France: Submission to Islamism Quickly Gaining Ground

Samuel Paty, a high school teacher, was beheaded on October 16, 2020 in the Paris suburb where he taught. Throughout France, Muslim students openly threaten teachers by telling them that they are “risking a Samuel Paty”.

Guy Millière writes in Gatestone:

  • Samuel Paty, a high school teacher [was] savagely beheaded on October 16, 2020 in… the suburbs of Paris where he taught…
  • The list of 14 people [indicted] does not include the murderer, Abdullakh Anzorov: he was shot dead by police.
  • [A]ll investigations show [that teachers] are afraid and practice self-censorship. For 10 years, teachers have not taught about the Holocaust. They have also given up on addressing the subjects that led to Paty’s murder: secularism, tolerance and the right to criticize religions.
  • Throughout France, Muslim students openly threaten teachers by telling them that they are “risking a Samuel Paty”. Many topics can no longer be addressed…. In biology class, discussing evolution or Charles Darwin is… unsafe.
  • Teachers have been resigning in increasing numbers, and recruiting new ones has become a problem.
  • Recently, anthropologist Florence Bergeaud-Backler in a book called Le frérisme et ses Réseaux, l’Enquête (“The Brotherhood and its Networks: The Survey”), explained in detail the way the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist movements in France use social media networks and mosques to incite Muslim children and adolescents to challenge the education provided in high schools to push the French educational system to submit to their vision of Islam.
  • The French authorities are aware of what is happening, but do nothing. Apparently, government officials are afraid, too, and do not want to take any risks. They know that more than 750 no-go zones exist in the country, and that riots frequently erupt… Most ended in violence by young people from no-go zones who burned cars and looted shops.
  • Macron’s proposed law, called the “Law confirming respect for the principles of the Republic”, has since been rewritten. All references to Islam and Islamism have been removed from the text. Passed on August 24, 2021, it does currently not contain any measure likely to combat the Islamist danger. A paragraph speaks of the need to “protect teachers”, but teachers are still not protected. The Islamist movements in French high schools continue to exist.
  • About 400,000 legal immigrants arrive in France from the Muslim world every year, according to the latest informati0on available. These do not include the thousands who arrive illegally.
  • A study in September 2020 showed that 74% of French Muslims under the age of 25 placed Sharia above the laws of the republic…. Another study published a year later showed that two-thirds of Muslim high school students also placed Sharia above the laws of the Republic. The same survey showed that 9% of young Muslims said they “share the motivations” of Paty’s murderer.
  • No teacher from the high school where Paty taught supported him: instead, they distanced themselves from him. Some accused him of putting them in danger. The Ministry of Education also blamed him, for having offended the sensibilities of Muslim students.
  • The police took note of the threats but offered Paty no protection. Even though Anzorov’s name was in a police database, and even though the police and Paty’s colleagues knew he was threatened, Anzorov was able to spend hours in front of the high school where Paty taught. Anzorov spoke with students and asked them to point out Paty when the school day was over and the teachers were going home. Anzorov chased Paty through the streets, stabbed him, slit his throat, beheaded him, photographed himself next to the severed head, and posted the photos on social media networks around the world.
  • “Sleepwalking leaders must wake up…. Otherwise, the French will have no choice but submission or civil war…” — Ivan Rioufol, columnist, Le Figaro, October22, 2020.

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