‘Free Gaza from Hamas’ – British Jews rally against terrorism in central London

Jewish News reports that 

An estimated 1,500 people took to the streets of rainy central London on Sunday afternoon to proudly state their support for Israel.

The rally, organised by the Zionist Federation of UK and Ireland (ZF UK), took place outside the Israel Embassy in Kensington. A croaky Ambassador Tzipi Hotovely addressed the crowd, telling them she had lost her voice in recent days while “loudly standing up for Israel”. The envoy thanked British Jews for their support and said “Israel sees you and hears you and thanks you.”

My friend Cliff Dixon was there and he reported at intervals during the afternoon. One hundred x as many as the brave group of 15 who survived attack outside Downing Street last week, 1500 pro-Israel, pro-Jewish supporters and a band provided a different atmosphere altogether. Tommy Robinson was also present, in his personal capacity, holding a card which said “Free Gaza from Hamas” These are photographs from Cliff

Cliff said there was a party atmosphere among the crowd; I can’t upload his video but I tuned into the live feed from Russia Today and enjoyed a good band and singer and then the speakers. 

Other speakers included ZF chairman Paul Charney, Board of Deputies president Marie van der Zyl and JLC chairman Jonathan Goldstein.

These are screen shots from RT. You get the idea of the good numbers and the positive, good natured mood. If the first one looks blurred, that is because under those terribly British umbrellas people were dancing. 

I also checked in from time to time with another live stream, that of Subject Access; their stream is here Solidarity With Israel Protest | Israeli Embassy – London – YouTube They spent some time among the pro-Palestinian demonstration. Panning the camera along the street between the sea of Israeli flags and Union Jacks, people dancing to the music, and the angry faced Islamic young men, whose only chant was ‘Free, free, Palestine’ alternated with ‘Allah Akbar – Takfir’ or Takfir – Allah Akbar’ was an illuminating contrast. 

This was an exchange at 1.41 of the Subject Access stream. An angry young man, who is active under the name Mohammed Hijab, is distressed at the presence of dogs (not police dogs, apparently belonging to members of the Solidarity with Israel group) makes a threat to the Gold Commander (who I am sure I recognise from previous Al Quds demonstrations) which I don’t personally think Gold Commander takes seriously enough. But as the organisers received (I have on good authority) numerous death threats last week, including bombs and by vehicle, a couple of dogs probably comes low in the pecking order. 

Mohammed Hijab, left – Those Zionists with the dogs . .I make this clear . . If those dogs come near us again, we will see it as an act of aggression, and we will kill those dogs, and we will put them down. 

Senior Police Officer – do be careful, Anyone who had dogs has now left the area, …so

At which the camera panned away and moved on. I could bear to know the rest of the conversation and what went on before. Was the person with the dogs MADE to leave? Advised to leave? Left of his/her own volition after a few minutes observation? But people can’t just threaten to kill other people’s animals, just like that. But as they threaten death on people with impunity … 

Cliff said The demonstration closed with God save the Queen and the Hatikvah.
The live stream showed people making their way away from the Palace Green Area (that’s Kensington palace, not Buckingham Palace). It is to be hoped they all get home safely and without incident. There is newsreel of cars vandalised in Kensington yesterday by Pro-Palestinians.