Dudley Council defeats Dudley Muslim Association’s court challenge over Hall Street mosque land


A nice bit of earlier than expected good news from the Dudley News

DUDLEY Council has won a legal battle over land earmarked for a replacement mosque in the town.

The Court of Appeal unanimously ruled in favour of the council over its bid to buy back the land in Hall Street from the Dudley Muslim Association (DMA).

The ruling brings the long-running legal dispute to an end as three top judges have ordered the DMA to transfer the land back to the council in January next year.

All members of the scrutiny board unanimously acknowledged the need for a new mosque to replace the existing place of worship in Castle Hill, which is not fit for purpose. The Court of Appeal judges backed the council’s plans to work with the DMA to find an alternative site.

The decision, followed a two day hearing (October 28 and 29) and was in respect of the DMA’s appeal against the decision of the High Court in 2014, which ruled in favour of the council buying back the land. It was expected to be at least four weeks before a decision was made. 

The court has also agreed the DMA should pay the council’s legal costs, with the amount currently being decided.

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  1. I wonder what would happen if every Judge, politician (not forgetting local county and shire councillors, and Mayors), non-Muslim religious leader (e.g. priest, rabbi) and journalist in every ‘western’ country was sent a copy of Sam Solomon’s little book “The Mosque And Its Role in Society”. With a suitable covering letter.

    Then even more mosque-proposals might be firmly knocked back.

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