Devastating Chronologies: Israel, Time, and Power


by Louis René Beres (July 2015)

Facing an increasingly complex configuration of terrorist foes, Israel has been focusing diligently on all of the usual strategies for remediation. At the same time, Jerusalem has overlooked the core importance of chronology to pertinent enemy belief systems and policies. Over time, this omission could prove manifestly perilous. more>>>

2 Responses

  1. I believe that Professor Beres puts his finger on the pulse of contemporary revolution, the “revolution without guns.” First Russia and now China are examples, polities that have transformed themselves, bloodless reformation if you will. Israel and the West could alter the irridentist vector of Islam if we could but muster the same courage to critique the new absolutist ideology as we did with totalitarian Communism. All military operations are in a sense tactical. Ideas are the strategic venue – and the only domain where words like victory are relevant.

  2. Well…while we wait for the psy-ops to deal with Islam on the infowars front, the simple and obvious point is this: that Israel MUST possess, hold and control what any person with a skerrick of historical knowledge – that means, knowledge of how wars and battles work – can easily recognise as the Military High Ground aka Strategic Depthy. To wit: Jerusalem – Mount Zion and the Mount of Olives, the hills of Judea and Samaria with the River Jordan Rift Valley behind them, and the Golan Heights. The Jews have every right to those lands – they are the Traditional Owners thereof – and they cannot survive and be sovereign within them into the foreseeable future *unless* they are able to defend themselves there, as readily and effectively as possible. (And they should never have been forced to give up possession and control of Gaza and Sinai, territory they had gained in the course of defensive warfare against a would-be genocidal enemy, because had they retained control of those areas – especially if they had been able to evict all or most of the Muslims there present – they would have had a commanding advantage in *that* direction, and some real strategic depth).

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