‘Don’t react’: Muslim Council of Britain tells worshippers to remain calm after release of new Charlie Hebdo

When Muslim preachers in the street insult my Saviour with lies from the Koran,  or even when two Muslims murdered a British soldier on the streets of my city, I don’t recall the Archbishop of Canterbury, Cardinal Nichols and the President of the Baptist Union having to tell me and my Christian friends to calm down and think “What would Jesus do?” because we know how to behave.

From the Telegraph. 

Muslim leaders have called on British Muslims who are concerned about the depiction of Mohammed to “remain calm and peaceful” following the prophet’s latest appearance on the cover of Charlie Hebdo. The guidance, which appears on the Muslim Council of Britain’s website, acknowledges that Muslims will “inevitably” be hurt by the cartoon. 

The fourth point in a list of 10 says: “Most Muslims will inevitably be hurt, offended and upset by the republication of the cartoons. But our reaction must be a reflection of the teachings of the gentle and merciful character of the prophet (peace be upon him). . .
Our aim is to not, inadvertently, give the cartoons more prominence through our attention. Muslims must remain calm and peaceful in their speech and actions. Repel harm with goodness is the Qur’anic imperative and by which the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) lived. If we feel strongly, the only course of action to us is with reasoned debate, civil activism and other legal avenues, God willing.” 

 “He is dearer to us than our parents and children. We prefer him to our own self. . . Speak of your love for the prophet (peace be upon him) and do not be shy to let your non-Muslim friends know your justified displeasure at the mockery that is made of our faith. People need to know how much love we have for our prophet (peace be upon him).”