French police prevent stabbing attack at Jewish school in Marseille

From the Jerusalem Post and the Daily Express

The attacker was turned away by the Yavne School security, made up of parents who serve as security on a volunteer basis, the Jewish Agency noted. The institution was immediately locked down with the students inside to ensure their safety. A police patrol car has been set up in front of the school building.French police forces were alerted immediately, and instructed Jewish sites throughout the city to tighten security in light of the attempted attack.After turned away from the school, the attacker tried to stab Jewish shoppers at a kosher supermarket in the city, where he was once again prevented from attacking anyone by the same security personnel.

In one of the videos of the accident (I think they mean incident – no one threatens at two places with a ceramic knife accidently) shared online a person, believed to be a student, can be heard saying: “My God, my God.” No injuries were reported as the students remained in the classrooms as the municipal police intervened.

Zvi Ammar, the president of the Israelite Consistory of Marseille told France3: “I await with impatience to know the motivations of the attacker.” Speculation after the twitter video is divided between the extreme right, Generation Identitaire who were banned in France yesterday, members of the ‘beau l’enrichissement culturel’, Swedes or satanic Vikings. 

Mr Ammar joined the security agents who intervened once the man was subdued and was informed that he was armed with a “20 cm ceramic knife”, and according to them, “he was pointing it to attack, he was determined”.


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