Faux-Feminist French Academics Protest ‘Racist’ Law Against Street Harassment

Just as Phyllis Chesler has explained, so-called “feminists” worry more about Muslim men than women of all backgrounds. Virginia Hale writes in Breitbart:

A group of feminist academics have rallied against plans to make street harassment illegal in France, on the grounds that new laws could “stigmatise” men with migrant backgrounds.

“It is well known that racialised young men from the working classes already suffer more than other people from police violence and oppression,” assert the academics, in a letter opposing equality minister Marlène Schiappa’s announcement that MPs are working on legislation to reduce street harassment.

“It would be enough to train the perpetrators on the ground to change their behaviour,” write the 15 signatories, stating: “Creating a new offence will only strengthen the repression and control of men in disadvantaged groups.”

In the letter, which was published by newspaper Libération, the academics also complain that plans to penalise harassment will be restricted to the street, when women can be subject to abuse at home and at their place of work.

Stating that criminalising street harassment “will serve to identify what forms of sexism are illegitimate”, the letter warns it will “keep the abuse committed in high-end districts of town and in the offices of large corporations hidden in the shadows”.