Have the Grievance-Mongering Taqiyya-Artists at TellMamaUK Finally Lost the Plot?

by Catstrangler101 (February 2014)

If there was any confirmation needed that the mendacious, grievance-mongering taquiyya-artists at TellMamaUK have finally lost the plot, it is to be found in an analysis of the latest target that they have in their cross-hairs – Liberty GB. See this link - http://tellmamauk.org/liberty-gb/

The rock-dwelling bottom-feeders at TellMamaUK of course, scrape a living by diligently trawling the Internet for evidence of “online hate crime” – which apparently has become so common amongst the “racist, bigoted, hateful, intolerant Islamo-phobes” who lurk around every cyber-corner and hide in every cyber-alley, that the offices of TellMamaUK must undoubtedly be piled high with the evidence of these dastardly cyber-deeds awaiting processing by the forces of law and order, who must consequently take time off daily from investigating the lesser crimes of murder, GBH, arson, ABH, in order to decide whether to prosecute Jason from the Swamp Estate because he called Fatima a Muslim slag on Facebook.

Or maybe not.

When we last looked, the Mendacious Grievance-Monger-In-Chief at TellMamaUK, Fiyaz Mughal, was being hauled over the coals by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and the Department of Local Communities (DCLG) for being “economical with the actualité” – to the extent that TellMama’s funding for the current year was withdrawn amidst well-publicised accusations of fraudulent misrepresentation of the statistics. Apparently – believe it or not – there is not enough “online hate crime” to go round and some more “online hate crime” had to be urgently manufactured to justify the hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money needed to sustain the organisation and keep it in the manner to which it had become accustomed.

But has this had the effect of chastening the Mendacious Grievance-Monger-In-Chief? Not a bit of it. Undaunted by the loss of his funding, he has continued to propound the false narrative that “Islam is a benign and tolerant religion of peace – therefore anyone who opposes its relentless, juggernaut encroachment throughout the West must by definition be a racist, bigoted, hateful, intolerant Islamophobe” and has been calling for stiffer penalties including heavy custodial sentencing for anyone who dares to challenge this narrative and tell the truth – the truth being that Islam has some highly questionable characteristics that in a sane world would cause it to be precluded from being called a religion at all – rather it should be re-classified as a ruthless totalitarian political ideology with an agenda of world domination through fear, violence, terror and intimidation.

Not that he is alone in this endeavour – the Organisation of Islamic Co-operation has been pushing hard at the United Nations for the implementation of UN Resolution 16/18 which would destroy our cherished notions of free speech – the cornerstone of any open, democratic society – and criminalise any criticism of Islam in the West while at the same time rendering resistance to the Global Jihad and Islamic totalitarianism / supremacism well-nigh impossible.

However, while the world waits with increasing impatience for the necessary sanity to return to our political landscape both domestically and internationally, TellMamaUK has turned its baleful gaze towards Liberty GB.  Apparently unhappy with the sane and rational policies that Liberty GB has proposed for our country in the face of increasing Islamisation, TellMamaUK has taken the Orwellian twisting of our language to a new level. Apparently Liberty GB is now guilty of the “Racialisation of Islam and Muslims.” Whatever could this mean? It certain sounds impressive – although on closer inspection it turns out to be as intellectually dishonest as most of TellMamaUK’s other pursuits.

Apparently it has something to do with the “othering” of Muslims. Well, excuse me, Sherlock. If Muslims come to Western countries and choose not to integrate and assimilate with the host populations, despite being given every encouragement and assistance, but instead choose to emphasise their separateness and their alleged superiority over the rest of us, then who exactly is responsible for the “othering” that TellMamaUK is so exercised about? Not Liberty GB, that’s for sure.

Just to clarify things at this point, Islam of course is not a race, nor are Muslims a racial group – as this CPS document showsThis document explicitly says: “Racial group – this means any group of people who are defined by reference to their race, colour, nationality (including citizenship) or ethnic or national origin. This could include Gypsies and Travellers, refugees, or asylum seekers or others from less visible minorities. There has been a legal ruling that Jews and Sikhs are included in the definition of racial group.” It does not include Muslims.

So how else might Liberty GB be “racialising” Islam and Muslims? Apparently Liberty GB are focused on finding stories that portray Islam and Muslims in a negative light. Perhaps TellMamaUK should be focused on the fact that there are so many stories arising on a daily basis from around the world concerning the actions of Muslims in the name of Islam, and that very few of these stories involve heart-warming tales of Muslims helping little kittens who happen to be stuck up a tree, or of Muslims going out of their way to prevent the persecution of Christians, Hindus and Buddhists by those awful axe-wielding, gun-toting Methodist fanatics, who terrorise local populations with their brutal and blood-thirsty jumble sales, barbaric fund-raisers and ruthless cake-baking activities.

Liberty GB are also apparently “racialising” Islam and Muslims by their unwarranted focus on such phenomena as female genital mutilation, terrorism and honour killings which are stated by TellMamaUK to transcend faith and cultural boundaries. Again, they would rather that Liberty GB focus their attention on the plethora of terror attacks carried out by Lutherans, while the legendary squads of Presbyterians who perform FGM in their spare time while taking a break from honour-killing their relatives deserve to be put under the spotlight. The fact is of course that over 90 per cent of honour killings worldwide are carried out by Muslims, and there is a correlation of a similar order of magnitude for terror attacks on innocent civilians and FGM operations on innocent female children. But hey, why let facts get in the way of a good conspiracy theory? If TellMamaUK can just deflect our attention from the true problems for long enough, then Muslim demographics will complete the destruction of the West without a shot being fired, and they know it.

TellMamaUK of course pours scorn on Liberty GB’s analysis of the demographic situation. They state that 86 per cent of England and Wales is white – again, another attempt by TellMamaUK at conflating Islam and Muslims with race – and completely ignore the demographic changes that would result in the complete transformation of our country within as little as two generations if Islam is allowed to continue unrestrained and unchecked as it has been. Why should we accept, let alone welcome, this malignant and cancerous transformation if the end result is likely to be an Islamic civilisational model – far, far worse than the Judaeo-Christian civilisational model that it would inevitably replace in terms of our freedoms – freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of conscience, and equality before the law regardless of gender, race, creed or colour?

Further evidence of Liberty GB’s “racialisation” of Islam and Muslims is apparently to be found in the analysis of the net negative contribution that Muslim immigration has made to this country (and other Western countries) in both economic and in non-economic terms. TellMamaUK would have everyone believe that such claims are without foundation, under-researched and motivated solely by bigotry, racism and Islamophobia. However, an objective perusal of Robert Henderson’s excellent articles on the subject - here and here - show that there are many factors leading to the inescapable conclusion that Muslim immigration does in fact lead to a net negative contribution to the UK and to other Western countries, and that these factors are deliberately suppressed by the Government, the mainstream media and other so-called liberal institutions in order to mislead the host population into accepting the alien, hostile and parasitic ideology of Islam into our midst.

The “racialisation” of Islam and Muslims is also apparent to TellMamaUK in the sane and rational steps proposed by Liberty GB to manage the cessation and the subsequent reversal of the Islamisation of this country. The predictable cry of “Discrimination!” has gone up, as if discrimination were an evil course of action in any and all circumstances. Never mind the fact that the ability to discriminate has been built into all human beings since the dawn of humanity, and that it would have been a bad look-out for any Stone Age hunter who was unable to distinguish – and discriminate - between a harmless pussy-cat and a ravenous man-eating tiger intent on ripping him limb from limb. The fact is that desperate times call for desperate measures, and that people who CHOOSE to subscribe to a pernicious political ideology that actively seeks to undermine and destroy our civilisation cannot be tolerated in large numbers in a free and open society. Discrimination is the only option if we are not to condemn our children and grandchildren to a never-ending series of brutal and bloody conflicts and civil wars.

TellMamaUK in its relentless quest to demonise Liberty GB also ignores the lessons of history – in particular the 1400 years of Islamic expansionism and supremacism which follow predictable patterns whenever and wherever Muslims invade and colonise unsuspecting host populations with their alien, hostile and parasitic ideology. TellMamaUK complains that Liberty GB views Islam as an aggressive entity that is at war with the West. Sorry to bother you again, Sherlock, but is there an alternative viewpoint that takes into account all of the preceding points that I have touched upon in this essay? Islamic doctrine divides the world into two – Dar Al Islam (lands ruled by Islam) and Dar Al Harb (lands of war, not yet under the control of Islam). According to the Qur’an and Sunnah, it is the duty of every devout Muslim, in ways great or small, to further the cause of Islam in whatever way they can – which is why we see what we see around the world every day when we read the stories of Muslims bombing, beheading, shooting and otherwise murdering non-Muslims in the most barbaric ways possible, all in the name of Allah.

Far from “retreating into their own constructed reality” according to TellMamaUK, Liberty GB is the only political party in the UK today with the political will to confront these issues – and confronted they must be if we are to prevent our country sliding into the anarchy and chaos that we see around the world wherever and whenever Muslims feel that they are powerful enough to try and take over. Already we are seeing enclaves forming in many British (and European) cities where even the police and the other emergency services fear to go without a military escort, where women are treated as second-class citizens and where Sharia law is allowed to reign supreme to the detriment of basic universal human rights. Is this what we want for our country? Did our forefathers fight and die for this? For our freedoms to be given away by a bunch of self-serving politicians who care nothing for the rights of the people who have been entrusted to their care, all with the connivance and complicity of the mainstream media?

TellMamaUK complains of “racist and Islamophobic vitriol” and speaks of “the language of violence” supposedly used by Liberty GB - pointing to the comments of some supporters on Facebook in order to shore up their tendentious assertions. TellMamaUK naturally makes no reference to the racist, Infidel-o-phobic and anti-Semitic comments that pour out of the Muslim world on a daily basis, many of these comments calling for murder and violence coming straight from the mouths of prominent Muslim clerics and influential Muslim leaders. Apparently it’s all the fault of the foolish and foolhardy policies of Western governments, who by continuing to allow our freedom of speech, threaten the Allah-given right of Islam and Muslims to trample all over our civilisation and our traditions and values. Racialisation? Nice try, TellMamaUK, but you really have lost the plot. Maybe it’s time for the Mendacious Grievance-Monger-In-Chief to try another tactic. How about honesty?



Catstrangler101 is the Blog Talk Radio host for Liberty GB. 

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