the attack on Fort Sumter, President Lincoln issued a proclamation declaring to the country that an insurrection was underway and called for 75,000 volunteers to suppress it. He got them, and many, many more.

        After the fall of Fort Donelson and the subsequent recapture of the city of Nashville, Tennessee, by Union forces in late February, 1862, Lincoln sent Andrew Johnson to Tennessee to serve as the military governor of that state. In April, 1862, Johnson had two thousand secessionist sympathizers arrested and imprisoned, and also arrested and jailed numerous editors of secession-supporting/opposition publications.

        IF every institution of law and government fails to do its duty to uphold the Republic and the Constitution, the president still has his duty: "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." (Constitution, Article II, Section 1)

        As of this writing every public and private institution meant to protect and support the government and the Constitution has failed its duties with but two remaining, the president and the military.

        IF no institution will speak the truth and take action to save the country from a coup now underway via a fraudulent election what can or might the president do to fulfill his oath?

        The coup underway in the American Republic is so far denied and ignored by the corrupt media, denied and ignored by the Democrat politicians for whose benefit the coup was done; denied, ignored, and dismissed by fellow traveler failed Republicans, and the propagandized, the corrupt, the foolish, the blinkered revolutionary, the hyper-partisan, the ignorant. Around the country and the world decent people are enraged and distraught at the potential collapse of the “shining city on the hill.”

        One hundred years of intellectual, political, moral, cultural, and ethical corruption in the United States brings us to this moment of existential crisis never before seen or experienced; the last four years involving the most insidious, comprehensive, and intense propaganda effort in American history. This is an unprecedented moment. 

        While speculation as to what might occur in the coming days and weeks is of limited value it is difficult to avoid.

        The following speculations are founded upon knowledge of President Trump's character through his acts and accomplishments, his will and determination when facing adversity, and his clear dedication to and love for his country and the American people.

  1. President Trump will serve his second term as per his landslide election win in the 2020 election cycle.
  2. The stolen election/coup will be defeated.

        The last existential crisis of the United States was in 1861—the fate of the country came down finally to the character and actions of one man, Abraham Lincoln; a similar tragic and monumental situation is playing out now.

        President Trump, like Lincoln, knows his duty—and he will do it.

        In the near future “when it is all over,” as President Trump recently wrote, “and this period of time becomes just another ugly chapter in our Country’s history," the moment will arrive to mend broken fences, reconstruct ruined bridges, and build friendships among the opposition where now good will is in short supply.

        In 1864, President Lincoln “. . . once dropped a few kind words about the enemy. They were human beings—were they not? One could not be completely remorseless, even in war. The line must be drawn somewhere. His remarks to this effect were overheard by an elderly woman in the reception room. She flashed forth a question of how he could speak kindly of his enemies when he should rather destroy them. ‘What, madam?’ slowly as he gazed into her face, ‘do I not destroy them when I make them my friends?’”[*]

[*] Abraham Lincoln: The War Years III, volume 5, by Carl Sandburg, (Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1945), The Sangamon Edition, pp.495-6.

Daniel Mallock is an American historian. He is the author of the NYT best seller Agony and Eloquence: John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and a World of Revolution.

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1 Jan 2021
Send an emailCarl Nelson
Absolutely excellent.

1 Jan 2021
Send an emailCarl Nelson
Most of the reasonable people I converse with on social media are reaching a like conclusion, and wondering 'where to do?' without speaking those thoughts. I will write my thoughts, following: Broadside “I respect a person who's willing to die for his country, but I admire a person who is prepared to kill for his country.” ~Craig Williamson, as quoted in "The spy who never came in from the cold" (20 September 1998), Sunday Times, South Africa The courts and the police no longer protect us. Our leaders no longer represent us. And the media cancel us. Yet we are 74 million. We are all criminals now, and we need to act like it. We each get one bullet. Why? Because it displays discipline and regard. Our motto is: “It’s not how many bullets we fire, but how many fire bullets.” We must swarm them individually. All of us conceiving and carrying our individual war out privately. Take a day off. Do your tour of duty. Return to work the next day. You have fought. We also fire just one shot, because a single rifle shot is difficult to locate. And because a single act is difficult to trace. If you miss, so be it. The message has been sent. If only one in a hundred of the dispossessed take up the call, this will still lead to 740,000 shots taken at fraudulent leadership. (ONLY actors, free speech is still acceptable.) This should be enough to more than discourage them and to turn their minds back towards being Americans. As it was said during the Nixon years, “When you’ve got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow.” (Perhaps firing a bullet is not the best or your favored action. In this case, chose another. Or copy the action of one of the many other patriots. We are crowdsourcing our solution. But nothing will be solved, no solution will be found unless we act. And the Left won't stop until it is stopped.)

1 Jan 2021
Send an emailRebecca Bynum
The tragedy is that had the election produced its natural result, we would be healing now, just as Trump foresaw.

1 Jan 2021
Bill Corden
It could be argued that a good General would have seen this coming and headed it off at the pass. There is no doubt that Donald knew what was going on, but because of the political structures within each independent state, there wasn't a lot he could do to stop it.... it's one of the weaknesses in the State of the Union. Once they'd pulled the scam off, it became virtually impossible to put things right, as they were outflanked by the hopelessly biased media and the vengeful Democratic Governors. But there's still room for optimism, even without Donald at the helm. Just ask yourself this question; If Donald couldn't get many of his own policies adopted with his powerful personality and drive, what chance does Biden have with his, when half the population has voted against him? We have to take a deep breath, realize that we'll be treading water for the next presidential term and feel confident that this bunch of incompetents will be swept out of power completely in the next mid terms. In the meantime, if the new regime can keep us out of the wars which are the trademark of their administrations, and if we can find a way out of Covid .... Well we can just sit back and watch them squirm as each of their promises are broken.

2 Jan 2021
Send an emailJohn Taylor
You haven't produced one shred of concrete evidence to justify your assertions. You cannot explain why in 90 Trump lawsuits, not one was deemed of merit not were any specifics ever supplied by Trump lawyers, you cannot explain why if a coup was going on, Republicans INCREASED their legislative seats, you intentionally mislead on the voting machines, ignoring the fact that paper ballots were kept as backup in every one of the contested states - how else were recounts to be done by hand, if not with paper ballots? You are just the reverse mirror image of CRT, paranoid ideologues just like they are.

2 Jan 2021
Stan S.
To John Taylor: The article has multiple "proofs," you moron. The fact that the media IGNORES evidence and that courts haven't HEARD the evidence does not at all JUSTIFY your position. It justifies the author's position.

2 Jan 2021
Mick Weston
John Taylor, There is overwhelming evidence for voting fraud and vote flipping and vote irregularities and the fact that the election was fraudulent but you suggest that there isn't any-- just as the author stated democrats do. You've actually validated the author's point nicely. _______________________________________ You also suggest that since Trump is asserting that the election was fraudulent, a coup, and TREASON that therefore it's all a lie-- just as the lying media have told you to believe for the past four years. This validates another of the author's arguments. _______________ All told, you've done a fine job supporting the author's contentions while you absurdly believe that you've criticized them.

3 Jan 2021
"the press has always been under the protection of the Constitution (due to its “watchdog” role in American politics and society)" No. The Freedom of Speech is properly recognized because it is a RIGHT, *not* because it supposedly satisfies some END chosen by the State.

4 Jan 2021
Bill Corden
I have to laugh at the naivité of the people who keep on saying "there's not one shred of evidence to support the contention that the election was rigged" Does the murderer say, "Yeah I did it and here's where I hid the gun. Here's a detailed itinerary of where I was on the night in question and as you will see, I was at the scene of the crime at the time of the crime? Does the scam artist deliberately leave a trail of his accounts and provide the cops with copies of his bank statements to show what he's been up to? No, they cover their tracks as best they can and leave it to the accusers to prove the wrongdoing, making it as difficult as possible to find out the truth. Watch any trial on TV and you'll get the message (or just watch reruns of the O.J trial) Of course a recount will produce the same result if you count the same invalid votes ... what else would you expect? As I said in my earlier comment, the scam has been pulled off and once you've been scammed it's almost impossible to get your money back (or your vote back in this case)But we won't have the benefit of a proper trial in this case.

6 Jan 2021
Bob Dowl
John is right, every claim of fraud has ZERO evidence.. much like the whole birther bullshit. Unless its grounded in FACT presented in COURT and not on twitter, it means nothing.. but dont let that dissuade you from sending MORE money to trump so he can pay himself to pack.

6 Jan 2021
Mr Trowel does not admit that if an institution such as a court does not function then evidence will not be heard, which is just what happened here. If evidence is not heard that does not mean that it does not exist. Leftists have always used institutions to destroy institutions that are supposed to protect freedom. Everybody knows that Trump's tens of thousands of people at his rallies in comparison to 12 at fake "president-elect" Biden's rallies signified that Biden would win the election. And everybody knows that dominion machines and software are flawless and that corrupt people running for office and corrupt people who facilitate them would never do anything.... corrupt. Democrats love control far more than they love freedom, they started a Civil War to protect their slavery system. And Trowel is right about the "birther" matter-everybody knows that the former president was born in Kenya.

21 Jan 2021
Send an emailHoward Nelson
The con of confusion and contempt for patriots is completed. The con artists will improve their methodology anticipating a peaceful patriotic uprising. MSM, Hollywood, Facebook, Twitter, and their cohorts domestic and foreign will more firmly coordinate to defeat the re-arising of the Phoenix of Freedom from its ashes. The Bald Eagle is nurturing it’s young though it is no longer a protected species. Time now to take off the gloves, throw down the gauntlets, and organize for the no-holds barred dirty fight ahead. ///. ‘Constitution, Not Political Prostitution’ can be a guiding light. We will lose again and again if we do not teach our children well — warts and all. Melville’s ‘The Martyr’ warned “...beware the People weeping, when they bare the iron hand ...” The question for us is, do we still have the iron hand, or the palsied hand of iron oxide, rusted and paralyzed. Up your heritage and courage!

21 Jan 2021
Send an emailHoward Nelson
The unspoken sorrow is that ca. 70,000,000 legitimate votes were cast for Biden. That’s 70 million votes for a mentally diminished, Red China ( CCP ) compromised, voter-fraud proponent. How could this happen? What percentage of those 70 million were simply ignorant of those verifiable facts? How many of those did not care as long as Trump was defeated as the true winner? How many will still sing our national anthem with honest enthusiasm? How many still cling ignorantly, shamelessly, to their new meme theme, “I regret nothing.” /// Others must take up the fallen flag and rage against the darkness of our plight. We have damned ourselves as the generation of degeneration. Woe to the next generation.

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