Don’t Reward Bashir’s Genocide in Sudan


As 18th Century Irish Whig Politician and Parliamentarian Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

In the run up to the October 12, 2017 deadline for President Trump to decide as to whether to permanently lift Sudan sanctions or maintain them, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the Administration and what passes for the Washington policy wonk community have turned a blind eye to Genocide in Sudan. Genocide that we and others have assiduously reported.

Reports, like those of  The Atlantic Council, Sudan a strategy for re-engagement,  justify lifting of Sudan sanctions “re-engaging” with jihadist Bashir’s Sudan as a “strategic” asset in the Horn of Africa.

Such advice is myopic in the face of evidence of Bashir’s Sudan  instigating the overthrow of stable governments and US counterterrorism allies like Chad, Libya and others with the aid of Qatar backing Muslim Brotherhood and Islamist Mujahideen insurgents.

We saw that in the listing of Chad in the latest iteration of  Trump travel bans. This, despite objections by the Pentagon and even the State Department that the action “might jeopardize American interests” given Chad’s exemplary record on counterterrorism, unlike that of Bashir’s regime. A regime that engages in deceit, deception and lavish spending on lobbying in DC to hide its continuing genocide in Darfur, Nuba Mountains, South Kordofan and the Blue Nile State.

Watch  the video of the Bashir regime Rapid Support Force/Janjaweed militia celebration of their massacre at the Kalma, Darfur internally displaced persons (IDP) camp on  September 22, 2017  in the midst of President Bashir’s visit to Darfur.  That was followed  by Sudan human rights groups protesting  the Kalma IDP camp  massacre and other regime atrocities. That occurred at the infamous Organization of Islamic Cooperation dominated UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on September 28, 2017 . This coming Wednesday October 4th Sudan human rights groups and advocates will be protesting the Kalma massacre at the Trump White House.

On September 25, 2017, in response to an inquiry from US Rep. James P. McGovern, co-chairman of the Congressional Human Rights Caucus, President Trump addressed his concerns and doubtless those of members of the bi-partisan group when he wrote “evidence [is] needed to make an informed decision.” He suggested that “the assessment would be based on consideration of relevant and credible information from a wide range of sources both inside and outside the United States government . . . with the aim of ensuring a credible and comprehensive review of the actions of the Sudanese government in the context of its commitments.”

Sudan Liberation Movement [SLM] leader, Abdul Wahid al-Nour, in an exchange with former US Special Envoy Donald Booth said the Bashir regime had calumniously convened national dialogues, ultimately breaking peace accords with Sudanese resistance groups, intensifying genocidal ethnic cleansing against indigenous African peoples.

The Bashir regime duplicity was illustrated in the Secret Minutes of the National Political Crisis Committee. It purposely misled the Obama Administration regarding alleged counterintelligence information on the whereabouts of the notorious fugitive Joseph Kony of the Lord’s Resistance Army.  Co-author of  Genocide in Sudan: Caliphate Threatens Africa and  the WorldGeneral Abakar M. Abdallah provided that information to USAFRICOM, which did not return acknowledgment.

Herewith is some of our evidence for the consideration of the Trump Administration. An Administration and a seemingly indifferent media overwhelmed with responding to North Korean and Iranian  nuclear and missile threats, and the priorities of providing recovery for the disasters of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. Here is what we have uncovered:


• Genocide of indigenous African peoples and replacement with Arab tribes and foreign mujahideen settlers from Janjaweed recruits remains the objective of the Bashir regime Secret Arab Coalition Plan by 2020.

• Over 600,000 have been killed, 5 million have been internally displaced and hundreds of thousands have fled to U.N. refugee camps in adjacent Sahel African countries.

• Muslim Brotherhood funding and weapons support from Qatar and even former ally Iran have enabled Sudan President Omar al- Bashir and the National Congress Party regime in Khartoum to pursue the overthrow of regimes in adjacent Libya, Chad and the Central African Republic.

• Secret minutes of the Bashir regime provide evidence of a campaign of duplicity in alleged performance of five tracks in former President Obama’s Executive Order No. 13761 issued before he left office on January 13th.

• The Bashir regime plan involves raising a veritable 150,000 Jihad army from African and Islamic State mujahideen to complete ethnic cleansing in Darfur, Nuba Mountains, South Kordofan and the Blue Nile State with the ultimate objective of creating a Caliphate across the Sahel region of Africa ruled from Khartoum under Islamic Shari’a law.

On the lifting of the US sanctions, Sudanese General Atta stated in the June 18, 2017, secret minutes of the National Political Crisis Committee:

Let’s be ready to face the period after the lifting of sanctions because we will be a free country (to) determine our relations and no one can dictate to us what to do. President Bashir said, “If sanctions are lifted, it is our right to reestablish relations with Iran because it is a regional force, which represents Islam, and it cannot be ignored.’


The Bashir regime engages in a sinister disarmament program feigning recapture of arms from defenseless indigenous African peoples with fake photo-ops only to instead unleash Rapid Support Force/ Janjaweed militias to ethnically cleanse and destroy hundreds of villages, rape women, kill men and forcibly recruit youths into cruel military service.

The threat to the US and the world is reflected in the sale of Sudan passports and national identity to Islamic State fighters. With the ban on travel to the US by Sudanese nationals lifted, these ISIS fighters and other mujahideen now have a way to enter the US. Further, the Bashir Regime has launched an effort to proselytize its Muslim Brotherhood Salafist Supremacist doctrine abroad. In late January 2017, it was reported that Bashir had deployed a number of Sudanese Sheiks to mosques in the US.


The Bashir regime wants nothing to do with the US to promote this parallel universe of rule by secular law. It uses Islamic cultural strategies and Sharia doctrine to deceive the US and West in all negotiations.

It pursues an active alliance with Muslim Brotherhood supporters like Qatar, and even extremist Shia Iran, seeking the destabilization and overthrow of adjacent African countries in the Sahel region. The objective is to create a Caliphate ruled under Sharia from Khartoum pursuing the Islamic Revolutionary Vision of world domination.

What the people in Sudan deserve is a country free from tyranny and deception. Otherwise, the US may be abetting genocide by Sudan intent on creating a future Caliphate across the Sahel in Africa, a threat to the world.

For more, read our October 2017, New English Review article, “Does Sudan deserve to have US Sanctions Lifted?


Lt. Gen. Abdallah is Chairman of the Sudan Unity Movement. He is a native of North Darfur who joined the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) in 1984 and became active in the Nuba Mountains and Darfurians resistance movements. In 1989 he joined the Patriotic Salvation Movement in neighboring Chad based in Darfur. He served as an officer in the Chadian army for 23 years. He held senior intelligence and counterterrorism posts including as Coordinator of the Multi-National Joint Task Force of Nigeria, Chad and Niger. He was Coordinator of Pan-Sahel Initiative (PSI) Anti-Terrorism Unit of Chad and Commander of PSI Anti-Terrorism Battalion of Chad 2004. He is a December 2002 graduate of the Intelligence Officers’ Advanced and Combating Terrorism Courses, US Army Intelligence Center and Schools, Fort Huachuca, Arizona. He was a Counter Terrorism Fellow and a Graduate of the College of International Security Affairs, National Defense University, Washington, DC, 2005. He was an International Fellow and Graduate of the US Army War College, Class of 2008. He was Graduate of Nigeria Armed Forces Command and Staff College Course 22, of the year 2000.

Jerome B Gordon is a Senior Vice President of the New English Review and author of The West Speaks, NER Press 2012. Mr. Gordon is a former US Army intelligence officer who served during the Viet Nam era. He was the co-host and co-producer of weekly The Lisa Benson Show for National Security that aired out of KKNT960 in Phoenix Arizona from 2013 to 2016. He is co-host and co-producer of the Middle East Round Table periodic series on 1330amWEBY, Northwest Florida Talk Radio, Pensacola. Mr. Gordon is a graduate of both Boston and Columbia Universities.

Deborah Martin is a 36-year veteran linguistics specialist and consultant on Sudan culture and affairs. She is a long-term American Sudan human rights advocate having lived in both North and South Sudan conducting development projects as a professional engineer and linguist in a team with her late husband. She has worked on research linguistics of Jieeng, Nuer, Bari, Jumjum, Masalit, Nubian, Luwo, Reel, Madi and Moro. She has also successfully designed, implemented and led culturally appropriate large and small conferences, seminars and workshops for Sudanese and South Sudanese participants.