by G. Murphy Donovan

I believe that Trump won the other night at the first presidential debate of 2020, an amazing feat as Trump had to take on Biden and a partisan moderator in the same fight.  

Albeit, you might not know that Trump won if you didn’t watch and believed the post-fight media analysis.

The press couldn’t bring itself to use terms like “won” or “lost”. Post-fight analysists used pejoratives like brawl, disaster, disgusting and, you guessed it, “unpresidential.”

When a largely partisan American media cabal resorts to adjectival hyperbole, the first casualty is usually truth. You knew that Biden was hurt when so many press shills concluded that the big losers “were the American public.”

Cliché is the handmaiden of hyperbole.

The truth about Cleveland is that we can call it a Trump win, a “technical” knockout, only because Biden didn’t have to be carried out of the ring. Alas, we now see media pleas for Biden to refuse to debate again, a little like telling an aging palooka to stay down for the count after losing the first round.

Trump was Trump in Cleveland the other night.

He came out swinging and never let up long enough for Joe to collect the few thoughts in his quiver. Clearly Trump sought to knock Biden off his game and it worked. Early on and throughout, Biden could only defend with insults, name calling.

If invective was an argument, Biden might have gotten a draw.

Indeed, a win for Joe Biden might be any day where he takes a question or a punch and doesn’t step on his crank, drool on his bib, or hurl insult at constituents.

Recall the recent slur directed at blacks: “…you ain’t black brother” unless you vote for Biden. Recall also that Biden, heretofore, was the rhetorical bully. Biden pushed Paul Ryan all over the room in a 2012 debate by flaunting debate rules. At the time, the press called joe’s performance an “alpha-male display.”


Biden is the guy who attacks any constituent or reporter who poses uncomfortable questions, fat shaming one union worker recently.

Biden came into Cleveland thinking he could he could bully Trump too. The president responded by punching Biden’s light out.  At debates end, all Joe could do was sputter invective like another poor loser.

No self-respecting New York brawler backs down when threatened by a deep state Beltway sissy from Delaware. After 50 years in Washington, Joe Biden still can’t take a punch.  When all else fails, Biden drags out his family tragedies changing the subject at hand into a pity party.  

A favorite post-fight media meme was the feigned dismay at Trump’s anger and obvious contempt for Biden. Angry? It’s a wonder that Donald Trump didn’t walk across the stage and kick Obama’s second banana so hard that Joey’s giblets ended up in his throat.

We now know, and so does Trump, that Biden was a principal in pervasive inter-agency 2016 coup plotting.

For nearly four years now, the Obama/Biden regime, with Clapper, Brennan, Comey and a host of generals on point, conspired to undo the results of the 2016 election and/or undermine Trump’s first term.

These same creep state critters now call for the guaranteed “orderly transition” they never gave Trump.  

Before and after 2016, Obama apparatchiks at the DNC, FBI, CIA, NSC, and the Pentagon refused to accept an orderly transition – or a Trump first term.

Nothing was off the table: not fake Intelligence, not seditious leaks, not fake news, not impeachment, not treachery, not treason, and not coup plotting which continues to this day. Trump has been under fire, under siege since he announced his candidacy in 2015.

If Donald Trump is angry, he needs to stay angry.

Trump needs to kick Biden’s sorry ass thrice, and in the process continue to expose the Clinton/Obama/Biden conspiracy to undo an election. Trump is the chap for the job, the best political counter-puncher since Lincoln.

Indeed, the President Trump may not be angry enough.

Trump doesn’t need to change a thing for the next two debates except maybe lose the gloves and go with bare knuckles.  Voters get a bonus by watching Trump smack the mendacity and hypocrisy out of Joe Biden. With a national audience, the president continues to expose all the shenanigans and corruption that the media refuses to cover or investigate.

The ass whupping in Cleveland the other night was long overdue, a case study of public poetic justice launched with vigor in the court of public opinion.  In a perfect world, the attorney general will herd Joe Biden’s co-conspirators into the criminal dock before the year is out.  

As a post script, the October surprise is here. The President and the first lady have tested positive for Covid-19.

The “I told you so’s” have already begun


G. Murphy Donovan writes about the politics of national security.