Dreams Do Come True: Thoughts on Trump’s Security Speech


      When a president loves his country he delivers a speech like the one President Trump delivered today on national security and the renewal of American power and influence. The president speaks reasonably, states obvious truths, and the necessary consequences of those truths. We will confront our enemies and adversaries, cooperate whereever possible with our friends and rebuild our own country first, rather than sacrifice our jobs, our security and futures for those of other countries.

     This speech signals a complete departure from the post-world war two utopian projects of the EC and EU (both defined by the surrender of sovereignty) and an America empowered first and foremost as the facilitator of the defense and prosperity of other nations. It is a refreshing thing, almost indescribable, to see the president abandon the failed national policies of the distant and recent past; self-defeatism, self-hate, self-doubt, and unnecessary sacrifices. It marks a new era not of real politik, but of common sense realism. During the election cycle my desire was for a revolution in American politics. The only candidate who could and would deliver such an outcome was the president now in office. We are a city on hill, a bright guidepost and signal to the rest of the world that freedom and the rule of law are possible. Ours is a fantastic country and must and will be defended. It’s very refreshing to hear the president state all of these truths once again.

     I wanted a revolution in American politics and that is exactly what I got. Dreams do come true. 

If you missed it, watch here.


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