Did you know? On the wealth of the USA

by Bill Corden

The U.S. has more gold in its reserves than Russia, China and Germany combined

They have 8,133 tonnes in their vaults… if they let it all loose, the value would drop like a stone.

Even in these times of international unrest, most of the world’s countries still keep their gold bullion stored in the US and the UK.

Most of Venezuela’s paltry 161 tonnes is stored in the Bank of England vaults but it’s a risky venture to store your gold in a foreign land (but safer than keeping it in your own back yard). It’s safer because you don’t know the moment there can be a revolution and if you see one coming you don’t have to ship it out on a plane.

All it takes is an authorised note to the custodians and bang! It’s out of reach of the rebels.

Venezuela’s is currently inaccessible to the government because hardly anybody recognizes the present regime there.

Russia and China are smart enough to keep their ingots in their heavily fortified central bank vaults, they don’t trust anyone else to store it for them.

When Gold purchases occur between countries, they just move the bullion with a forklift from one cage to another, usually in Fort Knox or in the Bank of England’s basement.

Just how powerful economically is the U.S.?

Well, here are the top three figures:

GDP: United States (GDP: $20.49 trillion) China (GDP: $13.4 trillion) Japan: (GDP: $4.97 trillion)

Canada just makes the world’s top ten with $1.71 trillion

California’s GDP of $3.6 trillion alone is 3 times that of all of Canada

The US has 59 of the top 100 richest companies in the world.

All this money and yet every city has a main street full of homeless. You certainly don’t want to get sick or lose your job down there.