Football Lads – St Paul’s Cathedral to London Bridge

Ideally I would have covered both this march and the EDL one to Parliament, but the police set strict conditions and they took place simutaneously a mile apart. Sadly my James Bond style microlite is in for drastic rebuilding  due to being over loaded with pies and pastry earlier this year so being on foot I was only able to stop and watch the beginnings of the muster at St Pauls while making my way east to Charing Cross. 

Even as early as I was there it was obviously going to be a good turn out. These were mostly men, and mostly of mature years, my generation or a little younger. As they arrived the police were handing them Public Order Act notices.                                                                                                                                              However I do know men well who were going. I met two of them walking in the opposite direction to me. Also there was a live feed which my husband watched at home. 

I am told that around 5000 men and women came out. They walked down Cannon Street, and through the City

To London Bridge

At Borough Market wreaths were laid.      Speakers included Mohan Singh of the Sikh Awareness Society.

A minute’s silence was held to commemorate the victims who died and a minute’s applause to celebrate the lives of those who survived and those who helped them.

When you watch the video note the comments beneath from the UAF calling these men ‘Nazis’. They really are beyond the pale. 

My friends who were there say it was a moving and uplifting afternoon. My thanks for the use of your photographs.