A Citizen for All Seasons

by Carl Nelson (February 2021)

Winter Landscape, Valerius de Saedeleer


Well, here we are, cancelled by the media, courts and finally our own representatives. There are closed avenues for our shared grievances to be heard, no court to hear them argued, and no legislation to address them. We, in effect, have been tossed out of our own home by interlopers who have proceeded to toss out our traditions, our constitution, our heritage, even our land itself, leaving the doors wide open for strangers to pour through. Is it a far stretch to imagine that soon even our possessions and our right to complain will be confiscated, and soon thereafter we will be ‘cancelled’? Or perhaps our body parts will be sold off like those of the Chinese dissidents and Uyghurs. There being a lot of money in this, I’d bet on this latter as soon as the global entities can apportion the spoils and the liabilities contained in an LLC.

        On a good note, I don’t intend to go along.

       This is the stuff wars are made of. In retrospect everything is foreseeable, or at least we presently hold the podium. So from this podium I’ll hold that our current situation was foreseeable also. History has demonstrated that a person must truly be “a man for all seasons.” But success in nearly every endeavor, it would seem, has lulled us from this demanding truth. It seemed that we need be only men for the balmy spring, sunny summer and ripe fall. It seemed that being a good citizen, parent, and hard workers who are ambitious for a better future were to be all that was required for a political system designed well as ours to turn perfectly. Differences would be those of opinion and hashed out in the marketplace of ideas. The best would by design lead us. And our Constitution and Bill of Rights would form the barriers to dictatorial power with its ravenous appetites. If we all played fair, all would be well. And the rules were set so that we would all play fair.

       Benjamin Franklin, upon leaving the Constitutional Convention was asked what sort of government they were planning. And he famously replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.” The problem with rules, especially fairly obtained and judicious ones, is that they are naturally all out there to be broken, criticized, humiliated, ignored, belittled … Anything bad you can do to another human most people at one time or another will relish doing to a rule—even down to selling them off in part or portion. (If you wonder why we have so many lawyers, simply drive down any road at the speed limit and see how many times you have become an obstruction.) This makes such a body vulnerable to other actors without rules or—in the modern way—rules which are interpreted to mean various things including their exact opposites depending upon the prevailing whims of power. (Consider how the Civil Rights Act morphed into Affirmative Action.) Whereas the ‘ruled’ are constrained, the latter are not. It’s a common folklore that the naïve person of goodwill believes that the rule of law will protect them; that the truth of their case will defend them, and that other people of goodwill will judge them. The worldly find this winsome outlook either tragic or laughable.

       “The two hemispheres of this country are inseparably intertwined. They are co-joined twins. Neither can leave without killing the other,” stated Tucker Carlson. He is fairly close. There is no secession to this problem. In a practical sense, can we separate the coasts from the heartland or the cities from the rural? No, the problem is made of a much finer weave. But a contention that both the Left and the Right share is that one of these “twins” is a parasite.

       What we must separate are the invasively narcissistic from those who will abide by rules. It is like removing a tapeworm from your gut. Likely the parasite will die. So be it. People who can agree upon rules of conduct and then discipline themselves to adhere to them, can create value, they can build. People who cannot adhere to rules, who use rules only for their coercive properties, cannot build value, they cannot build civilizations, they are parasites. They bring ruin. And they need to be sh*t out. Out government is suffering from a severe impaction.

       To do this, people of good faith are going to have to find the winter season within themselves. Winter is when the pagan world dies away, but the religious endure. Nature demands that there is a ritual elimination of the old and corrupt so that the new can begin again. Our religion is what gets us through “the winter of our discontent.” Frankly, our discontent harbors currently in our most sacred parts, and we must “clear the temple.”

       Fine, as far as we go, but everywhere I listen reasonable people are stalled. We realize the Left must be stopped. We know that the Left cannot stop themselves. (The definition of what we might call being ‘unhinged’.) We have found argument fruitless; reasoned disagreement impossible. The situation has fed upon our feckless inabilities to stem it, until we are now in a situation of war. So, how do we fight this war?

       Before the results of our recent Presidential election, I had followed the polls with horror and disbelief. Surely, this couldn’t be? Who is their right mind would vote for the incredulities that the current Democratic Party now proposes, or a candidate so mentally compromised that he  hides in his basement from the public and periodically speaks incoherently? Who would think such a candidate could ever form or even run and Administration, let alone negotiate with our adversaries? The Left has long held that it is money and propaganda which control the electorate. Well, this seems true of their electorate. However, the unheralded golden news of this past election has been that a landslide of the electorate judge more from their experience than from what the media feed them. They prefer their own intelligence over processed information. Prior to the election, I had resigned myself to the conclusion that if the majority of Americans could be persuaded by the media to embrace the most ludicrous of options, then so be it. There is no wining against what seemed to be the evolving nature of our existence.

       But just the opposite proved to have happened. The great majority of Americans can still think independently of what they are told, can examine their experience and reach an independent decision. We are not a majority of sheep. And sound bites and advertisement does not have us by the nose. This is the golden news of our recent Presidential election.

       The bad news, of course, is that the election was stolen. The will of 75 million citizens was cancelled through the overwhelming influence of the media and our collaborating institutions. It was stolen in broad daylight through fraudulent means which had been constructed right before our eyes and pointed out so in the years preceding. Currently this fraudulence has been paraded around in the media and has strolled through our corridors of power as the Emperor’s New Clothes. Even some of our most trusted conservative arbiters of thought have nodded to the new fashions of this season - so as to remain within the Overton window—and gone Vichy on us.  

       Reasonable people in my circles wonder what can be done? Now that the Democrats control the House, Senate and Presidency through a fraudulent election, it’s foolish to think that what they have done once successfully, they won’t do again. And if they do ‘reform’ our elective process it will naturally be to induce more fraud. Simple common sense predicts this. We find ourselves in a war. So conservatives wonder, what can be done?

        I would contend, the first thing people must do to fight a war is to pursue it. Formerly we had pursued the cultural wars through dialogue and argument, but these are being closed to us. Conservative language will get you ‘cancelled,’ both professionally and socially. We have tried to fight the war politically, but now the Left controls our legislatures and judiciary through fraudulence and cultural hegemony. We had hoped the wheels of commerce would have bent them to our way of thinking, but instead our Left, with the help of the Chinese Communists, have co-opted our corporations to join their bidding. Currently our Deep State Controllers are monolithic as a feudal tyrant squatted in the center of his fiefdom in an impenetrable castle. Even President Trump could not dislodge them, and now he is being replaced by cutouts, so that we have no idea who will be actually running the country. Nor do we really know who is manufacturing our news. Everything is figureheads and flashing images. What do we do?

       Historically, when an opponent has ensconced themselves within an impenetrable fortress the attack taken is to starve them out. When they send out small sorties for food and supplies you attack those. Conservatives tend to build and create value which the Left confiscates (“redistributes”) for their own betterment. The Conservatives (or Deplorables) now are in much the position of the feudal serfs who provided the taxes and food upon which the castle inhabitants fed. And the fatter they grow, the more they want and the more demanding they became.

       It seems certain that to defeat the Left (which typically fortifies itself within impenetrable bureaucracies), we must starve it. Laws will not constrain it. The Left does not honor law. Rather it ravishes the law, subverting and feeding upon it. Giving the Left legislative power is like feeding them virgins. Examine the large Blue cities and states. They are ‘fixing’ things by passing more laws than ever. There are certainly more laws and regulations a Chicago citizen must follow, than those citizen in rural areas. And how is this working for them?

       But like anything, tyrannies must eat. This determines our strategy of containment. Short term we must punish those actors who enforce the Deep States acquisitiveness. But what kind of punishment? The best punishment is the one which best works. The best punishment is the one which promotes the best deterrence. So what kind of punishment should we administer, and how should we administer it?

       Well, far from the answer being hard to find; it will often insist upon itself. The truth is insistent if it is anything.

       We are told that “Violence is not the answer.” Why are we told that so often, threatened even? Perhaps, because au contraire! Violence and intimidation are precisely the answer. Why does the nation possess and armed forces and either use or threaten to use them? Why do the police have weapons? Why are there jails? It’s because violence and intimidation and the final, practical means of establishing law and order. This is something reality is trying to show us, but we won’t look. And our words lack power because we won’t allow them to wield it. We refuse to be men of the winter season. Antifa and BLM actually had to lead us onto the floor of the Congress. How much hand holding do we need?

       But perhaps the best deterrence is not in violence. Perhaps the best deterrence is almost comical, but we do not have the eyes to see. Or perhaps we had best honor the thought of another Donald (Rumsfeld):

       “You go to war with the army you have, not the army you might want or wish to have at a later time.”

       74 million is a large crowd. So, I suggest that we seek the answer through crowd sourcing. We look for what seems to work—or we create something we think will work—and share it. How do we share it? Not by arguing our point or assembling followers—but by taking that action. By acting entirely upon our own volition, we act invisibly. I suggest that this is the best method of acting so as to avoid bringing the full force of a corrupted state down upon us. How are we invisible? We tell no one. We reveal our actions to no one. There are seventy-five million of us. We are everywhere. We look just like every other American. We take the day off, if need be. We strike. We go back to work. This would consist of one ‘Tour of Duty.’ Award yourself a medal, or a patch! Go ahead, virtue is its own reward.

       We work entirely autonomously. We strike only once, since a single actor taking a single action upon a large pool of seemingly random targets is very hard to apprehend. Even the unhinged can react to stimuli. If a paramecium can react to light—so can the unhinged Progressive. (They have it in them! They just need enabling.) Imagine the Left under 75 million autonomous threats of unknown nature, but which they begin to understand is precipitated by them heading a wrong direction. If “once burnt, twice shy,” then being burnt 74 million times is bound to wear on an oppressor. Just like a paramecium, their instinct will be to recoil and turn.

       Let’s face facts: conservatives in all of their aspects are being made criminal by fraudulently installed force. History has found the vigilante both an honorable and a useful objection to unresponsive power. The state’s prerogative is to control vast swaths of humanity. And in our current day, the state has gotten quite good at it, and is almost to the point of manufacturing both the reality we see and the response we give to it. But though they can control vast swaths of humanity, they cannot control an individual they cannot locate and never will.

       Americans are a community of proudly independent citizens. Let’s just act like it.


Carl Nelson has recently published his newest Self Help Book, The Poet's (30 Year) Marriage Plan, which is a useful collection of interlarded poems and prose advice (schemes), all celebrating the hallowed institution of marriage. To learn more about the author and peruse his work, please visit here.

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1 Feb 2021
Send an emailAndy Thomas
Watching from Blighty, I saw the election unfold in real-time. I also watched a live stream of Capitol Hill and saw the doors being opened from the inside. I saw what happened and was one of those cancelled on Parlor. You guys will need to set up your own infrastructure: everything from hosting to banking. I would love dearly to be part of that, as this is bigger than just Democrats vs Patriots in the US. The plans of those holding the reigns will not go as they may wish and a new era will dawn.

2 Feb 2021
Send an emailSamuel Hux
I'm curious Mr. Nelson. Did you write this thing before or after the January 6 insurrection?

3 Feb 2021
Send an emailCarl Nelson
To Samuel Hux: After. Though I did not see the storming of Congress as a terrible thing. After all, our election had been stolen, and all avenues of recourse closed to us. To my mind the 500,000 should have burnt down all of Washington D C as it's a farce on the landscape. Biden just signed the security of our energy grid over to the CCP. And he can't remember where he is. I doubt our leaders (whoever they might be) even live in Washington D C, so it would be like burning down a set piece.

3 Feb 2021
Send an emailJames Como
Reminds me of Gasoline Maxine Waters.

4 Feb 2021
Send an emailCarl Nelson
I take full irresponsibility for my remarks. Antifa and BLM terrorize citizens and burn down the businesses of normal American citizens with full Democratic approval for over 100 days! But protestors storm the den of where these rascals do congress and it's a blemish on our national character? Someone needs to re-read the Declaration of Independence and understand the nature of our founding.

4 Feb 2021
Send an emailHoward Nelson
Tucker Carlson distorted the hemisphere metaphor; severing the corpus callosum permits the two hemispheres to operate somewhat independently == one mainly by emotion, the other by serial logic. Politically, the separation by choice is oligarchical, power/influence control on one side and on the other preference and reverence for earned, deserved rewards shared in a compassionate, uncoerced manner. Never the twain shall meet peacefully - thus rage and fear and greed remain the roots of our and seeds of our 10,000+ year discontent. Carl Nelson spells out our moral civic failure or inadequacy. A clear, definitive system of resistance, recovery, and re-constitution, anticipated per the second part of the DoI’s second paragraph, is still sorely lacking. ///. Who volunteers to lead the upsurge in statewide Tea Party equivalents? Is there a multistage strategy for this movement? Any thing to be learned by adapting Gandhi’s sand-in-the-gears techniques, county by county, state by state? Will grade school, high school, college students continue to be abandoned to miseducation? Everything electronically interconnected is recorded by the government (read Glenn Greenwald’s ‘No Place To Hide’). Spying via vast improvements in machine learning, analysis via artificial intelligence, 5G+ calculation speed coupled with quantum computing programming demand alternate means of guerrilla communications. Know any sympathetic telepaths? Quick then, because electronic brain inserts are in development, from heart pacemakers to epileptic attack electronic detectors and dissipators to ... Teach yourself well, and don’t expect to be allowed to teach your children well, without a fight at the school board level.

4 Feb 2021
Send an emailSamuel Hux
To C. Nelson (on his answer to my question). As the judge said to Joe McCarthy, Have you no shame? Tell this to the family of Brian Sicknick, murdered by the thugs you celebrate and apparently wish to associate yourself with. I have not read this quality of writing or thought (I mean both your "essay" and this vileness) since I last taught Freshman English 30 years ago. You of course have freedom of thought and opinion, but if this is the best you can do you belong in a cultural journal about as much as Marjorie Taylor Greene belongs in congress. I won't bother to ask if you are a Q-Anon follower, for if you are not you have missed your calling.

5 Feb 2021
Send an emailCarl Nelson
For Samuel Hux: You words indite you.

5 Feb 2021
Send an emailjames Como
I believe, Mr. Nelson, you mean 'indict', which, if so, is rather like being in the sandbox chanting "I am rubber you are glue" and so on. So, on that level, I'll opine that while your captain is counting the strawberries (I trust you catch the move reference?), you and your ilk are swigging back the prescribed Kool-Aid by the gallon.

5 Feb 2021
Send an emailSamuel Hux
Surely you mean "Your words," not "You words." And the verb is spelled "indict." Take carw with your grammar.

6 Feb 2021
Gerald Fitzhugh
"indict" is the bastardized form of the fourteenth century English word "indite". Write as you have writ. And spray the chihuahua ankle bites with hydrogen peroxide.

7 Feb 2021
Send an emailAJ Head.
The more enlightened advised to "Take carw...." and "....catch the move reference?" Have you done so yet?

13 Feb 2021
Send an emailJames Como
More 'enlightened'? That bar is too low, sir. Rather, less besotted.

13 Feb 2021
Send an emailHoward Nelson
@Samuel Hux — I do not see where C. Nelson associated himself with the thugs to which you refer. Do you associate all disappointed secessionists with the action by John Wilkes Booth? How were you justified in calling Brian Sicknick’s death a murder when the autopsy results have not yet been released. Relatedly, are you aware that George Floyd probably died from his overdose of fentanyl, well into the fatal range? Will you indict the entire police force or interdict as yet unjustified accusations of police malpractice? C. Nelson, like all Nelson’s, is correct and honorable. We assume you are remorseful of your well-intentioned temper tantrum.

15 Feb 2021
Send an emailJohn L Jordan
The Declaration of Independence says: "But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security." T-h-e-m, is, of course, us: We The People of the United States. Abuses of us by an increasingly erractic goverment bureaucracy are growing in frequency and intensity: The murder of innocent people by government actors in Waco, Texas and at Ruby Ridge in Idaho; an armed standoff between the Bureau of Land Management and Cliven Bundy in Nevada; a continuation of that conflict in Oregon resulting in the death of Lavoy Finicum. Kit Laney and his wife driven from their ranch in New Mexico by the United States Forest Service. Such examples are occuring every day and are too numerous to detail here. But ordinary people in every walk of American life know that the so-called "federal government" and its millions of unionzed hive-mind bureaucrats is going rogue against We The People. The latest outrage is that postal and electronic voting machine fraudulence disguised as a "free and fair election." The fraud is defended by endlessly repeated, laughably outrageous lies spread far and wide in every form of media. A UniParty of utterly corrupt Republican and Democrat politicians, in criminal league with those who buy them and keep them bought, have installed a demented puppet and a whorish woman to support their fraud even as equally corrupt federal judges exercise their "right of sua sponte-ism" to deny any hearing of plain-as-day evidence against this fraudulent President & Vice-President. These fraudulent officers are selling us down the Yangtze River and opening our borders to whoever the hell wants to come on in. I offer my thanks to Mister Carl Nelson for a succinct summary of these growing outrages. I hope it motivates every liberty loving man who reads it to consider what he can do for the cause of Liberty. As the Declaration of Independence says (in so many words) "It ain't nobody but We The People and the leaders we choose who will provide us a new government." President Donald John Trump was doing a good job of Redress and Reform. It took a mind-boggling act of national fraudulence to stop him. Perhaps Mr. Trump will continue that work now by other means. I certainly hope so. There is too much anger, too much unequal justice, too much fraudulence & corruption of every kind. Something has got to give...

18 Feb 2021
Send an emailHoward Nelson
Moses brought down two pairs of tablets of instructions for mortal and spiritual living. In effect, John L. Jordan has engraved a fifth tablet for today’s wanderers in the wasteland of what was and the worthwhile land that can be again. We need only swallow the old and new instructions and practice what’s been learned. The proof is left to the student.

19 Feb 2021
Horatio Nelson
"Pickled" in preference of "besotted".

21 Feb 2021
Nelson Mandela
You learn to live with it, but at least mum didn't name me Desmond.

24 Feb 2021
Send an emailNorman Berdichevsky
Carl Nelson's analogy of the tyranny which installed Biden as president is accurate. He is also on the right track in his diagnosis that the patient suffers from gluttony both metaphorically in the lust for power and literally in the sense of exploitation and punishment of us, the voters who tried to prevent the disease. The problem many of us face is can the remedy involved 75 million actors working independently without a central leadership , "entirely autonomously"? I don't believe so but we must ACT, not just talk. It should not be difficult for us to agree on a list of those who willingly used fraud and deception in the big media, big business, the Hollywood elite of "celebrities", the frauds in academia. We know them so well. They can be hurt as they already have by our concerted actions, boycotts, investment decisions that transcend and go beyond the political realm of voting. The evidence is already there from the reaction of the public by supporting Chick Filet, and the Goya firm, by the support we gave in the past to Fox News, by the boos we buy, by the movies and plays we supported with our attendance etc.. We must use these weapons as well as the favorite weapon of the Left - disruption, turning up to embarrass and humiliate the politicians who took part in this sham of an election, most notably the state legislators who validated the election results and sent their slate of electors to the Electoral College. On the local level voters in the "swing states" where the counting was stopped on the eve of a Trump victory must mobilize to remove them. As I suggested already, these voters should support the practical steps of adopting the vote in the electoral college as Nebraska and Maine do - not awarding all the electoral votes of the state to the winner of the popular vote in the state but according to the congressional districts.

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