Frankfurt man loses airport job over Isis links


From the German edition of The Local

In a decision announced on Wednesday, a Frankfurt court upheld the dismissal of a man from his job at Frankfurt airport over his close friendship with a foreign citizen with ties to terrorist group Isis. Judges found that the man, who was in regular contact with the terrorism suspect on a mobile number known only to his close friends, and had lent the suspect €2,000, was too much of a security risk to work in sensitive areas at the airport.

In court, the airport worker argued that because his friend hadn’t been convicted of anything, the assumption of innocence should apply to him as well. But the judge said that he had no automatic right to be declared reliable by the state of Hesse.

He added that the man’s refusal to acknowledge guilt over the traffic offence and apparent close relationship with the suspected Isis supporter – a colleague and school friend – were enough to justify the airport authorities’ decision.

Since the airport worker was unable to convince the judge that he didn’t know about his friend’s radical views, the judge upheld the police decision under the Air Safety Law (Luftsicherheitsgesetz) – one of Germany’s strictest regulations.

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  1. Better safe than sorry.

    And to be quite, quite frank, the best policy would be not to allow identifiable/ declared Muslims – whether convert or raised-Muslims – anywhere near the workings of installations such as airports, in any majority-NonMuslim country.

    Becuase it only takes *one* Muslim deciding to Go Jihad somewhere like that, to cause incalculable damage.

    Of course the logical corollary is that having Muslims in one’s country at all is a very bad idea. Got Muslims? Sooner or later – usually sooner – you get Jihad.

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