Every Night in Sweden

by Gary Fouse

Rioting in Sweden, 2017

Remember when President Trump said in 2017, “You look at what happened last night in Sweden….” Not only the US media, but the Swedish government jumped all over him. After all, apparently nothing of significance happened that previous evening. There may have been a rape or two, courtesy of one or more of the recent immigrants, migrants, refugees/asylum-seekers. Maybe a couple of burned cars, but nothing big. What Trump was referring to in his usual inartful way was a Fox News report he had watched the previous evening.

But as a newly-established blog points out, Trump could make that statement most any day and chances are he would be spot on. The last week or so have been especially illustrative as bombs have been going off with regularity in places like Malmö (three explosions in 24 hours) and Linköping (two explosions this week). This is the latest pastime of Sweden’s criminal gangs-and none of them bear names like Aryan Angels or Adolf’s Vikings. What “Last Night in Sweden” documents now on a daily basis is how many days have passed since something really happened in the socialist paradise-turned rape capital of Europe. It is not based on rumors or unconfirmed reports, but actual news reports. The face page of the blog is in English, but the links to the sources are generally in Swedish. “Is Last Night in Sweden” actually a Swedish-based site? I don’t know, but if it is, no doubt the Swedish security service (SÄPO) is busy trying to track down who is behind it. That is because the member states of the EU do not enjoy the First Amendment rights we have as Americans. If they believe you are guilty of “hate speech” (however they define it), you can be prosecuted criminally. Just ask Dutch politician Geert Wilders or Austrian activist Elisabeth Sabatisch-Wolff, both of whom have been hauled into court for offending Muslims. Ask British activist Tommy Robinson in the UK, who has spent time behind bars with Muslim prisoners howling for his scalp.

One of my friends in Sweden (a Jew who questions what kind of future he and his fellow Jews have in the country) informs me that if you are branded as an “Islamophobe” or other form of “bigot” in Sweden, you can be fired from your job and your prospects of further employment destroyed. It’s kind of like the Soviet parents who sent their kids to church or the German parents who kept their kids out of the Hitler Youth. You get the picture. Thus, many Swedes who speak out against the Islamization of their country and point to the sky high crime rates among Muslim immigrants do so anonymously. It’s not just sharia enforcers they have to watch out for; it’s their own government and police. Meanwhile, police and the media will bend over backwards to keep the public in the dark as to whom they have to watch out for. That way, when Trump states, “You look at what happened last night in Sweden,” Swedes can shake their collective heads and say, “there he goes again”.

But something is happening in Sweden-almost every day or night.


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