Five Nordic nations are slowly ending their love affair with Muslim immigration

Andrea Widburg writes in the American Thinker:

The other day, someone posted a video on Facebook of Sweden back in the 1960s. It was incredible footage of an immaculately clean country filled with beautiful blond people. There are still a lot of blond people in Sweden, but it’s also a country that voluntarily opened its doors to Muslims, at which point it went from one of the world’s safest countries to one of the rapiest countries in Europe. Now, though, Sweden is joining with four other Nordic nations to end its little experiment with multiculturalism.

Sadly, I can’t find the video, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. After all, for those of us older than 35 or so, we remember when Sweden was held up as the perfect society, one in which everyone was healthy and beautiful and the nation was clean and well-organized.

Sweden wasn’t alone, of course. We heard the same about all the Scandinavian countries: Denmark, Iceland, Finland, and Norway were also remarkably wonderful. It was easy for us to believe that stereotype because American communities settled by Nordic immigrants were also clean, well-organized places with good-looking people.

And then those Nordic people, both within the Arctic circle and here in America, embraced leftism. In Nordic American communities, we got Black Lives Matter riots:

In Sweden, we got Malmo, where 25% of the population is Muslim. Sweden, once the clean-shiny home of female liberation, where women totally controlled their sex lives, suddenly had one of the highest rates of sexual offenses in Europe—and that’s just reported cases. Moreover, of the 314 men arrested for rape in 1994, 79% were European-born, while, in 2021, of the 3,309 men arrested for rape, 59.2% of them had immigrant backgrounds. (Hint: that means Muslim.) And again, that’s just the rapes that women report.

Things weren’t so great in other Scandinavian countries either. Copenhagen’s population is now 10% Muslim, and Oslo’s is 9.53%. In Finland, Vantaa’s Muslim population is 7.6%, Espoo’s is 6.7%, Turku’s is 5.7%, and Helsinki’s is 5.5%. Weirdly, or not so weirdly, Denmark now has a rape problem, as do NorwayFinland, and Iceland. While I couldn’t easily find information about perpetrators in Denmark, Norway, or Iceland, it’s clear who’s raping women in Finland: Muslims.

Indeed, across Europe, Muslims bring rape with them. It’s not just rape, of course, although that’s the easiest to track. While the Europeans once sneered at America’s high crime rate, they’re now grappling with high crime, too. That seems to be thanks to the influx of Middle Easterners and Africans flooding their once safe, homogeneous little countries that, while they’d abandoned Christianity for socialism, still clung to core Christian values.

These numbers may explain why Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Iceland are beginning to take steps to get rid of illegal immigrants:

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden announced a new agreement on Tuesday that they were to combine their efforts on removing migrants, saying they would launch joint deportation flights and other initiatives. The agreement came out of a two-day Nordic nations summit in Copenhagen where the group said they had come to a “strong commitment” to strengthen their cooperation on migrant returns.

As well as working together to get illegal migrants out of their nations and back to their countries of origin, the group also said they would launch a join initiative to help migrants who had left their homes and made it as far as North Africa — the embarkation point for dangerous smuggler boats across the Mediterranean to Europe — to go back to their places of origin too. This, the pact says, is a programme of “voluntary repatriation”.

This is a tiny little step to deal with a big problem. Western society built something wonderful over the centuries; that is, safe, coherent, successful communities. However, the beneficiaries of these blessings then embraced leftism, which told them that they did not deserve the benefits of the societies that they and their forebearers created. The only way to do penance, they were told, was to hand the keys to the kingdom to people who hate them and everything they stand for.

It’s questionable whether Europe and America have the will or, at this point, the ability to close the doors and restore order and traditional Western values to their nations. Clearly, in America, Joe Biden lacks the will. Indeed, he’s openly embracing immigration laws and arguably waging war against his own country by allowing a full-scale invasion. If the American people are wise, they’ll give Biden and his fellow travelers the boot in 2024 and then copy the Scandinavian countries and give every illegal alien the boot, too.